Beyond / Hello Adult Recreational Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Beyond / Hello Marijuana Dispensary in Sauget, IL

2021 Goose Lake Road
Sauget, IL 62206

Hours of Operation:

7am – 8pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Beyond / Hello is a marijuana dispensary location open at 2021 Goose Lake Road in Sauget, IL 62206.

Beyond / Hello dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Beyond / Hello Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Lukus Keeling
Lukus K.
12:28 15 Oct 21
10-15-2021 Do not go in the morning. They may be open and really dead but this does not mean your order will be received When I brought up this to Joe he was argumentative and rude. I have never been spoken to in such a manner before.They have improved since my last review. Great product selection and I no longer have items taken out of my order. Prices are high but they have great more
Pat M
Pat M
04:46 05 Oct 21
Ordering online is much faster and they have good stuff. 😌They have improved on their customer service and rewards program is a nice addition. I think it Still could use a little work on prices and quality but overall they’re more
18:33 30 Aug 21
This is the first dispensary I ever been too. So I do not have any standard to measure against. But I would say this place is pretty cool and well organized. Can place orders online. As well as shop in the store. Store looks really clean and upscale. Employees are very knowledgeable. The supervisor I cannot remember her name was really nice! Definitely a repeat customer when I'm in the more
Kelly Morlen
Kelly M.
16:59 25 Apr 21
What a great experience. Today was my first purchase at this dispensary. I am a medical patient and have been going to Ascend, until the inconsistencies with curbside became issue. Forced to mask against medical advice is a hard no for me.The staff at Beyond/Hello were understanding of my no mask medical needs. Staff was incredibly professional, EVERYONE was beyond what I have experienced. The 7 day a week curbside will allow me to respect the mask requirement. And I can tip!!!! I love great customer more
23:48 22 Apr 21
Joshua was great! They suggested future items to try.They were polite and quick to help. Ordering online was quick and easy. Easy to find location. Parking lot is large and easy to navigate. Only downfall is guessing the more
Aiden Smith
Aiden S.
00:39 05 Apr 21
First time here and I was blown away by how great the customer service was. They were able to give me personal experiences with certain products so It was easier to limit down my options.Everyone was super friendly and made me feel right at home. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for Cannabis products. 😍read more
Kim Brookes
Kim B.
21:37 16 Feb 21
I wish I could give them a higher rating because they absolutely deserve it. We drove from out of town, which was 4 hours away specifically to visit this dispensary and it was absolutely worth it! Every single employee in this establishment goes above and beyond to be as welcoming as possible and to be as helpful as they can. As soon as we walked in, we were assisted from beginning to end by Sara, and she was beyond helpful and broke everything down to help us understand what was best for us. Her personality is everything you want when going into a dispensary. She is so personable, which really made this visit fun! The products that we bought were well worth the cost. Everything we purchased is exactly what we wanted and more. We will absolutely be back!read more
Shannon BARON
Shannon B.
15:44 09 Feb 21
Beyond Hello is a wonderful dispensary. They definitely cater to their medical patients. Medical patients NEVER wait in line and we have our own checkout room. If you submit an online order you can be in and out within 5 minutes. Staff is extremely friendly and always willing to help. They have sales often and even have a rewards program, so awesome!! Beyond Hello also has dedicated medical patient parking which is very thoughtful and has been extremely helpful on busier days. This dispensary has a wide selection of products with new items constantly coming more
Danielle Richter-Jenkins
Danielle R.
03:59 09 Feb 21
Well I can only say AMAZING PRODUCTS!!!! Help can use a bit help! Nice stores! Workers there could definitely be more professional and knowledgeable, a bit getting, but some prices are great, but other are much higher than other dispensary, but better set up and sales. Step up the price game to More decent prices. They do have an rewards program that is frickin awesome! So big ups for that!!!read more
Richard Lalonde (PrincessArtichoke)
Richard Lalonde (.
