Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary in Chicago, IL

923 Weed Street
Chicago, IL 60642

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri: 10 – 8
Sat: 10 – 6
Sun: 11 – 5

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary located  at 923 Weed Street in Chicago, IL 60642.

Curaleaf menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age. This dispensary is Adult Use only.

For Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Curaleaf Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Jenna Gadille
Jenna G.
21:04 19 Jan 22
Went to curaleaf for my first ever dispensary trip and was very happy. Smooth process, super helpful and communicative staff, plus didn’t make me feel like a noob. AND there’s a discount for first timers. I will def be coming back once my supply is depletedread more
Kat B
Kat B
20:02 08 Jan 22
always good and efficient service 🙂 I only had to wait in a line one time and they always seemed to be fully staffed! great variety online and average deals. probably better to come during the day bc the one time it was super busy that i went was in the more
Gilded in Truth
Gilded in T.
21:39 02 Jan 22
The bud-rista (kidding) that I spoke to was incredibly nice and helpful, It was a wonderful first experience. Make it even easier on yourself, order to the location of your choice online and then pick it up!read more
Ryan Brevard
Ryan B.
19:44 02 Jan 22
After placing an order at Sunnyside dispensary and showing up only to be told that what I had ordered was sold out, I decided to check this place out for the first time. Ended up getting the exact same thing I wanted but with 15% off because I was a first time customer. So it ended up being a cheaper day than expected and I discovered my new favorite dispensary. Thanks Curaleaf!read more
Karl Nennig
Karl N.
22:34 27 Dec 21
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Great discounts. Go there now!
angela lucas
angela L.
23:08 26 Dec 21
Very friendly and informative. I would definitely visit this store again!
Mike Quipley
Mike Q.
19:31 22 Dec 21
This place is absolutely TERRIBLE - avoid at all costs. Other Curaleafs in the state are fine, but not this one! I called to clarify a store policy as a medical patient and was berated/yelled at by one of their employees for several minutes because they don't understand their own product. Better pricing and nicer/more informed staff at any other dispensary in IL!read more
bill melekis
bill M.
15:35 21 Dec 21
Great service. Competitive prices.
Dana Hill
Dana H.
22:46 24 Nov 21
Amazing! Staff is super friendly and helpful. This was our very first experience at a dispensary and they took the time to explain things and provide recommendations. Would absolutely returnread more
Silas VanderWeele
Silas V.
22:37 24 Nov 21
Staff is amazing! Very helpful and informative! Must go and visit. They will answer all your questions!
19:18 20 Nov 21
I'm a first time customer and let me tell you, I was blown away by the level of professionalism and customer service from the young lady at the front desk to all the people in the order room. I couldn't ask for a better experience. Keep it up guys!read more
SimpleJan Kaznecki
SimpleJan K.
17:06 07 Nov 21
I figured I have to give this one a try.The meanu and customer service was just right. Thank you.
Keneith Tonye Nyemeck
Keneith Tonye N.
02:23 31 Oct 21
The young lady who helped me was really nice and professional.
B. Wheatley
B. W.
03:24 21 Sep 21
Amazing staff, very friendly and helpful. Made me feel welcome and were very knowledgeable and confident in their products. Pricing was decent too!read more
19:10 05 Sep 21
Wow this Curaleaf has blown me away with the service and the turn around I had a bad experience here once before but today I had a great time good vibes great music and my budtender Giselle was so fast friendly and made it awesome they even gave me a Curaleaf mask 😷read more
Mike Lewis
Mike L.
21:53 24 Jul 21
Very pleasant place to visit. You never know what you have to pay because of the tax structure. They never tell you the prices including the taxes so that you are prepared with your more
Liz Scott
Liz S.
15:56 24 Jul 21
YOU BETTER GET HERE PRIOR TO 15 MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING OR YOU ARE S.O.L. Used to come to this location when it was Windy City Cannabis (which was better). Walked up on a Sunday 10 mins before closing and was told I was too late to get in- he said they shut down a few minutes before closing. I was there a few minutes before closing OKAY! So, I called and was told you have to be there prior to 15 minutes before closing. How would customers know that? So I called and asked to speak to management and was told I would receive a call back. No return call. Called back again after almost a week and no call back. SUGGESTION TO MANAGEMENT inform your customers on the website you stop servicing customers 15 minutes prior to closing because I wouldn’t have driven 9 miles to get there had I known. So much for customer service in that category. Not the best dispensary if you can find one closer, nothing special here, same products you see at every other spot. They aren’t well stocked, running out of certain items often. Making this my backup dispensary only. Customer service includes returning phone calls, right? Wouldn’t have felt the need to leave this review if I had received a call back 🤷‍♀️read more
Daniel Flannery
Daniel F.
