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John Kreis, owner of adult-use cannabis dispensary Portland Greenhouse, already fears market saturation in the still-nascent industry, as well as competition from the less regulated medical marijuana sector.

Photo / Courtesy of Portland Greenhouse

John Kreis is the owner of adult-use cannabis dispensary Portland Greenhouse.

“I went into it thinking there would be lines up the street. It hasn’t been that way,” Kreis said. “It’s hard to say how the year will be. There are so many moving parts. It changes from week to week.”

The adult-use cannabis dispensary on Spring Street opened in the Old Port in September.

“A lot of stores have opened in Portland. It’s going to be a very saturated market,” Kreis said.

Kreis said he was already worried about market saturation in Portland when the city first proposed rules that would have restricted the market to 20 retail licenses. Then, voters passed a referendum that eliminated that cap, as well as a required buffer zone between competitors.

Portland Greenhouse now shares a wall with another dispensary, Stage Cannabis. The two stores are trying to work together to market themselves as a cannabis destination in the city.

“Bard Coffee is right across the street

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