Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary in Skokie, IL

10000 Skokie Blvd
Skokie, IL 60077

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10am – 7pm
 Sun: 10am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Skokie – Curaleaf is a marijuana dispensary location open at 10000 Skokie Blvd for adult use recreational cannabis product sales.

Curaleaf dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Curaleaf Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Joon Jung
Joon J.
21:35 16 Jan 22
They have great selection but what really stands out was their customer service. While I’m line - noticed a couple of older ladies in line with walkers and crutches. The staff came out and brought them inside to wait instead of standing outside. That’s is what empathetic customer service should more
Tyler Evans
Tyler E.
19:58 27 Nov 21
Incredible location. Best prices in town. Friendly customer service.Recently I had to change my home shop as I took a job in a different area. I had visited this location several times in the past and was always impressed with the customer service and selection. After several months away I'm happy to see that there's an even bigger selection than when I had first moved to the area. The customer service is stellar as always, and the rebate system is easy to rack up. Definitely happy to call this my new home more
S ve
S V.
19:13 06 Nov 21
This is Hands down the best dispensary in all of Illinois. Amazing prices, amazing and helpful also very knowledgeable staff. The vibe here is great I definitely recommend it also they get the newest strains and products. 10/10read more
Yisroel Brownstein
Yisroel B.
04:25 30 Sep 21
Beautiful set up. Extremely professional, and helpful simultaneously. My friend truly appreciated his experience...
Chip Shepherd
Chip S.
20:38 22 Sep 21
My first experience and it was great! Quite busy but worth the wait. Excellent staff and very friendly and helpful! Kudos to Mike and Josh!read more
Art Solomon
Art S.
21:19 19 Sep 21
Have been coming here since it opened, and it's been really great. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, the place is large and well laid out, clean and great looking inside and out.The only problem is that the pot has become terrible. They told me what they tell everyone else. Make a movie of you opening the jar., including the ID number and send it to them.First off, it ain't my job to do their quality control. Second, it shows they don't know what they're selling. And third, after getting complaints for months now, they haven't done anything.I need a new more
Taylor Rose
Taylor R.
18:05 18 Sep 21
They offer different types of discounts every week and also when you first sign up you get 15% off your first 3 purchases. You also accumulate rewards dollars with every purchase made. The discounts really help out with the crazy high taxes Illinois adds on. You pay with cash or card (although there is a charge fee). ATM is also on more
Payton Mittenzwei
Payton M.
20:58 15 Sep 21
One of the best dispensaries in the US. Prices are average for Illinois and should come down as the market matures. A great selection and the gal who helped me was extremely informative. The Select Squeeze is a mustread more
Annie McCormick
Annie M.
13:25 24 Aug 21
We had a wonderful customer service experience. Thank you Stacy for listening to our specific needs and recommending some good options. As a runner I especially love the topical cream which really helps relieve sore muscles. But everything we got was spot on what we were looking for. We will definitely be more
Dustin Sneed
Dustin S.
11:13 29 Jul 21
Amazing place! Helpful,friendly staff. Huge selection and great discounts. Beautiful inside and out!!! Already made another visit 😁read more
Robin K
Robin K
13:10 23 Jul 21
Had a really good experience here. Stacie P. was such a huge help as I haven't partook in over 10 years. She was kind and patient with me. I also LOVED the space and decor. 10/10, will be back!read more
Lilo Lopez
Lilo L.
03:06 24 Jun 21
I somehow always get matched up with Simone and they just knock it of out of the park! My last visit especially, they really guided me through all of the best products catered to my needs and more. They’re so knowledgeable and are the prime example of what an expert on the floor looks like! I was able to get several cartridges, a crumble, and the new squeeze to try. I always know who and where to go when I need my stuff!read more
17:59 06 Jun 21
Very clean atmosphere. The displays are placed at a good eye level so it makes it easy to walk around and browse. The staff are also very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Security man is also pretty awesome 😀read more
Cody LaBelle
Cody L.
15:15 05 Jun 21
Excellent staff with products at a below average price compared to other rec dispensaries. Their rewards system is the most rewarding I've seen yet in all of the Illinois dispensary I've visited. I'd definitely rate them 5 out of more
Zev Ginzburg
Zev G.
20:02 17 May 21
Curaleaf, formerly Greenhouse, is such a great spot.They consistently have awesome specials and I have no way of proving it, but I find their prices to be a tad more affordable.The loyalty points are the real kicker and I keep racking them up. It’s a great spot and they get you in and out quick.Pre ordering is really the way to go in my more
Seth Champagne
Seth C.
02:44 12 May 21
Great dispensary, open with tons of space and tons of products. It was kinda busy when I went but I still recieve first class service and never had to wait for anything. I visit a lot of dispensary all over the country... north America really and this was one of my better experiences. Noah really hooked it up after telling him I like to collect little novelties from different more
Njk Auto
Njk A.