16:49 08 Feb 21
Great experience. Easy to find, very professional and friendly staff and great selection. The only reason I'm docking a star is because, as a cash-only place, it would be more convenient to include tax when placing an order online. They do, however have a convenient ATM with a low withdrawal fee within the establishment. For those placing online orders, expect a 40% increase in price for just state, county, local, and excise tax when you pick up your more
Chris England
Chris E.
18:00 27 Jan 21
Original review of 5 stars was made 5 months ago for the Goose Lake Road location.Today I visited the new BEYOND/HELLO off Rt 3, kinda tricky to get to, but well worth it. I arrived at around 10:30, was greeted at the door by a male and female security guard. Both were extremely friendly and helpful, which instantly made me feel welcome. I then proceeded to the online order/pickup area. The guy serving me was really cool and friendly, just a good vibe. Purchased my products and rolled out! Didnt even have to wait in line! Great experience just wish the prices were a little cheaper, but the reward points are nice. Will continue to do business at this location 5 stars!!!read more
Terri Reeves-Dotstry
Terri R.
22:55 04 Dec 20
**Employee Review ** I am a customer consultant and I love working here! We are very new to the industry as we just went Rec on 4/20/2020. We make sure our customers leave with a good knowledge base of their product . I know we don’t have many displays for show, but it’s actually illegal in the state of Illinois to have ANY product on the dispensary floor as a display. It is also not legal to allow customers to smell the product as it comes prepackaged for the safety of our customers. We want to ensure you are getting what you paid for. As far as the tax rates I would consider contacting your local state representatives to see if we can pass legislation for a lower tax rate on cannabis. Beyond Hello is truly a company that is forward thinking and great asset to the cannabis community as we truly aspire and aim to go above and beyond in helping our customers with their cannabis needs and questions!! I am ET and I hope to help you if you come in and shop!! Our products are amazing and will truly elevate your life. Come in and see us!! 💛💜read more
Adam Milan
Adam M.
07:28 19 Oct 20
This is where I went for my first Dispensary experience. No Complaints. This is a great place with Huge selection of products. They have really done an excellent job in providing such an experience to IL. This is a tremendous establishment with absolutely beautiful flower. The Wax and Sauce is Next Level Flavor. Beyond Hello has shown me nothing but exceptional service and more
Steven Trusty
Steven T.
19:06 07 Oct 20
Always nice and friendly , go here frequently and it's always great . Not 5 stars because price is extremely high . Good quality stock, top notch . STread more
jon S.
15:25 07 Oct 20
a great place to shop, it's straight forward unlike my last visit to Illinois provisions, that place had me confused and had 15 minute walk there & back on a hot day plus I'm MMJ patient, I don't want to sweat going to buy my medicine. No signs, poor communication & if you don't have a smart phone you cannot buy, so unless your tech savvy no greens for you.ohhhBeyond/ Hello puts these guys to shame, I'm a comparative shopper who looks for service, quality & price 2 out of 3 not bad. The service is excellent the staff friendly and knowledgeable; As well as there product is Amazing AAA+ you do get what you pay for.My complaints only two. 1, The price it expensive seeing prices in Canada & California & Colorado hopefully in time this will work this out, it's not Beyond/ Hello it's the market & just geographical thing. 2, Since I know a lot about marijuana I was able to help this guy. This man made a purchase of RSO in order to vaporize ( due to high concentrate prices). This Oil is not made for that and isn't made to used that way, if you Google it, it says not to do this! But the Bud tender thought it was a great idea and sent this man up for failure and potentially hurting himself, I'm glad I was able to set him straight in the parking lot, letting him know that Rick Simpson's Oil is Only to be consumed Orally.Other Then that this place is great! Been back since! Thanks for keeping me medicated😝💨💚💚💚✌.read more
Alexandra Froman
Alexandra F.
16:59 03 Oct 20
Very quick and efficient, knowledgeable staff, online ordering makes it all so much easier! The ease and rapid service makes me more likely to go here even if it's a little more expensive than the one in Collinsville. Highly recommend! The online ordering line is never long!read more
Eric Marr
Eric M.
