Enlightened Cannabis Dispensary

Enlightened Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Prospect, IL

2015 E Euclid Ave
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 8pm
Sun: 10am-5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Enlightened Cannabis is a marijuana dispensary location open at 2015 E Euclid Ave in Mount Prospect, IL 60056 .

Enlightened Cannabis dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Enlightened Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Sarah Nicole
Sarah N.
19:34 11 Jan 22
Heavy set male with hat was talking my ear off about nonsense. Also concentrates should not be taxed WAY more if you are the dispensary owned by the company. No one is paying for CRC’ed products. And John you seem great but next time don’t come off so aggressive ! This is my second time I have gotten a reccomendation from him and I hated both !Will now order strictly off peoples reviews. I do like how the website lets you see in real time the product reviews ! Kinda cool and people are honestread more
Jim C
Jim C
17:01 05 Jan 22
This used to be my FAVORITE dispensary. Always had decent sales and their edibles they carried are awesome! But like many of the comments, after they started to also serve Rec customers it’s like they started to not care about medical patients anymore.If you don’t mind paying Rec prices, their Schaumburg location is nice. The Rec location always seems to be stocked with everything that the medical locations are out of… like I said. They are great If you’re a Rec customer. But not for medical.If you’re medical I would recommend some place like Earthmed in Addison… at least until this place gets their inventory back to normal 🤷‍♂️I hope this helps!read more
M Heflen
M H.
22:56 04 Jan 22
I am very impressed with Enlightened. Everyone there was friendly and informative. Danny was extremely helpful. He answered all of my questions and I'm completely in love! (With their products, sorry Danny lol)read more
Jake Horn
Jake H.
20:04 01 Dec 21
Rev brand - cool to get smalls quartersAllotment checks, smooth and friendlyStephanie solved a long standing issue, 10/10read more
05:07 27 Nov 21
Went here on black Friday for some awesome deals..even tho there were crazy lines, was totally worth the wait today cause staff was all awesome, professional and super nice even tho I'm sure they dealt with some angry people today. I will def be coming back and will rec to friends and fam, thank you everyone at enlightened dispensary:Dread more
Brett Moran
Brett M.
00:55 27 Nov 21
Horrendous , I use to be a regular well not anymore….If could give less than a star I would. I tried to walk in to the store to get my medicine on a Friday normal day as ever. Not only was I told I would have to wait 3 hours in line with adult line merged with medical patients. I tried to order online all week I had issues but when I got there somehow miraculously he took some younger probably his friends in went right in didn’t have to wait. The general Manager Dan Cebollero ignorantly told me both medical and adult go in the same line, treat us the same and they close at 8 I just got off work at 6 and headed straight to get my medicine . Dan ruined my day and now I will never return thanks to the horrible treatment of trying to simply pick my meds up, cause your prioritize adult Rec just as much I will Never ever return you just lost a lot of business and I’ll be sure to spread the word, smug Treat you like a nobody . I highly recommend to go anywhere else but Enlightened Dispensary anywhere. Avoid them like the plague they only care about money not their med patients. Karma is all I gotta say enjoy buddy.read more
Zachary Greer
Zachary G.
22:57 26 Nov 21
Had an issue with medical crowds on Black Friday. Dan the GM was able to find a solution midway through the day. Hopefully there won’t be another issue like this in the future. Please remember to take care of your medical patients!read more
22:37 18 Sep 21
Staff is very un knowledgeable & you can literally go to any other dispensary & find great product at half the price. To a newbie it may seem great but to anyone who knows about the industry I promise you will not be happy. Revolution is good, but not as great as you’re trying to make it seem.read more
Dk V
Dk V
14:57 08 Sep 21
I live about an hour away from this dispensary and I placed an order online way ahead (5+ hours) before my pick up time. I get confirmation on my phone that my order is completed and ready for pick up. I drive down around my pick up time and they tell me they couldn’t fill 90% of my order and I’m SOL. The guy was talking to me as if it was my fault for ordering so much of a product. Unbelievable. A simple text, email, call, would have been nice beforehand so I didn’t waste my time, gas, and money on this place. Incredibly inconsiderateread more
Anthony Moore
Anthony M.
