EarthMed Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

EarthMed Marijuana Dispensary in Addison, IL

852 S Westgate
Addison, IL 60101

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10am – 9pm
Sun: Noon – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – EarthMed is a marijuana dispensary location open at 852 S Westgate Addison in IL 60101.

EarthMed dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

EarthMed Dispensary Products

Recreational Adult Use Menu

What People Are Saying

Laura Sammarco
Laura S.
00:35 10 Nov 21
I’ve been coming to this dispensary for two years now and have had countless good experiences at this location. Tonight was especially great, Alexa went above and beyond to help me pick out the best possible strain for me and was kind enough to explain everything I needed further explanation on. She really wowed me tonight! EarthMed, you should be truly grateful to have her as an more
Tim Foley
Tim F.
14:49 02 Nov 21
Parking stinks. Friendly, helpful staff, decent prices and selection, and short waits due to good staffing. My main dispensary based on consistency and price!read more
Emily Wislofsky
Emily W.
00:18 15 Oct 21
The gal there was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. My friend and I were fairly new to the dispensary scene so we weren't entirely sure what we were doing. There was no pressure to pick what we wanted and we didn't feel rushed. Quality products. Expensive, yes but that's what you expect for buying taxed cannibis more
Tracy Stephens
Tracy S.
18:39 13 Sep 21
EarthMed is located in an industrial area in Addison, so it looks a little janky from the outside. Inside is a different story. It's very welcoming and the staff is extremely helpful and knows their products. There are menus, but as it was my first time there, I needed help navigating and one of the employees helped my friend and I get the products that suited our needs. Can't wait to go again!read more
Patrice G
Patrice G
03:36 01 Sep 21
Very friendly and professional staff. My wheelchair bound brother was treated with the utmost respect. The staff member who waited on us was patient, kind and knowledgeable. Our van's battery died and the Security guard used his own car and own battery charger to charge our van. I hope everyone knows that your kindness was felt deeply. Thank youread more
Mike Wiley
Mike W.
14:47 15 Aug 21
This is my go to dispensary and has been for many years. The staff are absolutely amazing and answer any questions that you may have and it’s always clean and bright. I highly recommended them!read more
Joel Sanchez
Joel S.
20:00 10 Aug 21
Great experience, one of the best dispensaries I've ever been too! That's coming from someone who has been out of state and out of country for recreational cannabis. Both people I encountered (forgive me for not remembering your name) were super chill and had a lot to talk about or show me. Some girl even wrote down my order for me and then the guy at the counter made sure to sign me up for rewards. Even the security guards at each exit were cool and laid back. I'm telling everyone about this place, I'm definitely coming back!read more
Wishful Thinker
Wishful T.
04:44 06 Jul 21
Don't like how rude and confrontational the security at the door is. Also why are we to wear masks when the employees don't have to wear em. N just checking temp isn't gonna tell you if they have the funny more
Natalie Meyer
Natalie M.
15:21 04 Jun 21
My visit was very positive! Everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly. The staff is very professional and respectful. All my questions were answered and I highly recommend this Addison location! ☮️read more
William Santiago
William S.
22:09 27 May 21
Love this place very nice and clean, staff is super friendly, well educated in the products they have and helpful. The prices? Like any illinois dispensary, a bit high( like y'all) but the quality is top more
Joe Petrungaro
Joe P.
07:26 26 May 21
Staff will give you a hard time for not wearing a mask, even if you are vaccinated. I felt personally threatened by the staff when I was in the building and won't be returning. One woman's glasses were fogging up as she tried to lecture me. Very more
nick leffler
nick L.
14:34 21 May 21
Great products, amazing staff, helpful for what ever your medical cannabis needs are. Staff is very informed and easy to talk to. I go about twice a week. 5 Stars 10 out of 10 will go again!read more
Employees are ALWAYS in a great mood. And if you don't know much about weed, don't worry cause all the employees are very knowledgeable about all the products and strains. They can answer any question you might more
Theresa Yvonne
Theresa Y.
