Greenhouse Marijuana Dispensary

Greenhouse Marijuana Dispensary in Morris, IL

2400 US-6
Morris, IL 60450

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri 10 – 7
Sat – Sun 10 – 5

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Greenhouse is a marijuana dispensary location open at 2400 US-6 in Morris, IL 60450.

Greenhouse dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Greenhouse Dispensary Products

Greenhouse medical menu products have not been uploaded. Please contact us to add your menu and update your page.

What People Are Saying

Belinda Hamlin
Belinda H.
22:41 10 Oct 20
Totally cool place.. A bit pricy. But then again Illinois is pretty high.. Yet if your chilling and wanting Great Budtenders and super chill place.. Awesome awesome.. Bonus : Can use A Bank Debit! Great Job Ya'll.. 😎😎😎👍🏼👍🏼read more
Jessica Cardwell
Jessica C.
21:28 20 Sep 20
Always the best experience. Amazing customer service 👏
Chad Cannon
Chad C.
20:25 20 Sep 20
Fast and easy great service will be comming back
Victoria Jurkas
Victoria J.
16:56 20 Sep 20
Minus TJ an his verbal abuse and rude manors you know how you acted kid this place is great. Would be a 5 star rating if they'd fire that pruderead more
Brian Ball
Brian B.
12:49 19 Sep 20
Love the location. A bit out of my may but better than a strip mall. Friendly staff, large selection, good prices.
Curtandjen Moore
Curtandjen M.
18:49 18 Sep 20
Definitely go back! Great service...
Steve Campbell
Steve C.
17:26 16 Sep 20
Very friendly staff. Not much flower but what they had was top notch
Leslie Downard
Leslie D.
21:38 13 Sep 20
All the staff are just a pleasure to be around. DJ was very educated and and helpful. Very down to earth easy going people doing a job they love. Can't ask for better than that. Peace y'all ✌🙏🏻🐾🐾read more
Patricia Bates
Patricia B.
16:46 10 Sep 20
Great set up and beautiful facility. Customer service was amazing!
Anthony Padovano
Anthony P.
13:22 08 Sep 20
I only purchased once from here. The budtender didn’t have a clue about the product. In addition, they sold me a mislabeled product. All this cost more than $400 damage of receiving product that did not help my ailments. No refund. I don’t trust this dispensary and I hope others see how bad these people are as they are in it just for the profit and not to help other more
Ron Filian
Ron F.
21:56 29 Aug 20
Quick and covid safe. Paying my fair share into taxes.
03:39 21 Aug 20
Extremely pleased with staff and products. Always get all questions answered and feel comfortable. I have gotten to know some of the staff and Lauren is awesome! She is one of the security there. Everyone has such a great energy more
Paige Lusk
Paige L.
22:16 14 Aug 20
Love the greenhouse, always worth the drive. They have an awesome rewards program so definitely make an account. They're always friendly and helpful, never make you feel rushed, and even when i had problems they were quick to resolve them. Any negative reviews are from the Karen's who threw a temper tantrum 🙄 Plus they're remodeling and its looking so chic its beautiful cant wait to see when its done😍 You won't regret coming here!read more
A Girl Has No Name
A Girl Has No N.
17:11 08 Aug 20
My third time at this dispensary, made the switch from 3C in Joliet after my second visit as recreational. Morris has been getting much stronger product lately than both Rise and 3C.Very organized set up and operations considering we are in the middle of a global pandemic. They follow strict social distancing, enforce masks, and sanitize the place every 10 minutes it seems like.Competent and knowledgeable staff and Security, which you don’t see often at these other dispensaries.They do curb-side for Medical patients, Recreational users go inside. I am a medical patient and I am so thankful they are doing curbside for us.A HUGE thank you to Heather who helped me out last week by answering my questions and being patient with me, I can’t thank you enough!Another thank you to Lauren who also answered some of my questions and explained how to switch over dispensaries as a medical patient. That saved me a lot of time and huge headache! They don’t really explain to you how that process works when you become a Medical patient and that you need to switch dispensaries online.Keep up the amazing work, Morris!read more
Andy Hahn
Andy H.
02:18 05 Aug 20
Very knowledgeable staff, super friendly people, it was a nice experience except for the having to wear a face mask thing, LOL! But that is not their fault ! Overall 10 out of 10 on the service. Very happy with the product as more
Laney Weber
Laney W.
20:32 20 Jul 20
As a first time customer here I’m very impressed by the selection of products and efficiency of employees! A big thanks to Justin for really listening to my questions and answering them in the best way possible. Im proud to say that with the information I was given I brought home the perfect strain for all my needs! From now on this is the only dispensary I’ll go to!!! More places need to hire employees like Justin, thank you for your time and complete more
Audrey Grutzius
Audrey G.
18:06 18 Jul 20
