Greenhouse Marijuana Dispensary

Greenhouse Marijuana Dispensary in Northbrook, IL

755 Skokie Blvd. Northbrook, IL 60602

Hours of Operation:

Mon –  Sun

8am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Northbrook – Greenhouse is a marijuana dispensary location open at 755 Skokie Blvd. Northbrook, IL 60602.

Greenhouse dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Greenhouse Dispensary Products

Greenhouse medical menu products have not been uploaded. Please contact us to add your menu and update your page.

What People Are Saying

23:12 10 Oct 21
Great service, great people, great product assortment. Easy pickup process.
callie bosh
callie B.
15:22 05 Jul 21
Renamed to curaleaf, but very quick, and polite.
Andres Andaverde
Andres A.
21:12 30 Jun 21
Very helpful! Reasonable prices even with taxes. Definitely would return.
Elmer Velasquez
Elmer V.
14:14 17 Jun 21
For some reason I feel Greenhouse was better but now it’s Curaleaf.....Still a cool place with good prices
Chelsea Crouch
Chelsea C.
00:15 28 Mar 21
First time customer and had a great experience! Justin and Alexis helped me and they were so nice and helpful. Definitely a great place to check out!!read more
Bunniez Gingerale
Bunniez G.
23:37 25 Mar 21
Roxy is sweet, thank you for your time and your help. She showed me a few options. The last time I came I was helped by another young woman very helpful and nice staff. Also Rob was Extremely helpful and sweet and gave me a mask or I couldn’t enter the storeread more
Addison Wong
Addison W.
20:24 25 Mar 21
Cal best bud tender ever made me feel one with myself amazing dispensary from Cali love the weed here
Trevor Gaffney
Trevor G.
17:56 16 Mar 21
John is the absolute man. Helped me choose all the right products. Alexis also helped make the experience great
Shaniqua Gambrell
Shaniqua G.
21:56 15 Mar 21
This place is amazing. Staff is amazing. Shout out to the manager Connie for helping me when Connie didn't have to. Will always come here over any other more
Bunniez Gingerale
Bunniez G.
16:53 15 Mar 21
I walk in today, was warmly greeted by heather. She guided me with information and allowed me to shop here for the 1st time with her on the tablet. She is very sweet and informative. Thank you so much more
chris Odeom
chris O.
07:56 14 Mar 21
Justin , Levi and Tyson. Wow these guys really know how to make you feel welcome and extremely knowledgeable on product. Thank you so muchread more
Samantha Mangioni
Samantha M.
01:17 13 Mar 21
Roxy is amazing and super helpful! It was my first time and I got a discount. Super friendly service and super quick service. Will definitely be back! Happy first customer!read more
Lisa Loeffler
Lisa L.
19:01 23 Feb 21
Jeremias helped us today! It was a very easy process, everything is very clean and well organized. Best dispensary I've been to in Illinois!read more
Brett Swanson
Brett S.
20:56 18 Feb 21
Top notch customer service! Much better experience than a certain other place in mundelein. These guys know what’s up. Heather was awesome!read more
Joshua “Josh” Zimmer
Joshua “Josh” Z.
17:32 15 Feb 21
Amazing experience, polite + kind employees, expansive selection. Tim took extremely good care of us throughout the entire process, they've definitely made a fan of me!read more
Jocelyn Rodriguez
Jocelyn R.
22:04 12 Feb 21
I love this place! Everyone is always very energetic, especially Jen and Rocky. They were really helpful and made my experience a breezeread more
Mari Loves Peace
Mari Loves P.
18:40 12 Feb 21
Greenhouse was an experience in itself. Ten was the best associate working with explained everything perfectly. A couple of my goodies, A must go best customer service and more
Kiely Cushman
Kiely C.
22:58 22 Jan 21
Awesome rec dispensary! It’s very clean and open, and (in my experience) I’ve always had *very* prompt service, and everyone I’ve interacted with here is super friendly and very knowledgeable. The website and pickup reservations are great, more
Jerell Hallman
Jerell H.
19:27 18 Jan 21
Great customer service from Heather during my purchase and great customer service from everyone who helped me out!
17:41 11 Jan 21
I went here and they have the best staff and amazing products. Heather was so sweet and knew everything about the products and had great suggestions that I had to try. What a great more
