At-home Grow Kits That Teach Cannabis Farming Skills and Deliver Hella Weed by the End of Winter – Willamette Week

If you’ve ever looked at your stash—after a particularly indulgent dispensary spree—and thought, “Damn, I really need to learn how to grow cannabis for myself,” you are not alone.

Likewise, if you went full plant parent during lockdown and at some point thought, “Dang, I should apply these greenery skills to growing my own cannabis,” your reasoning is likely sound.

Considering the long winter ahead, now seems a good time to explore indoor grow systems not only to experiment with home growing beyond houseplant propagation, but also to establish a year-round harvest to supplement dispensary hauls.

To that end, we took a deep dive into the quest for the perfect indoor grow system based on criteria like ease of use, simplicity, discretion, and cost-benefit ratio when it’s time to harvest. Here are a few of the top picks:

A Pot for Pot

A comprehensive grow kit perfect for the houseplant aficionado who has no need to be discreet, a Pot for Pot comes in sizes appropriate for windowsill, balcony or outdoor growing.

The kits also come with a step-by-step guide, a fabric pot and drain saucer, a germination kit, and an objectively intense soil package that includes enriched soil, diatomaceous earth, a bacteria-based rooting booster, coco

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