Beyond / Hello Adult Recreational Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Beyond / Hello Marijuana Dispensary in Normal, IL

501 Northtown Road
Normal, IL 61761

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday:
8am – 7pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Beyond / Hello is a marijuana dispensary location open at 501 Northtown Road in Normal, IL 61761.

Beyond / Hello menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Beyond / Hello Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

14:27 05 Dec 21
I feel sorry for the staff here because the owners/management has this place set up for chaos. The way they intake and handle the order which customers are seen is a joke . I watched multiple people come in place orders at the counter and get their products before people who ordered online , I've waited over ten minutes at the front desk to get checked in because the girl was on the phone with a new customer walking them through all different products offered ( that should be handled by someone in the back ) . I've also been moved out of one line to be put in a longer line to have people who just walked in the door end up in front of me getting their products first . It's such an easy fix but they just don't listen/ care about their customers time or concerns . Just my observations from trying to use them on multiple occasions. Oddly enough the other location in Bloomington is set up perfect , easy in and out with no confusionread more
Michaleo Henson
Michaleo H.
17:34 17 Nov 21
I am very unhappy and upset at this place. I placed an online order and when I got in they told me that the price was different and that they couldn’t give me the price that I was shown at the beginning online. Here’s what happened I found carts online last night for $20 at .5 g now I decided to purchase five of them the total online being $105 confirmed that and I was told that the order will be ready soon. When I got to the store to my surprise my order had doubled in number they were trying to say it was $235 for the 5 carts I was getting. which it’s false advertisement. The manager was called over and they found out that someone missed labeled it online. That’s not my fault that someone on there end messed up labeled it online they refused to give me the price that was given to me originally but to give me a 10% discount and instead of getting five products I only ended up getting two. Now I am a medical patient that has cancer and really needs his medicine and this was going to be a very easy transaction I thought.But to feel pressured into changing my order because their numbers were wrong .well it’s just makes things feel disgustingly wrong. They should’ve honored the number that was given to me online with no question. So this is what I got for a discount of 10% off and the $10 off that I was already going to get off that day very disappointed in how this place is ran not really thinking about going back anymore because of their Reckless use of the Internet and excuse that they don’t honor there online price’s. But instead get half of what i ordered and a bad experience that made me feel pressured into settling for there MistakeAnd the product and price I had to end up settling with. Just feel really Cheated is allread more
Declan F
Declan F
16:34 11 Oct 21
Stopped by on my way back to Chicago after a family weekend at Illinois State. The front office staff were very helpful getting me enrolled into their medical patient system. Budtenders were very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. Prices were so cheap (relative to Chicago anyway!) that I wound up doubling my order. Definitely give them a look, it was well worth more
15:57 19 Sep 21
Under new ownership finally!!! Much better than Green Solution. Excellent staff, selection for medical patients is expanding, still not as big as the recreational selection. Pricing is getting better, Illinois is still the most expensive place I've been tho. Overall, this is a very inviting, inclusive more
Trevor B
Trevor B
00:36 14 Sep 21
The staff is usually wonderful and informative and the product is pretty choice. However, occasionally I meet staff that act like they'd rather die than work there. Besides that it's a great place with quality weed. 🙂read more
Brandie Wilson
Brandie W.
20:52 07 Sep 21
I loved coming here! Such a great selection. Very friendly staff,easy online ordering,the taxes and prices wasn't ridiculous like some places I've been to. I'll be returning every chance I get although I long for a shop where I can walk in and explore all the goodies and see everything and not just order online and pick it more
Maggie McHale
Maggie M.
16:33 03 Sep 21
Love the dispensary environment! ALL staff goes above and beyond and as an introvert I almost never have conversations when shopping, yet in B/H I find myself having conversations almost every time! Love the selection, the clean and aesthetic environment, the choices, and overall the dispensary itself! Amazing place to more
Metal Maiden
Metal M.
01:27 24 Aug 21
Not disabled/patient-friendly at all. Cass, who claimed to be the Manager, argued with disabled patient (who can barely walk) for 20 minutes....Interrupting and talking over Patient instead of simply listening & rectifying DISPENSARY ERROR. She never apologized once either.Choose a better priced, better quality staff location!read more
Jan Cosby
Jan C.
