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Consume Cannabis Dispensary in Marion, IL

8195 Express Drive
Marion, IL 62959

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10am – 8pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Consume Cannabis Company, formerly Harbory is a marijuana dispensary location open at 8195 Express Drive in Marion, IL 62959.

Consume Cannabis Co. dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Scott Standlee
Scott S.
23:45 07 Jan 22
Prices a bit higher than others I've been too, but good dispensary. Definitely needs better kiosks. Too much lag, if they'll even work at more
clara loucks
clara L.
13:01 24 Dec 21
Consume Marion has the best staff, best quality products, and is the best overall dispensary in So Ill no questions asked. They have upfront pricing (unlike other local dispensaries) so everything will be the menu price or cheaper, never more. The staff is super educated and doesn't mind helping a customer answer questions. You don't feel rushed at all and, the environment there is absolutely gorgeous since the remodel. If you haven't been there yet, GO! You are missing out on a great legal experience In more
Vault Dweller
Vault D.
06:09 07 Dec 21
Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Product has doubled, almost tripled in price since opening. Even with Loyalty Programs you still pay more versus other stores in the area. They tout its the taxes raising in reality they're pushing the cost of the store remodel onto the consumers which is super cringe. Spent thousands here. No more paying astronomical prices for dry flower and half filled cartridges. I'm done with this more
Simone Farmer
Simone F.
15:03 26 Nov 21
I am just amazed about the store. The staff is super friendly and go out of their way to answer questions. They are super helpful. I love the atmosphere and the productread more
Amber Lindop
Amber L.
23:57 22 Nov 21
Great establishment! I'd much rather drive an extra hour to see them than go to Thrive. Fast service, patient staff, a cool head shop inside the building and a much better more
Mr. BrightCyde
Mr. B.
22:57 11 Nov 21
Very nice setup y'all got there. The staff was oh so friendly. I felt welcomed from the moment I walked thru the door. It was my first visit to this dispensary and I have to say that they have a well oiled machine that was running on all cylinders. My appointed cannabis attendant knew her way around the facility and superb knowledge of strains and products available at this particular dispensary. I've been 2 other dispensaries and this one is on the top of my small list. I recommend this cannabis provider not only for their high quality products but for their amazing staff!!! 👽read more
Kat B
Kat B
12:58 31 Oct 21
nice place and super nice staff! went there twice and good experiences both times. i must have went went they were fully staffed bc i didn’t have to wait even 5 minutes either time!!read more
Michael Sord
Michael S.
14:32 21 Oct 21
been a happy costumer for 4 or 5 months until yesterday. order was confirmed for pick up but when i arrived at the open of the store they didn't have what i ordered and stuck me with lesser potent strain because it was the same price. yes i agreed to take it because i didn't have time due to prior engagements to wait for a manager to figure things out. after realizing they did confirm my ordered i called to complain was told i would be taken care of emailed the pic as instructed then was told i received a text cancelling my order that i did not receive and they would be doing nothing for my trouble...thrive has never confirmed an order they didn't have. since my every 24 to 48 hours business isn't appreciated by consume thrive can have it more
Ashtyn Davis
Ashtyn D.
22:17 05 Sep 21
Consume is clean, professional and welcoming. I stopped by, as someone from out of town, and the staff was friendly and helpful. I was a bit taken aback by the prices of the products, they were a little on the pricey side. The products are great, I would recommend this place if you're looking for a friendly and safe place to more
Ndidi Egwenike
Ndidi E.
17:08 25 Aug 21
22:46 16 Aug 21
My favorite dispensary in Illinois. I’ve been purchasing my medical cannabis from Consume back when it was The Harbory. Consume has streamlined the purchasing process and is remodeling the store. Most Consume bud tenders are knowledgeable about products and can help guide you. I really like that if you are a medical consumer you are moved to the front of the waiting room line before recreational purchasers. Most brands of bud are excellent quality. Their purchase points rewards program is great. You earn one point for each dollar spent and when you have $250 in points you are rewarded with $20 off your next purchase. They add up more
Scottie Jones
Scottie J.
15:36 04 Aug 21