14:18 30 Sep 20
Best dispensary in the area by far. Do not waste your time at the others. They still have some kinks to work out and prices are high, but good product and solid customer more
Maureen Cowan
Maureen C.
13:23 30 Sep 20
Strong knowledgeable staff. Kind enough business to offer Missouri medical patients, who have nowhere to shop, a discount on their purchases. And they are nice!!read more
Brandon Talbot
Brandon T.
01:41 24 Sep 20
5 star service and super friendly. I just wish IL had a more affordable rec. Not the shops fault by any means. Will definitely visit more
Armando De Jesus
Armando De J.
22:05 19 Sep 20
Great online service. Very expensive but good product.
Nathan Ralph
Nathan R.
19:44 16 Sep 20
They don't answer the phone, ever. I have called 50 or more times in the last two months. They used to have ordering online, but now the checkout page says "pickup not available." So I haven't been able to place an order. Pickup not available?! Are you going to ship it? Answer the phone and you could tell me. You're charging 4-5 times the rates I'm used to in Phoenix, PAY ANOTHER PERSON TO ANSWER THE PHONE. THIS IS MEDICINE, SOME PEOPLE CAN"T LEAVE THEIR HOUSE VERY EASILY. If you wan't people to take medicinal cannabis seriously, ACT LIKE A PHARMACY, NOT A DRUG DEALER. Take a call from a patient. Act like a reputable business. I have been taking medicinal cannabis for a decade on the west coast and have NEVER been treated like an illicit customer. ANSWER YOUR PHONE. FIX YOUR SITE OR POST A BANNER EXPLAINING YOURSELVES. YOU ARE MAKING MONEY HAND OVER FIST AND WRITING REVIEWS ON GOOGLE IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN TALK TO YOU.This type of thing will ensure the black market stays alive and well when it comes to cannabis. Buy fewer yachts, pay a person to answer phones. Pretty simple. Be a reputable business. That is what reputable businesses more
capt stabbens
capt S.
00:35 16 Sep 20
I always order online and never have a problem. Will visit again if I'm interested in what they are selling.
Ivy Somers
Ivy S.
23:08 15 Sep 20
Fast as long as you order online, but prices are inflated.
19:49 15 Sep 20
I've been to this dispensary several times and always had good experiences. The customer service is very good. People are always friendly. I do wish they carried more sativa dominant strains but they do generally have a good product line up. I would and have recommended them to a more
OneUp Design
OneUp D.
19:46 12 Sep 20
They can't answer the phone, don't know if the online prices include tax. . . Same high prices as the rest of this jacked up more
Justin Newcomb
Justin N.
22:59 11 Sep 20
It's a dispensary with very helpful employees and an online ordering platform but that's about it as the product has disappointed me each and every time. However, with little to no other choices what's a consumer to more
Pat Torregrossa
Pat T.
02:57 11 Sep 20
Pricey, but yet good quality and friendly service. And also exepts out of state medical for a 10% discount.
JeffnKaty Brown
JeffnKaty B.
22:16 10 Sep 20
Made an online order. When I made it there I had to wait almost 35 minutes in the rain. Then I get inside to find out they made a mistake on the pricing online and wanted double. I believe they should of honored the price since I'd pre ordered and everything. But they didn't then said we'll you can go directly to front and order something else lies I waited about another forty minutes only to pay more than if I'd have just went to my local location. I will most likely never go here again with what had happened I figured my product would at least be kosher not even close. I definitely would not recommend this more
Brooke Marr
Brooke M.
22:56 08 Sep 20
I will say the people were very friendly, although the people that were checking me out didn’t know about a single product or Effect of product... I was extremely surprised to know that I knew more. Also the pictures are NOT very in accurate either. I guess i was expecting more. I am from California so I was actually really disappointed to see the very low quality stuff are very high prices. I will say the stuff that I buy for over $100 I could’ve easily gotten for less than $40 in California. Although it is recreational I feel if the prices are going to be that high then at least get really good quality stuff in there. I only come to this place if it’s an emergency 🚨 But I do like that there is an option that is better than more
chris bennett
chris B.