17:28 18 Jul 21
They always have great customer service with extremely friendly staff. I wish customer service at all businesses was like what I typically experience at dispensaries. The world would be a better place hahahread more
Kathryn Dunphy
Kathryn D.
21:10 17 Jun 21
This place is nice. Walk in available and faster if you order ahead. They are a cash only business but have an ATM on site with a $3.00 charge.For June, pride month, I got a free pride charger with their name on it. I'll take it.Prices are more
Angelica Rangel
Angelica R.
18:14 05 Jun 21
This place is nice and well organized. Staff is friendly and their variety of strains are nice. I love to come here. One thing i dont like is theyre cash only, but i will deal with it just because i enjoy my time there. They do have an ATM inside so it makes the hassle with cash a little more
Marck Castellanos
Marck C.
23:50 24 May 21
Awesome deals. Great staff. Great quality.
Geovanny Morales
Geovanny M.
22:00 23 Apr 21
They have a nice selection of THC related products. I would recommend you order ahead of time for a better experience. There is a wider selection of product when ordering ahead of time. The quality of the flower that I purchased was pretty good. The live resin that I purchased was also of good quality and would honestly recommend both of them. For reference I got Rollins by Cresco and Blue Gelato by alchemy. Also when I went there they were doing a 15% for new customers which was more
20:04 21 Apr 21
KB was amazing! Very Helpful and Patient with us. Will definitely be going back to get more goodies! Explained everything to me too! Thank You!read more
Ryan Michael
Ryan M.
01:22 17 Apr 21
Great shop. Super clean and a really friendly staff. I’ll def go back next time I’m in the area.
Angie Cohen
Angie C.
18:07 14 Apr 21
The staff seems so friendly. Always feel welcomed. From Tina with security, to James, Hannah, Anna and Holly as the budrista’s. And knowledgeable. Always willing to share how to use something or even a recipe or more
04:23 14 Apr 21
Everyone was super friendly and overall great dispo experience. Short line outside and staff told us that often people order online the day before pick up so they don’t sell out of it. something to keep in mind before walking in like I did (luckily they helped me out tho!) Only complaint is it is a bit tight inside, causing the line outside. it seemed like there was a bigger room that was blocked off due to covid or somethingread more
Nick Dyrcz
Nick D.
12:57 22 Mar 21
A great dispensary. I enjoy going here. I enjoy the staff, very friendly that goes above and beyond the call of duty.
M. M.
M. M.
18:24 21 Mar 21
You can get your order fast. I have had issues with each of my orders. The amount in the containers is not the weight it should be and The flowers are too dry. But they still work. And the staff is more
golden ward
golden W.
21:15 11 Mar 21
I will definitely be returning here The ease of service pre-ordering online and their health regulations make me a loyal customer from day oneread more
Yount2Services Corp.
Yount2Services C.
13:56 09 Mar 21
Staff is very friendly, easy to work with. The insides are very bare no displays and what they have is poor. They use iPads for your order so you can't see the product. Have a huge menu for online but for walk-ins is very poor and sometimes you might have to go other more
Annie Adams
Annie A.
16:07 16 Feb 21
Love this dispensary! They have a good rewards system and are very fast. They have a great system to work with Covid restrictions and marijuana laws. I HIGHly recommend going here. Everyone is pretty knowledgeable about what the products are like.The prices aren't bad. They try to let you know what's on sale and what the good deals are. They had a really good Christmas deal where you got all this stuff from Cresco in a set.You should go. It's amazingread more
Grant Muckler
Grant M.
19:24 11 Feb 21
Really great dispensary with some of the friendliest staff Ive come across. Ordering from their online menu is great for a bigger selection and to get in and out quickly; but the staff is always helpful if you want to grab anything else off their walk in more
Rebecca G
Rebecca G
20:08 06 Feb 21
What a wonderful way to spend my afternoon! Thanks to James this placed has earned my five stars. And the guy that walked me through the menu was great as well, AND the woman that James consulted for a question on my order was also amazing. They have made a repeat customer out of me 🙂 thanks guys 🙂read more
Matt Swanson
Matt S.
