Columbia Care Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Columbia Care Marijuana Dispensary in Chicago, IL

4758 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60630

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10am – 7pm
Closed Sunday

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Columbia Care is a marijuana dispensary location open at 4758 N Milwaukee Ave in Chicago, IL 60630.

Columbia Care dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Columbia Care Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Octavius Hernandez
Octavius H.
18:09 16 Jun 21
Donald took care of me most recently, but this has always been a great stop to pick up on the fly. Employees are always welcoming and very friendly, it’s like a breath of fresh air before elevating a little!read more
Sean Fagan
Sean F.
21:38 29 Apr 21
One of my favorite dispensaries to pop into!! Such a great variety! I'd like to give a shout out to Brooks!!! I recommended my mom to go see him when going to the shop. She works in home care. One of her particular patients has been dealing with stress, pain, anxiety caused by late stages of dementia. The patients family was searching for new remedies rather than prescription drugs. So my Mom went to the dispensary to find a 1:1 CBD tincture. Brooks couldn't of done a better job recommended my Mom. "He seemed very interested and caring in the information he was giving to me." It has a been over a few months now. My mom and the patients family are finally relieved because the tincture has been working successfully. My mom credits Brooks in many ways. Still is using the tincture today. Thanks again!read more
Travis M. Clements
Travis M. C.
18:25 29 Apr 21
Great service! Brooks was awesome in helping this traveler find products that fit me best. No wait time at all. Will definitely return next time I'm in town!read more
Adam Zigler
Adam Z.
13:36 27 Apr 21
I've tried out a lot of the dispensaries in the Chicago area and Columbia Care is the best. Their website is the best for online ordering. Pick-up is super fast. Security is polite and a part of the process instead of acting aggressive and annoyed to do their job like they are at MOCA. I don't even check the menus at other dispensaries anymore, let alone actually shop at any of them. Columbia Care is the more
20:06 15 Apr 21
Top tier dispensary for the Chicagoland area. I travel a lot around the city during the week and have been to every dispensary available to check selection and price. Colombia has, by far, one of the best. Always stocked up on good product. Prices remain pretty standard, but the constant sales and discounts offered here make it a better deal than almost any other store. Smaller building gives it a cozier/more comfortable feel. And the staff are very friendly and actually work to make sure your experience was good from the moment you walk in; till the moment ya walk out the door. Great storeread more
Rannell Guese
Rannell G.
16:30 06 Apr 21
Great selection of products, very friendly & welcoming staff that took time to get me acquainted with their rewards and specials. Ordered via the website (which could use some work as the cart kept emptying if I had multiple tabs open) and they have a special pickup window, which was super convenient. Comfortable seating area while waiting for my turn. Competitive prices will keep me coming more
Jae dubb
Jae D.
20:29 03 Apr 21
I never do reviews, but I had to do this one. Staff was friendly, visit was fairly quick and painless, but the cannabis flower I purchased was just horrible. Super dry, no smell, no potency. When smoked it lit my throat on fire and tasted horrible. The bud tender recommended this to me and since you cant even see a photo of the flower your buying I thought it was good to take his suggestion. Worse 76$ spent on an 8th ever I should have drove to the west side for a fat 20 more
02:20 28 Mar 21
I had a really good experience here! They were the only dispensary nearby that carried a specific medical product i needed and i was able to reserve it over the phone when having difficulty ordering online, which i really appreciated the help on. When I got there i realized i had somehow managed to only bring my credit card and the two sincerely warm and friendly front desk folks let me know i could download a specific app and pay that way. That saved so much time and trouble. Security was friendly, and the budtenders who i know have a really intense and fast paced high volume/high social interaction job were very professional and nice as well. They also have discounts right now for first time med customers (possibly adult use too but not sure) as well as medicaid, vets etc. I was in and out quick. I appreciated the welcoming energy there and will be sure to go more
Robert Keller
Robert K.
