Beyond / Hello Adult Recreational Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Beyond / Hello Marijuana Dispensary in Bloomington, IL

1515 N Veterans Pkwy
Bloomington, IL 61704

Hours of Operation:

9am – 8pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Beyond / Hello is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1515 N Veterans Pkwy in Bloomington, IL 61704.

Beyond / Hello menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Beyond / Hello Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Cindy Soules
Cindy S.
23:18 12 Jun 21
Outstanding service, bar none! Anthony was fantastic. He took excellent care and the extra time and patience for my needs. Top rate, thanks Anthony, job well more
Michael The Great
Michael The G.
15:29 19 May 21
Clean and classy location with friendly staff. Good selection of products. Staff is great about helping you find what you need for a good more
Mary West
Mary W.
16:26 11 Apr 21
The flow of traffic is really well organized and the store is beautiful. Everyone who works there is knowledgeable and helpful and really nice! There's so much variety available that it can be a little overwhelming but they'll make it easy for you. You have to order online and choose a pickup time to go more
Jada Prakasim
Jada P.
16:50 09 Apr 21
If I could give 100 stars I would! The product is nicely laid out, the environment is so chill and upbeat, and don't even get me started on how amazing the staff. Everyone is educated on the product & super friendly! MaKayla has assisted me the several times I've been in and she always has a positive attitude, knows her stuff and always goes out of her way to help and educate me on what they have! I recommend this place to everyone on more
17:49 18 Mar 21
Totally 100% together. Everything is just spot on, efficiency is the 1 thing that stands out. Everything - the way business is conducted, the selection, the decor is even really nice, & while that may not matter to some, I noticed & there are some absolutely gorgeous pieces of art deco vases and such. A fantastic experienceread more
16:25 13 Mar 21
This place is better than the location in Normal overall. Prices are too high to give 5 stars, although they do have some good deals right now to make prices more comparable. One thing to watch out for is to make sure they are charging the right tax. Make sure you know what you should be paying before you go in, 2x in the last 2 weeks I was charged 39% tax on an item that should have 24% tax. Because I knew what the price should be, they fixed it both times, after 15 minutes of learning how to do math each time. If you don't know going in, you may overpay on more
Kateland Blievernicht
Kateland B.
13:59 05 Mar 21
I felt so welcome and comfortable my first time going. They answered any and all questions i had and was happy to explain anything to me. Ill will def go backread more
Rising Music Artists
Rising Music A.
05:30 02 Mar 21
Stop sending all the good stuff here so rec people can pay 3x the price and still go to the med dispo. This dispensary is tax and gets all the good product. Corruption at its finest. Wait till another company starts competing. Your sham will b overread more
Rose K
Rose K
23:02 27 Feb 21
This was such a great experience at this store! The employees were friendly and helpful with any and all questions that we had. They had lots of choices available there too. You can also make your order online prior to arriving at the store, or you can shop in store if you'd prefer to do that instead. The store is clean and organized. The overall experience was awesome and they did a great job!read more
Paige Gordon
Paige G.
04:49 26 Feb 21
This place is better then the location in normal. they handle complaints and issues better. they have had to deal with issues from the normal location because the normal location didn’t want to do anything to resolve issues that they made. great atmosphere and friendly staff!read more
Wesley Byrd
Wesley B.
21:43 24 Feb 21
Always available they work fast. To get you in and out. Love this company they’re doing great things
Courtney Gordon
Courtney G.
19:18 18 Feb 21
Nice friendly atmosphere. The sales team is knowledgeable. Not much to see on display but they do have nice menu options
William Toliver
William T.
16:27 17 Feb 21
This place is horrible so horrible, I asked for oil for my pen and get Reisen. When I called they said you had already left so we can't return it. I called back and the lady said "that's why we show it to you before you leave". I explained they did not show it to me before they stapled the bag. So than I became upset because I was basically robbed out of my money. I smoke blunts my whole life and trying to move away from them. Now all I can do is buy some weed and put this in. I don't know anybody who uses Reisen and at beyond hello they say look it on youtube. Customer service here is like a negative star or somethingread more
Evernyte Restchyl
Evernyte R.
04:01 15 Feb 21
Nice facility. Overstaffed and over priced. Until competition comes to town.
Deanna Beavers
Deanna B.
16:44 11 Feb 21
This is my new go to dispensary! Everyone is super friendly, willing to educate, and not rushing you. The loyalty program is one of my favorite more
17:27 05 Feb 21
Super store! Pre-ordered, waited less than 5 minutes and worked with very friendly and helpful Aubrey. Chic store, great brand-proud to wear the brand. Will definitely return. Great placeread more
Elizabeth Twyman
Elizabeth T.
23:18 04 Feb 21
Valentines Marley bong sitting on his bar in his cabin. Great experience.
Brandy Barnes
Brandy B.
17:03 02 Feb 21
The workers are amazing! Product is well over quality!! 5 stars in my book!! Whoop whoop
When Beyond Hello opened, I didn't expect to be visiting nearly as often as I do. Now that they have two locations, resulting in decreased wait times and a better product selection at both, I find myself making a stop almost daily. They have a good rewards program, friendly staff, and most of all: a great and always-growing selection of both THC and CBD more
Gripping Lips Fishing
Gripping Lips F.
14:58 30 Jan 21
B/H has the highest prices in the state. Do yourself a favor and drive to Peoria, Ottawa, or Champaign. Don't give these people any of your more
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