EarthMed Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

EarthMed Marijuana Dispensary in Quincy, IL

852 S Westgate
Addison, IL 60101

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Wed 11 – 7
Thurs – Sat 11 – 8
Sun 12 – 5

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – EarthMed is a marijuana dispensary location open at 852 S Westgate Addison in IL 60101.

EarthMed dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

EarthMed Dispensary Products

EarthMed medical and recreational menu products have not been uploaded. Please contact us to add your menu and update your page.

What People Are Saying

Kyle Hoffman
Kyle H.
13:38 25 Jan 20
Having been to dispensaries in other legal states, Illinois has some catching up to do. That being said, recreational cannabis is legal in Illinois now. And that’s awesome. The wait was typical. The availability of product quite limited. Parking is what it is. Recreational options are NOT online (a lot of people seemed to believe otherwise) so don’t be disappointed by what medical patients have access to if you’re just going for rec. All in all, solid establishment. Staff was great. Give it time, it should only get more
Megan Moravec
Megan M.
20:41 18 Jan 20
Great service if you are a medical patient. As someone who lives with a medical patient I was Very impressed with how organized they were. They had a special area designated for medicinal users and a very helpful staff. Very happy with my visit here!read more
Michael Thibodeau
Michael T.
03:09 11 Jan 20
Wait times were not bad for the amount of people waiting. Around 1 hour from getting out of my car to me driving home. Product selection is limited but I would hope this will correct over time. I was hesitant due to some of the reviews I have seen but in all honesty they are handling the rec crowds very well considering the position they have been put in by neighboring towns in DuPage. Budtenders were friendly and helpful. Will definitely make sure to support this business going forward and excited to see what they have to offer as things settle more
Mr. J S .
Mr. J S .
18:15 10 Jan 20
Great place! Lines can get long, but move really fast. All the staff is very nice. NO problems at more
dangraves3031 .
dangraves3031 .
20:23 09 Jan 20
People need to give it some time. Yes I waited in line for an hour and a half while they run out of flower, and everything was high price. I would expect nothing less from the more
B J.
18:24 07 Jan 20
Still haven't been able to get in there. It's Tues at noon and then line to get in is ridiculously long and down the block. The location is horrible. The traffic is horrible. Parking is horrible! It's a very inaccessible place. Thumbs downread more
mindseye83 !
mindseye83 !
19:22 06 Jan 20
Place is awesome except there is no parking. And there arent any no parking signs by the local shops, so they all come out yelling at you for parking. Put up a damn sign you knew bout this happening for months.Sometimes location really does kill the business.If relocated its an easy 5 more
Billy Anderson
Billy A.
02:43 05 Jan 20
I give this place 0 stars waited in line for 2 and 1/2 hours today for recreational use. I get at the front door no flower left. Their supply is not keeping up with the demand and people are sick and need their medicine and on the other hand your better off saving your money than wasting your time standing in a long line here out in the cold you could be doing better things with that time. I'm just going to stick with my local dealer for now he's more reliable than this more
Kim McMillion
Kim M.
12:48 31 Dec 19
Staff here is fantastic! Knowledgeable & friendly budtenders. I understand the low stock due to recreational law.... hope this changes more
Gina Theprick
Gina T.
17:04 26 Dec 19
Use to be a great place to get meds and have quality service. Now you cant even get service without a huge wait. All the new employees are rude and offer barely any help. I asked a question to a worker and after about 30 seconds explaining it he looked at me and said "sorry i kinda zoned out" i just took my medicine and left. Am now in the process of changing dispensaries after going here for almost 2 more
Mary janeknows best
Mary janeknows B.
22:18 19 Dec 19
This place used to be the best dispensary around. People were driving a hour a way to just go to this particular dispensary for these reasons. One the prices, the discounts and the experience of the staff. This place has now turned into like a circus. The average wait time has went from 10 or 15 minutes to over a hour in some lines. They have been so behind on filling leafly orders that people were going from one line to the next, confused and by the time they got up to the windows they were out of what they ordered in some cases. Another thing people were getting up to their orders missing a item because of it being a restriction then told they had to get out of that line to get into another like to purchase a similar item. There were cancer patients not able to get their medicine. Some of the people that have been there a while are still very good, some of the newer people seem to forget that everyone in those lines are sick with some illness , or disease or in pain. It went from a place that was treating people like patients, to treating people like customers. The last few times I have been there I have been appalled at how some of the patients are treated. There also has been issues with ordering online, and when a customer gets there, there is now a sign that says if you did not get a text sit down or something to that affect. The problem is most of the people did not get a text because it was literally taking hours to fill orders , then you have other workers just walking around talking. I could see why people are wanting to change dispensaries. If's its a mess now when it's legal it's going to get worse. Another thing people are having to park two to three blocks down , as there is no longer any parking. These are disabled people, vets etc walking in cold weather to get medicine, this should not be the more
Jeff Bernard
Jeff B.
23:27 14 Dec 19
Used to love this place when Paula was around more. The new staff isn't as knowledgeable or friendly as the previous staff was. My grandma has gone 2 weeks without her medicine because they cant keep up with demand. In the process of changing dispensaries after going to earthmed for 3 more
Scott Duff
Scott D.
01:57 07 Dec 19
Today was my first time and everyone was super friendly, super helpful, and I felt super comfortable the whole time, not rushed and everyone was very knowledgeable!! I am very happy I choose this as my dispensary! Thank you everyone for the help today!!read more
Joe Kaminski
Joe K.
19:23 04 Dec 19
Accusing customers of cheating. What happened to courtesy and service? I purchased a disposable vape. It was defective, so I returned it in the original package per their instruction. The clerk that I spoke to insinuated that I already used the product and was trying to cheat them out of a replacement product. And he did this with a very arrogant and rude manner. I asked to speak to his supervisor and she was as condescending as her subordinate and had a flippant attitude as well. I was an early customer of this dispensary and the previous employees would have exchanged this without question or insults.Customer service training is sorely needed more
Walter Kurtz
Walter K.
00:57 28 Sep 19
Excellent first time visit. This place has the correct business plan, and they stick to it. Very pleasant and helpful all the way from the security man outside the front door to the cashier. They take the necessary time to explain everything and answer more
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