Bluff Heights residents trying to block ‘overtly sexual’ mural from being painted on cannabis dispensary – Long Beach Post

Two murals, a lavender-dominant floral display, and a green-dominant piece showing a woman with a flower and butterfly have been proposed to be painted on The Lift dispensary located at the corner of Fourth Street and Temple Avenue.

Michael Forrest, a representative for The Lift said the colors were chosen to represent gender equality. Purple and green have historically been used in women suffrage movements and Forrest said the company wants to stand for something and be a welcoming part of the environment for everyone.

The mural would also stand to liven up the otherwise bland, tan building and Forrest said that customers have said that “the beauty on the inside of the store is not represented on the outside of the store.”

While some have supported the idea, other residents have been critical of the project for its sexual depiction of the “Flower Girl” and for how its colors would take away from the historic nature of the residences behind it.

An appeal to block the mural’s installation will be before the Planning Commission Thursday when the commission is expected to deny the appeal given that the dispensary’s owner works with a neighboring home to settle on the color

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