23:31 21 Jun 21
I love this place!!! Every single employee I have had contact with, is extremely nice, very helpful, always happy. They're quick and efficient, and that allows me to get on with my day in a timely manner. I always say Beyond/Hello must be the happiest place on Earth to work!!read more
Robin Ames
Robin A.
00:20 15 Jun 21
The store is very nice and the product I received was good. The reason I only gave them four stars is that the price, d/t taxes was very high. I know it's not their fault. I hope the taxes go down more
00:31 10 Jun 21
Fantastic service and super friendly people! Got a great recommendation for a product from my bud tender and it was amazing! Definitely a good dispensary and will stop by again if given the chance! Thank you for the amazing serviceread more
Michael Kane
Michael K.
13:17 18 May 21
Cool place. Very clean. Well organized. You check in with your ID at the front, and they let you into a certain room. You mostly look at products they usually/can carry, and they show you what is in stock on their iPads. Very friendly and helpful. Not a great place to window-shop or browse, really. Products were more expensive than CA. Will stop back if in the area. Opens earlier than the others in the more
Joshua Nelson
Joshua N.
19:13 14 Apr 21
They have great product! I love the atmosphere here. When I first arrived I was greeted by very friendly staff. They was able to help with getting me what I needed. When I needed more information and a simple explanation they had all the information I could need. I recommend this place to anyone in the area needing more
melanin melons
melanin M.
15:55 08 Apr 21
I believe discounts are given for 5 star reviews. Staff is the absolute best. Product is seriously lacking. Peoria has better prices & variety. Beyond Hello is the only act in town & it showsread more
Noah B
Noah B
16:07 29 Mar 21
Good deals for medical and Friendly service and quick pickup but the curbside service needs work. They only have 2 spots for curbside medical and they aren't super obvious nor does it state it on the website. Ngl, The inner pickup area makes me claustrophobic. Points system could be better but the medical discounts help offset.I enjoy the random text deals more
James Hasty
James H.
17:33 16 Mar 21
This is a good place to get some quality Flower, Edibles, Concentrates, Vapes, and anything else you can think of. They have heavy security at the store, and that is comforting. Nice atmosphere, always smells amazing and is very clean. I only wish they had MORE ITEMS FOR MEDICAL PATIENTS 😀read more
Ché Hamilton Sr.
Ché Hamilton S.
15:11 10 Mar 21
I would give this place five stars. I have had a great experience overall in the past months here, as a medical patient they put you priority over the recreational which is great. I really like the staff and if something goes wrong they will fix it. The customer service is more
20:24 06 Mar 21
I use to be happy coming to the Normal location. There too many problems I see. I am medical patient I have to stand in line longer then Recreational people. I don't care if I order online I consider there its a problem. today I was standing in line a woman was sitting outside the door waiting to be waited on. The lady called to the guard to have the lady come in and she walked right to the counter as I stood in line I said wait a minute I can't do this. Many times I come stand in line but the fact I put in a online order and its always a problem you ask for a manager she never available.This horrible and yes I like to address this because I should never walk out upset and no one should be apologizing to me for what,a worker doing. I said to her this always happen to me. The security guard she know she saw what happened the other day when I was more
Allison Morey
Allison M.
14:13 03 Mar 21
Although I have not tried the products yet, the experience alone was worth the trip. As a designer, I was amazed by the branding, pamphlets, marketing pieces, and packaging. The atmosphere was calm and welcoming - very different from my expectations. I felt 100% safe and well-taken-care more
Rose K
Rose K
22:56 27 Feb 21
Such a pleasant and helpful experience! You can place your order online before getting there, or complete your order while in the shop. The inside is so nice and clean and organized! The associates are helpful and very friendly. We had a great experience from start to finish and will be back! Their prices were reasonable too. Overall, the whole experience was more
Taylor Ward
Taylor W.
