Greenhouse Marijuana Dispensary

Greenhouse Marijuana Dispensary in Deerfield, IL

151 South Pfingsten Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri 10 – 7
Sat – Sun 10 – 5

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Deerfield – Greenhouse is a marijuana dispensary location open at 151 South Pfingsten Road in Deerfield, IL 60015.

Greenhouse dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Greenhouse Dispensary Products

Greenhouse medical menu products have not been uploaded. Please contact us to add your menu and update your page.

What People Are Saying

Stu W
Stu W
04:16 10 Jul 20
I've been here literally since the first month. Crohn's disease. They always keep my symptoms in mind when making recs. When waiting-room security started, I wasn't happy about it, but the staff was really supportive of the concept, so I changed my mind. Lines are occasionally longer (before covid). And yes, medicinal locations all over Illinois are sometimes low on flower. This was expected for 6-9 months after recreational became legal. If you want to try to grow, I'd suggest White Widow - hard to kill, predictable growth, potent buds, lots of leaf worth saving for edibles or extraction (you'll see trichomes by the thousands on the leaves with 10X magnification) more
Cheryl D'Souza
Cheryl D.
22:48 30 Apr 20
Never going here again! Bought $70 worth of their janky bogus rso and it didn’t work at all! “High thc” supposed to be decarbonized and I took half the syringe and was sober. also, the employees are delusional and don’t know how to answer phones. They are ignoring and won’t give my money back so NEVER GO HERE!! Always no product as wellread more
Stu W
Stu W
19:28 18 Mar 20
I've been here literally since the first month. Crohn's disease. They always keep my symptoms in mind when making recs. I wasn't happy about having security in the waiting area, but the staff was really supportive of the concept, so I changed my mind. Lines are occasionally longer. And yes, medicinal location s all over Illinois are low to out of flower. This was expected for 6-9 months after recreational became legal. You could always grow your own now. It's a weed. Put a seed in a pot and it will growread more
Joshua Rathod
Joshua R.
23:08 02 Mar 20
This dispensary used to be the bomb. And it still is. I give it 4 stars because: the menu shrank, the wait time for help/service and check out lines can SOMETIMES exceed what I consider reasonable, BUT NEVER the staff's attitude. Customers themselves usually cause delays, and any delays usually have very little to do with the staff. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and reasonable. KEEP IN MIND that this establishment deals with medicinal marijuana, and some patients can wear down the patience of the staff. I highly advise against holding it against the staff if someone is in a bad mood, be it the employee or the customer. Check it out, you'll probably most likely enjoy your more
Libby Scales
Libby S.
21:30 12 Feb 20
Top Notch dispensary. Medical only. No recreational
Mark Pettersen
Mark P.
17:54 03 Feb 20
Fantastic dispensary. From location manager to employees this is the best place for medical cannabis that I know of. Gladly transferred from another dispensary north of more
Sheryl Linton
Sheryl L.
17:10 27 Jan 20
Greenhouse is conveniently located for me. The staff is caring and efficient. They have are interesting classes, too.
Austin Hawks
Austin H.
16:52 17 Jan 20
They don't have a lot of studf, run out. The staff is short sided and not very helpful. They never told me I could change dispensaries so easily. Frustrating!read more
Aj Dock
Aj D.
18:40 14 Jan 20
No selection except grassroots which they push on you every time you go. Employees that have no knowledge of how the store works or what they are selling. Prices have only gone up since they opened 5 years ago. I would avoid this dispensary if at all possible. If I could give them 0 stars I more
dakota rivero
dakota R.
00:44 14 Jan 20
my first visit as a cardholders ! I appreciate very much all the time and patience the staff had! what an amazing and intimate experience. thank you!!!read more
John Graser
John G.
18:44 07 Jan 20
Awesome place, great people, very helpful and informative!!! Love the menu!!!
Jillybean Hoebbel
Jillybean H.
18:44 01 Jan 20
Staff are amazing... Leah was super nice, knew her stuff and will always go to her. Thank you Leah!!! Prices are right and it's safe. Best place to go!read more
18:53 28 Dec 19
No debit cards accepted and ATM has a $300 limit. Had to pay around $7 in withdrawal fees. When bringing this up to the bud tender he said “too bad”, after asking if I could get any kind of discount for the double fees. Asked for two 8ths, and a pre-rolled pack and was told they have 7 gram flower limit. Asked for three separate things on the menu that they were out of. When I said that was a bummer that there’s such a small flower limit he said that’s “standard everywhere”(never heard of a flower limit in Chicago after going to multiple locations). Waited for 35 minutes in the lounge and had to remind them I was there; all facts no opinions shared more
Michael Halberstam
Michael H.
01:04 25 Nov 19
Friendly knowledgeable staff and a wide variety of product!
Glen Carpenter
Glen C.
05:50 12 Nov 19
Frist time going there . They work with me for about 45 min talking about drifrent kind of Marijuana to use. Keep up the good workread more
Marjorie Pendleton
Marjorie P.
23:58 22 Oct 19
You can’t go wrong as a patient who is suffering with pain, nausea, anxiety, because the people here work with their hearts, and with their massive knowledge. When products are out they find a new solution. When you’re suffering more they make you feel comfortable trying something new. Leah,Robbi,Katie,Margaret,Nancy,ETC.!!!! more
Adam Krys
Adam K.
23:07 15 Aug 19
Cody is great. So is Nancy, Nick the manager, and the rest of the staff. Great place all around!
Joshua Rios
Joshua R.
15:46 12 Apr 19
Cody N is a fantastic person. Friendly and knowledgeable. He came in to my dispensary in Denver ( The Green Solution @ Sheridan ) and had an excellent experience helping him. Cant wait to make to your shop and see the fire in IL!read more
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