Consume Cannabis Medical Recreational Dispensary

Consume Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary in Carbondale, IL

201 E Main Street
Carbondale, IL 62901

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Thurs 10am – 6pm
Fri – Sat 10am – 8pm
Sun 12pm – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Consume Cannabis is a marijuana dispensary location open at 201 E Main Street IL Carbondale, IL 62901.

Consume Cannabis dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age. This dispensary is Adult Use only.

For Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor, the closest Consume Cannabis location is in Chicago.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Consume Cannabis Products

What People Are Saying

K Doe
K D.
03:23 08 Oct 20
Friendly, knowledgeable. Great variety of products and strains.I like the feedback console, as well as the ability to read feedback on others opinions of products on such a vast more
Krystal Koehler
Krystal K.
16:58 26 Sep 20
Do not waste your time going to thrive. DO NOT. I promise the experience you get from consume could never be matched by thrive. Product is better. And customer service was by far better. So if you are wondering which to go to, now you more
Stephanie Bondhus
Stephanie B.
17:40 19 Sep 20
Organized, clean, and fast. Great experience
Bill Burt
Bill B.
17:13 19 Sep 20
Friendly and helpful staff, also it was a cool experience.
Nicholas Lewis
Nicholas L.
22:58 15 Sep 20
Nice and friendly staff. Very fast service.
Dane Stecklein
Dane S.
19:07 13 Sep 20
Really nice employees, helpful and informative. Very clean and organized .
Lucas Boyd
Lucas B.
22:55 11 Sep 20
This review picks up where I left off in reviewing the Marion, Il location.This location as a professional air when you walk through the door. It's easier to navigate and less cramped. I was greeted by an ACTUAL employee rather than the armed guard. Then I was directed through the door to order off an iPad. Almost instantly my order was fulfilled and I picked it up at a very nicely roped off counter. The guy who rang me up was very friendly and positive and the whole atmospheric experience was pleasant from beginning to end.It's 3-4 stars for me because the actual product wasn't on display to look at as the more progressive and advanced grass shops in other legalised states I've frequented. Smoking is ritualistic in nature for many people and the experience of "shopping" is part of it. Similiar in nature to how your weed dealer in the olden days would have you sit quietly while he informed you of his product.So, to be clear the weed was phenomenal and I'll be going back to this specific location. Thanks more
Gage Bundy
Gage B.
20:19 10 Sep 20
do I look like I'm MADE of money?although yes, quality was outstanding.
Gene Smith
Gene S.
04:38 07 Sep 20
Will go here instead of thrive from now on.
14:55 05 Sep 20
1 in Carbondale, 1 in Marion 30 mins apart.
Nicole Hornback
Nicole H.
23:19 04 Sep 20
Pretty quick entrance to the good part of the facility and smells amazing as soon as you walk into that part! Decent quality at decent price, and staff were friendly and helpful! My first experience actually in a dispensary waswas great!read more
Buffy Brown
Buffy B.
12:02 04 Sep 20
Great staff. Lexi and the gang were amazing. Awesome selection. Wonderful products. Beautiful store and super easy more
Dru Richey
Dru R.
15:48 01 Sep 20
The Most Options and as of August 31,2020 they have a GREAT SALE going on!! We ordered online 2 hours before pickup and when we arrived, very professional, QUICK!! CASH ONLY PAYMENT!! Smelled Great Also.!!read more
Ray Smith
Ray S.
18:47 30 Aug 20
Best place in southern Il. Always check the online menu there and usually they have it updated regularly so can see if any product is there or not so dont have to waste time going up there and finding out they might be out of something.Great staff that actually talk you through the products they sell. Sometimes there is a line when crowded but the wait is never that long like other places in the area that are more
Jeff Doolin
Jeff D.
01:47 29 Aug 20
Fast, friendly cannabis. What more can I say?
sir yoda of hoda
sir yoda of H.
17:54 25 Aug 20
Good service clean area. Can't wait for competitive prices!
Michael A
Michael A
20:58 21 Aug 20
Very quick in and out. Staff treated me great. Order online and all goes well.
ron cullum
ron C.
15:55 16 Aug 20
Was in and out in less than 15 minutes nice people just wish the prices were lower. It would bring in more customers and put an end to the low grade street stuff that the underground is still flooding the state more
Floyd Chapman
Floyd C.
14:52 16 Aug 20
Absolutely love this place and everyone I've dealt with that works for them! 💜🖤♥️
Doug Starr
Doug S.
20:33 14 Aug 20
Very efficient system. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. I wish all my shopping experiences went this well.
clara loucks
clara L.
20:32 14 Aug 20
I love this place! The staff is always super friendly and helpful, they have a great variety of products to choose from! Never standing in line for hours, taxes are included in the price, and you actually get the order you place! I never have the issues here you get with the other local dispensaries. Top Notch! Great team,, Great products! I'll go back again and again!read more