02:02 21 Aug 21
The parking was good and there was no line to be had. That could be because it was the worst dispensary I've ever been to super cold experience, they take walk-ins but seem to have no clue about the products they're selling nor can you see a picture of what you're buying.The lady immediately got an attitude with me and told me I can go online. I just feel like online stores should remain online and a store you walk into should be a personable experience with a knowledgeable personread more
19:05 05 Aug 21
I've been smoking pot since 1969. 1st, pot is NOT medicine. It's pot. 2nd, paying over $400 bucks a once for pot is an absolute rip off. If you have a medical card, Illinois allows you to grow 5 plants at a time. With a minimal investment you can grow and harvest about 4-6 ounces a plant using auto flower seeds and have the best pot in the world in 12 to 16 weeks. 5 plants will get you 20 ounce's easily. I've grown and harvested over 20 varieties in the last year at an average cost of about $30 bucks per ounce (after initial investment/trial an error, etc.). You will never buy Illinois pot again run by big time politically connected investors and never have to see some clueless kid with a nose ring tell you about "medicine" at $60 bucks for 3.5 grams. Take the power back. Grow your own.read more
Lady Sativa
Lady S.
03:28 02 Aug 21
Wow, traveled an hour and it was worth it. Staff was super awesome! Not to mention the friendly and sexy security gaurd keeping us safe (came in panties dry walked out a little wet 🙂) last and not least REVOLUTION, need I say more?? Happy customer.read more
08:03 24 Jul 21
They know my dad by name and are extremely friendly. Always a pleasant experience. If only the growers would lower their prices! The strains are on point though.read more
Evan Adams
Evan A.
18:43 21 Jul 21
Was a fine location until they opened the adult use store next door. Never had a problem until today, when half of the strains that work for me were unavailable in the med location, but I was told I had the option of going to wait in a second line at the rec store, and pay more, for something they normally had in stock at the med location. As a medical patient, this is just how it goes, as this is the second or third time since legalization of adult use that I have had to switch to continue to get my medication. Will be taking my money elsewhere from now on, and I would suggest any medical patients thinking about selecting this as their store, to look for a medical only location in a town that doesn't allow adult use sales, as you will no longer be their priority as soon as adult use goes up. I was making a 40 mile round trip to get this medicine, because they used to be that good. Such a shame to even have to leave this here, as their reviews on Iheartjane are closed.... for some reason.read more
Amanda Marohn
Amanda M.
12:30 15 Jul 21
Refused sale to medical patients. Been refused twice. First was told I couldn't buy a rec item. That was resolved. Now im told I cant use my points I accumulated on medical side without making a purchase giving this company another convenience fee charge I just paid on rec side.. Since rec has opened enlightened is only money focused and doesn't care about state guidelines or medical patientsread more
Joseph Carbonara
Joseph C.
19:39 13 Jul 21
I had never been to a dispensary before and have been a smoker for a long time. A neighbor told me about this place and I was shocked to find out about it. I placed an order from my pool and quickly went to collect my extract. The staff was super amazing and knowledgeable and friendly. Everyone of them. Super cool facility and even better people. Thank you for making it awesome. I’ll be back for sure. Next time for much more than one gram.read more
Slim Shady
Slim S.
17:42 03 Jul 21
Place used to be great for medical users. You could order online and pick up no problem. Ever since the rebranding they hired many bad workers and their computer system makes it impossible to get what you actually wanted to order in the first place. Switch your dispo if possibleread more
Elizabeth Mccandy
Elizabeth M.
06:41 02 Jul 21
Definitely all walks of life in here. Interesting experience. I was checked in by a heavy set stoner Fabio with a fanny pac and a little mini me telly tubby with red hair. A little out of control young ones in here. 5 stars because of rev always.read more
Jeremy Peacock
Jeremy P.
19:16 25 Jun 21
6/25/2021- update: They went from a 5 star to a 1. After bearing though their growing and adding Adult use to this site. It is becoming clear Med patents are 2nd to Adult use. Within their own company and location....Adult use has larger selection of flower/concentrates/vape. Also they have a larger selection of price ranges. Where the Medical side is much more limited and always leans to the higher priced items being stocked or ample stock. As of today (6/25/2021) the Mt. Prospect, has 5 shake varieties at 7g in the adult use side and only 1 on the Med side. Similar with other flower and concentrates. Pricing also is a exaggerated.... For the same 7g shake by same mfg. Standard(normal) pricing is $100 at enlightened, Rise has $60, Zen $80.When a manager was asked about these...all I got was "that is not true" "we do care about medical" Not a apology or no explanation or did not listen to concerns. It was very clear by the glossed over look and bristly nature of the response they are not concerned about the impact their Adult use is having on Medical patients.__________________________________Perfect medical dispensary! Good rotating selections, knowledgeable staff, clean and prompt.read more
Amanda Marohn
Amanda M.
