Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary in Mokena, IL

9930 190th Street - Unit H
Mokena, IL 60448

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri: 10am – 7pm
Sat – Sun: 10am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Mokena – Curaleaf is a marijuana dispensary location open at 9930 190th Street in Mokena, IL 60448.

Curaleaf dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Curaleaf Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Live Large
Live L.
02:08 18 Jan 22
Nice dispensary for medical patients only. The staff here have always been super friendly people to work with, from the security folks to the back of the more
Live Large
Live L.
00:27 06 Jan 22
Nice dispensary for medical patients only. They are starting to have better selection and pricing but still hold out on top prices compared to the “other guys” who cut more deals more often. The staff here have always been super friendly people to work with, from the security folks to the back of the more
Echo Cyanide
Echo C.
16:25 25 Dec 21
Placed an online order here and it just sat in queue for a couple hours. Resubmitted and after another hour, this one said ready. The dispensary itself looks nice in the waiting room. Once I got there, they checked my info and let me in to waiting room but gave me no direction after that. Several people kept walking in an out of the locked area, seemingly all rushed but nobody said anything for several minutes. After about ten minutes or so, they called me back. I'm not worried over a wait time, but at least tell me what's going on. I'm also a medical user, but that seems to mean nothing anymore, at least in more
Jeff Jensen
Jeff J.
18:00 03 Dec 21
Easy in and out pickup. Wide variety of medicine available.
Jeanine Balog
Jeanine B.
22:14 21 Nov 21
I think this location is great. Never had a problem here. In fact they have looked outfor me. I may switch locations if we ever go back to sticking with the one we named.They are always happy and answer any and all more
02:48 15 Nov 21
The staff is so friendly, helpful & accommodating!
nicole loki
nicole L.
12:16 19 Oct 21
I used to go to the Worth location which was superb. This one is not that great. The employees never know how to work Canpay. They try to charge you more than what showed on your order. I always screen shot my order so there are no issues. I wouldn't go back to this location if it wasn't the closest one to more
Jeremy Sikora
Jeremy S.
13:43 02 Oct 21
Everyone at this location is great. Giving it a low rating because it's medical only is insane. People it takes 1 minute to go to their site to see it's medical only. No complaints here at more
John Pierce
John P.
21:13 26 Aug 21
Medical only. Staff work hard to help patients in a timely manner, even when busy and they have been working all day. They are also very knowledgeable about their medicine and will take the time to share that knowledge with more
C. Smith
C. S.
21:01 09 Jul 21
Great staff and nice facility. Do not let the lack of parking spots deter you from choosing this location
Bradley Altom
Bradley A.
18:47 02 Jul 21
I called and talked to a girl named kayla, I was calling to inquire on the veteran discount. She was very short with me, near the point of unprofessional behavior, rude at the least. I was then refused (NO) after asking politely to speak to a manager or supervisor about other avenues I could explore into this veteran discount. This was today @ 1:25pm, (7/2/21). I have always been very respectful when picking up my orders, I always tip well and thought I had found a veteran friendly dispensary. It seems not. To any of my fellow service members, Rise in Naperville offers veterans 20% off. I will be heading there after resolving the rewards I have with Curaleaf. I will keep the community more
Riley's Shadow
Riley's S.
23:29 19 Jun 21
Pretty efficient. Need more competition. Product selection is pretty good but prices are still pretty high.
Steve Wilder
Steve W.
10:22 16 Jun 21
Medical Cannabis Dispensary, with a wide variety to choose from, clean and a great staff.
Erin Keith
Erin K.
19:34 12 Jun 21
Literally the nicest staff I have ever met. Even if they had the most basic of choices here I would still go purely for their customer more
Leo K
Leo K
00:33 09 Jun 21
Very friendly staff and a wide selection of top notch products. Highly recommend
Kathy Kelly
Kathy K.
22:35 02 Jun 21
A little better the 2nd time that the clapping, yelling brunette girl wasn't there. The gentleman that took care of us very knowledgeable and friendly. Avoid the dark haired girl with moles on her more
Kathy Kelly
Kathy K.