16:22 19 Mar 21
Awesome staff and reasonable prices! Have never had a bad experience with these guys. Highly recommend for everyone ☺️read more
Hamoon Forouzi
Hamoon F.
01:29 18 Mar 21
Really good dispensary with really good staff and great member program for seniors, vets, and Medicaid recipients. Some of them go above and beyond. Matt the security guard was great today. He had a hostile customer and he seamlessly took care of the situation by more
andrea ginsburg
andrea G.
14:53 02 Mar 21
I just became a client about a month ago because they stock Sweet Stones It was my first time there, I felt I didn't know the routine. But the associates, mine was Brooks, he was very helpful. I have now been back twice and am getting to know and like all the helpful and friendly more
janette ellam
janette E.
13:16 02 Mar 21
Great selection of products; purchased flower, edible, vape and very happy with each. Products have mellow flavors and kick in quickly. Good customer service with an expedited process since it's a small store. Park a half block away or so since parking on the street is pretty more
Chris The Mover
Chris The M.
02:33 11 Feb 21
I don't usually leave reviews however I'm compelled to in this instance as this place totally had the customer service on point when I stopped in today. The two ladies who were working behind the desk in the front I've seen before on my previous visits and they are both delightful. The sales person was friendly and patient and totally willing to answer questions and fulfill specific requests. I'll be back, for more
Kristina Rodriguez
Kristina R.
23:31 09 Feb 21
It’s a great visit each time! They begin to know you by name and the types of strains you prefer; suggesting others as well! Really informative! Thanks again!read more
Andrew McNeal
Andrew M.
14:15 08 Oct 20
Saw the most common adjectives for these guys and I wouldn’t debate them.Comparatively & as a medical user, I enjoy the more personal interface. More times than not I have time to ask my relevant questions and possibly get some valuable advice for down the road.The prices at this location, are notable but so are the others location for duplicitous but what may be fair reasons.For people who need this product, it’s a good more
Brittany Richmond
Brittany R.
14:19 06 Oct 20
It’s in the name... “CARE!” And I mean that! all the employees I have come in contact with have been amazing humans to work with! They have extensive knowledge of the industry and are here to help others! Special shout out to Andrew B.! Such a great person at heart! Thank you for all you do!read more
Samantha Laboy
Samantha L.
03:34 03 Oct 20
I’m updating my review after coming back a couple more times. The online ordering is fast and easy with barely any wait. Kind of a limited selection but seem to always have good deals and more
Ian Knox
Ian K.
18:28 16 Sep 20
Decent selection and usually no line.
Bigg Jonny D
Bigg Jonny D
19:57 15 Sep 20
The #1 dispensary in chi-town.
Nicholas Alexander Garbacz
Nicholas Alexander G.
20:08 12 Sep 20
Excellent customer service, friendly & very helpful. Went in on a busy-ish Saturday afternoon, short wait, no problems. Good health & safety more
Jeremy Smolik
Jeremy S.
20:28 11 Sep 20
The team here is always helpful and friendly. I get recommendations based on their own personal experiences, which is about the best service I could ask more
Mary Lucker
Mary L.
21:33 10 Sep 20
Everyone was so accommodating and knowledgeable. Good selection fair prices.
Andrea Freedberg
Andrea F.
18:35 09 Sep 20
Blanca B at Columbia Care is a fabulous budtender!!! She listens and really tries to help you get what's best for you personally. 💚read more
Karen Trojan
Karen T.
12:33 09 Sep 20
Best dispensary around, everyone is so helpful and friendly.....
Samantha Laboy
Samantha L.
22:25 06 Sep 20
The reason I’m giving 2 stars is because of the new patient discount I received which was very generous. I’m a new medical patient and the staff was very rude to me on my first visit. They automatically assumed I was a recreational customer even after I told them I was a first time medical patient with an online order then they had the nerve to make passive aggressive comments to me while I was sharing my medical information with them. After I was called back into the sales floor, the cashier was beyond rude asking me for my info and after I paid she had the nerve to say “See you next time” in a very passive aggressive way. It was such a negative experience I don’t see myself going back again. The staff seem miserable there and they take it out on their more
Maria Stephens
Maria S.
