Ascend Marijuana Dispensary in Springfield, IL

3201 Horizon Dr
Springfield IL 62703

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sun:  8am – 9pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Ascend formerly Illinois Supply & Provisions, is a marijuana dispensary location open at 3201 Horizon Dr in Springfield, IL 62703. 

Ascend formerly Illinois Supply & Provisions dispensary menu products are available for adult medical and recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Shane Conover
Shane C.
17:34 30 Nov 21
Great staff, good selection and some great deals daily. Super convenient online orders. Wish I had an extra hand to give them 3 thumbs more
Captain Kirk
Captain K.
19:49 05 Nov 21
Great visit. The store was well lit and organized. The flower has been top notch. But the staff is what makes the trip worth it. Thanks guys!read more
Kelley Burnett
Kelley B.
07:28 19 Oct 21
I had the pleasure of shopping online here today. The website was easy to navigate, easy to check out & the product selection was immense. I ordered online & picked up inside the shop. Check out was quick. They accept cash & debit cards. Cashier was friendly & knowledgeable. Oh and the product I ordered is Amazeballs. 💚read more
Loretta Tunnell
Loretta T.
01:01 10 Oct 21
Awesome menu. Informative staff. But taxes here are absolutely crazy high. I paid over 150 in taxes for 4 items
Banjome12 3
Banjome12 3
21:22 08 Sep 21
These guys are amazing! The best dispensary I've been to hands down. So many great products and a super friendly staff. Why would I want to go anywhere else?read more
Joe Shields
Joe S.
21:29 04 Sep 21
Very nice people working there that I met. Also pretty clean organized store with a fast check out. Very crazy prices though 😆 🤑read more
14:27 13 Aug 21
The team at horizon drive are wonderful. Alexis and the manager (forget his name) helped me out above and beyond to be honest in my opinion. So helpful and patient. Definitely the place to go!read more
GetFit Whit
GetFit W.
00:53 11 Aug 21
I've been going here since it opened! I like this one better than the downtown location. To me, it's just better. More parking space obviously, I feel safer here too. The workers have always been nice and very helpful!read more
Taco Beast
Taco B.
04:26 10 Aug 21
This place is great and the staff are very nice. They have more than enough employees working all at once, making sure there is no customer left waiting. Products are great quality and the show floor is a great more
Jon B
Jon B
02:21 31 Jul 21
Love the menu that is online. If it is on the menu that day you shop you get it. Every one is happy to help or explain.For moderate person and only a once in 2 month visitor. I find them very helpful. They will explain to you what you want as you tell them what you want.I will say best experience out of the options I have a valuable to me .read more
Sparky #
Sparky #
16:56 18 Jul 21
Great place, helpful and friendly staff. Easy to order online and pick up. Staff are knowledgeable and will help your if you don't know what you more
Melisa Bennett
Melisa B.
16:00 10 Jul 21
Everyone was very nice and helpful however someone got 2 items wrong.... Not sure if it was the one taking the order or making it but didn't notice one until it was too late. We'll be back. We love that you donate! Thank you!read more
Odessa Blake
Odessa B.
15:02 27 Jun 21
Best staff ever. So patient and friendly. Especially the one who discussed aliens with us. I sent my money to a friend and we were gonna pay together but My friends bank was having issues and even my money i sent wasn't accessible so we walked in at 5 and left around 7 after we finally figured something out and the staff who dealt with us were so kind and polite and patient all rare qualities in this day and age. I'll definitely be coming more
Odessa Blake
Odessa B.
13:55 26 Jun 21
Best staff ever. So patient and friendly. Especially the one who discussed aliens with us. I sent my money to a friend and we were gonna pay together but My friends bank was having issues and even my money i sent wasn't accessible so we walked in at 5 and left around 7 after we finally figured something out and the staff who dealt with us were so kind and polite and patient all rare qualities in this day and age. I'll definitely be coming more
Emily Best
Emily B.
14:02 25 Jun 21
Great selection, knowledgeable and friendly staff. The dispensary itself is very modern and clean. Purchasing is done through large screens/tablets that they have near the counter, or you can order ahead online. There is a separate room for medical patients to purchase at. However, the ATM in the medical area does charge for withdrawal (unlike other medical dispensaries in MA).Also, first time medical patients get a 40% discount on their entire purchase!read more
Lexi Lawson
Lexi L.
19:55 16 May 21
Had a fantastic experience with my online order. Logan checked me out and gave me a ticket for $5 off my order for my review. Im very happy to say I love my order and the amount of friendliness shown. Great work!read more
Meranda Vieregge
Meranda V.