22:42 10 May 21
I LOVE EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT WORKS THERE! they remember EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER that comes in. NOT ONLY do they have THE BEST STRAINS, but they literally have EVERYTHING & ANYTHING for anxiety, sleep, pain, etc. if you want to go to a dispensary, EARTH MED IS DEFINITELY THE PLACE TO GO!!! 🙂read more
Travis Beyers
Travis B.
02:53 24 Apr 21
Great deals this week on Good product.I visit about once a week, grab some stuff, and am usually very happy when I get home.The staff is relaxed and knowledgeable.Not to mention alot of the girls there are cute LOLI Love the Earth. I Love Med advancements.What's not to Love about more
Janet Weatherly
Janet W.
02:01 23 Apr 21
Love the staff here. Everyone is really friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable about their product range. Really don't like going anywhere more
Tom Hopper
Tom H.
21:08 08 Apr 21
Every visit is better than the one before. Great selections, better employees. Upbeat atmosphere and exceeds my expectations. Menu prices INCLUDE tax, no surprises. Highly more
B Malone
B M.
21:43 30 Mar 21
Most hassle free dispensary experience I've had outside of Las Vegas. Great menu,always stocked. Parking can be hectic,but its all worth itread more
Emily Yamout
Emily Y.
22:06 20 Feb 21
I had a great first time experience here. They were very kind and welcoming at the front door. The staff were super helpful and friendly with all my questions, even though it was busy they made sure to spend time to explain everything and listen to what I had to say. Checking out was nice as well- super friendly cashiers. Only downside was having to pay in cash but they do have ATMs in the dispensary. Overall, great experience, will be back soon!read more
Sue Kleinow
Sue K.
03:36 12 Feb 21
All the staff are very helpful and helpful when you need it. Good selection but have only been here. I have a dispensary 3 blocks from my house but choices are better at Earthmed!!read more
Kevin Truhlar Jr.
Kevin Truhlar J.
17:45 06 Feb 21
checked in here for an online rec pickup the other day, and after already uploading my ID online I was asked to take my mask off by security for a camera in the entryway to "confirm my identity." I was able to step outside but still felt uncomfortable by the situation. Not the smartest or safest thing to do in a pandemic imo. Staff was friendly and selection online was solid I guess, but I'd rather go to another dispensary that doesn't make me do something like that in the middle of a fight against an airborne virusread more
Cali Gurl
Cali G.
00:09 07 Jan 21
My first time as a medical patient. It was an awesome experience. Thanks so much for making it great!read more
Maria S Nasca
Maria S N.
00:02 12 Dec 20
Very busy place. Both medical and recreational. Sometime staff is friendly and helpful, sometimes not. All wear masks and take temps before letting you enter... stock is not always available. Don't be disappointed if they don't have flower. They have been out several times this year. Supply is getting better but pricing is more
Jude Woods
Jude W.
02:18 05 Dec 20
I am glad I found Earthmed and I'm also grateful for the larger selection and the ability to order ahead for my medical cannabis...I just wish there were specials once in awhile... Before recreational, they offered great deals for a variety of items... Bring back the specials!read more
Ohamys DG
Ohamys D.
12:34 17 Nov 20
This was a great place. They are a friendly and helpful staff with a pretty good recreational menu and reasonable prices.Will definitely be coming more
Tanya Christine Weeks
Tanya Christine W.
16:57 13 Nov 20
I seriously love this dispensary. every single time I go there immediately upon arriving you get the feeling that every single person who works there is flirting with you and is super happy to see you, the wait is never long, and there are so many great options for flower! they also sell locally blown really inexpensive pipes !read more
Hollowpoint357 S&W
Hollowpoint357 S.
01:43 13 Nov 20
This place is awesome. Very friendly helpful staff, from the security out front to the staff inside. I'm handicapped and the security guy out front went above and beyond to help me. Big selection and I was in and out in 15 min. Highly more
Robert James
Robert J.
23:35 08 Nov 20
This place has come a long way since January for rec users. Lines have gotten better here too. The staff is also getting better with being able to recommend items as well as give useful information on products. Back in January, it was brutal. The staff pretty much only knew how to ring out products. Customer service has definitely gone up! My only gripe is the fact that they are a few dollars more expensive than most other dispensaries and they don't ever offer any deals or promos. I like that 2 other dispensaries I've recently checked out offer great promo deals that you can sign up for. I also wish they could figure out the parking situation. Competition is slowly being built with dispensaries that offer parking and don't look shady. Overall, I come here for the convenience and hope that eventually they will offer a rewards program, better pricing and better more
Ohamys DG
Ohamys D.