19:26 01 Jun 21
A little better the 2nd time that the clapping, yelling brunette girl wasn't there. The gentleman that took care of us very knowledgeable and friendly. Avoid the dark haired girl with moles on here more
Brian Emmett
Brian E.
21:06 18 May 21
This location only serves medical users. The store is about five minutes from my house, but they refuse to do business with me. The location in Worth sells for recreational use, so why not here? My next best option is about 40 minutes away from me, very disappointed and confused why I can't shop here. Also, it took a lot of digging for me to find out that it's medical use only - thanks for wasting an hour of my afternoon just to find out you refuse to sell me anythingread more
Frank Coglianese
Frank C.
18:29 08 May 21
There ok definitely need to get the main stream products like Cookies! STIIZY!! and 710 LAB than would be 5 starts till than it’s regular stuffread more
Jer Kizum
Jer K.
21:43 09 Apr 21
Even though google said it was a recreational dispensary, I had to drive an hour to find out that is incorrect and they never changed their google business page to reflect the fact it’s medical only. Unluckily I didn’t find this out until I was in the damned parking lot. Now get to drive another 30 minutes out of the way and then an hour and a half home. Thanks curaleafread more
17:59 25 Mar 21
Great location! I was recommended this place by my father who has his medical card in lieu of opioids. The staff are all super friendly and the selection here is the best I've seen anywhere! Glad to have this place as my medical dispensary!read more
Hannah W.
Hannah W.
03:43 16 Mar 21
I got in not knowing exactly what I want and staff is extremely professional and helpful. Love going!
Kathleen Mathews
Kathleen M.
18:38 14 Mar 21
Safe, with lots of security and strict adherence to masks and social distancing.Very professional and a chill vibe.
Kathleen Mathews
Kathleen M.
19:34 13 Mar 21
Safe, with lots of security and strict adherence to masks and docile distancing.Very professional and a chill vibe.
01:11 08 Mar 21
DEFINITELY A 5 STAR RATING!! Had some issues with my Rhythm Vape & I just called them & they told me what steps to take in order to return it WITHOUT BRINGING THE ACTUAL PRODUCT IN!! Wow were they adamant about that!! Lol! So took some pics & a video & showed them at the door & then a few other steps & it was replaced! SUPER CUSTOMER SERVICE! I had no idea it was so nice in there! Pretty cool lounge inside!read more
Jim Eckert
Jim E.
18:27 14 Feb 21
Always a super easy experience. Preorder and pull up and wait. Couldn't be simpler.This is my one and only dispensary and always will be. Never had an issue, never plan toread more
Jackie Yesaitis
Jackie Y.
23:33 24 Jan 21
I go here all the time and they are always so polite and efficient. But what matters the most is that I felt taken care of.I had a heck of a Sunday and bought a carts when I got home I realized they needed a special battery I called and they told me about it and got me all hooked up with one so I can enjoy my product. (even after I swore like a sailor to the sweet girl who took the call)They're good people 🥰read more
Anthony Montuori
Anthony M.
15:45 20 Jan 21
The curbside runners don’t do a good job of communicating the order so mistakes are likely to happen and since all orders are final it’s the consumer that’s screwed. So far the least favorite of any dispensary I’ve been too. I’d go anywhere else to avoid this more
Beth Proctor
Beth P.
20:12 19 Jan 21
I love this dispensary in Mokena. First they have a great array of products, but most importantly..the staff!Friendly, knowlegable, never make you feel more
20:33 30 Dec 20
Excellent service, fast, and order is always ready when ordered. I appreciate it and I’m glad I chose it for my medicine. Usually all supplies are there, thank you very much!read more
Patrick Noland
Patrick N.
00:47 30 Dec 20
Deanna and Brandon are awesome for me today. No appointment, no phone, no pre order, a hot mess. Everything is fine they say , made me feel ok. Shout out. Great dispensaryread more
Mark Reviews
Mark R.
