EarthMed Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

EarthMed Marijuana Dispensary in Rosemont, IL

10441 E Touhy Ave
Rosemont, IL 60018

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10am – 9pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – EarthMed is a marijuana dispensary location open at 10441 E Touhy Ave Rosemont, IL 60018.

EarthMed dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

EarthMed Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Brandon Bauer
Brandon B.
17:02 21 Nov 21
Great selection. Helpful staff. Expensive, but it is what it is. Just thankful to be able to have it available. 🙏read more
John E
John E
23:31 20 Nov 21
Well done with great product & professional staff, I felt like I was in a spa setting or perhaps Avante Gardejewelry store. Well, the goods are quality, but pricey. The tax base was at 30%??? I still want to know why on that one! Anyway Angeline guided me through my first time like a real pro, setting me up with what I wanted. Thanks Angeline! Whole thing very professional. It should be this way with all 50 United more
Leonardo Jimenez
Leonardo J.
21:37 20 Nov 21
This was my 1st experience shopping at a dispensary and it was wonderful.Staff is super friendly and super helpful will recommend this store to all my more
Shannon Measell
Shannon M.
21:27 16 Nov 21
Nice place, good variety...prices higher than Florida dispensaries.$$$
Bill Winikates
Bill W.
22:16 04 Nov 21
Double check the price before paying. Apparently the person ringing you up can change prices upon check out. Last night I purchased a $20 edible and $60 flower. Total was $87. I asked if tax was included in the book price and when he confirmed it was I asked why it was $7 more. He replied “oh, my bad, you’re right” and fixed it. So I feel some employees may be a little more
Bill Winikates
Bill W.
12:54 03 Nov 21
Double check the price before paying. Apparently the person ringing you up can change prices upon check out. Last night I purchased a $20 edible and $60 flower. Total was $87. I asked if tax was included in the book price and when he confirmed it was I asked why it was $7 more. He replied “oh, my bad, you’re right” and fixed it. So I feel some employees may be a little more
William Ciccia
William C.
21:38 30 Oct 21
Earthmed of Rosemont first time I visited there didn't have exactly what I wanted but they gave me some other stuff that guaranteed it was close to what I wanted we shall see other than that it was a nice place to visitread more
Michael Alvarado
Michael A.
22:46 15 Oct 21
Great stuff. Nice people. Security is over rated. If you are buying you can order online. Cash only. Bring extra cash cause the taxes are through the roof. I went to get a product costing $60 dollars and the total was 84 something with the taxes ouch. ATM inside 3 dollar surcharge so stop by a bank first before coming here. You can leave a tip 😉. Happy more
Torrey Piper
Torrey P.
16:13 09 Oct 21
A bit pricey but great staff
Keary Jones
Keary J.
19:26 30 Sep 21
Came in last night after dinner and told the guy working I wanted something amazing just stinky amazing so he being the professional I went with his opinion. What absolute garbage I received. It’s discolored has a hay smell hardly any trichs and I paid 75$ for it. When someone asks for the best and is adamant about it don’t just choose some lemon skunk which is neither lemon or skunky. I’m very disappointed in with the lack of professionalism and this is what happens when you can’t even show people what you’re buying except through a grainy picture an iPadread more
Dan Graves
Dan G.
19:54 14 Sep 21
I got lemon skunk The website price Was $36, The receipt price was $44.62, It was 10% off Tuesday And my total bill was $50. I've never had pricing issues with any other dispensaries. I understand taxes are high But that wasn't the case, This is a case of false advertisement And being ripped off $8. I will Not be back to this dispensary because the price you see online means more
Brandon Fischer
Brandon F.
10:09 09 Sep 21
Great despensary!! Everyone very nice and helpful.
Amy Bella
Amy B.
21:59 31 Jul 21
First time at a recreational dispensery. Very cool. You got a menu upon entering. After deciding from the vast menu, we just went to the counter & ordered. How cool is that??!!read more
Lawrence Przybyl jr
Lawrence Przybyl J.
18:48 13 Jun 21
First time visiting. Facility is very professional and staff is extremely friendly and helpful. With a wide selection in their menu binders, everything is discrete and not overwhelming. Be sure to come prepared since EarthMed is cash more
Jacob Clay
Jacob C.
20:15 12 Jun 21
First time to EarthMed, and everyone was incredibly helpful and welcoming. Helped us find exactly what we wanted. Can't wait to come back!read more
scott groce
scott G.
19:51 04 Jun 21