02:09 07 Sep 20
They are very friendly and answered all my questions. I shop there all the time.
Dick Ryder
Dick R.
19:42 05 Sep 20
Love this place nice people always safe amd clean. And big thanks to Amy for being such a great help. Love you all
Nobody Important
Nobody I.
16:13 05 Sep 20
Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Wait times are usually really good. I think they have the best product around
Annabel Lee
Annabel L.
07:32 05 Sep 20
If you arrive and there is a line, do not worry. Once you go inside all your worries will vanish! The staff alone will make you feel so at ease and at home. Everyone I have come by has been amazing and super friendly! The products are great! And it is so wonderful to get a medical discount!Since March I have been a customer here to treat my fibromyalgia and chronic complex regional pain syndrome and the staff has been there to help me determine what might work best for me. Now I get to enjoy my time in a lot less pain. Thank you!read more
Nick Campbell
Nick C.
18:43 03 Sep 20
Other than a couple small issues with product (not their fault, the cultivators issue), my experience has been more
Kathleen Wojcik
Kathleen W.
17:22 31 Aug 20
I just want to shout out to the BUDTENDERS thats are giving their all to make @beyond_hello_dispensary_il in Sauget, Illinois. I appreciate the friendly people and their willing to help 🙏😚with recreational patients nowit has become less stressful. You guys are great and always loving my product ! Its very much updated to literally pick your product from an ipad. i appreciate you ALL! My favorite place 🙌🙌😊🌱read more
Dan Zengel
Dan Z.
17:58 27 Aug 20
Every time I come there I’m always in and out fast. All the employees are friendly and really helpful with any questions and more
Michael Seipp
Michael S.
15:24 25 Aug 20
Very clean facility and nice staff. Needs improvement in waiting line. Stood outside for over 30 mins in the direct sunlight, no shade, very uncomfortable. And line moved very slow for an online order. I will return and will recommend. Just hope you invest into the comfort of your customers who make your business more
Kent De Bejar
Kent De B.
18:57 21 Aug 20
What can I say this is a very happy place. They need some shade to wait in or something. Very helpful people. I would love to see more variety such as hashish, clones, and seeds. I fear when Missouri comes on line they will be hurt, Illinois has a 38% tax rate. Missouri is coming in at 4% tax. Try Beyond good people and it smells greatread more
Justin Toms-Gardner
Justin T.
16:42 20 Aug 20
Awesome, easy going and well informed.Excellent prices compared to other Illinois establishments.
Jen Carpenter
Jen C.
12:47 15 Aug 20
This place has a pretty good system going. You stand outside and wait, but it hasn’t ever been too long for me. They have a variety of brands and strains to choose from, and I’ve only had good or better quality from here. The employees are friendly, and once you’re inside the process is very quick (ordering online at least). The prices are steep, but I’m sure it will go down after time. The taxes are really crazy too, but those are kind of more
Jeremy Genin
Jeremy G.
14:08 08 Aug 20
Updated review! This place earned the 5 stars with a wide variety, and great customer service.
Jacquelyn Lamb
Jacquelyn L.
05:10 07 Aug 20
Super long wait, but once inside, the staff is AMAZING. Very knowledgeable, professional, and the product selection was very stellar. Paying Illinois taxes, but it was well worth more
Viral Ostrich
Viral O.
14:10 31 Jul 20
We are MONTHS into this pandemic and they still cant seem to figure out how to move people through the store without cramming 15 people in a small room. I am a medical patient and when I went last time I was literally in a tiny room with more than a dozen people. They only care about the number of sales they can push in an hour. They put medical patients at risk just to make an extra buck. If you want to risk getting this virus, this is the place for you.... FYI, I see a lot of people saying they like Paul and other employees.... yeah they fired all those people. This company only cares about the dollars in your pocket. If you are medical you should go more
Lawn Man
Lawn M.