20:05 07 Nov 20
This was a great place. Freud my and helpful staff with reasonable prices.Will definitely be coming more
19:03 29 Oct 20
Love going to EarthMed!! Everyone is so nice and friendly! The menu has a pretty decent variety! It’s great that they already include taxes in their prices unlike other dispensaries, it makes it easier for me to have the right amount ready to go and easier for them as well!! I love that the menu changes either every day or every few days! Keeps me coming back because I always find something new to try!! Definitely recommend this place!!read more
Netizen Probe
Netizen P.
16:13 26 Sep 20
Good selection and friendly staff!Now for the bad...this place is strikingly similar to going to a street dealer where you walk in, tell them what you want, pay, and you're good to go.For recreational customers, parking is horrendous, so be prepared to walk a block or 2.It sucks that they have no accommodations for the customers. I was thinking they would have a munchies table or similar to what Planet Fitness has, but NO!Their website definitely needs a lot of work, you cannot filter by plant type, strain, THC percentage, quantity, etc. and it DOESN'T update in real time when items run out!Most of the items don't have pictures, it would be very helpful to have pictures of the actual labels, so that we can see the breakdown and all pertinent information.All in all, I know my review is negative and some may disagree, but I strongly believe my fellow stoners deserve to know the truth. This place appears to be in it for the money and not for the stoners!Due to be aformentioned, it is quite clear that the ownership is horrendously cheap and don't care about their customers.***Update 2020-09-26***Just found out about Columbia Care which is the first recreational cannabis dispensary to open in Villa Park! The location at 133 Roosevelt Road is Columbia Care's second, following a medical/recreational dispensary that opened in January in Chicago. This place looks amazing inside! Perhaps they are not as cheap as these owners and actually give back to its customers and communities!read more
Mint Collie
Mint C.
04:19 13 Sep 20
Great prices, always in and out in under 5 min!read more
23:30 12 Sep 20
my favorite local dispensaryread more
Long Time
Long T.
22:40 12 Sep 20
Not impressed whatsoever. Very impersonal and overpriced . Parking is a absolute joke!!!!!Wont be more
Cody W
Cody W
22:18 12 Sep 20
Great selection but some of the employees can be a bit rude. Earthmed should put them all in a wee sauna before sending them out on the floor. I'd rather go to sunnyside or natures care to be more
Adel Aref
Adel A.
06:21 10 Sep 20
Very nice people working there 👍read more
Michael Kochan
Michael K.
18:14 09 Sep 20
No problems with staff or service here, but it seems to me that $200 pre-legalization got you more. A LOT more. Yay capitalism. more
Santos Horrach
Santos H.
01:21 25 Aug 20
Kind of pricey but very good more
Nata Pendrid
Nata P.
00:59 20 Aug 20
Never had an issue here, no frills, masks required to enter and they take your temp at the door. you wait in the queue, walk up to the counter tell the cashier what you’d like off the menu, cash only, I advise bringing some in advance instead of using the atm. I love this dispensary and all the workers. I will always give them my more
michelle juarez
michelle J.
18:57 16 Aug 20
Enjoy the vast selection of products that they have and everyone is super friendly and helpful.Now once you have bought your stuff and smoke head over to Christopher’s restaurant/dinner .I promise you will not be disappointed. The food is amazing the waffles are melt in your mouth delicious. Clean good servicesread more
Michelle Bocik
Michelle B.
16:06 13 Aug 20
Have tried several other dispensaries but Earthmed is the best! Wonderful staff and security. Professional, efficient and wide variety of product always available. Worth the drive!read more
Derek Foley
Derek F.
22:37 11 Aug 20
I rarely take the time out of my day to comment unless it truly is deserved and I want to say How much I appreciate Tony at Earthmed. Straight-up, friendly and professional. Actually took the time to hear my concern and just did what’s right. Thanks again more
Patrick Munyan
Patrick M.
