Hatch Marijuana Dispensary in Addison, IL

1433 W Fullerton Ave
Addison, IL 61252

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat:
10:00am – 7:00pm
10:00am – 4:00pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Addison – Hatch is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1433 W Fullerton Ave in Addison, IL 61252.

Hatch dispensary menu products are available for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Matthew Dankert
Matthew D.
20:53 15 Jan 22
Tony is A great bud tender. He was very helpful. After I asked him for what I was looking, he was able to point me in the right direction on the menu and I was able to pick very easily what I wanted. I haven't been there in a while but look forward to stopping in again. Thanks Tony! I appreciate you, man!😁🤙read more
Bill Nuccio
Bill N.
00:57 12 Jan 22
Always a pleasant experience at Hatch! Top quality service with a smile ( I think, stupid masks). Thanks Olivia, you make me smile every time I come in! I truly appreciate it!! Best dispensary around!Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill 🙌🏻🙌🏻read more
Josie Kettleson
Josie K.
23:09 07 Jan 22
(no photos allowed) I was so so impressed by this dispensary. I have never been inside a more pristine and calming environment. the employees were so nice and patient and gave excellent recommendations. their sales are also STELLAR!read more
Mary Collins
Mary C.
21:36 31 Dec 21
Very happy with customer service! Kimberly was very polite, friendly and very helpful and informative. I always have great experience at Hatch. I recommend Hatch to many people.Thank you! And wishing you all a Very Happy, healthy and a prosperous New Year!read more
Jeffrey Spicer
Jeffrey S.
20:41 29 Dec 21
Love Hatch Dispensary. They have it all good price quality product and amazing staff like Sara. She was more than happy to help me find what I was looking for. I highly recommend visiting Hatch.read more
G. Hehr
G. H.
01:04 23 Dec 21
Great dispensary with constant stock and staff. Tony helped me on my last visit, and everything as usual, was quick and attended to. Good selection as well as specials, hopefully meditation sessions return soonread more
Kristopher Reboletti
Kristopher R.
18:20 22 Dec 21
Hugo is very informative, helpful and easy to talk to, Good job Hugo!Any Inexperienced retail worker could learn a thing or two by observing how he interacts with customers.I will add that the other cashiers at Hatch are also just as helpful and easy to talk to.The front door security guys are welcoming and kind. Overall its a very nice facility and I enjoy going there. I actually drive 2 towns over to shop there because it’s worth it.read more
DJ Fozilla
21:32 11 Dec 21
Luis was great. He put value in my next future purchase, was helpful, and did his job extremely well. I recommend Hatch to all Illinois residents 21 and up.read more
19:46 09 Nov 21
Staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the product is effective as advertised. Cash only, so be prepared to bring your money, but there is an ATM inside if you forget (steep fee though, but that's the usual anywhere you go). The facility, as of this posting, is requiring masks upon entry, which is an entirely reasonable practice. If this deters you from coming in, don't know what to tell you other than to stop being selfish, grow up, and care about other people.read more
Tim Mammap
Tim M.
16:43 01 Aug 21
Logan was an excellent bud tender. Super friendly, outgoing , enthusiastic, showed that he loves what he does. Actually carried a conversation with me and didn’t just try to send me home with some medicine and get me out of the store. HATCH needs more people like LOGAN. Give this man a raise or a joint on me. I’ll return to this location just because of him! Thanks again Loganread more
21:05 03 Jul 21
The absolute best dispensary ever. As a daily medical user I couldn’t ask for a better dispensary. The deals are so good I find myself coming in often. They have the nicest staff, they always answer any questions, are always kind and funny, and the fact that the budtenders still smile after putting up with a bunch of people who haven’t smoked yet amazes me. This location feels like a cannabis heaven whereas other places feel like a pharmacy. Disregard the reviews of people that are angry because they had to wear a mask, and just focus and getting the best cannabis you can, at Hatchread more
22:49 25 Jun 21
Now imagine actually giving a one star because you were told to wear a mask, the literal least you can do.Get over yourself, you are one of billions of people who are in the same boat.That said, this business is extremely professional, and handles any discrepancies very professionally. They explain to me different cultivators, current issues and changes with different brands.The people at the front are always very courteous, as well as the bartenders.I am actually stopping by today, and expect more five star service!Thanks again! Thank you for enforcing face masks too!!!read more
Craig Davis
Craig D.
03:45 20 May 21
Been going here for almost a year for medical, used to love the place But since they changed the name to Hatch they only sell 3.5 grams of decent flower at $65 per unit this cost me $520 or more for an ounce. Was able to buy an ounce for $300 there before.Getting too expensive have to start shopping somewhere else.read more
Brandy Kanza
Brandy K.