17:34 07 May 21
Great selection and everyone was very nice, but the 1/8(3.5G) I purchased was short. It was only 3.14G. Completely unacceptable, especially considering the price and this is a store. If you purchase here makes sure to weigh it yourself and more
17:16 06 May 21
Retail cannabis of course it's going to be expensive. If it's too expensive just call the plug. However, this is easily one of the best retail experiences you're going to get for cannabis. The shop is nice and comfortable, all the employees are super professional and very friendly. A coincidentally get rung up by the same person four out of five times that I visit, and each visit regardless of what was going on she has been more
Andrew Voeltner
Andrew V.
13:54 01 May 21
Great selection, good prices, and a super friendly staff. If you know what you want you can order ahead and be in and out in only a few minutes. If you are not sure what you want and have questions they will patiently work with you to explain the differences between more
Ti Tate
Ti T.
15:24 30 Apr 21
after coming here for over a year I never had a problem but Today was a bad day. I place an order for 2X 14 grams of shake to pickup when I got of work. I go to pickup my order and the service was great. My Problem arises when I get Home I like to Smoke before I sleep. I opened One of the Two 1/2 OZ and to my surprise its empty now I out $130 and a 1/2 OZ don't know if ill come back this type of thing should not happenread more
A P.
17:44 25 Apr 21
Big, bright and clean. Nice variety of products and other merchandise. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Has sort of an Apple store vibe, as much as a dispensary can more
Steven Smith
Steven S.
04:20 18 Apr 21
Always incredibly clean, safe, efficient, and incredibly friendly staff!Great sales and reward points program.Staff is happy to answer any questions and they’re all extremely knowledgeable! I will always be making the extra drive to visit this more
Gabriel Watts
Gabriel W.
10:56 14 Apr 21
Very nice experience. Knowledgeable staff. I enjoy the atmosphere here. They need more variety but all in all cool more
Bubba Sims
Bubba S.
20:25 11 Apr 21
Nice facility. Staff was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Wide variety of products available in stock. Great deals and competitive more
Dennis Lucas
Dennis L.
19:54 04 Apr 21
Fantastic experience. Courteous, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Excellent Curaleaf and Cresco product. Will definitely visit again, I felt very welcomed as a first more
zSteezy _
zSteezy _
20:32 25 Mar 21
Amazing place, amazing people. Prices are great too. They are always welcoming and helpful. Love this place and the people in it. I come here at least once a week to experience their amazing products. 10/ more
Abigale Mcknight
Abigale M.
05:39 21 Mar 21
Love this dispensary! A very organized and spacious store with a wide variety. The first time I came here I had a great experience. Lucas was very welcoming and knowledgeable of the products. Overall 10/10 will continue to come more
Holly Wengerski
Holly W.
23:41 20 Mar 21
I love it here! Everyone here is super friendly, and not only that they are dog friendly. My dog Anakin gets so much love every time he comes. Super fast and great customer service!read more
Frank Tank
Frank T.
05:04 23 Feb 21
Hands down best dispensary experience ever. Good deals for first timers, and extremely personal service. Lady helping me and looking on her tablet at all inventory was proficient and helpful, the cashier was nice and even cleaning guy was hilarious. Definitely coming more
Carl Harrison
Carl H.
18:34 12 Feb 21
Q is incredibly knowledgeable about the products. He actually took the time to inform me about the 1906 products which I will be purchasing on my next visit. Because of his insight I decided to go with the resin cartridge instead of the cheaper more
Linda Perkins
Linda P.
18:50 03 Feb 21
I love a warm atmosphere and this place has it. The staff where more then helpful. Heather was knowledgeable about anything I ask. Love this placeread more
Ruslan Nunez
Ruslan N.
16:56 22 Jan 21
Ah man .What can I say?This place is fantastic. Flower ,edibles, vapes.Staff is super cool and friendly.Even the security people. Excellent more
A Flores
A F.
00:21 04 Jan 21
Okay so honestly and fully honest I've been a legitimate user of medical use marijuana for quite some time now and as a businessman I thought the branch was not only run well aesthetically pleasing but overall just amazing because the staff was not only helpful but knowledgeable and offered many many recommendations and would recommend this place to anybody who is looking for a dispensary. The only complaint I have is the pricing but you get what you pay for.... Amazing products and amazing more
Gretchen Buhrke
Gretchen B.
09:55 27 Dec 20
Went here for the first time a couple of weeks ago and will absolutely be going back. I worked with Kristy who was SO helpful, informative, and kind. She helped me understand their point system, policies, and she gave me a rundown of their merch... just overall a great place!read more
Gail Khayat
Gail K.
18:26 20 Dec 20
Love this store! Friendly, helpful staff. Kristy was great. Great selection. Worth the drive!
Candace Hill
Candace H.
19:25 19 Dec 20
I love coming here, it’s my favorite dispensary. I live in the city and still make the trip because the place is so clean, so many people who can help you and answer all your questions. Simone was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. We will always come back because of her, too!read more
Lucio DiPaolo
Lucio D.