00:06 14 May 21
Love this store! Staff are always super friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable about the products! I've never had a bad experience here. Today I had Caitlin, who was just amazing to talk with and gave great info on the Last Prisoner Project!read more
Marc Smaha
Marc S.
19:34 13 May 21
I made an order online and once I got to the store everything was in order and provided to me in a timely manner. Kay was amazing and triple checked that I received everything that was ordered.In addition to the service, the cleanliness and order of the store was amazing. I’ll be going to this location for the foreseeable more
Tifani Spain
Tifani S.
16:08 12 May 21
Another amazing trip to Ascend on Horizon!! I am always greeted with a smile and this time I was helped by Logan and she was incredible! She has an uplifting bubbly personality and she was very knowledgeable and had an immediate answer for any questions I had. She explained everything in great detail and even helped break it down to “common knowledge”. She’s a great asset to Ascend and can’t wait to see her the next time I stop in!!read more
18:35 11 May 21
Great store. Great experience. The whole time everyone called me by name, had my order ready despite being super early, and the checkout process was quick and easy despite me needing to make changes. Caleb as great. Ended up with overall an incredible experience, super efficient, 5/5 stars. Even got some free stickers!read more
B Ragle
B R.
12:43 11 May 21
Ascend on Horizon Drive is very organized, prices are great, extremely clean, user friendly website & it’s very easy to get to & in a good area. The staff is very friendly & helpful. The only negative is that it’s hard to hear the staff when checking out between the echo of building, music & more
Nicolas Jude Parker
Nicolas Jude P.
20:50 05 May 21
Always an awesome experience. Operating in ways that are organized, knowledgeable and friendly, the staff makes you feel comfortable right in the door. Alexa was thorough, accurate and personable. Thanks again for all you do guys!read more
Randal Armstrong
Randal A.
02:16 21 Apr 21
Great store for a quick stop! Extremely clean with a great decor. The staff has the knowledge with a super friendly group of smiling folks. Would gladly do business with this company in the more
Kelley Burnett
Kelley B.
03:51 13 Apr 21
I had the pleasure of shopping online here today. The website was easy to navigate, easy to check out & the product selection was immense. I ordered online & picked up inside the shop. Check was easy. They accept cash & debit cards. Cashier was friendly & knowledgeable. Oh and the product I ordered is Amazeballs. 💚read more
Chris York
Chris Y.
17:42 13 Mar 21
First time ever going to a dispensary and I can't say I was disappointed. The staff was friendly, cleanliness is taken seriously, and the store was so well laid out and nifty. The cashier, Morgan was very professional. 10/10 will shop here again and recommend in more
liz alatorre
liz A.
00:24 05 Feb 21
Everyone at this location from bud tender to cashier is ALWAYS friendly and so so helpful! Even the security guards are nice! And great assortment of products of course. Mandi took care of me today and did an amazing job !read more
Josh A
Josh A
22:06 29 Jan 21
The staff are all incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable and welcome when I go here. The store is very clean and it looks like an apple store. It's so cool. They have great products and fun more
darrell gallagher
darrell G.
16:58 21 Jan 21
Great place to shop for, and gather up your cannabis, and cannibas related products. Very friendly and informative staff, and a great laid back atmosphere. Love the earthy aroma of the more
Jenni R
Jenni R
00:53 16 Jan 21
This place is amazing! They have a wide selection of products and the staff is professional and kind. There’s a lot more to look at while you wait for your stuff (but you won’t have to wait very long). Tori helped me with my order and did a wonderful job. She was very knowledgeable about the products and answered all my questions. I will definitely be more
04:29 31 Dec 20
This business thrives by putting the consumer first. All security precautions were taken before entering the shop, and once done, I found it to be very clean and organized. I was then greeted by my own personal assistant (who was very concerned not only by the social distancing protocol but as a discretionary courtesy). He was very knowledgeable and had a tablet for referencing every item available for sale. The assistant was very patient with me as to recommend what best fit what I was looking for. Once I confirmed my decision, I waited maybe 2-3 minutes before invited by name (prepare to have your ID ready at all times) to checkout. Everyone was VERY friendly and I noticed there was even an on-site security guard. I will be returning to this establishment and highly recommend anyone reading this to do the same. I cannot comment on the quality of my purchase because it was a gift; however, I’m sure there are plenty of reviews to answer that inquiry. Keep up the GREAT work and good luck in the more
Iris Watts
Iris W.