22:37 01 May 21
I had the pleasure of meeting Alex today. And such a pleasure it was. He gets me. He listens and and also Helps definitely does job well. And deserves to be recognized for it!! What an asset he is to your company 👏 🙄 thank for the awesome suggestions 😀read more
Mikael Krukoff
Mikael K.
19:35 16 Mar 21
Great crew! Been coming here since the beginning! Thanks Alec for the help today! And everyone always being a good mood! Y’all are great!read more
Craig McPhearson
Craig M.
20:23 14 Mar 21
Warning, if you're just going here for flower, Go Someplace Else!!! There is a reason they changed their name. Have received several defective strains which gave me the worst headaches. When relaying this information to them , the staff at hatch, formerly known as mindful, made it their prerogative to ensure that I was wrong and would go out of their way to sweep this kinda thing under the rug. Avoid at all costs, you have been warned. Also, the staff will have you believe they have no control over the product when they repackage it in house. Avoid at all costs.read more
Kathleen R
Kathleen R
11:42 02 Mar 21
Was in there on 2-28 and talked with Jason and Zack. Both are incredibly helpful. Zack def pointed me in the right direction of the medication (DbbL Rainbow Concentrate) I needed because it’s been working great! Been coming here for years. The feel is a lot different now but I still would rather go to them than anyone else.read more
Cory Carmelle
Cory C.
22:59 21 Feb 21
I really want to like Hatch more, I thought it was convenient to be able to order online. When I picked up, I was charged $10 more than the online order total. Then I opened my .5 gram cartridge and it's barely half full. I know they're pre-primed but this was a rip off.In regards to the owner response. If you would list prices with tax included you would avoid a lot of confusion and upset people.read more
Cory Carmelle
Cory C.
20:28 19 Feb 21
I really want to like Hatch more, I thought it was convenient to be able to order online. When I picked up, I was charged $10 more than the online order total. Then I opened my .5 gram cartridge and it's barely half full. I know they're pre-primed but this was a rip off.read more
Myles Santi
Myles S.
01:28 31 Jan 21
The facility itself is really nice. The customer service was good. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They have a wide variety of products at comparable prices. Overall, a great experience.read more
Stephanie Carter
Stephanie C.
17:07 15 Jan 21
I love this dispensary! First and only dispensary I've ever been to. John was my guy! He was so helpful and made the experience extra special. Not just him tho, everyone is so extremely nice and helpful. All the way from the guy at the door to all the bud tenders. The only reason I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because ever since they switched from Mindful to Hatch I noticed some price increases on the edibles I use to get. Which is totally understandable but during a pandemic, money is already tight and when you have to budget for meds every little bit counts. Other than that great place!read more
20:05 10 Jan 21
This used to be called Mindful and now has rebranded to Hatch. I came here when my regular location was out of a certain product. Staff was friendly and helped me with their ordering process. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes!read more
William Allen
William A.
18:30 26 Dec 20
Super disappointed with the branding change. I used Mindful as my dispensary for about a year, with no problems. Exceptional customer service, easy online reservations, etc.Now that they have become Hatch, everything appears different. From the rude and unhelpful receptionist, to online orders being cancelled with no explanation.I have already changed my dispensary, and urge anyone reading this to do the same. Such a shame.read more
Josh Keeley
Josh K.
15:13 30 Nov 20
From the young buck that greets you at the entrance door, to the security inside the vestibule area, and then to the bud tender who completes the sale. This place is really great.Alec was my bud tender both times. He was really helpful and honest about their products. I've found my dispensary!read more
Robert James
Robert J.
23:41 08 Nov 20
The facility is beautiful and ordering online was easy. I also like that they offer a rewards program and offered me a free pre roll with signing up for their rewards program. The reason they get 3 stars is due to the fact that they don't tell you the real taxes included when you place your order. The website only shows you "estimated taxes" at checkout. When I arrived, my order was a few more dollars and even included change... Talk about inconvenient. How am I supposed to know how much money to bring? I refuse to pull money out at an onsite ATM and have all types of surcharges. There's no reason not to post the prices including taxes. Many dispensaries do this already. I was also extremely underwhelmed by the budtender. He looked super stoned and uninterested in his job. Regardless if I'm a rec buyer or medicinal, there should be more interaction.read more
jacob abrams
jacob A.
02:23 02 Nov 20
This place is the absolute BEST!! Everytime I’ve come in they have treated me so well. Last time I came in they gave me a free blueberry joint with my order, and their product is alwa amazing. Super professional, great product, amazing management , and perfect location. Highly recommended !read more
11:22 30 Oct 20
The staff and management is awesome. Not some seedy shop very comfortable and knowledgeable staff and they’ll give you cooking tips for all non smokers.read more
vernon jefferson
vernon J.