12:10 11 Aug 20
Fair prices. But the employees at this establishment are unprofessional. The boy out side yelled at me as I pulled in to the stores lot... apparently they have a sign sitting in the grass stating parking for Medical customers only. Alright i will park somewhere else... Then the lady at the check outline brags on how she told a customer off that day. Not a local so I personally will go somewhere else next time to re up. Stay classy gentlemen and more
00:40 01 Aug 20
First time at a pot shop. Not what I expected but a great experience. Waited in line for less then 10 minutes. Talked a little to one of the security guys. Very informative and a really nice guy. Amanda took care of me. Very pleasant and nice. She was very informative and answered all my questions. I really just went for a couple cartridges and ended up buying some flower.Everything I bought was very good but my complaint is the same as everybody's. Way to expensive. 3.5 grams was twice the price I pay. But I guess we are paying for the convenience. I'm just happy it's more
Angela Fang
Angela F.
04:08 30 Jul 20
The staff is absolutely incredible! Very helpful and knowledgeable.Big bonus points for the "Medical Only" SundaysThey also carry the best brands and have the most selection for a dispensary in the burbsread more
Paul Pratapas
Paul P.
22:09 17 Jul 20
Asked about seeing a Manager in a most basic fashion and received all kinds of round about answers reminiscent of interacting with drug dealers.I don't know if this company has a compliance manager overseeing their operations and training staff to receive, manage and/or redirect such basic requests within such a regulated industry.I left feeling like I had done something wrong which was very strange for paying above black market drug prices for what is called medicine from the earth and wanting to know if anyone is responsible to the DEA or the victims of poor health walking in coughing up thousands of dollars in cash.I really hope the people within this industry seek more advisement from people who have experience in related industries or find better ways to handle what should be obvious questions you may and will encounter.Diffusion of responsibility is something behavioral scientists would look at as a red flag not as a management technique. And having worked in rehab and as a behavioral analyst in mental health facilities I couldn't see anything I did as abnormal for any retail situation. Let alone in a pharmaceutical setting.EarthMed leads the state in requests for allowance increases and caters to people reselling the products. I think the state of Illinois and the Federal Government should take a close look at their operations to assure for the safety and credibility of the pilot program. Not to mention assuring the availability of medicine for those who need it.I am going to make my own personal request on behalf of those medical patients at risk and being insulted by businesses like this.It is a COMPASSIONATE MEDICAL act not the legal drug dealing more
Daniel Ford
Daniel F.
17:50 16 Jul 20
This is based on my first time going. Expect for there to be a line outside the building with everyone spaced 6 feet apart. Despite this, the wait was not bad at all. Once you get up to the door you'll get a paper menu, I felt a bit flustered because the line moves fast and of course you don't want to hold anyone up. Make sure you have cash, I didn't realize it was cash only, but if you forget they have atms there. The staff are all very friendly even if you only interact with them more
JT Pozzie
00:54 28 Jun 20
I recently moved out to the north west suburbs of Chicago and I stumbled upon EarthMed whilst moving. Over the weekend I visited the facility and I was just so elated with the hospitality I received. I ran into a snag with my medical card and the team was able to answer all my questions and guide me through everything to best of their ability. Thank you EarthMed of Addison!read more
Sergio Delgado
Sergio D.
21:23 26 Jun 20
This was my first Medical Marijuana Dispensary I've visited. The staff at EarthMed was great. I went looking for my mom who is a cancer patient. The staff helped me pick out the right products to manage her symptoms while also helping me as I fumbled through their process. I look forward to having them as a more
15:47 15 Jun 20
If you see a line don't worry it moves very quickly. Then when you get inside it just feels like your home very friendly and knowledgeable about the products. Plus you are never rushed if you have a question they will get you the best answer. Thank you for all you do.🤘🤘read more
Sue Carr
Sue C.
20:08 03 Jun 20
Made my way to the EarthMed Cannabis dispensary today. Very disappointing. No selection at all, no help with trying to address the effects I was looking for. They had just one kind of cannabis and I was only allowed to purchase 1/8 for $80. I have been in dispensaries in Colorado and California, both helped me find what I was looking for, both had a variety of product. I was able to talk to a rep and explained what effects I was looking for and he would help find the correct cannabis. Having a variety of product and a knowledgeable sales staff is one of the best parts of having pot leagal. I can get the effects I want. EarthMed acted like I should be happy they let me shop more
Lynda Cafasso
Lynda C.