21:33 24 Feb 21
So I am dropping my review down to 2 stars. In the last few months the service here has dropped. I have been a medical patient for a few years now and have been coming here since it was the green solution. The prices have slowly crept up - which i mean thats to be expected - but not at the rate they have here. Also since opening up the new store off veterans parkway the selection they have there is better than what we have for medical. and they are only recreational so as a medical patient those options are not available for us. Then you place an order online for pickup during a set time then you get there and you have to stand and wait 10-15 min at times - when i see that they are pushing recreational shoppers in and out. Or i have to go to the shopping floor in order to get through quicker. As a medical patient i am not feeling like we are being taken care of properly. Same with the staffing issue - you are a licensed facility by the STATE. Staff is great and friendly but some of them are not necessarily the most knowledgeable. I do love the products still that they do still have. But i know if another medical dispensary opened up in town - i would probably more
Troy Werner
Troy W.
20:28 13 Feb 21
I received a text that my medical pickup was ready so I begin my already inconvenient 5 mile trek across town, only to arrive where there's a sign on the door stating they're closed due to payment issues. I call their number, the automated message clearly states they're open, I choose option 2, get Nick on the line and he confirmed they are down. I told him that they message states they're open, he didn't seem to be bothered by it. I asked when they thought they'd be back up, he's said he didn't know and that they have to get cleared by the state. I told him that this isn't the first time I've come up here to be in this situation and asked why they don't at least contact their medical patients. He said they don't have the staff.I find this unacceptable as you are the only LICENSED medical dispensary in our local area. Your Point Of Sale should NOT be going down this frequently.1. Do you send your staff home when this happens? Shouldn't they be doing damage control?2. Why is your automated message stating you're open3. Where's the customer service texting AT LEAST your medicinal you're having issues, that the store is closed, etc.4. CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Where is it?I'm may not spend as much as some customers but I, just like EVERY customer that walks through your doors, want to feel like I'm appreciated as a customer, that this is the best place to come to get my productread more
Zack Vest
Zack V.
18:25 09 Feb 21
If your medical go elsewhere. Half the selection of their recreational store. The good medicine is at the store where there are no medical patients! This company only shows love to money. They are simply legal pot dealers not a medical facility in my more
James Smith
James S.
05:31 30 Oct 20
I have never left this place disappointed. The staff is very friendly and the products and variety to choose from are even better! I’m so fond of this place that I would even be willing to work there. This place has a huge menu and great deals on almost a weekly more
Elizabeth Rickert
Elizabeth R.
22:17 09 Oct 20
All of the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the hours are convenient and its really easy to get to. It does get busy and have some times where you have to wait outside on the weekend nights, so I advise bringing a hoodie in the cooler months. Selection is decent, and I love the texting notification system!read more
Nathan Richardson
Nathan R.
05:19 08 Oct 20
Over all experience was wonderful. Very helpful and very polite security! And the cashiers where very polite and helpful. Would highly recommend coming here! Also the weed was fantastic!!!!read more
Donn Revo
Donn R.
17:38 01 Oct 20
I've been supporting this Shop for a while now for Good reason! The sommeliers are friendly and know their products! I HIGHLY Recommend them for your Cannabis more
Marina Doud
Marina D.
16:34 24 Sep 20
Great products and great people. Orders are always on time and correct. Recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable and well stocked more
Billy Burgess
Billy B.
22:14 20 Sep 20
Super awesome dispensary.
Steven Trusty
Steven T.
22:37 18 Sep 20
Only reason I dropped a star . Price is ridiculously high. Stil go there so there's something to it.Love you all. SKY
Georgetta McGuire
Georgetta M.
18:03 17 Sep 20
Great products friendly staff helpful
james morris
james M.
13:18 15 Sep 20
It was my first time there.i love the display of containers. Looks great staff was kind and helpful
Kyeshia White
Kyeshia W.
22:36 08 Sep 20
The selection is amazing and staff are super friendly! The lines can be long but that’s to be expected. The quality is by far the best I’ve more
Brittney Wisor
Brittney W.