13:44 25 Oct 20
The staff is great! This place is wonderful! I always have a great experience so that’s why I have never chosen to go anywhere else! It’s not the closest to me but you travel a bit for quality and I do so every time!! Love it here!!!read more
Proslacker nifty
Proslacker N.
16:20 19 Oct 20
I have leukemia and I'm immune compromised, but when I asked mindful for curbside pickup they said they were too busy and I had to come in. Sorry, didn't mean to inconvenience you.read more
Bee Yg
Bee Y.
14:44 05 Oct 20
Today was my first time at Mindful. They had a nice selection of Indica flowers which was nice. I’m only giving them 1 star for the nice Indica selection. However, I would not go here again!! I bought 2 eighths from here, as a medical patient and first time buyer at this location I did not get a discount. When it was time to pay I gave the guy 2 $100 bills. And he gave me my change back and because I was engaged in a conversation with the tender I did not pay attention to my change. Thank goodness when I got to my car I looked in my wallet and finally noticed the guy only credited my $200 as $140 for the payment. I went back inside to let them know what had happened. And from what was told to me by the security guys was that this was not the first time this has happened with the same tender who had assisted me. Mindful handled it well after I had to wait 15-20 minutes for them to count their register. They came back with $60 for my change. They shorted me $60, had I went home 35 minutes away and not notice until the next day they would of gained $60 in revenue because of someone’s mistake not once but twice. Yes I understand mistakes happen but with a time like now during this plan-demic we the people are limited on funds. Some people are out of jobs and don’t have money to pay for their medicine. So getting shorted on money in a hard time like this makes an experience so much more worse and being that this was the tender’s second time doing the same mistake makes me not want to go through an experience like this ever again. I don’t want them to fire the guy but maybe instead focus more on training their employees better and maybe ALL customer can experience a cherry visit. They should also display their selection on a hand out menu to their medical patients. It’s hard to know what you want to buy since when I went in I asked for pure indica flowers and still got a hybrid. Pretty vague on the “what we have”. I would not return at all my experience was less than pleasant.read more
Mark Campbell
Mark C.
22:03 30 Sep 20
Very friendly and helpful staff! CASH ONLY! It would be real helpful if this Google page, or at least the website specified it was cash only so customers aren’t caught off guard.Go visit, and bring CASH!read more
00:56 26 Sep 20
First time here today. Loved the place. Clean, bright and very welcoming. Love the menu's on the wall. I placed an order on line. My only problem is they don't show you how much tax you are going to pay. Why is that? Why can't you add the tax to your price? It won't stop me from coming back cause it really is a great place.read more
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M
16:19 16 Sep 20
Patrick, Charmaine, and Mo are the best!
James Borchert
James B.
11:04 01 Sep 20
Currently your web page is all jacked up. Still not up just checked the next day.
L M Dunne Westberg
L M Dunne W.
21:25 13 Aug 20
The representatives are kind and exceedingly helpful! You get a “Welcome home” feeling as you enter! The reps are knowledgeable and won’t let you purchase if you are unsure - which is very helpful when you are a medical patient navigating this. Thank you!read more
07:09 11 Jul 20
Disappointed that some of my family drove from out of state to check out yalls dispensary & they couldnt purchase any medicine because y'all don't sell recreationally. Waste of time honestly.read more
Chris Kaleel
Chris K.
17:00 05 Jul 20
First time here was Friday July 3rd, the first impressions was wow very organized and very fast service upon walking in. Everyone I met the staff are very friendly, knowledgable, great products. My new Med Dispensary. Thank you everyone, can not wait for my next purchase.read more
Mama Lentine
Mama L.
20:41 22 May 20
Not a visit do I not walk out happy. The staff is A+!! I’ve always been greeted and helped with EVERY question I’ve ever asked. I simply love the vibe the shop has. The people are really knowledgeable and always willing to help.read more
Tyler Wood
Tyler W.
17:18 23 Feb 20
Fantastic customer service both by employees and management. Going the extra step for a customer even when not necessary. Really appreciate the friendliness and help from everybody at this location. Round of applause 👍👍👍read more
Mike Grassman
Mike G.
13:18 18 Jan 20
Hands down best staff ever! The only place that will offer you somthing to drink when you walk inside. The owner is friendly and intelligent. Will not ever change my location to get medicine.read more
Kim McMillion
Kim M.
09:07 18 Jan 20
This place is beautiful! Modern, open space with a very relaxing vibe. Budtenders are knowledgeable, friendly and not pushy. Inventory selection is good. Plenty of staff and registers to make for a quick trip, for us with anxiety. Recently switched here and I'm staying put.read more
Dylan Jilpas`
Dylan J.