Always so friendly when I walk in and normally I don't ask or seek discounts, but it is displayed when you checkout online that they have a veterans discount available which is 10%. Very convenient and good location. Probably the best looking Dispensary I have been inside of as well 🙂read more
Bear'ret DeLaine
Bear'ret D.
16:07 17 May 21
This place has awesome products and is highly recommended by cannabis connoisseurs from three different states.
Julie Manolis
Julie M.
01:22 21 Apr 21
First time there and I'll definitely be going back - maybe it was the holiday or maybe they are just awesome...probably both! 😎 Prices are competitive, easy in and out and very friendly. The free gifts were spectacular! Thank you, EarthMed!read more
Joe Dunleavy
Joe D.
18:12 20 Apr 21
Really nice place clean and professional. Staff was awesome and helpful. I got me a pre-rolled and it was excellent. And they hooked me up with a free hat on 420. Thanks!read more
Melinda Ahmed
Melinda A.
20:36 15 Apr 21
Everyone here is sooo nice and helpful. From the time you walk in the door you are greeted by polite and knowledgeable staff. Great selection too!!read more
Autumn Roberts
Autumn R.
21:16 06 Apr 21
Not your dive bud shop. Very sterile and medical type environment. Good friendly service and products though. Just missing some more
Steven M Diduch
Steven M D.
16:01 05 Apr 21
USMC Veteran Non-commissioned Officer REVIEW: Most friendly place, privately owned and operated, 2 location to serve medical and recreational. Being a Veteran, they treat me with the utmost respect which is a dying thing from businesses in general. Also, I have had my moments of frustration and they have ALWAYS made me feel like everything is "good to go" by the time I walk out. The young short brown haired lady/Manager and the taller pretty blonde/Asst Manager with glasses at Rosemont location have been GREAT!!!!!!!!! I plan on continuing to use until I feel otherwise..... * Security guys are great here too. Not like you're going through an airport like you feel at RISE!read more
Arnab Majumdar
Arnab M.
21:05 30 Mar 21
Fast, helpful and clean. Everyone is wearing masks and following all rules while selling happiness.Updated: everything was fine but when I came home. Pre rolled joints were open and falling off. Really disaapointed in the packaging after being so excited for more
Esmi Estrella
Esmi E.
01:23 03 Mar 21
My partner and I stopped in after I spotted the billboard on the highway and I'm glad we did! We were in and out within 15 minutes, no ridiculous wait time or crazy parking to deal with. All of the employees were friendly and willing to help and answer any questions along the way. In my opinion, pricing was fair compared to many dispensaries i've been in. ATM's are on site, but if you don't want to pay the small fee visit your bank before heading in. 🙂read more
R Patterson
R P.
14:53 31 Jan 21
Quick stop off the highway on my way into the city. The selection was huge and staff incredibly knowledgeable. Will stop next time I'm headed to more
Loyalty Johnson
Loyalty J.
21:10 26 Jan 21
Had a flight delay and ended having to stay a night in town. These guys are Lifesavers I was in pain and in New State. Knowledgeable staff, friendly, affordable products. Customer service was exceptional and pleasant environment. Will definitely be coming back here if in Chicago more
Melodi Ak
Melodi A.
01:34 23 Jan 21
Where to begin.... immediately as you walk in you feel an extremely welcoming and positive atmosphere. My boyfriend and I were greeted by Robert who immediately gave us the run down and is SO knowledgeable he’s literally smoked EVERY product. Talk about knowledgeable, right ? He immediately knew how to respond to my desire to have a creative mind with a sativa and suggested an indica for my boyfriend who wanted something relaxing and recommended Bio Jesus. Our favorite strain is actually Space Jesus but go figure we brought home him in space form!!! Anyways, the manager , Lauren, immediately came up to us after Robert helped us and gave us the warmest welcome ever. The customer service is top notch here. Everyone said goodbye and hello to us. They have won loyal more
Michelle Anderson
Michelle A.
14:16 22 Jan 21
Recently flew into O’Hare, picked up my rental car, googled cannabis near me and up came EarthMed. Took less than 10 minutes to get there. Loved the vibe of the store and the staff. Tons of product and everything I needed for my visit back home. This will definitely become my go to dispensary when I fly into Chicago!read more
Vinnie Brenard
Vinnie B.
18:22 05 Jan 21
Amazing! Super friendly staff, and I was being a pain asking for some very specific products. I was helped with a smile and a very knowledgeable staff. Interior was very nice and with displays to see some of the products before you buy. I’m coming here for all my cannabis needs from now on. Highly recommendread more
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