22:31 24 Jun 21
Loved this dispensary until today.....as a medical patient I should be able to buy an item on the new recreational menu at medical prices. Per state of Illinois medical patients are to be served first. Today im stuck with the same supply you've had for months while your new recreational store gets new supply of strains you haven't sold to medical patients for months.read more
Will B
Will B
15:50 29 May 21
Chicago 420 club
Chicago 420 C.
23:58 02 May 21
Is this placeUsed to be legit. However as many others they are concerned with profits not patients.The prices rose the the ruff after rec became legal.And to top it off the only reason I went there was for the 1/2 oz which has been discontinued.Now they sell 1/4 but at a mark up!They sold out after getting rid of their 1/2 oz of flowerSoo sad, that they still think patience come first.read more
Linda Falco
Linda F.
20:56 24 Apr 21
I find that the Humansworking in This medial dispensary do take the time to help. I did have a problem once at the door with a person not allowing me in saying my State ID was not accepted . And the manager kicked me out of the hall. Since then, I have not seen either of those humans in the dispensary.I do feel very comfortable when I am there and I have been to at least 8 dispensaries in the past-this is a keeper!read more
Scott Ian VonFrankenstein
Scott Ian V.
21:09 17 Apr 21
First time visit and I got some quality medicine!! Everyone was so nice and helpful. I couldn't be happier with my home base choice. Even the Saturday before 420 they still had a great selection of medicine. A+read more
Jeffrey Berman
Jeffrey B.
15:10 05 Apr 21
I hate crowds, and lines and public places in general and shopping for medical flower in Illinois can be a huge hassle because there are so many brands and none are like the other; however all my concerns and worries dissipated when I entered New Age Care, MEDICAL Patients ONLY, and bought some Revolution brand flower from the SOURCE. This brand is usaually sold out at other dispensaries due to the fact it's offered recreationally and the fact that I am able to actually get the strain I want at value with stupendous customer service and safety means I'll always be purchasing here.read more
Danielle Krall
Danielle K.
03:14 02 Mar 21
100% satisfied with my first ever dispensary experience. I felt well informed, and cared for, and the general atmosphere was rather easy on my anxiety (a total first, as going in any new place triggers anxiety). Icing on the cake, they called to check in on my experience and my satisfaction a few days later. Definitely recommend 100%read more
Tracy Salgado
Tracy S.
17:35 17 Feb 21
Great Place everyone is very knowledgeable about all product's. As well any needs in regards to your medical card & other issues. All the staff are very nice & go out if their way to help you always. Great Placeread more
Rick Naleck
Rick N.
12:44 17 Feb 21
Extremely friendly staff. Great experience. Only thing I don't like is they are no longer selling anything over a quarter. Used to buy halfs now I need to find somewhere else to purchase my halfsread more
Tracy Salgado
Tracy S.
01:32 12 Feb 21
Great Place everyone is very knowledgeable about all product's. As well any needs in regards to your medical card & other issues. All the staff are very nice & go out if their way to help you always. Great Placeread more
Ben Campbell
Ben C.
17:54 03 Feb 21
I want to give them 5 stars. But there are too many old saggy white men who cut in line. Don’t wear a mask properly. Go behind the barriers protecting the staff. There are some terrible customers at this location. This staff is perfect. But they are some bad customers. EDIT: store actually called me and said they hear me and will make changes. No other dispensary compares to this one. It’s just the customers.read more
Sofa king Insane
Sofa king I.
10:12 03 Feb 21
They know my dad my name and are extremely friendly. Always a pleasant experience. If only the growers would lower their prices! The strains are on point though.read more
Carla Byers
Carla B.
02:22 18 Jan 21
Never had a bad experience. The staff is always very helpful and willing to answer so questions.
Zack Gilbertsen
Zack G.
07:16 15 Jan 21
It's Medical Only so it's never really that crowded and service is awesome. Never been disappointed with their products
sarah Ann
sarah A.
