Recreational marijuana is for sale in Illinois!

The 5 things everyone wants to know about recreational marijuana in Illinois, plus a list of Illinois marijuana stores

Recreational Dispensaries in Illinois List

Illinois has joined ten other states in the US in legalizing marijuana for recreational use. At the time of writing, Illinois is one of only two states in the midwest along with Michigan to legalize marijuana. 

Prior to Jan. 1 only medical marijuana patients were allowed to buy marijuana in Illinois. However, hemp-derived CBD oil is legal in Illinois for all residents. Other midwest states that have medical marijuana programs include Missouri and Ohio.

Here are the 5 things you need to know including a list of stores that sell marijuana in Illinois.

1. Where can I buy marijuana in Illinois? These stores:

Recreational sales will start with existing medical marijuana dispensaries on January 1st. 

Keep in mind that some of these shops might not have enough inventory to sell to non-medical customers on opening day. Or they may run out before you get there. You might want to call them first.  

Here’s the complete list of Illinois recreational dispensaries:

    • Sunnyside, 3812 North Clark St.
    • Dispensary33, 5001 North Clark St.
    • Maribis of Chicago, 4570 South Archer Ave.
    • MOCA Modern Cannabis, 2847 West Fullerton Ave.
    • Columbia Care, 4758 North Milwaukee Ave.
    • Mission Illinois, 8554 South Commercial Ave.
    • The Herbal Care Center, 1301 South Western Ave., 
    • Midway Dispensary, 5648 South Archer Ave. 
    • Zen Leaf Chicago, 6428 North Milwaukee Ave. 
    • NuMed Chicago 1308 West North Ave.

Cannabis stores in Mundelein – The Clinic Mundelein, 1325 Armour Blvd.

Cannabis stores in Joliet – 3C Compassionate Care Center – Joliet, 1627 Rock Creek Blvd.

Cannabis stores in Effingham – The Clinic Effingham – 1101 Ford Ave. Suite C

Cannabis stores in Canton – Salveo Health & Wellness Dispensary, 3104 North Main St.

Cannabis stores in Champaign – Phoenix Botanical Dispensary, 1704 South Neil St. C

Cannabis Stores in Rockford (2 locations) 

  • MedMar, 2696 McFarland Rd.
  • Mapleglen Care Center, 4777 Stenstrom Rd.

Cannabis stores in Elmwood Park – FloraMedex, 7953 West Grand Ave.

Cannabis stores in Grandview – Maribis of Springfield, 2272 North Grand Ave. East

Cannabis stores in Aurora – Verilife – North Aurora, 161 S. Lincolnway, Suite 301

Cannabis stores in Buffalo Grove – PDI Medical Dispensary, 1623 Barclay Blvd.

Cannabis stores in Ottawa – Verilife – Ottawa, 4104 Columbus St.

Cannabis stores in Romeoville – Verilife – Romeoville, 1335 Lakeside Dr., Unit 4

Cannabis stores in Evanston – Verilife – Evanston, 1804 Maple Ave.

Cannabis stores in Oak Park – Seven Point, 1132 Lake St.

Cannabis stores in St. Charles – Zen Leaf St. Charles, 3714 Illinois Ave.

Cannabis stores in Mt. Prospect – New Age Care, 2015 East Euclid Ave.

Cannabis stores in Collinsville – HCI Alternatives – Collinsville, 1014 Eastport Plaza Dr.

Cannabis stores in Springfield – HCI Alternatives – Springfield, 628 East Adams St.

Cannabis stores in Milan – Nature’s Treatment, 973 Tech Dr.

Cannabis stores in Quincy – Herbal Remedies Dispensary, 4440

Cresco Labs(CRLBF) is in the market leader in Illinois with five Sunnyside Dispensaries. Sunnyside Stores are located in Buffalo Grove, Elmwood Park, Champaign, Chicago, and Rockford. All five are expected to open Jan. 1. Cresco operates both medical marijuana and recreational stores in eight US states including Massachusetts and Nevada. Cresco also operates medical dispensaries in New York.

More recreational-only shops are expected to open this summer. Some municipalities in Illinois have banned marijuana dispensaries outright.

2. How old do I have to be to buy marijuana in Illinois’? 21+

Although the Illinois medical marijuana program is open to adults age 18 or older and their children, you must be at least 21 years old to buy marijuana in Illinois.

3. How much marijuana can I buy in Illinois? A little over an ounce.

Illinois residents are permitted to buy up to 30 grams of marijuana (a little over an ounce), edibles with up to 500mg of THC, or five grams of cannabis concentrates such as wax and hash. Non-residents will be limited to half those amounts.

4. It’s legal to smoke weed in public in Illinois. Yes & No!

You can only smoke marijuana in a private residence. Some cities might allow smoking on-site at dispensaries. And don’t get caught smoking marijuana while driving or you’ll be arrested for DWI!

5. Can I grow weed now? Not without a medical marijuana card.

Only medical marijuana patients are permitted to grow marijuana in Illinois. The limit is five mature plants. So if you want to grow your own, talk to an Illinois medical marijuana doctor.

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