Cannabist Marijuana Dispensary in Villa Park, IL

133 Roosevelt Road
Villa Park, IL 60181

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri 9am – 9pm
Sat 11am – 9pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Cannabist is a marijuana dispensary location open at 133 Roosevelt Road, Villa Park, IL 60181.

Cannabist dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Cannabist Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Glass Moth
Glass M.
15:10 09 Jan 22
Love it here. Not fond of the hours changing constantly due to, what I'm assuming is, someone having covid again.
Stephen Augle Sr.
Stephen Augle S.
19:31 28 Dec 21
My wife is 100% disabled veteran this place has made her life so much better. This is nature's medicine.
Romo Video
Romo V.
03:23 28 Dec 21
First time visit to this dispensary. Walking in into two armed guards on both sides of the entry way. With just enough room to fit in between them.The rest was spacious. Well designed interior.Prices were not the cheapest but competitive.Don’t think I will return but if I see the right sale I more
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer M.
20:52 18 Dec 21
Very helpful and friendly staff. They have great products at GREAT prices!
Nicole Giannini
Nicole G.
14:57 18 Oct 21
Always a pleasure to come in! Everybody is very friendly and can educate you on the products.
King Season
King S.
15:24 28 Sep 21
The container was not sealed properly, looks visibly less than 14g. It's looks like half is missing.I purchase from this company often, spend a lot of money and finally was told about the sign up system today, but I'm disappointed to open the container and see half of my purchase missing. The previous item containers are always sealed. I normally get 7g only, to purchase a 14g online to be missing half is very frustrating. I hope someone can respond to my email expeditiously as possible. This happened yesterday and I emailed the email on receipt. No one responded back to me more
Oscar Arguello
Oscar A.
15:06 26 Sep 21
That was a nice place in Chicago I wish they had one in San Antonio or I think I should move to Chicago not Colorado because it's a nice city and the people were nice 🙂read more
harli k
harli k
21:35 13 Sep 21
I love coming to this shop , honesty great products and also the customer service is excellent, Kellan and Lawrence helped me out and I really admire their knowledge and more
*.* raw_input
*.* R.
15:56 04 Sep 21
Been to a few of these places now and the pricing here is far cheaper then competition. Superior products and really friendly and knowledgeable staff keep me coming back to this one. My go-to for cannabist products. Also carries Ozone and a large selection of edibles as more
Matt Sulzmann
Matt S.
19:12 12 Aug 21
First time in, Staff was really helpful and friendly. Second time in, no one would assist me, officer was extremely rude. Please fix their attitude problem this or I won't returnread more
Shelley Pier
Shelley P.
20:37 10 Jul 21
Professional, secure, knowledgeable, friendly. Great experience! Will definitely be back! Extra kudos for the ice cream 😋read more
17:04 12 Jun 21
It was a nice visit. Friendly staff and security.price wise I dont really know how they compare to others. But I was happy with my more
18:45 04 Jun 21
This dispensary is the BEST one in the suburbs. The shop is up to date with technology, organized, spacious, easy to find parking and overall a great experience. You can tell this place cares about their customers and isn't just about the $$ which is outstanding. Thank you to the professional staff over at Cannabist!read more
Casey “Big Lee” Lilek
Casey “Big Lee” L.
17:35 01 Jun 21
1st time at this Dispensary and it was Amazing. A much easier drive to Villa Park then any & all routes to Naperville. The Cannabist is a big place w some amazing products. Definitely recommend and will be returning myself sooner then more
Theresa Yvonne
Theresa Y.
02:37 24 May 21
first time experience here and it was beautiful. only 5 minutes away including with traffic. and inside is absolutely gorgeous. I think i might come here more often lolread more
Alex Reynolds
Alex R.
21:43 13 May 21
Peter has got to be the most unprofessionally rude manager i have ever encountered in any dispensary I’ve walked into. Apart from smelling like cannabis and booze (even through my mask) he was of no help and could not help me distinguish between concentrate consistency. When he failed to help he brought on the help of another young woman there by snapping at her like she was a dog. I have sent an email to their corporate but am urging people to stay more
Jarrett Harris
Jarrett H.
16:01 05 May 21
Kirsten and the staff here are great. They treat me as part of the community and not just a customer. They have wheel Wednesday where you can spin a wheel for extra discounts like $5 off, 10% or 20% a single item. They also give 15% discounts separately for veterans and people on disability. I’m really glad I’ve gotten to know the staff over my visits and I recommend people check them out, quick in and more
Patrick McNamee
Patrick M.