21:19 27 Dec 20
Super friendly and Marissa was very helpful. I would always come back to this store in the future. The product selections are awesome.Thank you,Mark Fitzgibbonsread more
k.a. malone
k.a. M.
20:39 21 Dec 20
By ordering on line, pick up is easy and friendly at the curb. I have been a customer for at least two years and always had accurate service and more
Lori Janus
Lori J.
22:21 06 Dec 20
My son has been a patient here since opening. I drove him there yesterday, Dec.5 and was told to drive to the front for the transaction to be on camera, so I did. The nice employee gave him the "pricey bag" as he looked to make sure all was there, 5 sec.I was yelled at by a screaming and jumping man to get going so to clear for maybe other people. He was very disrespectful, and probably security maybe not employed be the dispensary. I did call and voice my disappointment at this response to patients using the dispensary. I can only hope that he will no longer be there. Other than that I give the employees a five star more
Courtney Thompson
Courtney T.
21:23 05 Dec 20
This is my favorite local dispensary. They have trained bud tenders and they are very helpful when choosing product.
Mike M
Mike M
16:16 23 Nov 20
By far, the best medical dispensary in town. The staff is wonderful, helpful, nice, well educated and most importantly, very very very professional. I would recommend Greenhouse to any patient who is looking for the absolute best service in town !!!!!!!!read more
Jackie Petraitis
Jackie P.
01:04 08 Nov 20
I'm so happy to be a patient at Greenhouse Mokena! This dispensary is very patient-centric. They have been doing a fantastic job at curbside pick-up since March and have only continued to improve the process. The staff works incredibly hard, plus they are friendly, knowledgeable and funny. Their menu on Jane is updated regularly. Greenhouse Mokena offers a great selection of product and you can use an app to pay electronically 😁💚🌲read more
Richard Shelton
Richard S.
16:09 27 Oct 20
First time, pulled up and waited less than 2 minutes before Jake came up, ascertained my knowledge of products, offered his knowledge and some additional insight. Made me aware of payment options and provided an overall excellent first experience! Thanks Jake!read more
Jereme Barnes
Jereme B.
23:38 25 Sep 20
Very nice looking interior. Staff was polite and helpful. They have a nice 10% off everything 9/25/2020 through 9/27/2020. All orders are curbside only but they do allow use of their ATM. I was pleased with the visit and the product. Thank you, Greenhouse!read more
jim kikoen
jim K.
23:03 13 Sep 20
Excellent service pleasant people to deal with
Kevin Thomas
Kevin T.
21:06 09 Sep 20
Great service and excellent product 👌
Edward Bogdanic
Edward B.
16:35 06 Sep 20
I was really disappointed with my first visit to This dispensery. I thought when I went there I was going to talk to someone and discuss what would be right for my needs, I stayed in my car and the guy came out and asked me what I wanted. I told him it was my first time so we went through the registration and he basically said order what you want on your phone, I specifically told him I wanted something with high THC however I Ended up getting a Strain with a 15% THC which really Doesn’t do much for me . I am sitting on a half ounce and wish I would have went with a different strain, I didn’t know. This place is very close to me so I will use it again and hope for a better experience next time. However I will educate myself and will not rely on a staff member there to help. And they don’t return calls!read more
Philip Goldenstein
Philip G.
16:43 05 Sep 20
I had a wonderful first time here, very easy! I really like the selection, service, & prices.
Aires GroundAndPoundcake
Aires G.
02:16 26 Aug 20
Greenhouse is upscale, clean, well stocked, friendly, and the staff are generally well knowledgeable. When I've have issues/ mistakes have been made the management has quickly come to a fair resolution. The prices are a little higher than other places than I've seen. But their products have always been pretty more
Austin Novak
Austin N.
