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Located on Third and Bowery near the perpetually hip East Village, Gotham is precisely the kind of dispensary we imagined when New York legalized: effortlessly classy, confidently understated, and most definitely not “just a weed store.”

We think of ourselves less as a dispensary and more as a concept store,” said founder Joanne Wilson. “We’ve been open for three months, and the feedback has been wonderful.” It’s fitting that Wilson is behind the standout store. The serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist has enjoyed a successful career crisscrossing retail, media, tech, and real estate, detailing her life as the archetypal proud, powerful New Yorker in her long-running blog Gotham Gal. While the past decade has seen her become more active as an investor in woman- and minority-owned companies, Gotham marks her return to entrepreneurship and brings her career full circle.


“Gotham is a culmination of so many different things I’ve done over the past couple decades,” she said. “We wanted to make it a place where there are knowledgeable people, excellent products, and great events so you can feel really good being in the space.”

The store’s inventory is a mixture of

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