02:47 06 Sep 20
My go to dispensary
douglas etheridge
douglas E.
18:25 02 Sep 20
out standing quality....thank you tom for helping me get my medical card....
alaina schraeder
alaina S.
23:17 31 Aug 20
Bianca went up and beyond to help me out today! This dispensary really cares about their patients. So refreshing to see. Highly recommend Columbia more
Christine Schultz
Christine S.
16:15 29 Aug 20
I was greeted at the door and treated really well from the moment I walked in! Pam and Rachel And Tim Thankyou for helping me, COVID has thrown a look into everything and you were patient and helpful! I will return! I highly recommend! Prices were also very good and I can tell you the items I received have been top quality!Thanks Again... keep up the good work!read more
Alfred Sun
Alfred S.
17:52 26 Aug 20
Super pleased with my purchase and their customer service. 1/4 of Columbia care popcorn for $80. Keep it up Columbia care! Let it only get better from hereread more
Don Warden
Don W.
17:04 25 Aug 20
Fast and quick 😍 senior. Save$$
Phil Harmon
Phil H.
20:56 22 Aug 20
from Pam and Natalie in reception to the budtenders in back, this 'flower shoppe' is always on point...professional and courteous staff ALWAYS have time to answer any and all questions to help consumers and patients make the best informed decisions. would mos def recommend to anyone looking for a truly worthwhile weed more
Sheena Da Cunha
Sheena Da C.
22:40 15 Aug 20
Columbia Care is great faculty, always make you feel welcome. COVID safe and also Fair prices. I definitely recommend this more
Melissa Kolodziej
Melissa K.
21:55 13 Aug 20
I walked into Columbia Care and my experience there was great. The atmosphere is friendly and the staff is awesome. Bianca B helped me last time I came in and she was very helpful and very more
Joshua Jackson
Joshua J.
15:25 13 Aug 20
Great dispensary! Wide selection of strains. secure, friendly staff, cool knowledgeable good bud tenders. Can’t go wrong hereread more
jim m
jim m
22:47 12 Aug 20
I would like to shop there, and I live close enough to walk there. BUT, their REC prices are way out of line. Especially when compared to other area dispensaries. And the over pricing is on all of their rec items. For example, they're $15 to $20 more on carts(on all of them!) and it's the same for flower. But if you compare their MED to the REC menu you'll see where the costs have been shifted to. Other dispensaries don't do that, they charge the same for product regardless of med or rec.==============Reply to Owner: Where is it noted on your site that the tax is included in the menu prices?read more
Tyler Jiles
Tyler J.
15:01 06 Aug 20
the prices, staff, as well as product selection, quality, and potency is second to none. If your a med patient, this is my advice: if they don't have it, don't waste your money on it elsewhere. they carry what works! the Curative flower should also be your go to, high terpenes and a well balanced product. I've had a few minor discrepancies but they have gone over and above every time to sort it out, just stay calm and don't be a jerk!read more
Erich Pflum
Erich P.
15:49 29 Jul 20
Best quality and friendly knowledgeable people. Trista has a great demeanor and really knows her stuff. Best in the City!read more
Alison Goosinow
Alison G.
15:24 29 Jul 20
Definitely one of my top 3 favorite dispensary. Everyone there is so friendly and welcoming. I'm so thankful that they are so close to home so I can get there more
19:20 28 Jul 20
Amazing customer service!!! Bianca helped me out today along with Kevin and another guy with long hair and a woman with long braids!!! Amazing people, they care about you and giving you what you need/want. They over exceeded today and really helped me out!! I appreciate all of you that work here and how much you do for your patients and clients!!! THANK YOU 🙂read more
Adrian Dziekan
Adrian D.