00:23 16 Jan 20
Nice staff. Very helpful and nice. Great customer service to the patients. Grateful for Mindful and everyone behind the scenes.read more
Albert Baker
Albert B.
21:46 14 Jan 20
I switched from Earthmed to this place basically because as soon as Recreational Marijuana became legal, patients weren't a priority all the way to the point I couldn't count on getting the medicine I need. Luckily Mindful is a great place to switch to. They are currently waiting until Spring to open recreational marijuana sales which is smart and great for people that use Marijuana medically , I don't know if its because this place is more 'Mindful' than others but I am going to patron this place as a result. On top of that they even have the Pax 3 which I only could find in Colorado until now, Cashiers and the front desk person were very personable and I got situated really quick, the place looks like an actual store versus a pop up, and they have pre-rolls in stock. Can't go wrong here.read more
Ryan Zajdzinski
Ryan Z.
22:15 05 Jan 20
Should have been ready for recreational users. Rude staff. Avoid. Plenty of superior options. Not helpful at all.
de Vlieg
de V.
19:09 03 Jan 20
This is one of two dispensaries in Addison. Of the two, it is the one that offers a smaller selection, and higher prices. Yet I prefer it. It is thoughtfully managed, the service is friendly and they try to make the BS part of this minimally invasive. They're as helpful as you want them to be. Of course it's all cash - ATM on premises. Been trying to get them both to stock Greengo papers - the world's finest. All they have are Exxon and 7/11 brands. Tell them you are tired of smoking so much paper. Starting of recreational sales has made the patient the last consideration. Come on Gubernat Pritzker - finish the job.read more
Eve Whittenburg
Eve W.
20:14 02 Jan 20
I love this place. People who complained that they couldn’t go in to buy CBD without a card, please stop. They follow the letter of the law. When I needed help renewing my card, they came out to the lobby and did it for me. Don’t expect everyone to be as friendly as you want them to be. They don’t work high. It’s not your dealers house. Everyone is kind and Patient. The bud tenders are very knowledgeable. You find your favorites, the ones you can communicate best with. This is important for me because I have communication problems. It is a lovely space with a great selection. They won’t be open to recreational users until mid March, and they are going to keep the medical patients separate from the rec users, from my understanding.read more
Amanda Dahlstrom
Amanda D.
03:30 13 Dec 19
I absolutely love this place. They took the time to answer all of my questions and make me feel absolutely comfortable in every step of the process. Their staff is helpful,knowledgeable,understanding, and always provide the greatest care. Absolutely the best. I 100% recommended them!read more
Ron Anderson
Ron A.
21:09 23 Nov 19
Been coming here since around the beginning of the year. Great experience EVERY time I come in there. High Five to Zach M today for his suggestion and recommendation. Was looking for a strain the was "uplifting". Zach recommended Purple Thai.....I was skeptical at first but THIS GUY knew exactly the strain I needed. THANKS ZACH!read more
Rob Munch
Rob M.
10:32 03 Nov 19
Great dispensary, very welcoming, very knowledgeable, came for my first time today & I will be back. Compassionate and caring 🙂 don’t change a thing the layout, the friendliness, etc....keep it this way you have a great dispensaryread more
Elizabeth Vuckovich
Elizabeth V.
17:13 28 Jun 19
This dispensary has been extremely helpful to us. They remember my my Mother and her specific issues and what works for her. They truly show they care for their customers. The owner called us after our first visit to check on my Mom. We have been working with this dispensary for 5 months now and they blow me away every single time I go. Thank you!read more
Reece Bower
Reece B.
15:31 01 Jun 19
The staff and environment make you feel calm and at ease. Purchasing products here is simple and a rather comforting process. Shop here and you'll feel right at home.read more
Stephanie M
Stephanie M
18:00 09 Jul 17
The Mindful team is awesome! They are all so kind and extremely helpful. The interior atmosphere is calm and beautiful! You feel a sense of ease and serenity making the overall experience amazing. The menu has a great variety of different cultivators and products. The chalkboards add a nice personal touch with written deals, specials and cannabis education.Mindful also provides free yoga sessions for registered patients!read more
Stephanie M
Stephanie M
02:06 09 Jul 17
The Mindful team is awesome! They are all so kind and extremely helpful. The interior atmosphere is calm and beautiful! You feel a sense of ease and serenity making the overall experience amazing. The menu has a great variety of different cultivators and products. The chalkboards add a nice personal touch with written deals, specials and cannabis education.Mindful also provides free yoga sessions for registered patients!read more
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