Melissa Higgerson
Melissa H.
18:49 12 Aug 20
Very kind and knowledgeable staff. Fair pricing and high quality products. I will be back again.
Michael Everly
Michael E.
15:58 28 Jul 20
Always an easy, fast and positive experience. Pre-roll supplies are extremely limited but, given that we're still in the first year of rec that's a pretty minor thing. Support these guys they're more
Nicholas Donnelly
Nicholas D.
01:15 26 Jul 20
I went in here yesterday afternoon and let me say I've been smoking since I was 9 years old, and I've been to quite a few dispensaries. That being said, this one was pretty pleasant, in a lot of places, dispensary employees are not service focused, nor do they perpetuate a customer centric environment - this place was a little different; their service was spot on and the lady that helped me was about as nice as she was pretty and I was engaged and never felt ignored the whole time. When you walk up, there's a sign that says "police station" and it points in the door to the place, this is however surprising, in fact not a trick(i checked). After going inside there is a sharp left to a security checkpoint, they check your ID and you are buzzed into the back, where you are deposited directly into a queue to use an iPad. From what i quickly browsed, they had some nice 3.5s(3.5 grams or 1/8th ounce) of flower(buds) and 7s of shake(7 grams or 1/4th an ounce - a quarter) for around 90 dollars. You make your purchase, they check your ID again, and then serve up that sweet cheetah. Their 1G cartridges ran similar prices. I went with the Durban haze shake, and while I'm a fan of the taste of purple haze and Durban poison, it was kind of oakey, but it definitely hit the spot in terms of what I like from a sativa(which is a heady, happy relaxed high). All in all I give it 5 stars, their dealing process is high speed and the people working behind the counter were super cool which is the most important thing to me. I'll definitely be back in 2 weeks when I get back from Atlanta. Thanks you more
Hannah S
Hannah S
17:25 23 Jul 20
I've had nothing but exceptional experiences here! Kind and knowledgeable staff, and of course, great products. We recommend the Tonics! Also, they are very diligent with cleanliness and following social distancing for COVID. Be safe, and recreate!read more
Kenyatta Corrie-Boling
Kenyatta C.
21:55 21 Jul 20
They're great provide some products that they have. Its pretty neat. When I get my next stimulus payment, I'll give a good tips for this company 😌read more
19:08 20 Jul 20
Extremely accommodating and friendly workers here! Laid back yet very professional and clean enviroment. Thoroughly enjoyed my more
Keith Watts
Keith W.
21:03 18 Jul 20
They have tip jars but no real bud tenders. Have to order online just to get in the door and once your in they ask for name,lisence go to a door and get your order. Like I'm going to leave a tip for that. Prices are outrageous. 80 bucks for and 8th. 80 bucks for 1 gram of wax? Illinois could use a good lesson from Colorado. If I were you, I'd save the money, get a plane ticket and go out west for $60 quarter and around $30 for a gram of concentrate. The prices completely blew my mind and I won't be back for legal purchases in more
Keith Watts
Keith W.
00:23 14 Jul 20
They have tip jars but no real bud tenders. Have to order online just to get in the door and once your in they ask for name,lisence go to a door and get your order. Like I'm going to leave a tip for that. Prices are outrageous. 80 bucks for and 8th.80 bucks for 1 gram of wax. Illinois could us a good lesson from Colorado. If I were you, I'd save the money,get a plane ticket and go out west for 60 dollar quarter and around 30 for a gram of concentrate. The prices completely blew my mind and I won't be back for legal purchases in more
Reefis Jones
Reefis J.
14:30 12 Jul 20
misleading facts on website. low quality products at premium prices. Staff that thinks misleading you and ripping you off is a courtesyread more
spoony smalls
spoony S.
11:00 02 Jul 20
This place is brand new, but the system flowed relatively smoothly! Cash only and the atm only dispenses 200 increments. Staff was generally friendly and seemed to share my passion! Only problem is the prices. I know, I know, nascent industry, supply and demand.... but the same products can be as much as $15 cheaper elsewhere. Not really complaining though, as those shops don't have flowers!read more
suzanne gladstone
suzanne G.
23:07 01 Jul 20
Excellent service representatives
Humble Hawk
Humble H.
06:36 01 Jul 20
Nice website 👍Great location.The prices though are outrageously high!Nobody can afford this..
Rachael Price
Rachael P.
20:25 27 Jun 20
Great selection!! About time we had a dispensary with not only flower, but a variety of everything. Handmade glass also sold more
Pure Bred Kauaian
Pure Bred K.
22:01 26 Jun 20
Kind, cool and respectful. Great first time experience. Thanks. Will be coming again 🤙
Kailon Jones
Kailon J.
16:11 26 Jun 20
Fast, friendly and fun really enjoy my visit that took 13 mins in an out. Will be back👍👑
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