Herbal Remedies Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Herbal Remedies Marijuana Dispensary 4440 in Quincy, IL

4440 Broadway St
Quincy, IL 62301

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri: 10am – 6pm
Sat: 10am – 7pm
Sun: Closed

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Herbal Remedies is a marijuana dispensary location open at 4440 Broadway St in Quincy, IL 62301.

Herbal Remedies dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

Steven Stock
Steven S.
00:40 26 Dec 21
The knowledgeable staff at Herbal Remedies help customers and patients through the whole order process. They'll help you find the products they are right for you regardless of your experience level.read more
Seth Miller
Seth M.
00:21 23 Dec 21
The best in the area. Very friendly an helpful employees.
John Hemphill
John H.
20:57 29 Nov 21
I was waiting for my husband outside an just as he came out of the store we was met by security an told to leave by 2 security men very rude an we wasn't there 10 minutes tops said we was loitering when we was making a purchaseread more
Cat S
Cat S
03:50 17 Nov 21
Great products. Great service.
Tanner Cox
Tanner C.
19:18 05 Nov 21
Absolutely over priced products. Rise has the same products and they are cheaper for medical patients. Sad when a recreational shop is CHEAPER than a "medical" shop...read more
Melanie Beaver
Melanie B.
06:25 01 Nov 21
Price comparative for the state all products what I ordered RSO Hash flower and dabs
Amy Gronewold
Amy G.
17:38 13 Oct 21
(The store on 18th) Very knowledgeable staff. Also friendly and fun. The atmosphere is very laid back. Enjoy my visit every time.read more
Beth Kindhart
Beth K.
14:28 21 Aug 21
Always friendly and knowledgeable staff and April is "dabomb diggity!" I'm thankful for her, and her vast knowledge.
Leah Shaffer
Leah S.
06:44 17 Aug 21
I like that the online website has the tax added into the price. Fast and easy online order pickup.
Heather Hunter
Heather H.
18:14 11 Aug 21
People are friendly and patient with their customers and they have a great selection
Dee Shahan
Dee S.
04:55 18 Jul 21
Great Staff! Knowledgeable person's providing the Best Medicine!
01:21 03 Jun 21
Best thing my physician could have ever done for me.
02:29 30 Apr 21
I had a great experience today with you guy's. I'm sure everyone that works there is Awesome. I want to thank Garret for his awesome help and Sara @ checkout. You were so helpful and I want to say thank you both...Made my Day!!!!😍😊😃read more
Summer Fisher
Summer F.
05:47 07 Apr 21
I love herbal remedies. I happen to really enjoy my shopping experiences at this store. Friendly and helpful.
Obviously Annoyed
Obviously A.
19:45 05 Apr 21
Always friendly, good selection. Discounts for out of state med card holders. Products are always fresh.
00:11 25 Mar 21
Always super friendly and helpful. Been to a few dispensaries now and this one is the best
17:14 22 Feb 21
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff that can help you find what you need. Online order and pickup is a breeze. They take cash and debit (at one register, look for signs). Wide selection of products. Medical and recreational are in separate sides of the location.read more
Tommy Day
Tommy D.
00:59 19 Feb 21
Super friendly people and super knowledgeable. Haven't had a negative experience here. Thank you "the staff" for that.
Charles King
Charles K.
04:16 09 Jan 21
Good selection priced appropriately. Bud tender was hardly helpful and not very good with recommendations. Checking out was quick and appropriate. Store over all itself was high quality no pun intended.read more
dani meller
dani M.
01:16 06 Jan 21
The online ordering is fantastic. Your order is ready within 5-10 min after placing it. Everything is always correct and the service is always warm and friendly inside the store. You never have to wait long either. Highly recommended both of their dispensaries in Quincy, IL over Rise.Especially with online service...simply cannot be beat. Great job guys!read more
Friedrich Moriarty
Friedrich M.
20:26 10 Dec 20
What can I say besides my second family. I absolutely love this place and the people who inhabit it on a daily basis. Nothing but stupendous service and smiling faces, being a medical patient has halted my use of the psychotropic drugs, painkillers, and even alchohol that I was accustomed to to mend my wounds as a combat veteran. If your scared or think this can't help you then just go in and talk to April. She and everyone in there are fantastic and can help you and will in any way they can. This place is a blessing, and the people in it are as well, thank you guys so much for all you do.read more