05:48 31 Jul 20
I was lucky enough to be the first in line when I arrived today. It was my first trip to an IL dispensary and I was dreading the expected wait in line. Prices are through the roof but the products especially the flower are way better than I expected. I can't afford to come here often but will definitely be back for some more more
Aimee Bryan
Aimee B.
14:47 20 Jul 20
I am a medical patient that lives in Collinsville and I drive out of my way to go to this dispensary, instead of the one in town. I have never been disappointed with any of the products I have received or the service they provide. They even have daily discounts which I thought was really nice. And all of the employees are very professional and knowledgeable, ESPECIALLY Paul!! More than a few times, he has really helped find the right medicine for more
Rick Siegel
Rick S.
01:08 18 Jul 20
Don't order online. You're so much better off just walking in. After ordering online, I just waited in line for more than a half hour while they told us we couldn't come in until we got a text saying our order was ready. In the meantime, at least a dozen people who just walked on up went straight in. They punish the people who try to make things easier and safer. Really awful more
Mike Attack
Mike A.
10:50 13 Jul 20
The wait times are not that bad, the atmosphere is nice. I love the happy staff especially Paul! Always good with answers to my questions!read more
THE REAL Jɛɬlıʄɛ
22:29 10 Jul 20
That hot day in July on a Friday when the owner or manager on duty slides you a pothead hat under the cash drawer and says happy birthday. Thanks for your business and for patiently waiting .... PRICELESS. beyond / hello is our favorite dispensary and our go to place. Every time we come they have an expanded menu and flash deals on extracts! I’m so excited to get home and yabba dabba doo me one! Thank you staff you guys are amazing!read more
Kegan Phillips
Kegan P.
20:47 08 Jul 20
Staff was helpful and understanding but the reservation system was busted and I had to wait over 2 hours past my more
Lindsay Heim-Nugent
Lindsay H.
20:40 07 Jul 20
With covid it takes a minute to get in. They're doing the best they can under the circumstances. They're doing great about getting you in and out. Beware the product does change based on availability so do check the website before you go and while you're in line. They're fantastic about questions. If you're a newbie either recreational or medical, they are amazingread more
Tobi Odunlami
Tobi O.
08:35 07 Jul 20
Top shelf quality products, amazing service, amazing staff. Paul was helpful in recommending new strains to try out, everyone there was very knowledgeable on the products and friendly .The main thing I enjoyed was the short wait time better than other places in close proximityread more
Rubydee Davis
Rubydee D.
14:25 30 Jun 20
Had a wonderful experience @ the Sauget location. Thank you, Paul. Discounts for veterans, seniors..Good stock...I would advise you place your order online to avoid the long more
dalimar jimenez
dalimar J.
19:33 27 Jun 20
First experience at a dispensary and it was great, the team they have is very knowledgeable and friendly. One person in particular helped me figure out what would help me with my chronic back pain. A shout out to Paul. Thank you man! I'll be seeing you next more
Kerry D
Kerry D
22:47 25 Jun 20
Polite & courteous at the front door. Informative advice when ordering & Impeccable services from the employees throughout this entire Beyond Hello. Was honored by the flower clerk for being a Persian Gulf War Veteran. 1:15 Wait Awesome to elevation. Thanks Ya'll Stay safe out there!read more
shirley lerche
shirley L.
16:59 24 Jun 20
I was hesitant to go here because I thought it might be in a bad neighborhood. I didn't find that to be the case at all, It seems like a very safe and well run establishment. Paul and Andreas were very helpful and nice. The building is clean and modern with plenty of parking. The products are superior. I had a pleasant experience, I would go back and also recommend this place to my more
Jasmine Cochran
Jasmine C.
