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The Colorado cannabis community will have a chance to show its support for reproductive health services on Thursday, October 17th. A coalition of marijuana businesses are teaming up to host an award ceremony honoring pot brands whose proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood of the Rockies — at what could be precisely the moment in which the national healthcare organization needs the support the most. 

In August, the reproductive health organization announced that it was being forced to turn down funds from the federal government. The impetus was a policy change that would have put in danger its mission to provide the 1.6 million individuals who rely on its services with accurate and essential health information. 

At issue is the Trump administration’s decision to change a policy affecting Title X, which gives $286 million in annual funds to health care organizations. The White House decreed that groups that receive Title X funds are no longer allowed to discuss abortions with individuals, expect in cases of medical emergency. Previously, healthcare providers were actually required to give patients information on abortion when asked. 

In response, Planned Parenthood announced it would no longer be accepting Title X funds, and that it was launching a

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Weed smokers living in Quebec are about to see much lower prices in the legal market. Starting tomorrow, cannabis company HEXO is rolling out a new line of ultra-affordable flower.

Ultimately, the new product line will give Canadians a chance to purchase larger quantities of weed. Additionally, the weed will be sold at super-low prices that work out to be less than $5 per gram.

HEXO Introduces “Original Stash”

The new line of flower from HEXO is called Original Stash. According to a press release from the company, Original Stash will come in one-ounce packages.

That’s a marked difference from traditional weed sales, which typically sell in smaller eighth-ounce quantities.

The new line of smokable flower isn’t only focused on selling in larger packages. It will also offer much lower prices than those typically seen in the legal market. Specifically, HEXO will sell the one-ounce packages of flower for $125.70, including sales tax. That works out to $4.49 per gram.

For now, HEXO will start with a hybrid sativa strain. The company calls this pilot strain OS.210. And HEXO reports that the strain comes in at 12-18 percent THC.

Trying to Undercut the Illegal Market

HEXO developed this new line

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The opioid crisis cost the U.S. economy $631 billion from 2015 through last year — and it may keep getting more expensive, according to a study released Tuesday by the Society of Actuaries.

The biggest driver of the cost over the four-year period is unrealized lifetime earnings of those who died from the drugs, followed by health care costs.

While more than 2,000 state and local governments have sued the drug industry over the crisis, the report released Tuesday finds that governments bear less than one-third of the financial costs. The rest of it affects individuals and the private sector.

The federal government is tracking how many lives are lost to the opioid crisis (more than 400,000 Americans since 2000), but pinning down the financial cost is less certain.

A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report from found the cost for 2013 at $79 billion. That’s less than half the cost that the latest report has found in more recent years. The crisis also has deepened since 2013, with fentanyl and other strong synthetic opioids contributing to a higher number of deaths. Overall, opioid-related death numbers rose through 2017 before leveling off last year at about 47,000.


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For Canada’s recreational cannabis consumers, a long-awaited day is just on the horizon. On October 17, 2019 one full year after Canada’s world-historic legalization of cannabis went into effect, licensed companies will finally be able to produce and sell edibles and other cannabis derivatives, such as extracts and topicals. So far, consumers on the non-medical retail market have only had access to flower. As a result, many consumers have continued to turn to unregulated, illicit retailers for edibles, vape cartridges, and other non-flower products.

Regulations for Edibles and Derivatives Take Effect Tomorrow

Postponing the production and sale of cannabis edibles and other derivatives has always been part of Health Canada’s plan for rolling out the Cannabis Act of 2018. National and provincial regulators wanted extra time to develop specific rules and regulations for non-flower products. They also wanted time to solicit feedback from Canadian consumers and stakeholders. At issue has been the question of THC limits for edibles and derivatives, rules for product ingredients, packaging and labeling and restrictions on anything that might appeal to children.

Health Canada finalized those regulations in mid-June this year and published them shortly after. And in a press release, the agency stated that the

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Saskatchewan experts and retailers weigh in on what to expect as cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals become legal on Oct. 17, 2019.

