Colorado Might Keep Curbside Cannabis Pick-Up After COVID-19 Pandemic Ends

Ever since COVID-19 started impacting Colorado and shut-down orders were put in place across the state, the state relaxed some rules and allowed for curbside cannabis and online ordering. The new, convenient purchase methods may remain in place even once COVID-19 measures are relaxed and folks can resume their normal shopping habits.  

According to Westword, many are enjoying being able to order their cannabis at home and then go pick it up. In addition to being a safer option right now, it saves the customer time. 

“I’d like to see the curbside option stay around after this, even with more restrictions in place,” Hannah Munsterman, general manager of the Clinic’s dispensary in the Highland neighborhood of Denver, said. “That way, we still have limited exposure with people coming in the store.”

As of yet, the governor of Colorado has no official comment on extending these measures, but the Marijuana Enforcement Division has alluded to the fact that this option is at least being considered. 

“We understand our stakeholders’ interest in maintaining a range of options they can utilize to serve their customers consistent with social-distancing guidelines,” said MED communication director Shannon Gray. “On that front, we are currently evaluating which

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