California Cannabis Dispensaries May Start Verifying Licenses With QR Codes

California regulators announced the launch of a new program on Thursday that will allow consumers to verify that they are visiting a licensed dispensary by scanning a QR code with their cell phones. Officials with the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) say the program will support licensed businesses and are urging consumers to look for the QR codes while they are shopping to ensure that the products they are buying comply with state regulatory standards.

“We believe licensed retailers will benefit from a recognizable emblem distinguishing them as a licensed business in the community,” said BCC Chief Lori Ajax in a press release. “We also want to provide consumers with the best information possible so they can determine which licensed California cannabis retailers carry products that are tracked, tested, and legal.”

The BCC said that the new QR code verification system should help the efforts to combat California’s unregulated cannabis market. Without the taxes, fees, and other costs that must be paid by licensed businesses, illicit market operators are able to offer lower prices and continue to thrive.

“The importance of a QR code identification system for licensees is underscored by the fact that many consumers have difficulty telling

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