Patti Wood is no stranger to cannabis edibles.

Although the products only become legal for sale in Canada on Thursday, Wood has been making her own at home for a while: She began using medicinal cannabis in 2009, for pain management as a breast cancer patient.

Using legal cannabis — including the harvest from her own legally grown plants — Wood uses a Magical Butter machine to extract oil from dry cannabis.

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Former congressman and presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke proposed at the Democratic Party’s presidential debate on Tuesday night that opioids could be replaced with cannabis for some patients. O’Rourke’s suggestion came during a discussion about the nation’s ongoing opioid crisis during Tuesday’s face-off between the 12 leading Democratic candidates.

The former U.S. representative from El Paso, Texas said that a veteran he had met might not be addicted to heroin if doctors had access to alternatives to powerful and highly addictive opioids.

“Now imagine that veteran, instead of being prescribed an opioid, had been prescribed marijuana, because we made that legal in America [and] ensured the VA could prescribe it,” O’Rourke said.

O’Rourke’s comment received immediate support from fellow candidate Andrew Yang, who shouted his approval from across the stage.

“Preach, Beto,” Yang exclaimed.

O’Rourke’s proposal seems to be based on a report from the medical journal JAMA in 2014 that showed a reduction in opioid overdose deaths between 1999 and 2010 in states that had been early adopters of legalized medical marijuana. However, a later Stanford study released earlier this year found that when data through 2017 was included, states with legal medicinal cannabis had a rate of opioid overdose

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Making cannabis butter — with CBD, THC or both — is not rocket science, but it’s also not a walk in the park. That became clear during one of the twice-a-month cooking classes offered at Market Street Wellness in Medford. There’s a fair amount of important information you want to master, starting with the need to decarboxylate your green matter. Now, don’t let that five-syllable word scare you off. It just means you have to…

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Alcohol and pregnancy definitely don’t mix, but is it cool for expecting mothers to toke? Researchers at the University of Denver are trying to bring clarity to that question.

Pilyoung Kim, a psychology professor at the school, is leading a team that is studying the effects of cannabis on pregnant mothers and their babies

Kim said she was inspired to get to the bottom of the matter when she was working on a separate research project on poverty and pregnancy. While working on that study, Kim was confronted with a recurring question: “It’s OK to use cannabis while you’re pregnant, right?”

“We were baffled about what to say to these women,” Kim said in a press release. “There is a limited understanding of the effect of cannabis use on themselves and their babies if they are exposed to cannabis inside the womb.”

The research could potentially rupture another taboo over marijuana, which has been normalized (and legalized) throughout much of the United States. More than 30 states have legalized medical cannabis, and a growing number of cities and states are doing the same for recreational use. And marijuana has been marketed to pregnant women to help relieve morning sickness. A

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The Montreal Gazette speaks with four everyday pot smokers who buy on the sly. Cannabis has been legal for a year, but 82 per cent of what Quebecers smoked still came from the black market. Why were people going underground when they had a perfectly legal option? To find out, the Montreal Gazette spoke to four everyday pot smokers who buy on the sly. They listed fast home delivery, no lineups, anonymity and better prices…

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CLEVELAND (AP) — Jury selection began Wednesday in the first federal trial over the opioid epidemic despite a last-minute request from lawyers to delay it because of news reports on a settlement offer.

Two Ohio counties claim drug companies that made, distributed and sold prescription painkillers engaged in a deadly conspiracy that has inflicted massive damage on their communities and created a public nuisance that costs the counties hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

The legal situation became a bit more complicated Wednesday as multiple defendants asked Judge Dan Polster to delay the trial after reports that the three big drug distributors were offering a total of $18 billion over 18 years to settle the suits set for trial and some 2,000 others.

Two people with knowledge of the talks confirmed to The Associated Press that the offer had been made. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to disclose details from ongoing talks. The offer was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The lawyers argued that jurors who read or saw any of the coverage would be tainted when learning of the massive amount of money possibly being discussed.

Polster denied the motions

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