Five Questions With Green Party Candidate Scott Bernstein

CANNABIS CULTURE – British Columbia is holding a snap election. In my riding of Vancouver-Kingsway, I finally have a chance to vote for a real progressive drug peace activist, who is saying all the right stuff about drug policy. I asked Scott Bernstein of the BC Green Party some of the questions that are on my mind. See if you notice any difference between his answers and the non-answers you usually get from a typical politician.

David Malmo-Levine: Mr. Bernstein, can you tell the readers of Cannabis Culture some of the experience you have had being a drug peace and harm reduction activist with groups such as the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, the Open Society Foundations and Pivot Legal Society?

Candidate Scott Bernstein: I began my career in drug policy and harm reduction 13 years ago when, while still a law student at UBC, I became involved in the Insite legal case. I ended up working on that case through all levels of court over the next four years. It introduced me to many of my harm reduction heroes, including Dean Wilson, Liz Evans and Donald MacPherson, and taught me the importance of compassion and understanding about all sorts of

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