00:26 03 Sep 20
everyone is so nice! so willing to help! jenny is amazing, she helped me every step of the way to get my medical card. call in's are so easy and so quick! everyone is very knowledgeable about the products and will answer all your more
Tyler Havlin
Tyler H.
16:07 01 Sep 20
I've been to dispensaries all over the country and this place is one of the best. Super friendly staff and great selection of strains. Parking can sometimes be a problem so fair more
eric velling
eric V.
16:24 21 Aug 20
Actually this place is great. I mean it's filled with really good product. Employees are nice. It just cost way too much money! I can't even afford to go there anymore. Until I save enough money to blow my savings more
Sarah Wackt
Sarah W.
22:16 15 Aug 20
Beyond/Hello has not only great customer service but also amazing products. I’ve gone a few times and always gotten flower so far. The flower has definitely been worth every penny. Can’t wait to try more products!read more
Scarlett Anderson
Scarlett A.
15:59 12 Aug 20
Limited product, but good quality.Tired of pulling up in the medical pick up spots only to be ignored by the employees standing in a circle talking. This is a medical facility as well and I think it should be treated as such. Tegan is always awesome tho.And to the employees not wearing a mask, sick patients come here for medication. Cancer patients. Autoimmune compromised people come here. We are in a pandemic.I also noticed you only reply to complimentary reviews. I hope I get this more
15:19 10 Aug 20
Love this store. Good products, easy process, friendly staff, and a clean environment. Prices are getting better as time goes on as well. Website updates daily with nice varieties of products for however you may like to partake!read more
Sy Guzman
Sy G.
22:11 06 Aug 20
Folks, this is a CASH ONLY dispensary. I pulled out my credit card when the clerk told me the store only accepts cash. Good thing I had cash on me. Staff was friendly and courteous! Definitely recommend!read more
Aaron Mcconnell
Aaron M.
21:52 06 Aug 20
Today upon arriving was greeted by a woman wearing a hand written name tag saying “medically unable to wear mask.” She was in charge of checking people in and physically taking their ids while not wearing a mask or being behind a barrier. This business has an entire section in back that is behind glass banker style walls where she could be working with much less risk to the people shopping. At the very least she should not be the person in charge of greeting the public. There are also almost always employees hanging out smoking without masks by the front door and regular security guard who is always without a mask. Would really appreciate it if management would hold employees to at least the same health standards as their more
Mike Hoeniges
Mike H.
23:37 01 Aug 20
UPDATE: They have contacted me and made the situation better. I'm changing my review to reflect the service provided by everyone else but this single person. Negative review for horrible customer service on sundays. They are open until 4pm. I go out there to purchase for medical apparently it's online order only. It does not say that on their website. I place an online order and recieve a text saying my Express lane reservation is ready for pick up. I go back out there to be turned away again! She says you can only come at reservation time. I asked about the text she got a huge attitude and told me to come back. So now I will be out there for the 3rd time today during the covid pandemic. It's clear they care about more
Ashly Smith
Ashly S.
19:23 31 Jul 20
I have noticed all the changes being made. The staff has done an excellent job with the transition. Answers any question I have. They are also very knowledgeable about the products. I tend to be indecisive and staff handles me like a champ! Never losing patience with me. I want to add that I feel very safe with how they're handling the more
Mike Hoeniges
Mike H.
18:31 19 Jul 20
Negative review for horrible customer service on sundays. They are open until 4pm. I go out there to purchase for medical apparently it's online order only. It does not say that on their website. I place an online order and recieve a text saying my Express lane reservation is ready for pick up. I go back out there to be turned away again! She says you can only come at reservation time. I asked about the text she got a huge attitude and told me to come back. So now I will be out there for the 3rd time today during the covid pandemic. It's clear they care about more
Old Fart
Old F.
15:42 15 Jul 20
Was my 1st visit and I felt a tad awkward. But the staff made me feel at ease. The experience was very enjoyable. Definitely will be more
vickie reberg-prince
vickie R.