21:56 30 May 20
EarthMed really has a heart for their Medical Card clients - particularly Elias. Elias is outstanding!!! OUTSTANDING!!! He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with my medical products. I called distraught because I was out of pain-control medical product and he patiently and kindly walked me through available options and discussed what he thought the best plan was for me. He was on the phone with me for 45 minutes. He would talk to me, then consult with his manager about what they had immediately available, then come back and talk to me again. He had so much knowledge and was so kind as well. I have a compromised immune system and in this time of COVID-19 its very dangerous for me to go into stores, even with a mask and gloves. Elias told me to call when i arrived and he would handle the transaction for me curbside, so that I could still purchase my medically needed product. It is so rare nowadays to find someone who genuinely cares and will go out of their way to help someone else. Elias did. He is fantastic!! And because of him EarthMed has earned my more
04:01 22 May 20
I’ll give it 2 stars because the two ladies that helped me were polite. I’ve been to a handful of other dispensaries outside of IL and I hope the other ones in IL aren’t setup like this one. First prices are ridiculous without the taxes. Hyper inflated compared to other states and on top of that, it’s not in a glass case for you to look at. I’m not spending the price they’re asking without seeing it up close. Their setup takes away from one of the enjoyments of window shopping your goods. Spend the little bit of extra time and find a better more
Hannah Krawczyk
Hannah K.
15:20 21 May 20
I love this place! Good selection. The staff is always friendly!! The guy outside is the best!!read more
Hannah Krawczyk
Hannah K.
15:20 21 May 20
I love this place! Good selection. The staff is always friendly!! The guy outside is the best!!read more
Neeral Patel
Neeral P.
21:25 09 May 20
Had to give 5 stars. For my first time it was excellent!! Customer service was excellent I was met with great friendly service, got all my question answered. And the wait was not that bad either, I was in and out in less then 10 minutes. I highly recommend going on a Saturday between 11-12 when it’s not busy. Definitely thinking about going back in the more
Owen Boyles
Owen B.
22:18 22 Apr 20
As a medical patient, this dispensary is really efficient with knowledge and nice staff. The online ordering system is very convenient and useful. I know there is an Illinois flower shortage, so I’m being patient. I know they’re doing the best they can. I have no interest in changing dispensaries any time more
I am very disappointed as a first time shopper. I went to a dispensary trying to do the right thing and buy from somewhere safe. I was completely scammed on my birthday of all days and was tricked and charged >75$ read more
Greg Miller
Greg M.
14:30 12 Apr 20
First time I'd been to a dispensary and wasn't sure what to expect. Not really a big weed guy either . But the experience was great and I'd recommend to those new to it. Other than getting in the building which was a little strange (they check your ID before allowing you inside) the experience was super positive and welcoming. The guy handing out menus was really helpful and open to questions. The bud tender was pleasant and helpful as well. The menu showed different products and chemical make up (CBD / THC) I'll definitely go back. Parking was a little limited too but nothing to get worked up more
Eric S
Eric S
03:43 14 Mar 20
I love this place its extremely convenient for me they're on my way to work. Menu has a great selection to choose from so even if they don't have flower I can still find something to get me by. I also wonder what I have been buying on the streets my whole life i cant remember ever having anything so smooth, clean, and got me this high.The staff is so friendly and courteous I feel right when I tip them a few dollars. Yes they accept tips and I would take care of them. Thanks earthmedread more
Jessie Cogan
Jessie C.
16:24 26 Feb 20
This place is great! Friendly staff, great prices, amazing flower. Ask Tony for anything you need and he will be sure to help! Ill definitely be coming back!read more
Thomas Atkinson
Thomas A.
17:36 06 Feb 20
I have been going to EarthMed for just over 3 years now as a medical patient. Until the recreational started, this was a great dispensary. You could get nearly everything that you would want when you wanted it. Starting on January 1st of 2020 recreational sales started here, The level of service for the medical patients really went down. While you do get access to a separate door, lines and access to what someone call a pitiful parking lot. The parking lot only holds maybe 10 cars on a good day. The decision to sell most products to recreational customers such as concentrates, which Even some medical patients don't need that much, has really infuriated me since it is the only thing that will work for me and is no longer ever available because it's sold out. This coupled with inability to buy more than one gram at a time because they are saving it for the recreational people as well. Hope to see you at MedMen!read more
Joe Goodwin
Joe G.