02:08 24 Jun 20
This was the first time going to a dispensary in Illinois. Honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting but they have exceeded them. The wait was at least a hr, because the Illinois medical come first. So anyone coming for recreational purposes or Missouri medical you will have to wait.Paul was extremely helpful and friendly. He also gave me suggestions for my next purchase.The facility itself was very clean and quiet. I will be back!read more
Dick Ryder
Dick R.
11:55 23 Jun 20
Love this place nice people fast online ordering for rec. Super clean staff nice never a bad time. And special thanks to Page for being super helpful more
23:42 18 Jun 20
Medical card holder for Illinois has its benefits. The staff are always nice & professional.
Laurie Fisher
Laurie F.
05:03 18 Jun 20
Great staff! They are super helpful and friendly and their product is awesome. Highly recommend. Ask about the 10% veteran discount!read more
20:12 13 Jun 20
Been here 4 times, with each time getting increasingly worse. Yesterday, I drove 60 mi round trip to Beyond Hello to wait 2 hours in the sun with no shade to pick up a product that I never received. Order placed at 10 am for a 1-2p pickup, but was growing concerned by noon as I still hadn't received my confirmation text. Figured they must be running behind and the text would arrive eventually, I set out and arrived at 12:45...only to find 50+ angry online order customers in the same situation, including those with pickup times as early as 11a.m. After 40 mins of waiting with no communication from the employees who briefly pop out only to tell us they are working as fast as they can and to please wait patiently, so we do. As we wait, with our line not even budging, we watch as the walk-in line is repeatedly shuttled through. As they exit, they tell us things like "everything inside is a total clusterf*ck due to a series of bad decisions", "just to warn you, I waited 3 hours for a pickup", and then the dreaded "they already sold out of a lot of things". Understandably, we all start growing concerned because we wonder how/why they are selling product to walk-ins if the still haven't filled our pick-up orders. Surely, they would prioritize pickups and not sell product already claimed...but if our orders are filled, why can't we come in to pick it up? At this point, it's been 2 hours since I've arrived and 45 mins past my pickup window. Meanwhile, we still have no idea exactly what the issue is nor have been given even a rough estimate on how long the wait may be. Many of us trying calling, myself included, but once again, no one to answer phones. Employees only briefly pop out to yell at the massive crown huddling together under the awning simply to get some shade and to maintain 6 feet of distance, which was simply impossible due to the number of people and the fact that employees make no effort to come relay info to anyone past the first 10-12 people in line who can actually hear then. I start seeing customers walk around to the front (I assume to seek out info) and then angrily storm off, so I run up to the first security guard I see in hopes of getting answers. I ask him if there is a chance that the products we ordered will be sold out by the time we get in and he says, "Yes and they are already low on many items." I tell him I have to leave, but ask if I can come back for my order later tonigh when the text message comes through and he tells me, "You can if you get it, but it may not come through." Angry and now rockin' a great sunburn, I decide to leave with the others as we all vow to never come here again.Customers understand that everything is going to be slower/less convenient due to the pandemic, but the issues I witnessed yesterday cannot be blamed on that. The problem here is mismanagement, poor communication, and greed. If you don't have sufficent resources (employees, product, space) to facilitate pickups and walk-ins, then don't offer both. People place online orders for convenience and speed, but each time I've been here, it's never taken less than 45 mins of waiting in the sun (or rain) just to get to the cashier. Most importantly, online orders should be prioritized over walk-ins and selling claimed product before filling orders is simply unacceptable. If this wasn't the case, why couldn't we pick up our orders if they had already been set aside? It's clear this company has decided to focus on simply fitting as many sales into the day as possible rather than customer satisfaction. Otherwise they would hire someone to actually answer their phones (have never gotten through), communicate to customers if product sells out, & find a way to shield them from the elements if they are waiting 2+ hours. Been to dozens of dispensaries and have never had issues like more
Chelsea Dyson
Chelsea D.