18:37 25 Jul 20
Best dispensary I've been to. I'm a medical patient and recommend Columbia care to any medical or recreational patient
Christina Curry
Christina C.
09:47 23 Jul 20
Just wish there were a few more options to select from. Maybe there's a time when there more in the store idk but everyone was nice to meread more
Jeff Granger
Jeff G.
05:52 21 Jul 20
In May of 2020, I drove the seven miles (Chicago traffic) one way to this dispensary based upon the sweet, sweet promise of a low price on a medical product that I needed. After a person on the phone confirmed to me that the product was in stock, as the product web page also claimed, it turned out that they were totally out of stock, something I learned only when I was there. At that time, their "excuse" was that their inventory system was problematic and that they were working out the bugs. They also told me at that time that their inventory system tends to be unreliable when stock of a product is low, sometimes falsely showing that the item is still in stock.So today, exactly two months later, I decided to give them another chance. What a mistake! I found a cheap and desirable price for capsules, and decided to give it a try. The web site clearly listed the price for me as being $17.70 per bottle of ten capsules. In the grossly overpriced market of Illinois medical cannabis, that's not a bad deal. I "reserved" the product online, and the reservation confirmation affirmed that the price per bottle (I ordered four) would be $17.70. So when I got there, guess what? Golly gee, it seems that they had WAY too low a price showing, and that the bottles were actually being sold for around $25 each. Are they just plain incompetent, or is this a cynical "bait and switch" where they offer a low price they never intend to honor, and then think your knees will buckle when you get there and you'll get something at a far higher price. They swore, once again, that it was just an error, and that, gosh, they had put down a wholesale price instead of a retail price. Nor did they offer me any adjustment to compensate for THEIR error which caused me another time-wasting urban round trip. One major pricing screw-up I can understand, but now, twice in a row? What good is Columbia Care if the pricing information on their web site is basically fictional? The state of Illinois should investigate this, because whether it's incompetence or deliberate, people are being lured to this dispensary on totally false pricing information. I will NEVER shop at this place again, because I don't like their bait and switch game. Two utterly wasted trips will be quite enough for me, thank you. If your time, trouble and gas money mean anything to you, you will also be wise to take your medical cannabis dollars elsewhere. AVOID THIS more
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan M.
19:48 18 Jul 20
STOP GIVING THESE DISPENSARY YOUR BUSINESS!! ENTIRELY RUDE, COMPLETELY INSENSITIVE AND UTTER LACK OF MANAGERIAL STRUCTURE!!! I used to like them but now I am very upset with their inconsistency and how they made fun of me. I am a veteran and have recommended them to many of my fellow veterans and personal friends and have made my own purchases there utilizing my veterans discount. Today I ordered online as it is now available for pre order and was told that my veterans discount does not apply and that when used previously it was an exception because it only applies to medical. I had never been told this before and ive utilized the discount at least 4x. I even heard the people behind the counters with the managers making fun of me (and I can describe each one of them!). I served for this country and have given this place business, personal and by recommendation. I am so disappointed. Their policies should be clear across the board and all employees be made aware of them. They should NOT treat there customers with such insensitivity and make fun of them. I may not be a medical patient but I was one of the customers helping to keep them in business. My last visit was cold and unpleasant as when I asked questions they were responded to with lack of care to help me. There name is a lie, Columbia (does not) more
Elaine Bensen
Elaine B.
17:11 27 Jun 20
These guys are great. Very knowledgeable. I have been off opioids (for PAIM) in almost three years. LOVE you guys.
Gladys Jones
Gladys J.
01:46 21 Jun 20
I drove more than 80 miles round trip to get the product for my son who has a severity disability, the people were very rude they acted like they were doing you a favor with the exception of the lady on the front desk. I hope I don't have to come back to that place I did it because my current Mundelein dispensary didn't have the product. Before I drove there I called 6 times no one bothered to answer the phone to answer the questions I had before driving more
Alexandria Kaspar
Alexandria K.