Nice facility with friendly people however friendly they may be it is still not worth the price. I asked the staff why the prices were so high she said it was because it included tax. 14g of the exact same product at Consume is $225 while 14 oz at thrive is only $120. Consume is a predatory business sanctioned by the state of Illinois and the Illinois attorney general. Anyone who will write this business higher than three stars has done no research and cannot be more
Don Bullock
Don B.
13:36 30 Jul 21
Very helpful staff.. Prices are extremely to high. Maybe I should open up a cannabis store across the street from this location and sell all my products $10 less than what they are selling their products for. Not to mention the vast variety that you can choose from. This place as a very limited more
eric helton
eric H.
03:05 02 Jul 21
Mercy they are busy! But good for them. Helpful staff. Very apologetic about the wait, but that's due to construction. Was not a big deal. Glad I can be an out of state rewards earner! =)read more
Labrat404 Notfound
Labrat404 N.
02:09 24 Jun 21
Clean waiting room. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Double points on Monday and daily specials. Be sure to check online for availability and even order. Curbside pick-up available with appointment times. Walk-in allowed as well. Medical card holders have own special kiosk for ordering inside the waiting room with quick and considerate more
16:14 09 Jun 21
Staff is very courteous! Great on making recommendations, always ask because they may have added something before you made your order! Great security! I feel very safe going to my vehicle with my purchase. As a MMJ patient very good for Illinois Law! And taxes they are included within the price no guesswork! Will be backread more
Margaret Ziese
Margaret Z.
23:09 28 May 21
As always fast and friendly service. Absolutely love the rewards point program. Still prices every where are high, even being a medical patient. But this place is awesome. Definitely recommend to anyone needing medical or recreational cannabis. (Again picture is of medical prices, not rec)read more
Sara Cottontail
Sara C.
18:22 15 May 21
Love this place! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Prices seem reasonable and tax is included, plus they have an in house rewards system that takes the discount off immediately. Highly more
Angela Draege
Angela D.
00:02 07 May 21
The staff here is fantastic! Super helpful to anybody whether your a expert or a novice. They do have several rooms you have to go through before you can make your purchase. It isn't that long of a wait. When you do go to make your purchase they always double check that it is you and double check that they have all of the items that you ordered. You can order ahead on the website but you do need to wait for the txt that says that your order is confirmed. Great quality product, staff super helpful and always eager to answer any questions you have about more
Vanessa W
Vanessa W
01:06 20 Apr 21
Once again another great trip! Wanted to make a quick pick up before 4/20 and Consume Marion came through. Security directed me perfectly, my medical profile transferred over well, and I loved having a good chat with my budtender today. He fixed an order error, got me the right gram amount, and helped me add on items. As a medical patient I drive almost 4 hours in total for this location and it is worth it because: they secure my order, answer quick questions, and send me off with great product!read more
Clayton Kendall
Clayton K.
23:47 12 Apr 21
I'm so glad this place is around. The merchandise is absolutely spectacular. All the best flower, edibles, carts, etc. Whatever you want, you can find it there. It will also be fairly priced. The staff is super friendly, & helpful. Having points saved up is an amazing money saver too. Using the points to snag discounts is never a bad move for any business. 5 stars all the way. Great job guys, & gals in more
Samantha Lacy
Samantha L.
12:02 27 Jan 21
They really need to redo their system. I was a curbside pick up customer and when that line was too long I went inside and wasn’t expecting to be placed in line with all the people who stilll have yet to look at a menu. Times are tough though, and adapting to a virtual world is definitely transitional. Other than that, the staff was really friendly and the prices pretty reasonable!read more
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth M.
20:53 11 Oct 20
Extremely nice staff and "highly"efficient store set up. It was mine and my husband's first time going to a dispensary. Wonderful experience and very well trained employees. We will be definitely coming back!read more
Ricky Frizzell
Ricky F.
16:39 06 Sep 20
All taxes included in prices they advertise
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