22:57 04 May 21
Always stocked with what I need. Offer discounts for veterans, industry workers, medicaid and senior citizens. Spin the wheel Wednesdays offer you a chance at a discount if you do not qualify for any of those,read more
Veronica Krakowiak
Veronica K.
11:29 20 Apr 21
Actual product produced by "Columbia Care" is wonderful! The hours are helpful, but taxes are not included in online prices. They do not offer a 15% medical discount, whereas other recreational locations do, but I hear they will soon. I recommend trying the actual "Columbia Care" products- really fantastic!read more
01:56 20 Apr 21
I went to this location today and asked about the free lighter, chillum, or Rolling papers and the girl working gave me attitude right away. I tried to show her it said it was for this location but she wouldn’t even look at my phone. I drove 45 minutes to get here and sadly i didn’t even end up getting it. I feel like no one there knows what they are doing because i even talked to the manager and he said they are not doing that here and that its exclusively at the Chicago location. Yet it says everywhere it’s valid at Chicago AND Villa Park. If you take a look at the picture it says right there! I use to LOVE this dispensary but sadly I don’t think I will be going there anymore. The people at the Chicago location are much nicer more
Veronica Krakowiak
Veronica K.
12:37 06 Apr 21
Actual product produced by "Columbia Care" is wonderful! The hours are helpful, but product is a bit overpriced compared to other dispensaries in walking distance. "Surprise" tax total (it is stated taxes are not added on site so depends on what you buy). They do not offer a 15% medical discount, whereas other recreational locations do, but I hear they will soon. I recommend trying the actual "Columbia Care" products- really fantastic!read more
Albert Baker
Albert B.
20:10 31 Mar 21
I love this place. In and out quick, the door guys are always cordial, the sales clerks are awesome as well and if you're a veteran you get 15% which is a good bonus. They also have what I want every time I go which I cannot say for most places around more
Robert James
Robert J.
16:38 24 Mar 21
My main reason for loving this location was because they had taxes included on their menus. That is a huge deal breaker for me. Why would you start off showing taxes included and now change your website to a guessing game of how much you will be spending? Doesn't make any sense at all. Reason they still get a good rating is simply due to the fact that they have awesome hours. 9am-9pm every day of the week and their prices are pretty competitive. I hope you add taxes back into your menus soon so rec shoppers can shop with a peace of mind and not guess how much they will be spending. I am one of those people that refuses to use an ATM at a dispensary. Waste of money on atm and bank more
Kay Leigh
Kay L.
20:08 14 Mar 21
I absolutely love coming to this dispensary. Every employee I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with has been kind, informed, and efficient. Also the prices and products are consistent- and I can’t forget the 15% Medicaid discount (for Recreation / Adult Use!) Just bring in your Medicaid card and boom!read more
Brandon Andrews
Brandon A.
18:19 14 Mar 21
They should offer med patients discounts like all the other recreational stores do. medical menus have been slim lately. Patients should be able to come in and get a product that the medical dispensary doesn't have yet you guys do. Called up the lady on the phone was rude and said we dont offer medical patients discounts then hung up the more
Greg Jennings
Greg J.
03:17 20 Jan 21
Very nice and clean dispensary. All bud tenders know there stuff no question, but I find that Evan and Mike have spot on recommendations for all your needs. It's nice knowing I'm getting good product every time I'm more
eric arndt
eric A.
18:33 16 Jan 21
Came here with a friend and had/saw two totally different experiences:My cashier argued I couldn't have a industry discount without showing a badge. My friends cashier was giving the discount with showing no badge and he is not in the industry. My receipt had no cashier name on it while my friends did have a name on it. My friends bag was full of coupons and educational flyers, mine had nothing but the over priced crunchy flower I paid more
Joe Cooper
Joe C.
22:55 10 Jan 21
Always friendly service. Great prices and if you have an issue figuring out what you what they always have great recommendations for you. I recommend this place to more
21:20 22 Dec 20
Let me save you the scrolling, the one star review they got was from someone who doesn't know how taxes work.This hands down the best place to buy from. The staff is friendly and helpful and it is beautiful and relaxing inside, you aren't herded through multiple rooms and floors like some other places. I wouldn't shop anywhere more
Debi Wunderlich
Debi W.
17:33 01 Dec 20
First time in a dispensary. I was given full attention and premium customer service. The woman who greeted me ( sorry forgot your name sweetheart) was extremely educated and was very helpful in helping me choose my strain. I then went to be Greeted by Oscar and he was also extremely educated. All very friendly and kind. I am in customer service and it was nice to receive the kind of customer service I give as well. Thank you for a great experience and I will see you soon!read more
Thomas Alvaro
Thomas A.