18:03 13 Jul 20
They were not beyond cool at all! I am a newbie and I arrived today at 9 am because the website says it opens then. I went inside and was told that it was only for medical patients until 10. So I said no problem I will wait in my car for an hour. 10 comes and everyone standing outside was going in and I got out of my car and a lady stopped me and said I cant go in, I have to order online and pick up curbside! If that was true, why did they not tell me that before I waited for an hour!!? Grrrrrrread more
Boundaryless Connections
Boundaryless C.
15:56 11 Jul 20
Unfair prices their charging costumers to much for a product which they lack the proper knowledge of grams of oil go for less then 10$ in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and California and the other Illinois dispensary's are doing deals for less then 60$ that extra 20$ adds up to an un-affordable product for most residents in Bloomington/Normal especially with a 40% tax and no royalty or rewards program makes. Good quality products but the greed is outweighing the benefit which they could be bringing the community more people could shop there if it wasn't so expensive hopefully the prices are fixed because trust is difficult to re build and this is the only dispensary in town without a fair warning as to why we are being charged more out here it will be hard to keep this place more
Braxton Harper
Braxton H.
17:44 02 Jul 20
The staff are very friendly and helpful. The service is quality and quick. I will definitely return and appreciate the professionalism and accuracy.Update:So after being encouraged to join their rewards program, to save on future purchases based upon the amount you spend, I hate to relay I have been let down and it’s a complete sham. I’ve accumulated 770 points which should be redeemable for $55 off a purchase all to be told upon purchase that they aren’t honoring their rewards program at the moment. Upon further help from their website and marketing email associate, Shay, I was told they would be able to honor all Rewards. She quickly retracted that statement and reaffirmed what was told to me at the dispensary. They are promoting a rewards program to get you to spend more money but once you do then you are stuck spending more to earn more but you can’t redeem your points. If you are able to you should find another dispensary. Unfortunately for the locals this is the only dispensary in town. I encourage you all to look into Nu-Med in East Peoria. It’s a 30 min drive from “Beyond-Goodbye” but the prices are better and it’s well worth it for honest and quality more
Creighton Budris
Creighton B.
17:00 01 Jul 20
Just trying this place out for the first time since they opened for recreational sales, and I completely recommend them. Very professional and nice employees/ environment, a good menu, and a selection of more stuff inside to look at during your short wait in line. Cassidy, my cashier, gave me a first time discount and a little pleasant conversation, and I was out the door in 5 minutesread more
Zeus Ward
Zeus W.
18:31 26 Jun 20
I will always leave a good review here. The staff are always amazing and will go above and beyond for the med patients. Andy is the best! She made my entire day when I went to pick up my online order that I missed the day before and they still had what I wanted even tho it wasn’t listed on the menu. Made me feel really good. Products are always amazing too! I love that they just started a loyalty rewards program! Really excited for that I’ve been waiting ever so impatiently 🤣read more
04:53 24 Jun 20
Great service and product! The staff is very friendly and helpful. I was a first time buyer and I will definitely be more
Stan Mooney
Stan M.
14:31 22 Jun 20
Having lived in Colorado, I'm impressed with what B/H has done here in my hometown. The location is clean, modern, and secure; the products are as good as any across the state and the selection is more vast than many dispensaries in IL, and the staff are tops. I was even fairly comped for an item that was faulty (by no fault of B/H's, same as the IL taxes!) with little to no hassle. We really couldn't have asked for better in this state. Props to Beyond/Hello of more
21:03 21 Jun 20
Let's just say the excitement died down very quickly. You are getting a premium product therefore are going to pay a premium price, but if you decide to make that decision you should at least get what you pay for! Getting shorted a .1 on a 100$ gram of concentrate is unacceptable! I felt like a fool afterward and regretted my purchase. Similar situation with a cart from here. I would recommend going to Champaign or Peoria if price is a concern, other than the money this place is very convenient and efficient! Please make this right!read more
21:19 19 Jun 20
Love this place. Staff is friendly and efficient. The customers are friendly as well. Very clean and well managed. The products are fantastic and they have so many to choose more
Cora McGee
Cora M.