18:29 12 Jun 20
Honestly. If I could give negative I would. When the site crashed it was no problem for them to make the orders that have been waiting (that the system didn’t work supposedly when I placed my order) whatever. Systems crash I get it. But once they recognized the problem... they CONTINUED to make the messed up orders wait outside of the door and continued to allow walk in people go into the store. They offered a replacement but didn’t give us the option to choose after they sold walk in people our preOrdered items. This was our first time and I know our second time will be at a different place. They have no regard for covid19 safety. They have no regard for elderly patients that can not stand the 90 degree heat. They are extremely rude when handling upset customers. Reluctant to give discounts when they messed up. Refuse to allow the messed up orders go before walk in orders. Customer service started okay but it was clearly a front and they have ZERO customer service skills. Don’t waste your time here. I’m sitting in the line writing this going on my fourth hour. I’m too invested to walk away at this point. Please don’t be like more
Brandon Hamburg
Brandon H.
16:00 11 Jun 20
Super slow with lines all day. Process about one customer every 7 minutes. They need to evaluate their process and look for opportunities to improve more
Benjamin Hawkins
Benjamin H.
08:20 09 Jun 20
Well they managed to do it again. I have been here 5 times and have only been able to make a purchase 2 out of those 5 times. On my last visit when I was able to make a purchase I saw that they were now offering online orders, which seemed like it might help things, but it didn’t. I placed an order at 10:30am with a pick up window between 3-4pm. When 4pm rolled around it said my order was still being prepared on the website. I tried to call, but couldn’t get through after about 4 tries. So I decided to just head to the dispensary. When I got there I explained the situation, they took my name down, and had me wait in line. After 2 hours I finally got a motivation that said my order was ready just as I was at the front of the line. Then I got a notification saying my ordering had been declined. I asked the security guard at the door and he basically told me tough luck. Then I called the store about 12 times until I finally got through to someone. I told them what happened and they basically didn’t have an explanation, nor could the offer me any part of my order (out of the 5 items I planned to purchase), or a discount on my next purchase for wasting my time. Terrible management and customer service!!!read more
Lisa D
Lisa D
15:48 21 May 20
Today was my first time going to this place and I was beyond disappointed. I got there at 8:50 and was told the first hour was for 50 yrs old ad above and we can get in line at 10 am. Ok, no problem. I waited in my truck for an hour then with everyone else I got in line at 10 am. The security guard (the white guy) screamed at all of us and told us that he did not tell anyone to get into line. His determiner, strong lack of people skills and horrible customer service will deter me from ever going back to this place again. I strongly recommend this company retrains their employees to handle customer service more
Sarah Owen
Sarah O.
22:34 20 May 20
Kyrie L at the Colfax location in Aurora was awesome! It was my first experience in a dispensary and she was extremely friendly and informative. I would definitely go back!read more
Leslie Howell
Leslie H.
19:59 12 May 20
Very friendly, knowledgeable staff! Online ordering and express pickup is amazing. The selection of all types is usually pretty more
Jude Blackwell
Jude B.
00:40 17 Apr 20
Don’t waste your time. Overpriced products, minimal selection, and super long wait times; worst experience in a long time, we just waited almost two hours in a parking lot line only to be turned away because they close. They had an entire parking lot waiting for hours and didn’t even warn anyone that we would be turned away at closing time, regardless of how long we had been waiting there. Poor communication, clearly, and downright rude service. Will not be wasting any more time on this place; would seriously rather drive to Denver than visit this dispensary again even though it is only twenty minutes from my house. So disappointing. Don’t waste your more
Alex Gomez
Alex G.
19:40 14 Apr 20
Place was empty they had only 2 flowers to choose from and at $90 for the 3.5g..
Matthew Mayou
Matthew M.