21:46 27 Dec 20
Very professional. Knowledgeable also has a great process of organization so there are no issues with your order or purchase.read more
Mich P
Mich P
21:52 23 Dec 20
Very clean and friendly medical only dispensary. Like that they have plenty of quality products and fair prices.Do not like the multiple customer service issues I have experienced since switching to this dispensary.1#. Placed an order in October for 4 1/8s of rollins that looked like it was an incredible sale. Glad I didn't drive there because I got a text saying my order was cancelled and it was their fault for putting the wrong price. Fine, understandable, but you should honor your mistake.2#. Just this last Friday. Bought 2 1/8s of Aeriz product and one contained mold/mildew. This is the first product with flower I have purchased all year that I havehad this issue with and tried to follow their defective product instructions. Took pictures, including product, receipt and bar code and emailed it to the dispensary immediately. It is now almost 7 days later. I have not been contacted and if you try to call the dispensary you cannot talk to anyone. Just recorded messages asking you to leave more messages. They are making money hand over fist and really doesn't matter if customers get bad product or go somewhere else.Shame that even medical patients fall victim to the corporate profits system that puts money above everything.read more
Brian Favia
Brian F.
18:02 01 Dec 20
In my opinion one of the best dispensaries around and they're only for medical card holders which hi feel much better going to a dispensary that only caters to card holders.read more
who-cares b
who-cares b
22:11 23 Oct 20
Very polite and helps you more than other places, especially if you have an allergy to a certain item that you aren't sure if they are in that item. Ive been to other places where it's very black and white and just want you to get in and out. This place they will help you figure out what can work for you.read more
Matthew Telles
Matthew T.
22:00 23 Oct 20
Home shop.Nice selection.Great people.Easy parking.Even dollar amounts. No crazy change making situation.♥️♥️♥️♥️read more
Robey Samkari
Robey S.
20:42 06 Oct 20
People here always make me feel welcome. This dispensary is always well stocked, which helps me make better Rx selections. New Age Care, keep up the great work. Ty so much. 😃read more
mahkus Phoenix
mahkus P.
18:16 04 Oct 20
One of, if not the best medical only cannbis dispensaries in the state. Flower selection is top notch, their extracts are out of this world. If you can make it here, even if its only once, give them a try.read more
noie wood
noie W.
19:22 14 Sep 20
Worst experience ever I will never shop here ever again Daniel the manager is very rude very arrogant and needs better training they will never see another dime from me ever again Shop at Verilife few miles up the road 100x Better well Trained employees and also a better menuread more
Robey Samkari
Robey S.
16:50 05 Sep 20
They Got Quality n Quantity. Be Best.
Lucas Loy
Lucas L.
13:31 04 Sep 20
$70 eighths is egregious. Patients > Profits. With adult use taxes coming to 40%, there is no reason for anyone to tax medical patients or charge $70 and eighth. Even if your location only does medical. Disappointing. A 2 1/2 ounce limit for two weeks, at $70 an eighth comes out to $1400. That means if a patient purchased a whole months worth of meds it would come out to $2800. $2800 a month! How many cancer patients do you know that even have to pay that much out-of-pocket? It is absolutely a disgrace to medical patients out there. Who can afford $2800 a month on their medicine on top of all their other bills? There’s no reason you should be charging these prices. Stop being greedy. If the growers are trying to set those prices as well, then stick up to them. Really getting sick of switching dispensaries every few weeks because they all turn into money hungry entities that could care less about patients or their ability to afford their medicine. This is a prime example of why the black market thrives.- Sincerely, a class III cannabis felon since I was charged as an adult at 17 over 13 years ago and PTSD patient.read more
Benny Rags
Benny R.
02:04 01 Sep 20
Good menu for the most part. It's mostly their own revolution products, but they are a good brand overall so I don't mind. They do have products from other cultivators buy they are very limited. As far customers service, they are great never once had a problem. They are the most expensive dispensary though from the 10-12 different ones that I go to around the NW suburbs. They are almost always between $5-$15 more expensive then other places. That would be ok because they always have products in stock if you don't mind paying a little more. But the thing that really bugs me is I can get their own products in other dispensaries for usually around $10 less. I can understand other companies products, but why am I paying less at a place down the street and more at your own store for your own products. Shouldn't they be less or same price at your own store. Side note...I will say this though, if I had to pick only one cultivator for all my concentrates in Chicago. It would be revolution!! They are the best in Chicago as far concentrates go!!read more
Craig Burnett
Craig B.
20:32 10 Aug 20
This morning on New Age’s website, they had 10 dollar off deals for cartridges. I ordered two then headed to the store. Upon arrival, I was told there was a glitch on the website and they would not be able to honor the price. New Age has horrible customer service due to the fact they could have denied my order via text / called me instead of having me waste my time to drive up to the shop.read more
Jeremy Peacock
Jeremy P.
20:49 07 Aug 20
Perfect medical dispensary! Good rotating selections, knowledgeable staff, clean and prompt.