19:11 08 Jun 20
Great deals here! Nice staff, comfortable atmosphere. Selection is a little limited is my only complaint 🙂
Galactius Feeds
Galactius F.
21:26 03 Jun 20
Its seems like they dont serve certain ppl there. I had an online order for rec like the site says and I get there and they say they do not sell for adults but yet others who were there for adult use also was told to hold upread more
Kimberly Valentin
Kimberly V.
21:06 15 May 20
I have been a customer for many years and I love this place. Thank you for all your help Columbia Care Family!
Alexander Montero
Alexander M.
18:14 13 Apr 20
I was happy until today. It seems like lately the quality and actual inventory has been going down. But since I was able to get most of my items I was OK with it. I visited the dispensary because of an e-mail promotion giving a discount for online orders. I could not get the promotion to be reflected on the cart online, so I decided to go in for my items. As I was purchasing my items I asked the clerk if they were going to honor the promotion and was told “no”. I explained how I tried to order online without success and still was denied the promotion. Instead of working with me, I got rushed out with a sorry we can’t. I’ve been a loyal customer for a while now and I am very disappointed in the treatment I was more
Benecio Montes De Oca
Benecio Montes De O.
06:18 10 Apr 20
Great team of exemplary individuals who actually know what they are talking about. If your a veteran, your in good hands!read more
Juan Martinez
Juan M.
16:14 12 Mar 20
Update: 3/12/2020This place was great when it was for medical card holders. Given 4 Stars for the service I was given before it served to recreational users. I've never walked in without buying anything till now... I've been going here for 2+yrs. They treat me like family. Thanks Columbia!read more
Beth W
Beth W
16:44 07 Mar 20
I went on Saturday 3/7/20 morning. Arrived 20 minutes before opening. Waited in line with mine other people. They let medical card holders in first.It was quick and efficient and secure. The website is up to date with current offerings. No flower or pre-rolled available for customers without a medical marijuana card. Vapes and a decent selection of edibles are available. It's pricey as expected. It's a clean professional environment. The staff is polite and more
Rob Eaman
Rob E.
17:16 04 Feb 20
Stages of entry: 1. Show ID at the door, 2. Get ushered in to waiting area, 3. Get ushered into the buying area with 3-4 registers. You can use a debit card for a $3.50 fee. I got through the entire process in 10 minutes on a Tuesday morning!read more
Leaf Green
Leaf G.
14:04 30 Jan 20
I love Columbia Care. Best dispensary. Best deals. However... You can definitely tell who is there to help patients and who is there to sell weed. It's very disconcerting when it feels like I'm talking to a drug dealer.... Please remember it's patients you're treating. For the most part, the staff is absolutely amazing and makes you feel right at home. I can tell they're tired sometimes but they always put in 110% effort. I won't name name's if the shoe fits you know who you more
Eden Kilcoin
Eden K.
22:51 27 Jan 20
Pretty good little spot! They were out of quite a bit when we happened to walk in though I'm sure it isn't always this way. Friendly and efficient staff. Good stuff!read more
Matthew Todd
Matthew T.
17:57 12 Jan 20
Clean and modern. Very friendly just need to be open 7 days a week and offer better specials. In time I se this more
God's Own Creation
God's Own C.
00:45 10 Jan 20
i have had nothing but POSITIVE experience since my first time here, the staff is ALWAYS knowledgeable and able to answer ALL os my questions and concerns without making me feel like a burden...especially Tom Cohen, who is without a doubt 100% professional and genuinely interested more in the well-being of all the clients (not just medicinal) than on the bottom line. i am grateful to that to be able to work with them. peace and god more
Rob Brutvan
Rob B.
22:22 08 Jan 20
The staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend to a friend. IL prices are high but they run good specials and have a great rewards more
Danielle Baruffi
Danielle B.