05:38 17 Dec 20
Well organized, no nonsense. Be ready to show ID no matter your age. Then, you enter the a door that takes you into the "store." Great smell when entering. Nice selection of exquisite hookahs, regular pipes, accessories from pipe cleaners to CBD lip balm. Browse, or order online to pick up. Prices are not bad; but be ready for the SALES TAXES! My order came with a hefty $155.00 in taxes. Staff is helpful & product knowledgeable. They give you great help for all your needs. NOTE: Please remember to put your newly purchased items in your trunk. Just as if it were alcohol. Enjoy!read more
Amanda woods
Amanda W.
21:06 09 Dec 20
Friendly staff. Good products.. always happy with my purchase. Wouldn't go anywhere else.. stop in a see all the different things they have.. 🙂read more
Dustin Fetter
Dustin F.
20:54 09 Dec 20
There's no other place I'd rather buy my overpriced, legal marijuana than at Ascend! The staff is friendly and helpful. Go get your overpriced, legally obtained weeds from here. Also... dont buy any shake. Save it for me. Please?read more
Nathalia H
Nathalia H
23:38 08 Dec 20
The concentrates and weed is fire. Cartridges are EXPENSIVE YALL. Watch out! Street prices are better for carts. Brendan? or James? are always helpful/nice to my mom since I never know what to recommend us. I still prefer street prices... but everything your employees suggest to buy is good! When are you guys going to price your products like Colorado? It’s.Too.Expensive 🙁read more
Mitchell VanZant
Mitchell V.
01:43 06 Dec 20
Second time here and we can already tell it will be our regular go-to spot. It was so easy to get in and out and had a super friendly staff. James at checkout was knowledgeable and seems like a perfect fit for Ascend. We will definitely be more
21:41 05 Dec 20
OUTSTANDING on every level. Professional friendly staff, minimal wait time, great selection and reasonable prices. I too am hoping for lower prices, but still scored bargains over their Grand Opening and Thanksgiving as well.BRAVO ASCEND OUTBACK : ) !!!!read more
Jonathan Irwin
Jonathan I.
16:42 05 Dec 20
Extremely friendly and fast service. Only 25 minutes from online order to pickup. Everyone was helpful and ready to answer any questions. The only thing I could say that they could improve on is their menu. Choices were a little more
James Oglesby
James O.
16:10 02 Dec 20
Best in Springfield. Went around 3pm, was out in less than 15-20min. Nice people. Good selection. My only complaint with all Illinois dispensaries is price. This place had a selection of sale priced items and other specials which was more
meghan woods
meghan W.
01:48 25 Nov 20
Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The store is large and parking is great ! Also great selection.
Morgan Smith
Morgan S.
01:40 20 Nov 20
Super nice shop, with great customer service. Very welcoming. Loved going there!
Jason P
Jason P
03:56 16 Nov 20
Great place to visit! The entire staff is super friendly. Dalton has a great attitude and is very knowledgeable about all of the products. Good vibes!!!read more
Gale Waterman
Gale W.
21:52 09 Nov 20
Our bud tender was extremely helpful our first time in was a great experience. Thanks
Benjamin Simpson
Benjamin S.
18:09 08 Nov 20
Came in to buy a vape cartridge only to find that the box was empty. As an update, they were able to resolve this issue. I will be wary of Cresco brand products in the future more
Jessica Moore
Jessica M.
00:53 08 Nov 20
Absolutely amazing experience!!! I've been going to the spot downtown but walking into this new location today was an entirely different experience. Very friendly and made me feel extremely welcome. The lady who checked me in was awesome and engaged in conversation about my gauges 😊 and I got lucky enough to have Westin ring me out. Huge shout out to him!!!! I remember the first time I met him on January 1st.....the crazy wild opening day lol. Good luck guys and I'll be seeing you all soon ❤❤❤read more
A h a b
A h a b
17:28 05 Nov 20
Thus place was very awesome. I came in during the soft opening on WEDNESDAY to check out how they did things. I met a lady named Mindy who was my budtender. Mindy had a few questions on how to do things but this lady with above and beyond what I would expect from a sales person. She helped explain things and when she did not know the answer, she found out. THURSDAY was even better This dispensary is cool on the inside as well. You really need to come down here and check it more
Dan Trueblood
Dan T.
23:09 04 Nov 20
Went in prior to the grand opening. First thoughts were this is exactly what I wanted the downtown dispensary to be like. I've always been well received by friendly staff at both locations. Parking is infinitly better at the ascend shop. And no homeless people begging for money. I placed my order online....this store has a whole lot more to offer. Some very good stains more suited to the rec user. Love the display cabinets so you can freely check out the products including the flowers, vaporizers, and wide variety of pipes and one hitters. By placing your order online it's a quick 5 minutes in and out. Prices during the opening sale are just too good to pass up. I walked away with about a 1/2 ounce and will likely go back for more as they have more grand opening sales. This will be my go to dispensary from now on. Superb facility!read more
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