Al Coates
Al C.
20:43 26 Jun 20
John was extremely patient, helpful, and kind when I told him about my Crohn's Disease. He named multiple strains that would help. The Clinic is clean and really caters to people with true medical issues. I am so happy I switched here, compared to Sunnyside. This is a true healing clinic.read more
Cody Camacho
Cody C.
15:51 23 Jun 20
The staff is caring, consistent and wonderful. I have been in LOOOVE with this place from the very first day. The atmosphere has changed though from a warm, welcoming relaxed space, to now like your visiting a jail. The cops will bark at you and there’s nothing you can do about it. At first I just passed it off as covid-19 jitters, but it has become a regular thing and I can’t “stay well” in that type of environment. It was real.read more
Michael Charney Jr
Michael Charney J.
21:36 11 Jun 20
Michael Charney Jr
Michael Charney J.
21:36 11 Jun 20
Dustin L. Derry
Dustin L. D.
12:50 02 Jun 20
Arguably one of the best dispensaries in the area. MEDICAL ONLY. They do not and as of right now have made it clear they will not be going to adult use any time soon.The staff is great. Order ONLINE. Saves you time and contact when you get to the shop.Staff is always friendly and know their stuff.read more
Matthew Marx
Matthew M.
00:01 28 May 20
Best selection I've seen around. Small and easy to get to. Great first experience
Mike Spence
Mike S.
00:10 23 May 20
Good product but expensive. Long wait times espically if your behind somebody new or even worse..... a boomer. Then you better start delaying plans.I wish they would add an Express lane and make loyalty points worth more. Other than that it's all about the $$$ here for now.read more
Keelah Moore
Keelah M.
19:24 22 May 20
Good selection and easy to order online. I'm in and out in 5 minutes. People working are very helpful, I recommend giving a couple bucks towards their pizza party.read more
Brandon Andrews
Brandon A.
16:46 01 May 20
I'm extremely grateful for John and Amanda for making my first visit perfect and making sure I left with what I ordered. Very top notch dispensary with an amazing staff and a good location. Also they have a great menu of products everything you will need. I drove about 63 miles round trip and it was well worth it. Thank you for great service and staying open for the patients during times like this. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NEW AGE CARE TO ANY MEDICAL PATIENT!!!! 🤘🤘💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥read more
Joe Cacioppo
Joe C.
21:36 12 Feb 20
Medical Only Dispensary!!! No Recreational!! Really friendly knowledgeable staff. Great weakly specials. Great inventory. They do get Half O's but they go quick sometimes. Never a long wait. Even faster if you order online. I like the loyalty points system. Fair deals for the point levels. And sometimes they have offers like bring in canned good for the less fortunate and get free points. Its always for a good cause.read more
Just Dean
Just D.
20:58 05 Feb 20
I'm new to the medical cannabis scene and the staff at New Age Care has been very friendly and helpful each time I go in. It's dangerously convenient! Best of all, it’s medical only so the supply is usually more than adequate. The selection is diverse and changes frequently and it seems they keep a few staples on deck all the time. I'd like to see more flowers from artisanal growers, but, considering the nascent nature of the Illinois legal cannabis industry, I would assume there is a lot of red tape hindering that opportunity. I can’t wait until I can get clones and seeds! Genetics for Banana punch #6 is first on the wish list!read more
Lucas Meier
Lucas M.
08:47 29 Jan 20
Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable, I love going there because I am always greeted with a smile. The menu is very detailed and extensive. The options are all top notch and is one of the best places in the area to grab all THC and CBD productsread more
20:26 25 Jan 20
Fantastic adventure!! Ultra friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable!! Great experience! 🌿❤️🌿
Helene Chazin
Helene C.
05:44 25 Jan 20
The people at New Age Care are both knowledgeable and caring. They give you all the time necessary to find the best product for your issue. I have enjoyed the speakers they have brought in to address many topics to make those in need for relief.read more
Lakesha Oliver-Hayes
Lakesha O.
20:20 24 Jan 20
I love this place! Wonderful staff and a beautiful place. This place is Medical only WHICH IS WONDERFUL!!! MY bud tender was Zack and he was awesome! He made sure I took advantage of all possible discounts.read more
Joey Carbone
Joey C.
00:26 20 Jan 20
New age care is an absolute wonderful business in our community. The employees are incredibly smart and knowledgeable about every single aspect of their job. I’ve learned so much from the extremely helpful workers and I now have a better understanding of the science that goes into medical marijuana. I support New Age Care and encourage everyone to try this business.read more
Miguel Jimenez
Miguel J.
