Beyond / Hello Adult Recreational Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Beyond / Hello Marijuana Dispensary in Sauget (Route 3), IL

1401 Mississippi Ave - Suite 17
Sauget, IL 62201

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Wed: 8am – 8pm
Thurs – Sat: 8am – 9:30pm
Sun:8am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Beyond / Hello is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1401 Mississippi Ave in Sauget, IL 62201.

Beyond / Hello dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age. This dispensary is Adult Use only.

For Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor, the closest Beyond / Hello serving medical patients is in Normal.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Beyond / Hello Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Torie Lynne Lumsden Null
Torie Lynne Lumsden N.
17:32 15 Dec 21
Best place for variety, potency and all around medicinal needs. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, quick service for most part, even busy times are not that bad.Always ask bud tenders insight, and when I follow their recommendations, am rarely disappointed.Easy to find, located right next to Oz! Follow the yellow brick road and detour to the right and you'll see it!Pic is of Durban Zkittlez flower, smells good, taste is wonderful and the high is nice 😀read more
Donna Washington
Donna W.
16:10 26 Nov 21
Very efficient operations, knowledgeable staff, and quality products. They lowered their prices recently.Product review: I've tried all the Good News disposable vapes, but my favorite is Good News Brunch. It's very mellow, no red eyes, not obviously high to everyone, and last me around 3-4 weeks, depending on how much I use it. Cost $44 after tax.Recently I dropped one, it stopped working, bought another one and the same thing happened. Went back and tried the first I dropped and it was working again 😁 (hope this helps save someone $)read more
Kayleigh Oplt
Kayleigh O.
14:34 07 Nov 21
Really loved this location. Absolutely missed the convenience of adult use locations after having left Colorado and it was wonderful having such a good experience. The layout is clean and well thought out. The service was fantastic and efficient start to finish. Big Mac was easy to work with and super friendly. It’s nice getting great customer service somewhere that doesn’t “need” to give it because of demand. Prices were decent, a little higher then back in CO, but there’s a lot of opportunity for discounts and the product is quality. Hands down the Laugh gummies have some of the best flavor/consistency I’ve had from a company. Everything was wonderfully effective and I’m very pleased with my more
The Boxman
The B.
19:07 21 Oct 21
This place really has it down to a science, the process to order online and pick up is so easy and the new location right over the bridge is awesome. I am really glad they opened up here and the offerings here far exceed anything I have found on the Missouri side. Keep up the great work!read more
Carmen Straus
Carmen S.
23:41 17 Oct 21
Amazing as always! I am a frequent here, but today was a little extra nice! The young man at the door asked me how my day was, what I was looking for, and also offered some suggestions, it was great! No ones ever done that before! It was very nice! Don’t get me wrong, you almost always hear have a nice day on your way out the door, but this time it was actual conversation. I went in, right away had my order taken, she was wonderful about showing me a thorough selection of what I was looking for. All in all, it’s wonderful, prices included. I paid $13 for a gram today. Including tax might I add. I used 200 rewards points, make sure you join, they add up quick, it gave me some money off by using it, and who beats that, with this quality product? 100% A+read more
Mya Sudmeier
Mya S.
16:36 17 Oct 21
I always go to the Route 3 location. I usually do the preorder and pick up as it’s just easy but even when I do shop in store, I never have to wait long to place more order or receive it. Phillip is the manger at this location and I see him every time I come in. He always strikes up a conversation and asks about my day. I’m sure it comes with the job but he genuinely seems to care and always takes the time to make sure your getting what you came more
Ryan Schumaker
Ryan S.
23:57 16 Oct 21
Me and my wife go here and it's the most awesome place! Everyone is so nice and helpful! Everytime we tell someone what we are looking for they know exactly what we need! Highly recommended this place! Must go!!! 5 stars in my book..Zach is awesome! And knows his stuff! 🙂read more
No Remorse!
No R.
04:38 28 Sep 21
Staff are amazing here very nice respectful attitudes and very welcoming. The inside is really nice, it was really busy when I had gone there. I will definitely be going to this location from now on. Would recommend to anyone with how they treat you more
Tai Rattler
Tai R.
19:08 22 Sep 21
Absolutely love the professional and friendly staff!!! The staff is so knowledgeable. Great location for me, and plenty of parking. Shopping for me has been quick and easy. And, I feel safe to shop no matter what time. I think their prices are reasonable; the tax is what hurts. . . LOL!!!read more
Seth Champagne
Seth C.
01:59 21 Aug 21
Great little shop with a lot of options at various price points. Trevor did not shy away at all when asking for recommendations and really hooked it up with some promotional trinkets. I asked a lot of questions, he was super friendly, knowledgeable and best of all honest, which I really appreciated. I had the pleasure of checking out with Randy who only bettered my already great experience, she even through in a couple goodies. Employees here are doing amazing and really go above and BEYONDread more
Dean Christiansen
Dean C.
