'A Unique Opportunity:' Q&A with the Nebraska Cannabis Association – Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis policy reform has a long and storied history in Nebraska.

Last year, Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana collected enough valid signatures to get a medical cannabis legalization measure on the state’s 2020 ballot, only to have the Nebraska Supreme Court overturn the initiative, which opponents claimed violated the state’s single subject rule.

From the ashes, a new strategy emerged, and Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana filed two separate medical cannabis initiatives with the Secretary of State Sept. 8.

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The setback also inspired John Cartier, who was one of the ballot committee members working for the 2020 initiative and is still involved in the Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana campaign, and his colleague Michael Johnson to launch a cannabis trade group in the state to organize industry stakeholders around policy reform efforts.

“This is largely a bipartisan issue,” Cartier, now president of the Nebraska Cannabis Association, tells Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary. “We have volunteers working on the medical marijuana campaign, for instance, who come from all different walks of life and all different political spectrums. There are a majority of Republicans that agree on this issue and a majority of Democrats [and] Independents

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