18:21 24 Nov 20
I stopped in yesterday for their thanksgiving specials. I was interested in their mix and match joint options that they had going on. My budtender Chris was very friendly and informative with the products. I asked him which ones he liked and he recommended some of his personal favorites for me to try out. He said His favorite was the alien rock candy and then ice cream cake, after smoking both I think my favorite was the alien as well! Thanks for the great suggestions! They also have a huge parking lot and security outside/inside. Well done Columbia care!read more
18:06 20 Nov 20
Best dispensary within 50 Miles. No added Tax. Always clean. Great selection. They have deals often as well! If you need a recreational dispensary this is the one you should go to. Even if it's a little out of the way you will save money not paying the crazy 30% tax other places more
Joanna Jacobs
Joanna J.
19:21 13 Nov 20
Let me start off by saying that if you’re looking for a recreational dispensary, you found the one! Mo is the absolute best, so knowledgeable and helpful! As a medical patient, I still make an effort to come to Columbia Care, taxes and all. Their staff is top notch just like their flower! Opt for Love Triangle or the Velvet Glove, so much yum! Also, I highly recommend asking for Mo if she is in, she is the bees-knees! 11/10, good job guys!!read more
Robert James
Robert J.
23:24 11 Nov 20
This is the first dispensary I can give a 5 star rating to. Everything from ordering online, to parking, to the customer service was excellent. Beautiful facilty inside and I love that they accept cash or debit cards. Prices are great, especially compared to a few other dispensaries I've been to. I will definitely be coming back to this location in the more
Linda Heaton
Linda H.
15:25 06 Oct 20
Great experience here! Clean, nice displays. The staff definitely knows their stuff and helped me pick out a couple products I hadn't tried before. Prices are lower than the other dispensaries I've been to. The whole process was smooth and easy. Will definitely be back and will be telling my friends!read more
Connor Schmidt
Connor S.
00:59 06 Oct 20
Great dispensary! Love that there’s a parking lot with security in front. In and out fast with Great products. Taxes are included on the menu FYI!read more
Joseph Altott
Joseph A.
19:06 03 Oct 20
Very nice place. Very proper, everyone knew their stuff. Warm welcome greeting, no wait, have everything imaginable, flower, edibles, whatever your forte. Grand Opening!!! Got a free pair of 😎 shades, papers and a cool tote bag. Reasonably priced also!!! Check em out!read more
Love Yenom
Love Y.
18:27 03 Oct 20
Beautiful Dispensary. A place where I do not mind spending my money, for the quality I’m receiving. The staff makes the experience even better, because they are friendly and more
Samuel Bergren
Samuel B.
16:21 03 Oct 20
I had a fantastic experience here! The staff were SO helpful and knowledgeable. I also appreciate them including tax in the prices. It just makes things easier. The space is beautiful and welcoming. I'm definitely making this my go to store!read more
15:24 03 Oct 20
Great place to go to. It's always clean inside. The staff answered all my questions, and it's a good location. It's been a good experience every time I've gone so far and they have more of a selection compared to a few other places I've been more
Brian Fortner
Brian F.
18:25 26 Sep 20
Had a great experience at this new dispensary. The inside is really slick and the staff was super fun and knowledgeable. Glad to see when a company does it right!read more
15:52 22 Sep 20
This dispensary is the BEST one in the suburbs. The shop is up to date with technology, organized, spacious, easy to find parking and overall a great experience. You can tell this place cares about their customers and isn't just about the $$ which is outstanding. Thank you to the professional staff over at Columbia Care. {Side-note: They're right next door to a smoke shop and taco restaurant, how convenient is that} 🙂read more
Kirsten Velasco
Kirsten V.
15:14 22 Sep 20
So glad I found it when I washed my car. Very pretty inside.
Desiree Fox
Desiree F.
01:18 22 Sep 20
Friendly and knowledgeable staff! Beautiful, clean facility. I am so happy to have a dispensary in Villa Park. I can’t wait to visit again and again!read more
Ashley Burton
Ashley B.
21:33 21 Sep 20
Visited this location today and I have to say it was one of the best dispensary experiences I’ve had in Illinois! They were fully stocked with everything I came in for and the staff even helped me find some new goodies to try out! I can’t wait to come back! So glad they are in the neighborhood!read more
Chelsea B
Chelsea B
21:20 21 Sep 20
This dispensary is awesome. Great selection of products, and a friendly, helpful staff! The store is new and very nicely decorated. The employees helped me pick out some products that I would like, which I really appreciated. I will definitely be back!read more
16:07 21 Sep 20
Very helpful and knowledgeable, will definitely return again.👍
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