01:52 19 Jan 20
Every time i come here i feel confident because i know i'll walk out satisfied. Thanks to the great staff such as Rachel and Marisah. Thankful to have a dispensary that carries great products and brings patients first!read more
19:14 17 Jan 20
So far so good. Staff was helpful and definitely a good selection. I would recommend this place for medical patients.
Mark G1
Mark G.
19:14 16 Jan 20
The store is micromanaged to such a degree that the employees are stripped of any empowerment.Product selection is now very limited and per management, they will not special order anything for you (unlike every other dispensary).The loyalty program. Changes whenever they feel like. The manager would not allow me to redeem my points that I had been saving for two items yesterday......the staff told me I could just come in tomorrow and do the other redemption as one transaction....but when I showed up today the manager AMANDA refused to honor what HER employees promised. Also I have come in the past to redeem points with no issue. To this...AMANDA said "well it's the new policy". Do yourself a favor and wait until management gets their act together before changing to this dispensary.The menu list usually is incorrect as I have come in on numerous occasions only to find out they dont have the product that they themselves listed in specials and MANAGEMENT is too busy or not technologically literate enough to update the online menu themselves.That said the rest of the team is great. A new manager with some experience and customer service skills could definitely improve the atmosphere.Hope this review helps people avoid any mistakes I have made. I will update it if things change so this remains an accurate representation of the service level you can expect from this establishment. Some of the other reviews appear to be from a time when it was under better MANAGEMENT.read more
Dylan Jilpas`
Dylan J.
00:21 16 Jan 20
Great staff and products. Always a pleasure. Grateful for everybody at new age care and behind the scenes.
Dustin L. Derry
Dustin L. D.
00:33 13 Jan 20
MEDICAL ONLY at the time of this review. That being said, this is a medical patient paradise. The staff is friendly, the prices are decent(for IL anyhow) and convenient parking.read more
John Graser
John G.
18:45 07 Jan 20
This is must visit dispo!!! Fantastic menu and deals all the time!!! Excellent staff
02:33 30 Dec 19
It seems they r a little greedy, being that they r owned by revolution, and they charge 60$ per 1/8 with no bulk discount. Seeing how they r cutting out any middle man and taking the flower from cultivation to retail it seems that they r more concerned with profit than helping their patients. Also $70 1/8 FOR GOLD LEAF is beyond crazy. Seems Like greed ruins another dispensary.read more
Benny Olufsen
Benny O.
19:38 22 Dec 19
Wonderful staff! Very helpful and welcoming. They know their stuff!
Patrick McGovern
Patrick M.
23:29 21 Nov 19
Best dispensary in Illinois. Great selection, phenomenal staff who goes above and beyond to meet patients needs. Highly recommend!read more
jacob suter
jacob S.
19:28 10 Nov 19
NAC has a knowledgeable staff, a great atmosphere, and is a very clean and comforting shop. The prices are a bit high, but thats IL not NAC. Overall I recommend this shop for all your medication needs. PS* Bring cash the card readers don't always work.read more
Mike Spence
Mike S.
07:16 26 Sep 19
This place is conveniently located for me. With good product, they seem to be getting a lot of new patients (most people can now qualify for medical cannabis) and hiring/expanding their team fast. With legalization around the corner. I'm hoping they will be prepared for the next few months of just non stop buisness and high demand for product.read more
Robert Opeka
Robert O.
15:57 19 Aug 19
Upscale, spacious, and inviting, New Age Care is one of the top dispensary’s in the state. If you love Revolution you must come check this place out. The employees are knowledgeable and treat you like family. If you don’t live close by, believe me when I say that it is always worth the trip, you won’t be disappointed. Also know that this dispensary is great with kids, I bring my boys all the time and the employees always make them feel welcome as well.read more
Venus Werner
Venus W.
00:29 31 Jul 19
I've gone here multiple times and each time the staff is quick and polite. They make you feel more than welcome. Especially if it's your first time. It was overwhelming to me and had no clue what I was doing or needing. The staff was extremely patient with me and guided me through the process. They explained the products. I've gone back over and over again and each visit is beyond welcoming. Extraordinary staff.read more
Dan Marino
Dan M.
15:02 13 Jul 19
Hands down the best dispensary in Illinois. Awesome staff, weekly deals and some of the best prices available. If you haven't gone here yet as a medical patient get over there ASAP!read more
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