First time visit. I was impressed!! Starting with the ordering process n knowledge of staff was indeed incredible. Safe distance process. Checkout gal I had answered my questions. Very, very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this facility!read more
Woodstock420 ?
Woodstock420 ?
00:35 11 Jul 20
Quick and easy. Finally able to find the cream my ole lady needs for her shoulder 🤗
16:37 09 Jul 20
Great place. Really easy to find and get into. The workers were very helpful. The product was worth the trip.
Allen Larson
Allen L.
23:12 24 Jun 20
Awesome customer service along with affordable meds make a huge win. This place is definitely not convenient for me to get to, but since I am loyal to a fault, I will stick with a place that cares about their patients. I had a technical issue my last visit and Carissa went above and waaay beyond to assist me in resolving it, taking about an hour of her time and an abundance of patience and cheer. They take all COVID precautions when you visit so be sure to reciprocate. Their selection is broad with plenty of vape options (yay for me). More Pax carts please!read more
Christine Buckley
Christine B.
03:33 24 Jun 20
Look they are required by law to have a 30 day supply for Medical patients. I am a big fan of this dispensary, but the shortages are getting very old. I can not buy seeds. I can't buy large quantities of flower. I am a Medical patient, I fought hard to become one. I think Greenhouse can do better and reserve for Medical patients the flower. Maybe rethink your more
Cher Summer
Cher S.
22:52 21 Jun 20
They always make sure that things are running quickly and smoothly. They also make sure to help and answer all your questions. I love shopping more
18:54 11 Jun 20
The staff and selection are worth the drive for this location! From Lauren M. Keeping things efficient and safely moving things along outside,to those like Addie (I believe her name was, she had light pink hair and glasses) with her friendly and helpful attitude inside making sure check out was fast and efficient. Lauren & Addie are two of the many reasons why I drive a little further to go to Greenhouse instead of my local more
Dlynne Milnes
Dlynne M.
22:16 05 Jun 20
So many edibles, vapes and wax, so little flower. It is very disappointing. Get it while the gettings good. Employees have been more
mark paulauskas
mark P.
02:04 05 Jun 20
Good service. Fast service. Two lines. One for medical and recreation. So medical gets check in fast. Recreation want is from 15 to 20 minutes. Note bring your I'd. A.T.M ONSITE.Updated 6.3.20Fast service. Helpful staff. Helpful advice. Helpful security. A friendly place. Faster order if you place a more
Scott Kashin
Scott K.
12:56 29 May 20
I was borderline 4 stars but this dispensary is coming on line nicely as the supply issues get fixed (more and better selections). The staff is just awesome, the parking lot is well coordinated, and the process of check in is as smooth as you'd expect in a global pandemic. Of course Illinois is the highest in the nation for prices and especially taxes so be prepared to spend, and spend some more
Michael Pawlik
Michael P.
05:11 14 May 20
Great little place. Everyone was very friendly and the products were good as well as not over inflating their prices like some other places that rhyme with merrylife. Did a rec pick up and was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Will gladly drive the extra distance here for better selection at better prices than the Aurora/Naperville area more
David Deboer
David D.
01:49 07 May 20
They were swamped when I arrived and there was a little miscommunication but was still out in less than 20 minutes. All the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Awesome experience!read more
Chrissy B
Chrissy B
02:12 22 Apr 20
Very nice place. Clean and pleasing to the eye. Friendly, helpful staff who don't judge you. Enthusiastic about the products! Happy to see you. I wish they had free coffee to go that would be niceread more
Mike Schaffer
Mike S.
18:22 06 Apr 20
I only give it 1star, because there is no 0. 1st. And only time .I hope that you are HAF when you go there. Ordered ahead, got confirmation. Sat in line, they quickly took my money, then told me to park and they would bring it out. Sat there and watched people behind me get& leave. Sat for 25min.Said there was confusion in the store.All I got was a sorry and some loyalty points. Never again, unless more
Stephen Fielding
Stephen F.
09:50 17 Mar 20
Best dispensary ever. I left in search of more product variety. But once they catch up with supply want to go back as the people are awesome and usually not that more
Danielle Bernard
Danielle B.
18:18 15 Feb 20
This was so pleasant of an experience. So warming and comfortable. No wait and the staff was very very nice. The woman sat me down patiently helping me and describing all the different products. Was going to verilife in Ottawa but you got them beat. I'll be back. Hospitality is wonderful there😍😍read more
Jason P
Jason P
19:13 07 Feb 20
There was a short line outside, but not too bad. The staff were courteous and helpful to explain the process. Ordering was with a staff member with a tablet that offered suggestions to find the right product for you. The room where you receive the product has a very old and ornate more
