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Chef Chris Sayegh wants to show people that edible cannabis can be used for much more than making pot brownies.

The California-based, Michelin restaurant-trained chef says Canadians are on the verge of a foodie revolution fuelled by legal cannabis, which can be used to infuse everything from sweets to steaks.

Sayegh wants to help guide that revolution in a responsible direction, by sharing some of the lessons he’s learned after four years of making gourmet cannabis-infused dishes as a chef in Los Angeles. He was in Toronto for legalization this week to showcase some of his fine-dining cuisine and to give Canadians a taste of what’s possible with edible cannabis.

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Toronto police have shut down five pot shops in a co-ordinated raid Friday afternoon.

Police spokesman Gary Long says the drug squad charged and released eight people under the new provincial cannabis legislation.

It is only legal to buy marijuana in Ontario from the province’s online website and police Chief Mark Saunders vowed to shut down illegal dispensaries after marijuana became legal on Wednesday.

Ontario will be issuing licenses to operate dispensaries, but that system won’t be in place until April 1, 2019.

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Adam Brett says he plans to try Ontario’s online cannabis store, but not until the kinks are worked out.

The 23-year-old said his roommate had ordered from the online Ontario Cannabis Store in the wee hours of weed legalization on Wednesday, but as of Saturday was still waiting for his order to arrive.

“Overall, I think (legalization) is a good idea, but maybe they didn’t think the whole thing through,” said Brett, who was in a long lineup at an illegal dispensary on Rideau Street.

Four days into legalization, customers complained about slow delivery and glitches at the Ontario Cannabis Store. In its first 24 hours, the store website received more than 1.3 million unique visits and handled 100,000 orders. Officials called the response “remarkable” and a notice on the website warned that, because of high demand, delivery would take as long as five days.

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Conservative pundits at right-wing media outlet Fox News are at it again. The network is known for taking hardline conservative positions on everything, often lying and spreading misinformation along the way.

Now, the network is back on the “reefer madness” bandwagon. This time, Fox News spokespeople and other right-wing talking heads are making the spurious claim that legal marijuana is responsible for a host of social problems, including homelessness, poverty, and teen drug use.

“Fox & Friends” Spreading Reefer Madness Misinformation

On a recent episode of “Fox & Friends,” the network’s right-wing propagandists had plenty of anti-cannabis rhetoric to spread. In the wake of Canada making cannabis legal earlier this week, the talk show turned its focus to the U.S. In particular, they talked about whether or not the U.S. is on course for legalization.

At one point in the conversation, co-host Steve Doocy asked his guest commentators about legalization. He said: “Is it a good idea… to legalize pot nationwide here in the United States? Canada just did it.”

The first person to respond to the question was a guy named Joe Peters. At Fox, the fact that he’s a former cop qualifies him to be an authoritative voice

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Sales of cannabis in Quebec are significantly stronger than expected.

The SAQ, which manages Quebec’s cannabis retailer the SQDC said there have been 42,500 sales so far overall: 30,000 online and 12,500 in stores. The SAQ would not reveal a dollar figure for its earnings so far.

Customers at the Ste-Catherine St. location in downtown Montreal are braving two-hour lineups – though some say it’s a far cry from Wednesday’s lineup, which spanned several blocks as Canadians hoped to be some of the first to buy marijuana legally.

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On the first day cannabis was legal a young entrepreneur capitalized on cookie sales.

She’s being called one smart cookie.

As people lined up to buy cannabis at one of six Edmonton cannabis stores that opened Wednesday, a small entrepreneur stood ready to capitalize on what could be expected to be customers’ future need for a sweet snack.

Nine-year-old Elina Childs had a wagon full of Girl Guide cookies for sale.

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It’s been a long time coming. Many have been waiting for the day weed would become officially legal in Canada. And today Canadians from British Columbia to Newfoundland can enjoy and celebrate the new cannabis-friendly climate. Many are joining in the spirit and finding unique ways to observe the new law. Cannabis businesses and users alike have spent the last 48 hours taking hold of this momentous occasion. For example, a Canadian delivery service hosted a Willy Wonka-style lottery where a lucky customer wins free munchies.

But none commemorates the passing of Bill C-45 quite like Leaf Forward, Canada’s first and leading cannabis business accelerator. This important bill deserves attention by pot smokers in every province. And Leaf Forward has made it simple to not only honor Bill C-45, but to celebrate it in the highest of style. They have printed every single word of the historic law on rolling papers.

Time’s Up, Roll Up

The wait for Canada’s Cannabis Act to go into effect was a long one. Learning the ins and outs, and most importantly where to pick up the product, required Canadians to stay abreast of local and national news. Few Canadians who stand to reap the rewards

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It’s hard to count how many rallies marijuana activist Dana Larsen has been to in his life.

But no matter the number, Wednesday’s rally was the first he has been to in Canada where pot was legal. Larsen spoke to a crowd of more than 100 people to mark the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada. He also handed out free joints and live marijuana plants.

The reason why Larsen wanted to hand out the plants is because he is concerned about the legislation passed by the B.C. government.

“You are allowed to grow your four plants under federal law but if anybody can see any part of that plant from a public space that is a crime in B.C.,” said Dana Larsen. “You can get a $5,000 fine and three months behind bars for someone seeing your plants which double on the second offence. That is bizarre.”

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A crime report is making the rounds, centering on a 22-year-old Phoenix woman, Reed Ibrahim, who was arrested on charges of drug possession with the intent to distribute. But there was some initial confusion over what drugs Ibrahim was attempting to move. Reports indicate that law enforcement found 50 pounds of weed and two kilos (approximately 5 pounds) of a substance that tested as cocaine, but which unnamed sources within the DEA later said was fentanyl. Media reports are conflicting over whether Ibrahim will face charges for cocaine or fentanyl. Ibrahim says she was unaware she was carrying the illegal drugs.

Police Mistake 5 Pounds of Fentanyl For Cocaine

Reed Ibrahim was traveling from Phoenix, Arizona to Nashville, Tennessee when TSA alerted DEA agents that Ibrahim’s luggage appeared to contain large bundles resembling narcotics packages. DEA informed Nashville law enforcement, who stopped Ibrahim after she claimed her two checked suitcases in Nashville. A subsequent search, to which Ibrahim consented, turned up two 25-pound packages of cannabis and two kilogram packages of a powder. Agents field-tested the powder and identified it as cocaine.

Police arrested Ibrahim at the scene. Subsequent lab tests of the kilogram packages identified that what officers thought

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