20:19 31 Jan 20
Use to love this place before recreational.Medical patients are no longer priority. I was told today as a medical patient I couldn’t buy an item because it was for recreational only when I was told I could. So now I can’t even buy the right medicine. No one Picks up the phone. I asked front desk girl can I get a time when I can call the manager and voice my concerns and she said it’s to busy and that I couldn’t be helped. That’s high quality customer service....NOT! That made my decision easy to look for other dispensaries where they can help patients.Shout out to the security guard and select workers who’s always been a great help and gave support over the past more
Owen Boyles
Owen B.
16:41 27 Jan 20
As a medical patient, this dispensary is really efficient with knowledge and nice staff. The online ordering system is very convenient and useful. I know there is an Illinois flower shortage, so I’m being patient. I know they’re doing the best they can. I have no interest in changing dispensaries any time more
Kyle Hoffman
Kyle H.
13:38 25 Jan 20
Having been to dispensaries in other legal states, Illinois has some catching up to do. That being said, recreational cannabis is legal in Illinois now. And that’s awesome. The wait was typical. The availability of product quite limited. Parking is what it is. Recreational options are NOT online (a lot of people seemed to believe otherwise) so don’t be disappointed by what medical patients have access to if you’re just going for rec. All in all, solid establishment. Staff was great. Give it time, it should only get more
Megan Moravec
Megan M.
20:41 18 Jan 20
Great service if you are a medical patient. As someone who lives with a medical patient I was Very impressed with how organized they were. They had a special area designated for medicinal users and a very helpful staff. Very happy with my visit here!read more
Jon R
Jon R
21:49 15 Jan 20
Talked to the manager and he was so informative, an hour from my house, but worth the trip. I'll be seeing you when I get my med more
Michael Thibodeau
Michael T.
03:09 11 Jan 20
Wait times were not bad for the amount of people waiting. Around 1 hour from getting out of my car to me driving home. Product selection is limited but I would hope this will correct over time. I was hesitant due to some of the reviews I have seen but in all honesty they are handling the rec crowds very well considering the position they have been put in by neighboring towns in DuPage. Budtenders were friendly and helpful. Will definitely make sure to support this business going forward and excited to see what they have to offer as things settle more
Mr. J S .
Mr. J S .
18:15 10 Jan 20
Great place! Lines can get long, but move really fast. All the staff is very nice. NO problems at more
dangraves3031 .
dangraves3031 .
20:23 09 Jan 20
People need to give it some time. Yes I waited in line for an hour and a half while they run out of flower, and everything was high price. I would expect nothing less from the more
B J.
18:24 07 Jan 20
Still haven't been able to get in there. It's Tues at noon and then line to get in is ridiculously long and down the block. The location is horrible. The traffic is horrible. Parking is horrible! It's a very inaccessible place. Thumbs downread more
mindseye83 !
mindseye83 !
19:22 06 Jan 20
Place is awesome except there is no parking. And there arent any no parking signs by the local shops, so they all come out yelling at you for parking. Put up a damn sign you knew bout this happening for months.Sometimes location really does kill the business.If relocated its an easy 5 more
Billy Anderson
Billy A.
02:43 05 Jan 20
I give this place 0 stars waited in line for 2 and 1/2 hours today for recreational use. I get at the front door no flower left. Their supply is not keeping up with the demand and people are sick and need their medicine and on the other hand your better off saving your money than wasting your time standing in a long line here out in the cold you could be doing better things with that time. I'm just going to stick with my local dealer for now he's more reliable than this more
Kim McMillion
Kim M.
12:48 31 Dec 19
Staff here is fantastic! Knowledgeable & friendly budtenders. I understand the low stock due to recreational law.... hope this changes more
Gina Theprick
Gina T.
