Ascend Marijuana Dispensary by Midway - Chicago Ridge

9820 S. Ridgeland Ave
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat:  10am – 8pm
Sun: 10am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Ascend Marijuana Dispensary by Midway – Chicago Ridge is a marijuana dispensary location open at 9820 S. Ridgeland Ave, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415.

Ascend dispensary menu products are available for adult medical and recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Kaiden Bray
Kaiden B.
16:25 19 Nov 21
Always a good place to grab what you need with good people who want to help you out and find ways to make the place better they even manage to make the long lines go fastread more
Ronald Williams
Ronald W.
00:32 01 Nov 21
This dispensary is a scam 35% recreational tax plus another 20% State & Local Adult use tax on top of the HIGH prices. 5 pack swift lifts retails for $30 this place sells them for $40 doesn’t matter if you’re a medical patient they’re just here to benefit off of our communityread more
Warren Baczynski
Warren B.
21:10 17 Oct 21
In and out, great online store with very clear taxes added. ID at entrance, walk in, browse first or go to the counter for your online order. Or purchase from someone working the floor.Cleanest facility in the area, modern, and more
17:29 13 Aug 21
Love the selection of different kinds of strains. Bought the velvet glove, will let you know as soon as I get home and try it..,, loved it, great relaxed hi, and a little bit up lifting. Also just bought MAC, it's a great strain.. love the feeling also.. here's pic of it, it's a great more
Monica Rodriguez
Monica R.
19:53 09 Aug 21
Love the place, my new go to. Been to other places that are catching up to these guys! Staff is great! Prices, discounts, swag days (thank you cresco) are great!!!read more
21:27 23 Jul 21
Love the selection of different kinds of strains. Bought the velvet glove, will let you know as soon as I get home and try more
Devon Kelly
Devon K.
23:18 07 Jul 21
The better strains live here. If you know. #GetBaked.
John Finerty
John F.
21:50 21 Jun 21
Absolute newbie here. Haven't smoked or ingested in maybe 20 years since college. 2 trips here now has me feeling fully welcomed and a soon-to-be regular. They are:"More efficient and organized than an Apple Store"read more
Cassie Shanklin
Cassie S.
21:54 12 Jun 21
I really love this location! Not only is it close to my house, but the staff is so friendly! I have really bad social anxiety and walking in to any store is terrifying to me! The people here are so kind and patient. The inside is so spacious and they have a ton of different products to try. The overall vibe inside is calm and relaxed. I will be returning for more prerolls soon!read more
Alan Martinez
Alan M.
22:14 09 Jun 21
Terrible rewards program. Any other dispensary in the area is much better and will have the same products. Don’t come here. Staff is not knowledgeable and managers sit around and only come to tell you there’s nothing they can do for any problem you have. Staff member Courtney did a great job and is the best and only good experience I’ve had here. Besides that DO NOT more
Shawn Carpenter
Shawn C.
18:32 03 Jun 21
This place was awesome. Budtenders and all other staff are very knowledgeable. There are lots of items not on display, so it's easier to go to one of the known apps and look at the menu there. I will for sure be back hereread more
Stephen Morris
Stephen M.
14:21 23 May 21
Huge, clean and well stocked. Add friendly staff and this is the best dispensary in the area.
Terry Towner
Terry T.
16:06 14 May 21
Checked it out for the first time...only stood in line for a minute before opening...wasn't bad on pricing as it goes, and was in and out and happily more
S Sanderson
S S.
14:25 13 May 21
I was so excited to see a dispensary open up in my town, but wow - what an absolute disappointment. The person who greeted me was very unprofessional, he was bashing another local dispensary, which was not what I wanted to hear when I was buying weed. Also, the budtender had no knowledge on the concentrate products that I was curious in - I had a couple of questions and what I got was “I have no idea”....Overall, energy and vibes were terrible, I won’t be more
Michael Hazard
Michael H.
15:48 06 May 21
The new king in town! Ever since Ascend opened I have taken my business here. Not only is their loyalty rewards program much better than the local competition…they also offer a HUGE selection of everything from flower to oil, to edibles and the latest new products! There is no shortage of staff, and they are all friendly and knowledgeable! Make sure you check often for one day only sales, and really amazing discounts! Ascend eliminates the “doctors office” feel to going to the dispensary and turns it into a quality shopping experience. Will be coming here from now on!read more
Susan Barnes
Susan B.
20:52 05 Apr 21
Just left from here and I must say I was impressed. Employees were friendly, polite, and knowledgeable. It so very spacious and clean in there. They even have accessories on open shelves on the floor. I don't know how long that will last. Good luck Ascendread more
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