18:19 13 Aug 21
Mixed reviewFirst the good. This place has by far the best selection of product within 100 miles. For example most days they have 90 flower varieties compared to an average Missouri dispensary may have 6.For the bad the wait in line will kill your soul. Specifically the on line order process is bad. When you come to pick up your order the line can be an hour long. What the point to order on line?This compares negatively to most other dispensaries where there are no more
Lauren Schmitt
Lauren S.
22:54 26 Jul 21
The interior was very nice and clean, but save your time / money and do NOT go here. The staff outright lied to us about the product to upsell us even though we were prepared to spend way more than we did. Then, they acknowledged that the salesman told us the wrong information and wouldn’t work with us to fix the issue. We got stuck with $110 of useless product. Hit up your high school dealer before you go hereread more
Dana Zarick
Dana Z.
08:05 16 Jul 21
Tried going today, for the first time, will not go back. Am traveling from out of state, am fully vaccinated, but turned away for not having a mask.I would have understood if there was anything on the website saying a mask was necessary. OR if the door girl was polite, which she definitely was more
Ginger Austin
Ginger A.
21:41 11 Jul 21
I was a legal marijuana buyer for my 1st time,and honestly...prices are too high..($ 267 dollars for 10.5 grams)... illegal weed is less than 1/2 the price, and equally effective. Don't think I'll buy again unless it becomes dry in the streets, and then it will only be a few grams to last till the gates open...Staff was nice and more
Daniel Troy
Daniel T.
02:28 07 Jul 21
Clean but not a large selection. No small amounts nor large amounts. Just quarters, eighths. and if lucky some "off the floor" joints. Prices are more than what you would pay on the streets. $20 a gramread more
Crystal Hall
Crystal H.
03:47 04 Jul 21
Nice dispensary. Courteous staff. Products a bit pricey but for the convenience of the location, it makes sense. Good quality more
Shannon Abdul-Latif
Shannon A.
18:42 02 Jul 21
Excellent❣️ The whole experience was cool. I ordered online and it was easy. You just have to know your "state allowed limits" because the site will let you order whatever. I wound up having to place my order again in the store, but that was easy too. It's a cool store, very easy to find with lots of help. They're staffed up. It was packed sort of, but we didn't wait at all. It's all kinds of people in the store and we're all there for the same thing. Very 😎read more
20:41 22 Jun 21
Always helpful and friendly staff. Only had to wait for entry once and still then was quickly served when shopping in store. Online purchase option is quick and convenient as well. This is my favorite location of the 2 in the area. In my opinion it’s a better vibe and more laid back and cozy of a location. Although, have had wonderful experiences at both locations in more
Timothy Merritt
Timothy M.
12:04 16 Jun 21
I’ve been here probably about 10 times now and I don’t think I’ve had an unpleasant experience even once. They’re always so friendly and attentive. Ordering online is a great option and it only takes them about an hour to have your online order ready for pickup. I also jointed their rewards program and get discounts on certain products, as well as accumulating points that allow me to save money on orders. I love this more
Leslie Tye
Leslie T.
17:15 11 Jun 21
Good products, but service is lacking. Don’t bother ordering online it doesn’t save any time. People walked in and out in 5 mins for the shopping section and we waited over a half hour for an order we placed online thinking it would be faster. And they didn’t honor a coupon code I got this week for filling out one of their surveys. It expires today and he said we should have used it by yesterday. We will probably go somewhere more
K-Riddle GeeOff
K-Riddle G.
23:09 25 May 21
By far the fastest and most efficient dispensary we've tried in Illinois. The prices were a little higher but the product was also a little stronger. Would definitely recommend to anyone in need who can't go to a cheaper rec more
Kenneth Lain
Kenneth L.
01:02 28 Apr 21
I've been to the other location a handful of times and had no complaints. I thought the prices are high but that's the cost of legitimately dealing with big brother. Big taxes. So I went here today and the experience is significantly better. Nicer, friendly, more helpful. And they hooked me up with some discounts for being a veteran, paramedic and from being out of state. Go here!read more
Amanda B
Amanda B
10:37 19 Apr 21
If you set up online ordering the day prior for first thing the next morning pick up, plan for a wait. They service in store customers simultaneously while pulling online orders early AM. Otherwise great, helpful, staff. Amazing environment. Stellar products, and at a price expected of a newly regulated industry (steep). We need federal regulation, so we can d/c financial punishment for benefiting from nature's bounty. 🎯💚🎯read more
billy standage
billy S.
06:28 06 Apr 21
I love this place 1 hour and 45 minutes from my house. Very clean,the staff are great and very willing to help you find the product that fits your needs. Safe parking don't have to be worried about your car or yourself while you're more
Carmen Straus
Carmen S.