17:01 29 Jan 21
Everyone at this location is super nice and helpful. Best dispensary I have been to by far!
Excellent smoke!!!!!!!Loved it. The staff were super friendly and helpful. I will definitely be back to shop with them. Thank you!!!!read more
Leah Bollman
Leah B.
01:39 16 Jan 21
There are a few great shops in Chicago but Windy City takes the cake! Sincerely, your loyal customer that was won over by the December deals!read more
03:50 13 Dec 20
Super professional, super safe, with super helpful staff. COVID friendly taking all the necessary safety measures. In and out in a few minutes. I recommend using there online portal though, they’ll recommend you do that as wellread more
Ray Vaughn
Ray V.
15:01 12 Dec 20
Extremely professional. Exemplary customer service and a very efficient process. I was in and out in 5 minutes. By far my favorite WCC more
Melodi Thomas
Melodi T.
18:21 06 Nov 20
Every time I come here I'm in and out in a breeze. The staff is always kind and have a good rapport with one another. The online ordering system is wonderful and allows you to preorder at any time rather than only at the top of the hour like other places. If you use CanPay you do have to only order during their open hours but that is never an issue. Fantastic place. Highly more
Asya Hill
Asya H.
16:40 27 Oct 20
Great staff, super informative and helpful! I would suggest making a preorder on their website because that menu is a lot bigger than the menu you see when you just walk in. The preorder process is also a lot faster. Tax can be crazy but that’s every dispensary. Illinois just loves their taxes, am I right?!read more
Karie Grisham
Karie G.
10:46 09 Oct 20
Very pleased with service, very friendly security at door, and swift professional inside. The only downfall was waiting in line for 30 mins, unless you have a medical card you cannot pre-order for curbside service. Not complaining just make sure you have extra time to wait in more
Arianna Brooks
Arianna B.
23:47 02 Oct 20
Everyone is super helpful, they normally keep a nice selection to choose from and it doesn't hurt that you earn cash back towards future this more
Sweetest bunch of folks! My day fell through at work and they were kind enough to accommodate me time-wise. Cute establishment and not difficult to get to. Would love to try the CanPay app next time I go!read more
Ricardo Curry
Ricardo C.
22:11 25 Sep 20
I previously gave Windy City cannabis on weed Street a 2 star rating, I gave them one more try and everything worked out perfect so I now give four stars!!!read more
Walter Dominiquez
Walter D.
20:38 25 Sep 20
Absolutely excellent service from the moment you walk in the door, friendly and very knowledgeable staff. Even with their express option I was in and out within 10 minutes & they still had quite a bit of selection to chose from. This is certainly a model dispensary! They also have a rewards program too!read more
kevin hogan2
kevin H.
21:04 24 Sep 20
Very classy and clean. Great service. Sexy tattooed bartender too
Shannon Sisk
Shannon S.
17:52 20 Sep 20
Great fast service!
Joshua Thomas
Joshua T.
00:11 15 Sep 20
The staff here is soooo good. Its busy as can be and they tend to run out of some items but are quick to offer reccomendations for other items. This is my spot in more
John Dough
John D.
21:50 11 Sep 20
Chicago's best rec establishment bar none. best products fair prices and outstanding pro staff with a passion for the industry a true more
Ian Niemi
Ian N.
00:38 05 Sep 20
Super nice, easy pick up, couldn't ask for much more!!
Lena Kendall
Lena K.
07:27 31 Aug 20
Customer service on point! Great products offered as well....and all the YES to points earned for purchases!
Walter Dominiquez
Walter D.
01:26 27 Aug 20
Absolutely excellent service from the moment you walk in the door, friendly and very knowledgeable staff. Even with there express option I was in and out within 10 minutes & they still had quite a bit of selection to chose from. This is certainly a model dispensary! Oh and they have a rewards program too!read more
22:18 31 Jul 20
All of the staff were friendly. Selection of products vary from week to week due to demand (prior to my first visit it took about 2 weeks for tinctures to be available).Insane taxes though... as an example, a ~$70 order came out to ~$105. No rating docked because this is not the fault of the business.Compulsory for recreational customers to order online prior to arriving at the dispensary, I'm assuming this is a statewide mandate but this is a pretty easy system to register and pre-order with a scheduled pickup more
Adira Hanna
Adira H.