20:02 18 Jun 20
weird your bad reviews keep disappearing. this place is ROBBING YOU, price changes throughout the day. no social distancing, not sanitizing anything, and unfriendly more
18:01 12 Jun 20
I will definitely return. Enjoyed my 1st time in a dispensary. Product is definitely worth the money! Employees are very friendly and professional. Environment was very comfortable. 💚read more
liz dav
liz D.
05:55 06 Jun 20
They are very helpful. Also had people make sure customers were wearing masks and 6 ft apart in line. I would definitely recommendread more
smokin tamagochi
smokin T.
17:14 05 Jun 20
Great service, good selection. Hoping for cheaper prices and more price gaps over time. They make each transaction easy, and you're in and out with no issues if you follow the pickup instructions!read more
Nicklaus Pittman
Nicklaus P.
15:31 02 Jun 20
So very very very glad to have a local place and this one is awesome. Excellent customer service. Very very fast in and more
Michaleo Henson
Michaleo H.
02:49 24 May 20
This place is fantastic. I love how the place has changed in such a good way I hope they keep it up
Ashly Smith
Ashly S.
20:35 18 May 20
I have noticed all the changes being made. The staff has done an excellent job with the transition. Answers any question I have. They are also very knowledgeable about the products. I tend to be indecisive and staff handles me like a champ! Never losing patience with more
Chief lyons
Chief L.
13:59 18 May 20
So you have to be 50 or over during 9-10am? Never heard of that any dispensary ive been to in the country. Other than that good dispensary. Will be contacting the stateread more
Colten Reeves
Colten R.
04:06 18 May 20
Remarkable service every visit, they are getting more and more in stock... now that the company has changed hands, and the supply chain is growing... i see this being a very successful more
Trevor Wiemelt
Trevor W.
21:44 14 May 20
Very Knowledgeable staff and a amazingly nice establishment.. hope it keeps up! also nice products always available so farread more
alanna S
alanna S
20:09 12 May 20
There was no instruction whatsoever on how to social distance while waiting for your product and not a single one of the employees was properly wearing a mask, they were all pulled down below the nose or chin. I’m sure usually they are nice enough and knowledgeable but this is no way to run a business during a pandemic, especially when part of your clientele is medical patients who are immunocompromisedread more
Mallory Hudson
Mallory H.
03:55 08 May 20
My first vist too this dispensary was amazing! The staff are incredibly helpful and super friendly. The building is really well kept. I look forward to my next visit!read more
TJ Aaberg
17:58 06 May 20
Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful with any and all questions. Big fan of the call ahead ordering, for quick more
Maxwell Corey
Maxwell C.
22:34 04 May 20
Love the new layout and so much more products! Thanks guys! Welcome to normal illinois beyond hello!
Jacquelyn Ummel
Jacquelyn U.
04:18 03 May 20
Positive and friendly experiences every time
Meg Aroni
Meg A.
14:18 02 May 20
Staff is always friendly and helpful, never had a bad experience here. Loving the additions with the move to recreational, aside from the new counters being pretty high for somebody short like me and the inevitable increase in wait time. Will be returning!read more
Gabe Lueras
Gabe L.
01:04 02 May 20
Great people and products!
The420 Italian
The420 I.
19:59 01 May 20
Super friendly and helpful staff. Definitely my number 1 dispensary.
Clayton Schuh
Clayton S.
18:05 01 May 20
Awesome place with awesome staff!!
Mark Peterson
Mark P.
17:46 01 May 20
I have been a patient of the medicinal marijuana dispensary for many months now and have been in awe at the evolution of this business. The staff is pleasant to work with. The dispensary is well stocked and a nice more
Jamanda Page
Jamanda P.
23:47 30 Apr 20
I love these guys. Super friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and genuine. It’s a really pleasant experience and not at all overwhelming like some more
Katie kdrgnfly28
Katie K.
18:51 30 Apr 20
Alejandro and Nick were great and helpful !
Tonie Scott
Tonie S.
20:21 20 Sep 19
Awesome employees and very knowledgeable of their products. Employees are very caring and polite
Randal Armstrong
Randal A.
20:01 07 Jun 19
Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Near an industrial area which adds to privacy.
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