3C Compassionate Care Center Recreational & Medical Dispensary

3C Compassionate Care Center Marijuana Dispensary in Joliet, IL

1627 Rock Creek Blvd
Joliet, IL 60431

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri 11 – 6
Sat 11 – 5
Sun 11 – 3

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – 3C Compassionate Care Center is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1627 Rock Creek Blvd in Joliet, IL 60431.

3C Compassionate Care Center dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

3C Compassionate Care Center Products

What People Are Saying

Casey “Big Lee” Lilek
Casey “Big Lee” L.
16:29 28 Oct 20
Good Times Good people. Prices too high cuz Growers are GREEDY. 3C is one of the best dispensaries around.
Allen L.
Allen L.
18:07 12 Oct 20
Great dispensary. Hours are good as well as location (right off I-80). Huge selection of edibles and concentrates. Prices are on par, if not slightly better, than others in the area. Curbside pickup for medical is awesome. I really appreciate the point system and the occasional sampler of something new. Never went inside till last week and it didn’t disappoint. Plenty of information posted everywhere, product brochures as well as an ATM. Many Pax Pods are available and usually in stock. If you’re a Pax lover like myself, you know how difficult it is to find them locally. Ordering online is ridiculously easy. Bottom line is that if you like easy ordering, curbside service and an awesome staff, then you should really consider this dispensary when in Joliet.*Also note, I’m reviewing from a medical users perspective.read more
Jessica F
Jessica F
19:27 27 Jun 20
Very disappointing that this place has claimed to be an adult rec store but has not sold rec flower since maybe the first few weeks of the year and now no rec anything. If Joliet caps us at 3 dispensaries and they claim 1 spot, then that is absolutely ridiculous.read more
Graham Greene
Graham G.
21:04 05 Jun 20
It would be nice if you mentioned on the website that you can’t enter the building for the ATM, or that you have to wait in a queue of 40+ people when you have your medical card, or if your security guard acts like you’re trying to rob the place when you get out of your car because you have NONE of this on your website. While they have a good selection, it isn’t worth the hassle.read more
Phillip Forrest
Phillip F.
21:25 11 May 20
Checked the website and it said for adult use non medical to come into store to see the menu, and when we got there they said no recreational at this time. Seems like something they could have spent the 5min to update on their website before we wasted our time.read more
Renee Graves
Renee G.
00:42 23 Apr 20
Wow! You guys really changed for the worse. You raised your prices, took away med patients online discount and don't take precautions for covid like you should. I was told by an employee that you're more worried about recreational. I hope people shop around and don't give you their buisness.read more
Justin Stewart
Justin S.
14:17 17 Mar 20
Very friendly and knowledgeable people. Great selection, prices, and rewards program. So glad I signed up here
Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo R.
21:25 16 Mar 20
This store should not be considered for recreational use. They need to figure out how to accommodate both medical & recreational. We arrived 20 minutes prior to opening and we finally gave up at 1.Thanks but no thanks..read more
Bradley Altom
Bradley A.
00:22 23 Feb 20
Very welcoming environment, friendly and helpful staff members. Do ask questions if you have them as the entire team is patient and will direct you on a path to a better understanding of how marijuana will help benefit your health and wellness. Military veterans that might be looking for a dispensary, I would recommend choosing a 3C / Rise dispensary as they have an excellent military discount!! 5 stars is well deserved.The recipe (photo) is what I believe is one of many that come with different strains possibly.read more
Stephen Fielding
Stephen F.
19:12 16 Feb 20
I medical card they have not had a anything decent and a long time, You guess what price you are gonna pay, 1/2 the stuff you want isn't there when you get there. The staff itself is awesome but they can fix the broken system they have going on right now. save yourself hours of waiting and headaches and find another dispensary. I'm going today to pick up order and then I will never see them again. Nvrmnd they messed up my online order. Guess last time was the last timeread more
Jessica Machak
Jessica M.
14:01 17 Jan 20
I need to address the negative comments that I've been reading on here. I've been a patient of 3C for 6-7 months now. This location is more for medical patients, as it was originally a medicinal dispensary, which explains the size of the location. If you are looking to buy recreational, visit their sister store, "Rise" on Colorado Ave by the Joliet mall, it is a much larger location. 3C's online menu is for medical patients ONLY at this time. As for the taxes and overall prices, that is not 3C or any dispensaries fault, that's all on the state of Illinois. The budtenders at 3C are VERY good at what they do. They enjoy actually helping those customers with medical ailments and have no problems with answering questions and helping patients, new or old. 3C is the only place for me!read more