21:07 27 Jul 20
Definitely the best recreational dispensary in the city by far! I would suggest pre-ordering because the menu online is much larger than the walk-in menu. Exceptionally knowledgeable staff, amazing selection of products, and a breezy experience overall. They also have a loyalty program that can't be beat. Get your bud here!read more
Dave Jacques
Dave J.
15:24 24 Jul 20
Got Weed on Weed Street !
Paul H
Paul H
20:47 20 Jul 20
The employees here are extremely friendly, and treat everyone with respect. They always seem to have a pretty decent selection to choose from as well. FYI, make sure you watch where you park, because the tow yard nazis are in full effect and watching your every more
Lisa Taylor
Lisa T.
22:40 18 Jul 20
Had a very pleasant experience here today! I placed an order online for pickup and was in and out in about 5 minutes. The hostess/greeter and the sales associates were all incredibly friendly and helpful; I’ll definitely be more
Mitch  Cain
Mitch C.
13:33 15 Jul 20
Windy City on Weed St....Thank you! Finally a recreational dispensary that actually carries a vast selection of flower to choose from. The workers are incredibly helpful and friendly. This will definitely be my choice for a dispensary whenever I am near the city! I HIGHLY recommendread more
13:27 14 Jul 20
Great customer service and a great selection to pick from. Much better than other dispensaries I have been to. Order online and select a pick up time, convenient!!! 💚💚💚💚read more
Nathan Swanson
Nathan S.
03:08 11 Jul 20
I just want to say firstly that it was such a relief the moment I found out about Windy City Cannabis on Weed St. It was perfectly next to “Peaquods” Pizza so when we were searching for a safe, quick trip, and we didn’t have to look any further once we found this place. Some places required a week out reservation while this place was incredibly accommodating to fill our order the day of with absolutely no wait! We are from out of town and it seemed slightly stressful at first wondering if we would get all the way there and potentially have an issue once we arrived somewhere. I called their customer service and a lady named Brooke went absolutely above and beyond to make sure we knew everything and all our worries were completely gone! It’s very special to get that kind of service and to have someone take so much extra time just to make us feel comfortable and understand everything. And I’m referring to her going over both our accounts to make sure they were correct, making sure everything was in stock that we wanted, even going out of her way after they normally close, just to confirm to us that everything was perfect and ready for us to come down. That’s the kind of business that can happily take my money any day! If you’re looking for a dispensary, LOOK NO FURTHER! And if you have any questions (seriously anything) give them a call and talk to their customer service because it takes away about 99% of the stress that comes with trying to find a place that’s quick, easy, and has great selection. Keep up the good work and I’m sad I don’t live closer to keep giving you guys my business more often! But anyone going down to Chicago, I’m gonna make sure I bring you up every time! Thank you so much again for everything!!!!read more
Chicago Wholesales
Chicago W.
21:40 09 Jul 20
Earliest pickup time was 4 which is okay but the rude cashier said "it's not my fault you selected 4pm" the fact that he knows he can get away with that.. I drove from the western burbs w my fav bud for nothing. Has that DuPage vanilla bean flavor Tupac warned us aboutread more
Randee Hughes
Randee H.
19:59 09 Jul 20
AMAZING experience! Easy to order. Process for pick up quick and efficient. The only dispensary in Chicago I will more
Dee Cee
Dee C.
13:17 09 Jul 20
Super quick, in and out. Did an online pre-order, heard about some other amazing products they had and walked out with more than i was expecting! Which is great because less trips during covid! Also, only windy city to explain the point system to more
LaQuan McMahan
LaQuan M.
11:24 09 Jul 20
Usually always have bud and prerolls which is hella difficult to find during these quarantine times. Tax isnt included until the time of purchase which is the only downside unlike other dispensaries but they more than make up for it with a wide selection of products, quick and painless service and friendly staff. Plus this dispensary is within walking distance from the Red more
Patrick Baitman
Patrick B.
00:29 09 Jul 20
Liked this location alot more than the homewood location. More options for recreational. Very nice people.
Dre Robinson
Dre R.
18:30 04 Jul 20
Great customer service. Nice location
Anders Ryden
Anders R.
23:14 02 Jul 20
Super friendly customer service
01:31 02 Jul 20
No complaints. Terrific customer service.
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