17:08 27 Jul 20
I went here for the first time today, to say the least, it was a great experience. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Jake. Being this was my first time at the dispensary, I had plenty of questions. Jake was able to help sign me up, explain how the process works, was extremely knowledgeable about the product offered, and was able to clarify any questions/concerns I had. The Greenhouse is a great location as well - 10/10 experience, I look forward to going here in the future for more
19:34 14 Jul 20
Has potential, but the Menu is always lacking indica, while even recreational dispos nearby have plenty of indica. I also ordered a Gram cartridge and they gave me a half gram. They even said it was there mistake but would not refund the product or offer any loyalty points or give me another half gram to complete the gram I ordered. The extra 20-30 minute drive to another dispo is worth more
Jacquelyn Garcia
Jacquelyn G.
01:06 21 Mar 20
I had to switch dispensary because Mokena Greenhouse has very low inventory. They stop carrying what I use to treat my medical condition. It’s a medical Dispensary it should be more
Jayne Dwyer
Jayne D.
12:49 06 Mar 20
Staff is fairly good. This dispensary is mismanaged. Greenhouse group treats this dispensary as a stepchild. No communication with patients. Only hires young hipsters. Product availability is insufficient. I have repeatedly sent emails to corporate, no response. They don't even answer the message chat. When it says response will be in a couple hours. If you preorder, you still have to wait. Not more
melanie jarvis
melanie J.
00:30 28 Feb 20
they need some older employees who could relate to their customers and they are frequently out of product
Ruth Kennedy
Ruth K.
23:30 20 Jan 20
Did not like my experience at this location—though I had high hopes based upon the reviews. It’s located in a small industrial area and while the inside has a simple yet cute setup the employees seem unprofessional. I met with Mary who dressed and acted like she was fifteen—with a flippant attitude which I found off putting. Just because you work in the cannabis industry doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be mature and take your work seriously. You’re supposed to help patients but I didn’t receive the help I was looking for and I won’t be back. I don’t recommend this more
Basic B
Basic B
06:51 07 Jan 20
There is no possible way this location could have 5 stars. Staff is rude, especially guy in front. They gave their 2 other locations which are recreational, most of the medicinal supply, which I’m sure is illegal. They have not had decent flower, pre-rolls or edibles in a month. This wasn’t a 5 star store before, if anything it’s a 2 star store with average overpriced cardboard. FYI.. talk to their employees, high turnover and will admit that new product goes to their employees and friends of employees. 🤢🙌 Yoi want a 5 star store, go to more
Sarah Sexton
Sarah S.
00:21 28 Dec 19
Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Always love the product and customer service here. Thank You Greenhouse Mokena!
Totally Basic
Totally B.
23:13 26 Nov 19
This place was good in the beginning. You can only pre order if you want a chance of any good product. Also their supply has been insanely low. There is one guy who works there, who is incredibly rude and when you ask any questions it seems like a chore for him to answer. It’s disheartening especially when you are trying to get the right product that will help. The staff turns over but this guy still remains. Overall, very limited selection if in more
Larry Davis
Larry D.
17:28 14 Nov 19
They don't answer your calls or return them. The menu looks great, but nothing is ever available. Looks are deceiving. Save your time and money, especially your money. They are extremely OVERPRICED. Awful customer service. Rename this place to EMPTYHOUSE. The good reviews are most likely from friends and family from these bozos. No one I know can consistently find what they need. Awful empty ghetto more
Big Phil SR
Big Phil S.
01:42 26 Sep 19
Very informative. Oscar even explained his pain and what he likes to use . This place will NOT stir you wrong. I've tried a couple Oscar recommend and I'm not disappointed. Can't wait to go back💯😍read more
Clay O
Clay O
19:04 25 Sep 19
They are overpriced and do not have a huge selection. Other than being in a great area, they have nothing going for them besides one or two good employees (Scott). Do yourself a favor and check out other places (Windy City Posen) I had a concern and emailed the GM twice as instructed by staff, not even a response. That is what made me check around. Good luckread more
Marcy K
Marcy K
21:41 23 Sep 19
The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The Lobby is bright and cozy, the bathrooms are clean.The area where you shop could be more spacious and they could have a better, more consistent inventory. They could showcase their products like other dispensaries do, this might help newcomers like me understand what these weird names like shatter mean. Instead I go home and Google the phrases.Overall it's a nice place and the people are greatread more
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