21:50 02 Apr 21
I usually have no problems here. My husband and I are frequent customers, and enjoy the variety of products. However, today was probably the worst service I've ever received. It was so bad, my husband and I more then likely will be taking our bussiness else where. And on a side note, customers being checked out should come before 4 employees still in uniform and having badges on, being pushed in front of waiting customers. And that's only the beginning. Usually all of my change, regardless of the amount, goes into the tip jar. Today, not a more
DUKE Robertson
20:38 31 Mar 21
Nice clean friendly place. You can go in and shop but I find it easier to order online. Doing it that way if there is a line to shop you do not have to wait which comes in handy. Super friendly workersread more
Kyle Roth
Kyle R.
13:50 31 Mar 21
All the employees are so nice and helpful. Very well rounded team. Also, the selection is great and the prices are getting better and better as this industry gets more more
Bradley Gunter
Bradley G.
23:23 30 Mar 21
Pretty slow. But friendly folks. I was really tired when I got there. But the door girl tried to cheer me up, that was cool. Really cool. Put someplace to sit, I mean since everyone is in a copisitic state of mind. Let's really relax while we are WAITING.....(good products )read more
Aubrey DuBose
Aubrey D.
23:21 30 Mar 21
My experience is always great staff is cool all the way down to security. Got some very great quality stuff. One of my favs here is bio jesus that stuff will put you to bed whoa! The taxes are high, but blame the state not the place, they good with more
Lord Rev. Shaun Boswell
Lord Rev. Shaun B.
23:59 19 Mar 21
Not normally a long wait. If you order online and pickup you won't be waiting long at all. Online ordering is awesome, reflects whats in stock. Sadly I can't steadily get the exact same item every week as availability varies. Great staff. Clean shop. Join the club and save as well!! My Fri more
14:29 14 Mar 21
They offer a rewards program but even then I can’t justify their prices. The other dispensary in the area has way better prices and they also have a rewards program. Better off going to the other dispensary for the same more
Ryan Louthan
Ryan L.
18:29 25 Feb 21
Excellent experience. Staff very knowledgeable about the products. I think some of them might occasionally try them out 🤣. I'll definitely be more
David Krane
David K.
14:59 16 Feb 21
I travel for work constantly. With the 18 to 23% THC levels in the strains the $75 price tag (before tax) on 3.5 grams is the most expensive I have ever seen in this great country. I would call it criminal even. Just because there is little to no competition doesn't mean you should rob people. I recommend driving to another state where they're only charging $10 or $12 per gram. Even with the fuel cost you may still save more
19:26 02 Feb 21
Much faster for the Missourian. Right across the bridge, best to turn in at the gas station there. Like you were going to pops. Google maps trys to have you turn right down some rock road right after the first stoplight. Don't turn there.👍 This place is pretty damn fast compared to visits at the location near the ballpark. I haven't had to wait in a line once at the rt3 location. Thanks 👊read more
Jeffrey Firebaugh
Jeffrey F.
21:43 16 Jan 21
Buds great, customer service is outstanding. 2 stars ONLY because a year after legalization, prices should be going down and not up. Coupled with taxes, it’s beyond expensive. The same products at the Goose Lake locale can be up to $15 cheaper as well. Get some consistency. It’s a shame because I really like these guys, but with the new rule change where out of state medical customers can no longer use their medical cardholder discount along with our hard earned/big spent rewards points; has made it to where I cannot justify the expense unless I’m at a last more
Louis Prazma
Louis P.
19:27 10 Jan 21
This Dispensary is by far the superior of the two. From the customer service, to the knowledge of Cannabis. Some of the other workers from the other branch need to bring a notebook and pen. Watch and learnread more
00:24 05 Jan 21
The new location is super nice and so is the staff. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I definitely would recommend this company and their more
Matthew Durney
Matthew D.
20:30 02 Jan 21
New store openings were pretty Smoothly. Prices are 10% to 15% overpriced on all there products.. And the concentrates are $35 bucks more than other dispensaries in our area..get it together Beyond / Hello owners and management.. The staff are rather fast and friendly never had issues except being over charged by not getting my Medical discount being from more
Ree W.
Ree W.
09:21 23 Dec 20
I placed an online pickup order on opening day at this location. I’m a frequent shopper at their other location, but this one is more conveniently located. Unfortunately, that was about the only convenient thing during this trip, which will be my last. Staff was disorganized and uneducated on products and promotions, items were miscategorized, and the rewards system wasn’t integrated with any other location at this time, meaning if you’ve been going to the other Sauget location, you might as well keep going there if you’ve got points. Staff, including management, were more interested in socializing than helping customers. Pretty much a more
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