From cop to cannibis, Roseburg dispensary owner making a difference –

Jim Hoyt had been in construction most of his life but at about the age of 50 he decided he wanted a change, something that could help the community.

So in 2000, Hoyt joined the Winston Police Department as a reserve officer. Hoyt worked as a patrol officer for four years, but his life would change profoundly again when he was stricken with cancer.

Cannabis was a major factor in beating the disease, and Hoyt saw it as a way to help other people.

In March of 2014, Hoyt and a partner opened a pipe store at 2576 NE Stephens St. in Roseburg. They were waiting for the city to allow medical cannabis, and when the city did in November of that year, they opened the 420 Club. It was the first legal cannabis store in Douglas County. Hoyt took over full ownership of the store in 2017.

“Our Roseburg location was chosen at the time because Roseburg was the only city at the time that would at least come to the table for the conversation,” he said. “Our first dispensary was on the second floor of our current location. We decided fast that we had to buy the building we were in

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