14:56 07 Jan 20
Friendly staff and clean facility. I do not like (seems to be across the board) that the dispensaries do not have any of the products on display. I also would not recommend coming here for a whiiiiiiile as they only offer limited cartridges and edibles at an astronomical cost. Better off waiting for more harvests and competition so prices go down and selection goes more
Michael Gartrell
Michael G.
04:00 28 Dec 19
Hands down the best dispensary in Chicago from product to staff to whole atmosphere is amazing. if I could give more stars I more
Snk Inc
Snk I.
20:13 19 Dec 19
1# dispensary in Chicago .great staff great selection and safe location and finest products.
Brad Cabot
Brad C.
18:02 22 Oct 19
Beyond expectations. The staff is all very knowledgeable and very cool, they definitely make you feel like family. Couple staff favorites of mine are LizMarie, Seth, and Mikey. These 3 really know the industry and can literally answer any question you have. You would be a fool if you didn’t come check this place more
Joshua Black
Joshua B.
22:14 07 Oct 19
First and foremost, ask for Michelle when you go; she’s thorough and will ensure that you get the best of what they’ve got. It also helps that she’s hilarious. Second, cool place and clean. I always have buoy my trip there, especially when Michelle helps more
Scott Wiley
Scott W.
02:29 03 Oct 19
Great place! Love all the information provided in the packet when you first come in. (The 2 sided cheat sheet is perfect & posted to the fridge) Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Prices are reasonable and on par with competitors. Nice layout and use of more
Donnie Brasco
Donnie B.
13:24 07 Sep 19
Unfortunately I had to switch back to my last dispensary immediately after my first visit. I have a 5 ounce limit and Columbia Care restricts how much medication your allowed to purchase at one time or one visit. I could only purchase two 1/8ths of flower offered by Ataraxia/Verano, Revolution and Grassroots. I was told to come in the following day because they do a "special drop" every other Wednesday of flower. If I went the next day again I would have been restricted to only two 1/8ths of flower from each cultivator. Here is the email I received the night before that kept me home and made me transfer back:"Limited quantity flower strains from Verano and Revolution will be releasing today (8/27/19).  Limited offer, available while supplies last. Limit 2 items per patient, per day. Visit the dispensary for more details."I have been a patient in Illinois from the beginning and I have only seen this type of foul business practice one other time at another dispensary. IDHP says I have a 5 ounce limit every 14 days, IDHP also says there is no limit on how many 1/8ths of flower from a cultivator I can purchase at single visit. So Why would you allow Columbia Care dispensary to dictate and control how much medication you can purchase!?! Why would you allow another layer of control!? Or is Columbia Care catering to certain patients? It makes you think!There are a lot of great things about this place.The facility is amazing, well organized and clean.The staff was very knowledgeable, but all of this is lost in Columbia Cares need and want of controling a patients purchasing power.You shouldn't be paying more then $320-350 max for an ounce of Ataraxia/Verano, Revolution, and Grassroot, and you shouldn't be paying $70 a Gram for any and I mean any concentrate....real Talk!!People call around to dispensaries go visit and ask as many questions as possible before you transfer.I do notice that the owner of Columbia Care only replys to positive review's. I challenge you the owner of Columbia Care to not only address positive reviews, but also address the constructive criticism about your business and your business more
Manar Albaroudi
Manar A.
03:46 11 Aug 19
Just switched to Colombia Care this past week and so far everything been great. Knowledgable and helpful staff. Amazing deals and a nice selection of products. Love the Mix N Match deal and the concentrates deals. Sometimes their inventory might be a bit smaller than the website menu but that's only because they have great sales and sell fast. I usually go with a backup choice just in case. Real lucky that the location is close to where I more
Kai A
Kai A
19:10 13 Jul 19
Came here for variety, regular + STACKABLE DEALS! and DEBIT CARD ACCESS. Received exceptional service from Liz! A+ product knowledge, recommendations, inventory and accuracy. She is such a warm & friendly, efficient cannabis professional! If you haven’t already, go check them out they are truly setting the bar for IL more
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