18:20 26 Mar 20
What a great experience for a first time customer! Right from the start, the security folks were friendly and professional, and directed me in clear language on where to wait. I was there around 11am and only had to wait about 5 minutes to get in the store and about another 15 before I was actually shopping.Once it was my turn my budtender answered all my questions and offered great recommendations.At checkout I waited for a couple of minutes while they assembled my order. My cashier was funny and cool, while efficiently conducting our transaction. With a friendly farewell he directed me to the exit.Smooth, uncomplicated experience, even for a rookie like me. I'd give this 6 stars if I could. 🙂read more
Lisa Hahne
Lisa H.
18:50 11 Mar 20
All the employees were nice and helpful. China was Awesome!Thank you and I’ll be back there soonLisa Hahne
Marianne McKenna
Marianne M.
20:28 07 Mar 20
They are really nice people, and they are doing their best to give one on one service. Anyone who doesn't know what the Illinois tax rates are should definitely look them up so they aren't surprised at the checkout. Just like everywhere else in the state lines are long, and supplies are limited. Don't hate the players hate the more
Chris Judd
Chris J.
16:13 07 Mar 20
I liked my visit to this dispensary. The parking was convenient and I liked the way the store was set up. Like all the other dispensaries they don't have much for rec at this time. The staff were super friendly and the service was excellent. The only complaint I had was the lack of a live menu online. Until there is one available pass out a menu to the line more
Dick Ryder
Dick R.
22:34 06 Mar 20
So very happy to finally get chance shop here. Was great experience staff was way nice and helpful. Ofcourse a little line but less than the other local place. Well worth the wait more
Josh Eye
Josh E.
21:11 25 Feb 20
Still nothing as of Feb 25.Was hoping that something changed since all the reviews were older. Nothing posted to the website to say there is no recreational marijuana. Only a sign in the window. Don't waste the 30 mins driving to HCI either. Long wait times, and you have to park a mile more
Kellyjo Eason
Kellyjo E.
21:11 04 Feb 20
I have never been a pot smoker & this was very hard for me to wrap my head around, that I was going to have to have a medical Marijuana card, but when I went in, everyone was so friendly and helpful, I know nothing about this kind of stuff China & Tabatha were both so understanding & reassuring, that I no long felt that what I was doing was wrong! I'm so glad I let my fears go & went in! Thank you all for making me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel for my painread more
Jason Wilson
Jason W.
22:51 04 Jan 20
I feel this place is constantly going down hill and it's clear they don't care about medical patients needs. Like most of this industry they only care about profits. I'm an amputee and only certain strains help control my phantom pains and nerve pain. A lot of strains actually make phantom pains worse, so it's important to me so I don't have to take anti seizure medication, such as Neurotin. I would really like to see a change in this business and industry that makes a move towards helping patients more, and understanding what they are actually more
Jeremy Genin
Jeremy G.
21:41 02 Jan 20
tamora smith
tamora S.
22:24 27 Nov 19
Professional, fast and informative is how I would discribe the staff at the Green Solution.They are usually well stocked. Prices.... well there's nothing to be said about that other than more
Thomas Sullivan
Thomas S.
22:58 12 Nov 19
The Green Solution is a fantastic place to get your medicine. The selection and quality of the product is fantastic. And the customer service is top notch. From the ladies at the front desk to the gentlemen in the back, Green Solutions is a sure more
Julie Flowers
Julie F.
14:37 17 Oct 19
The staff is very knowledgeable in the science behind the medication. They were able make recommendations based upon my medical needs while educating me in the process. Wide selection to choose from and hardly ever a wait. Would highly recommend to more
J Ellis
J E.
00:19 29 Sep 19
The staff and folks at The Green Solution are wonderful. They will work with you in finding products for your medical needs, and most of all...The Green Solution truly CARES about the customer. They remember you and take good care of you. I am not a smoker so they have a GREAT selections of edibles, patches etc. They will find something to work to help you more
Robert Watts
Robert W.
14:41 30 Jul 19
I am going on my second year at The Green Solution. All the staff go out of their way to make sure customers are satisfied. If they are out of a particular item, they always have something of comparable quality and price. Good selection of concentrates, flower and edibles galore. Kudos to THE GREEN more
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