17:04 26 Dec 19
Use to be a great place to get meds and have quality service. Now you cant even get service without a huge wait. All the new employees are rude and offer barely any help. I asked a question to a worker and after about 30 seconds explaining it he looked at me and said "sorry i kinda zoned out" i just took my medicine and left. Am now in the process of changing dispensaries after going here for almost 2 more
Mary janeknows best
Mary janeknows B.
22:18 19 Dec 19
This place used to be the best dispensary around. People were driving a hour a way to just go to this particular dispensary for these reasons. One the prices, the discounts and the experience of the staff. This place has now turned into like a circus. The average wait time has went from 10 or 15 minutes to over a hour in some lines. They have been so behind on filling leafly orders that people were going from one line to the next, confused and by the time they got up to the windows they were out of what they ordered in some cases. Another thing people were getting up to their orders missing a item because of it being a restriction then told they had to get out of that line to get into another like to purchase a similar item. There were cancer patients not able to get their medicine. Some of the people that have been there a while are still very good, some of the newer people seem to forget that everyone in those lines are sick with some illness , or disease or in pain. It went from a place that was treating people like patients, to treating people like customers. The last few times I have been there I have been appalled at how some of the patients are treated. There also has been issues with ordering online, and when a customer gets there, there is now a sign that says if you did not get a text sit down or something to that affect. The problem is most of the people did not get a text because it was literally taking hours to fill orders , then you have other workers just walking around talking. I could see why people are wanting to change dispensaries. If's its a mess now when it's legal it's going to get worse. Another thing people are having to park two to three blocks down , as there is no longer any parking. These are disabled people, vets etc walking in cold weather to get medicine, this should not be the more
Jeff Bernard
Jeff B.
23:27 14 Dec 19
Used to love this place when Paula was around more. The new staff isn't as knowledgeable or friendly as the previous staff was. My grandma has gone 2 weeks without her medicine because they cant keep up with demand. In the process of changing dispensaries after going to earthmed for 3 more
Jennifer Linda
Jennifer L.
16:52 14 Dec 19
Earthmed has a great selection of product - Probably more than any other dispensary I have gone to. I would, however, recommend the following:1. If you do not have enough money to buy your product, please see the manager. She will add you in as a patient on disability or a veteran. You will then get 10% every purchase....and you do not even need to be a veteran or have a disability!2. If you are running low on your allotment please bring in a friend. They will let you take from someone else's allotment3. If you do not have a friend, please visit one of the budtenders.4. Speaking of number 3, this brings me to #4. The budtenders are so friendly with each other that they all share each others allotment. If one runs out, no worries! The boys will let you use his! The manager is completely fine with it all! She has not a problem at all! it's like free range!5. Ever wonder why you never get huge buds in your ounces? Well, it's because the budtenders will shake every container to listen for the ones that sounds like it has big buds. They then put it aside and hide it from the patients. 6. Defective products at the dispensary are not discarded ever! 7. Finally, although this is not the best part of Earthmed, please be careful of the front door "Security Guard". He enjoys being sexual with you, making inappropriate comments about your body parts. He will lock you out of the building in the snow because he thinks it is funny. If you have a nice butt he will tell you. He will also chase you to the car. According to the manager there, he has mental issues which cause him not to act right. Use Caution with more
Scott Duff
Scott D.
01:57 07 Dec 19
Today was my first time and everyone was super friendly, super helpful, and I felt super comfortable the whole time, not rushed and everyone was very knowledgeable!! I am very happy I choose this as my dispensary! Thank you everyone for the help today!!read more
Joe Kaminski
Joe K.
19:23 04 Dec 19
Accusing customers of cheating. What happened to courtesy and service? I purchased a disposable vape. It was defective, so I returned it in the original package per their instruction. The clerk that I spoke to insinuated that I already used the product and was trying to cheat them out of a replacement product. And he did this with a very arrogant and rude manner. I asked to speak to his supervisor and she was as condescending as her subordinate and had a flippant attitude as well. I was an early customer of this dispensary and the previous employees would have exchanged this without question or insults.Customer service training is sorely needed more
Walter Kurtz
Walter K.
00:57 28 Sep 19
Excellent first time visit. This place has the correct business plan, and they stick to it. Very pleasant and helpful all the way from the security man outside the front door to the cashier. They take the necessary time to explain everything and answer more
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