sun b
sun b
19:02 29 Dec 20
Always friendly, especially Heather and Ivey! Super chill as F
Kenneth Rice
Kenneth R.
14:55 23 Dec 20
My trip from Mississippi to Chicago.I wanted to experience a dispensary.I found this location.Great customer service and very great marketing setup.I will definitely be back!read more
Adam Friduss
Adam F.
22:26 22 Nov 20
Staff is amazing. Quality so far has been amazing.
mj capp
mj C.
23:56 09 Nov 20
Drove 40 minutes & it was well worth it. Easy to find, generous size parking lot right at the door, & no lines. Greenhouse vibes & fun atmosphere. Customer service was very friendly & helpful. Professional & secure facility. Great prices & product. This will be my new place! Don't change a thing yall, keep it up 🙂read more
Rick Turco
Rick T.
14:33 06 Nov 20
Stopped here yesterday and asked for a suggestion on a vape cartridge. I asked for a strong indica. He recommended bubba diagonal. I noticed it had a lower THC % but he said that didn't matter. I took his suggestion, went home and it was absolute garbage. I see by their website the product i bought was on sale, so clearly he was selling me on a sale item and not what I was actually looking for. Check out RISE on Golf and Milwaukee the staff there is knowledgeable and knows their product. Greenhouse is nowhere near as good as other dispensaries in the more
Emeer P
Emeer P
13:07 29 Oct 20
Greenhouse was the first dispensary I had ever visited and it was an astounding experience. The staff is very helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. I would recommend this establishment to anyone that is curious about using any THC or CBD products. They have a wide variety of options to choose from and are very professional about what they do. The staff member that helped me out, Erik was extremely helpful and very quick with helping me out and answering questions or concerns I had about any products. As I walked up to the building there was a security staff member which checked my ID like bouncers do at bars so it was a little intimidating, but a familiar experience, with Covid-19 going around the only difference between here and a bar was at a safe distance after I handed him my ID he asked me to pull my mask down to confirm my identity. After walking into the business itself everyone was all smiles and helpful. I told the staff member Erik that I was looking for gummy edibles and he almost immediately mentioned they were having a sale on some of their products where if I buy one I get a second product at a reduced price which was very helpful and seemed like they are very familiy with everything that's going on in the shop. Overall a 12/10 experience and would definitely frequent again. Only downside is that this is the closest establishment to me and it's an hour away, still worth it for the great experience. Thank you Greenhouse more
Mike Bernhardt
Mike B.
22:32 20 Oct 20
On a recent road trip, I realized how novel it was that jobs were being created from this new store during this economic down turn from the pandemic. Thanks Illinois and Greenhouse and thanks for educating others on what the human body's own endocannabinoid system is, which was discovered in the early 1990's, but isn't even known by most physicians at this more
18:55 09 Oct 20
If the staff is going to be like the Deerfield location, you're going to get treated very well here. Excellent staff and dispensary. 💚🌱read more
Sam T
Sam T
12:26 02 Oct 20
Love the take away. Learned so much. Awesome staff
Sharon I
Sharon I
18:59 14 Sep 20
I drove 40 minutes to shop here. 1st time I preordered Wana gummies picked up on 2nd floor paid then had a budtender who helped choose some pre- rolled selections. I asked A LOT of questions. Very helpful. Arrived before they opened. It wasn't crowded at all. Comfortable surroundings. All Wana gummies exactly like the ones I get in Colorado. Lemon tag PR was great will purchase again also swift lifts mini pre-roll. Haven't tried my Blues brothers yet but I'm guessing I won't be disappointed. So far so more
17:58 01 Sep 20
If the staff is going to be like the Deerfield location, you're going to get treated very well here. Excellent staff and dispensary. 💚🌱read more
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