16:39 10 Dec 20
1st time visiting this dispensary - just satisfying my curiosity and accompanying a friend. It's very nice - the staff is very friendly, helpful and enthusiastic about helping you. They have a great setup for an efficient and Covid safe visit. I was amazed at the products they offer and how pot has become a normal retail product. Very more
Lisa Patterson
Lisa P.
02:26 01 Dec 20
Amazing people, who were very knowledgeable about the products. Gave a warm and friendly welcome. Easy to understand the flow inside the store! Definitely recommend to anyone!!read more
Amy O
Amy O
23:32 24 Nov 20
I went and bought several products of their flower on Friday. The service provided was great but one of the products I bought was short which is really disappointing. It clearly says 3.5g but when I opened it, it definitely looked short which it was. When I went to weigh it, it was only 2.4g. I sent a message via their website but have yet to hear from anyone. Not sure if I would purchase anymore product from there in the future.***Update ***[Rating was changed from 2 stars to 5 stars.]I was contacted by representative (Bri) from Greenhouse Dispensary and she was very helpful and informative. The contact delay was most likely due to this recently passed weekend. The aforementioned issue has been completely and satisfactory reconciled. I'll definitely be revisiting this location for purchasing more
Amy O
Amy O
15:18 23 Nov 20
I went and bought several products of their flower on Friday. The service provided was great but one of the products I bought was short which is really disappointing. It clearly says 3.5g but when I opened it, it definitely looked short which it was. When I went to weigh it, it was only 2.4g. I sent a message via their website but have yet to hear from anyone. Not sure if I would purchase anymore product from there in the more
Sun Blazed
Sun B.
22:51 17 Nov 20
Definitely a vibe! Quick and smooth transaction. Had a ton to choose from and had some sweet deals. Love their cash back more
Alexander Slagg
Alexander S.
14:46 28 Sep 20
Had a great experience here -- first time. The staff was friendly and super helpful, sitting down with me and explaining the process and the details of the cannabis products available. Answered all of my newbie questions. A wider selection of products than I had imagined including topical lotions. A very inviting and relaxed atmosphere to shop in. Definitely recommend a visit. Be ready, cash only but they have an more
Ivan Mercado
Ivan M.
19:43 27 Sep 20
Now this is how someone should be treated when you come into a Dispensary. They the most delighting, helpful, and without making you feel like your commiting a crime. Even the officers or security was even nice.And the place looks and feels very welcoming. The guy who took care of us was very helpful and also human.The selection and service is something that other Dispensers need to take note from. It is all about service, quality, and just being good with your customers means everything. I will for sure spread the word about this place.This place is so good, I would want to work for this place. Just to spread the more
Aaron Buchanan
Aaron B.
22:13 22 Sep 20
Janessa was so amazing. Literally have never had a better cannabis experience in my life. She helped me pick the perfect products and i ended up buying more than I expected and not sorry about it!! Thank you Janessa!! I will be backread more
03:58 20 Sep 20
This is my favorite dispensary between Evanston and Schaumburg. For three specific reasons. 1. They have a great selection of flower 2. The prices seem to be the fairest for premium flower. 3. Greenhouse has the best loyalty rewards program by far. I highly recommend visiting this wonderful establishment. Looking forward towards my next visit and new locations!!read more
Kevin Collins
Kevin C.
21:08 19 Sep 20
An amazing staff! They all knew their job and we're very informative. I felt like I knew everyone there. They had everything you could imagine.Thanks Greenhouse dispensary!read more
Omar Cruz
Omar C.
21:38 11 Sep 20
Love this place. They have a pretty big selection and the staff as far as friendliness and helpful is top tier. I was helped by Cesar and Bry and both were very welcoming and helped me select just what I needed and didn’t try to oversell. Will definitely come back!read more
Chelle Hall
Chelle H.
17:41 09 Sep 20
Place is huge super nice people on staff who were attentive and pleasant. Rolling the bounty now;)
Sharon I
Sharon I
14:33 09 Sep 20
1st visit in Illinois dispensary. Great atmosphere. They had my Wana gummies I get while in Colorado. Budtender Melissa was very helpful patient didn't rush me since I asked A LOT of questions. Haven't tried my pre-rolled or the Blues Brothers bud yet will review then. Loved my gummies so far. Will be backed traveled from Lombard area and will continue that 40 minute drive. So far so goodread more
Greg Witt
Greg W.
15:22 08 Sep 20
One of the best dispensaries in the area - ordering online was easy and I received the text that the order was ready long before the scheduled pickup window.Great selection of product in stock - flower and edibles.Easy in and out - I waited in line outside for all of five minutes and was out of the store in 15 minutes.My only concern was that they seemed to be a bit lax on the enforcement of physical distancing and (I felt) there were too many folks allowed into the store at one time (this time being Covid).I'll definitely be shopping here again!read more
AC Uploads
00:05 05 Sep 20
I can't wait to return for more (:I got a quarter for $101.00 tax included and a free T shirt!
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