Chris Rizzo
Chris R.
06:59 15 Jan 20
Awesome staff and great selection. Super chill vibes from everyone. Go to their Rise Joliet store if you are looking for recreational tho as this is a smaller store and is not suited for high volume foot traffic.read more
Vince Evans
Vince E.
17:32 14 Jan 20
Super Tiny waiting room. Had no flower only over expensive carts and edibles. Go to their sister store Rise 10 minutes away. But they are only selling $25 grams :(. Epic fail Illinois. Wait until spring to buy legal bud. In the mean time go buy illegal bud for half the price. Even better grow it yourself.read more
Markus Lopez
Markus L.
23:31 13 Jan 20
They are extremely rude will lie to your face about what your going to get. This is the second time I've left extremely mad and with a feeling of utter disappointment. And also there website menu is no where near what it says when you get inhouse the staffa does not know how to propperly explain it to you I am so sad that this experience is what it was I was so excited for this to become a reality and they crushed my dream of this so be wary and just order online and pick up if u want to get what your supposed to but that's for ruining this experience for me thanks for nothing this was experienced at both locationsread more
taylor renee
taylor R.
22:58 10 Jan 20
First off, this is mostly the medical dispensary. They have the medical patients to tend to first. They still welcome all recreational adults.. but If you want full recreational use, go to the sister store towards the mall. They still offer other forms of recreational use products at this store, but for flower if you’re not a medical patient you have to go to the other store. No need to bash any staff here, they’re all great from the months I’ve been coming here. PLUS*** the menu online IS for medical patients ONLY, not recreational for flower at this Joliet location.Also a lot of news articles everywhere like Joliet patch said a week or more before the new year that not every dispensary will have flower and will only have limited items.read more
Shane Wells
Shane W.
16:56 08 Jan 20
Drove an hour because the menu said they had a few different flowers. Got there and they had none. Online menu isn’t live.read more
Sarah Boxer
Sarah B.
20:16 04 Jan 20
***this is more of a medical center. If you’re looking for recreational, go to their sister store Rise near the Louis Joliet mall. Line wasn’t too bad. Everyone who worked there was incredibly polite. I worked with Jessica, who was so passionate about her job and helping me find what I was looking for. Looking forward to more high quality topicals as the year progresses.read more
18:05 03 Jan 20
Im from out west and as a patient i find it alarming that i have to wait inline with the regular customers and there is no one to anser the phone. Priority should always go to the patients... Mot the recreational users.read more
03:54 02 Jan 20
By far the worst dispensary visit experience ever. A total of four cold hours of waiting to walk out without anything. Very few selections they didn’t let you see smell or even a picture of your product of choice. No explanation what’s so ever about your product which is very important for us stoners. And last but not least only sold 1/8 which I didn’t have enough money for, it was almost 100 bucks. I guess the staff wasn’t compassionate enough to let the huge crowd know. Bring some Coloradans out here and show them how it’s done.read more
Nick Starkey
Nick S.
14:44 01 Jan 20
Overpriced, limited selection, can't handle volume of business, constant computer errors, overall the worst business I've ever seen.read more
Travis Brown
Travis B.
23:59 11 Dec 19
They have great people working here, that's what keeps me here. Keith, Nick, Christian, Frank, Anne, etc. I have not had a bad experience customer service wise here, ever.read more
Alayna Franchesca Rotolo
Alayna Franchesca R.
00:05 26 Nov 19
Everyone there has helped so much! Dave is amazing! Thank you 3C for being Da 💣!! I look forward to coming in every time I need my medicine.read more
Loretta Colhardt
Loretta C.
17:58 11 Nov 19
3C Compassionate Care of Joliet has highly knowledgeable and courteous staff which utilize their skills and talents to find the appropriate products to fit anyone's needs. Highly recommended!!!read more
Nate Hendron
Nate H.
11:36 23 Oct 19
Very kind and knowledgeable about all medicinal marijuana products. The staff are great, your literally smiling from when you check in to when you leave.read more
Agatha Lefler
Agatha L.
15:07 30 Jul 19
The best thing to happen . When they named Compassionate Care, they totally nailed it. The pain I’ve dealt with for over 20 years is all but disappeared. It’s now being managed in a much safer manner. The instructions I received with follow a up care call is what I’d love to see for anyone that has pain and suffers from chronic illnesses. This location has kind and sharing employees who believe in what they know to be facts. Thank you 3C Compassionate Care. Special thank you to Jes who welcomed me warmly and helped me understand the journey to health.read more
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