A Fashionable Cannabis Dispensary Debuts in The Berkshires – Surface Magazine

Designers: Adam Lippes, Alexander Farnsworth, and Simon Aldridge
Location: The Berkshires

On offer: American fashion designer Adam Lippes teamed up with entrepreneur Alexander Farnsworth to launch this suave boutique on Main Street in bucolic Great Barrington, Massachusetts that elevates cannabis retail to the realm of a high-end jewelry dealer. Inspired by circa-1400’s European apothecaries like the august Ospedale Maggiore complex founded by the Duke of Milan Francesco Sforza, Lippes, Farnsworth, and British architect Simon Aldridge conceived the minimalist showroom with a bronze Julie Neill leaf showpiece chandelier and 78 arched oak wood vitrines that nod to Rome’s Colosseo Quadrato. 

Standout features: As alluring as the interiors are, the main draw is the product on the shelves. The company’s elegant full-flower “cigarettes” available in three effects—Light for a bright and heady lift, Classic for a pleasantly buzzy bliss, and Bold for full-bodied relief—are wrapped in organic hemp paper tipped with a lengthy filter that creates a high-flow filtration. Translation: it’s a smooth smoke. The Farnsworth 4-piece accessory set includes matchbox and cigarette holders, a rolling paper tray, and a gold or silver hummingbird motif ashtray. Don’t miss the selection of hand-painted 1950s Italian ashtrays, vintage lighters by DuPont, Dunhill, Tiffany,

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