Arizona will give out marijuana licenses to address past inequities, but some worry about fairness –

Jeff Graves has run a barbershop in Glendale for about a year, but he’s hoping to land a much more lucrative business — one of the 26 “social equity” marijuana shop licenses the state is preparing to issue.

Graves, 42, tried to get into the original lottery to win one of the limited marijuana dispensary licenses after voters approved medical marijuana in 2010, but back then he didn’t have the funding required.

“I’m hoping this social-equity program will allow me to enter into the marijuana field,” he said.

He’s not alone. Hundreds and potentially thousands of people are expected to vie for the limited number of licenses that were required by November’s passage of Proposition 207, which legalized recreational use and sales of marijuana for adults 21 and older. The licenses are supposed to benefit communities negatively affected by the enforcement of previous marijuana laws.

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