01:22 29 Jan 20
Super friendly staff
Zach Repsel
Zach R.
17:18 17 Jan 20
Medical patients beware, as of December only 7g flower allowed per day even if they have more in stock. Waited months for them to stock up only to be able to get 2 items at once. If you drive over 40 minutes like I do, time to switch more
Vince Evans
Vince E.
19:42 14 Jan 20
This is exactly what a dispensary is supposed to be like. Bravo guys! Well done! Fast check in. A large beautiful lounge / waiting room. & then the bar. A literal bar! Stools to sit at the bar & everything. When I saw the sign out side saying Yoga on such ‘n such day I knew I was in love & found the right place. Love you guys. Top notch place. Bravo bravo. I’m highly impressed. read more
Cari Youngblood
Cari Y.
23:18 08 Jan 20
This dispensary is so clean, friendly, and they have a great atmosphere. The bud tenders are a very helpful and they are happy to be there to help you. Greenhouse is definitely my main place for anything cannabis!read more
Andy J
Andy J
00:29 08 Jan 20
Great experience overall. Only waited about 15 mins, and had a lot of selection for medical users. Recreational users, not so much. But I suppose that is to be expected with the big rush. Quality products, though. Prices are about the same across the board as elsewhere. Everyone I talked to was cool, and good customer service. Give them a shot!read more
Aric Anderson
Aric A.
23:56 06 Jan 20
Communication with people in line needs to be better. If you are out of stock on flower you should let people know who are in line. I’m sure once they get more stock it’ll be fine. I would wait a while before more
Jessica F
Jessica F
20:00 06 Jan 20
Very friendly and efficient staff. I really like that they are open on Monday as well. The architecture where you make your purchase is super old school and I look forward to going backread more
mark paulauskas
mark P.
14:49 05 Jan 20
Good service. Fast service. Two lines. One for medical and recreation. So medical gets check in fast. Recreation want is from 15 to 20 minutes. Note bring your I'd. A.T.M more
J Reiley
J R.
00:13 05 Jan 20
First time visiting. Saw on google they were open until 5pm. Arrived at 4pm and was turned away at the parking lot entrance. "Recreational Closed, Medical only."Absolutely ridiculous to post hours of operation that does not apply to all patrons. Will never come back, and WILL be sure to actively warn others not to waste their time. Absolute garbageread more
lisa stuckey
lisa S.
01:11 03 Jan 20
such friendly staffers and very thoughtful of there customers.. thank you God bless
Terrell Thompson
Terrell T.
20:55 02 Jan 20
Fast friendly atmosphere... just be glad when the rave die down so it could be a in and out situation
Comic Lounge
Comic L.
05:26 02 Jan 20
Great products. Strict limit on flower. 🙁
Jennifer Nowacki
Jennifer N.
22:15 01 Jan 20
Awesome place & the staff was amazing. They handed out hand warmers, coffee, and donuts while we braved the 3 hour line.
Rose Weathersby
Rose W.
20:49 29 Dec 19
Service wonderful, knowledge great, staff is kind and caring.
Anthony Vince
Anthony V.
00:05 13 Dec 19
The most professional alternative medicine clinic I have been to,lovely friendly staff and they are all dears!if they dont know something they will collaborate and come up with a solution!I would reccomend any of my patients to these dispensary immedately!read more
Michele Sanders
Michele S.
16:57 04 Dec 19
Love, love, love the staff and building. Very knowledgeable and patient, understanding and kind.
Chasity smith
Chasity S.
13:00 19 Nov 19
Went to this dispensary for my medical needs and everyone is very helpful and friendly and very well stocked with what you need or have several alternatives. They are very well secured and they make you feel comfortable and safe while more
Suey Allain
Suey A.
23:13 17 Nov 19
This is the best dispensary I have ever been they have a good selection of oil cartridges and even bigger selection of flower. The staff is impeccable, and knowledgeable and fantastic!!!!!read more
Megan Drake
Megan D.
21:19 24 Jul 19
They were very understanding that I needed a quiet space: They turned off the music, the lights were already slightly dimmed, and the remainder of the staff went in the adjacent room so as not to disturb us getting down to business. Their menu was in smaller print than I'm used to, however, I did very much appreciate that the entire flower selection fit on one page. It made it much easier to quickly compare THC and CBD content and narrow the list to just a couple of choices. Best of all, the dispensary takes up the whole building. So, there are no disapproving looks or attitudes from other businesses that would normally share a corporate building lobby. The dispensary is on ground level, handicap accessible, and you can park your car in the shade and very close to the entrance. My only complaint is that the purchasing counter is far too tall. So If you, like me, have any type of sensory sensitivity or mobility issues, I highly recommend this place. I am looking forward to my next visit!read more
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