Masta Vaeth
Masta V.
23:37 09 Dec 20
Fantastic service, always friendly! Mostly always punctual with filling my orders. Unless they are slammed, and really you cant blame them for that. Even then they are still pretty fast at getting people attended too! Almost always have some kind of flower I can smoke. I need very potent strains as well. Bare min. 25% thc and up for me. Thank you guys and God bless!read more
Carrol Farris
Carrol F.
14:59 06 Dec 20
Needs better pricing. Everything has gotten more expensive, I was told it wouldn't. But it has now i can't even get what I need so thank you ill. U have really screwed those of us whom are not able to pay these prices. I do believe that herbal remedies can help as well but they are blaming the growers. This i find funny because other places have better deals.read more
Steve Clark
Steve C.
05:30 22 Nov 20
Most of the staff are super friendly. Hit and miss with quality service. Prices are high and climbing. Quality getting rare. Claiming to care and caring are not the same.read more
Renault Carr
Renault C.
18:03 12 Nov 20
Terrible customer service!! Would be nice to be greeted and explain the process and products offered! Decided to come here and boy do we regret it. My wife was treated as if she was an annoyance instead of a customer spending money and making it and experience where we would like to return!Please give them training.read more
Jeremy Jenkins
Jeremy J.
22:53 09 Nov 20
I like the facility at both locations... but the product isn’t that good... it can be... but the consistency isn’t consistent... just got a 8th or Kush Tarts.. rated at 30% THC content ... smells like Hay... not good green... I’ve found better on the dude on the corner of 5th and chestnutread more
Danny Vetter
Danny V.
08:18 04 Nov 20
Always helpful and know what their doing. Very fast and convenient. Good point system program. Very welcoming and friendly. Its been 4 years, no problems.read more
Mara Schuetz
Mara S.
23:51 08 Oct 20
Prices are high but good shake.
Ryan Muskopf
Ryan M.
20:47 29 Sep 20
Incredible, flawless, enriching, and stress free experience. As a long time believer in cannabis, it actually brought me to tears to see people finally do good by the plant. Everything is wonderful about this place, but they have the most important thing nailed (product knowledge). They recognize that we are all still learning much about cannabis and actually step up to the responsiblity of educating themselves and others. This store is a beautiful sight to see and gives me so much hope for the industry. Bless these people.read more
Thursa Edwards
Thursa E.
17:53 28 Sep 20
These people are very knowledgeable and friendly. They work with your doctor to find out what works best for you. Tonics, tinctures and edibles. Highly recommended!read more
Niki Cook
Niki C.
18:49 07 Sep 20
Friendly knowledgeable staff always willing to help answer any and all questions about products offered or help recommend the best product(s) for your specific needsread more
jonathan heisz
jonathan H.
00:26 29 Aug 20
Best dispensary in the west of IllinoisWon't go disappointed...they have stuff from 20 dollars and up
Niki Fadinski
Niki F.
12:07 21 Aug 20
Best dispensary in Quincy! All smiles as soon as you walk through the door .will definitely return..
Dustyin Walker
Dustyin W.
13:54 17 Aug 20
Very helpful people indeed. Great knowledge of products and very nice to talk to.
Conner Weekley
Conner W.
21:27 15 Aug 20
The only issues I see within this and all other dispensaries across Illinois is beyond their control. Are the prices higher than other states? Yes. They also aren't the ones controlling that. Are budologist in Colorado more knowledgeable? Yes. Thats because recreational use has only been legal since the beginning of this year. The people in Colorado have had a longer time to learn about not only the bud itself but the business behind it. Given these issues, Herbal Remedies seems to be doing extremely well with the cards they are dealt. Thank you guys for all of your hard work!read more
Rebecca Batchelor
Rebecca B.
02:55 04 Aug 20
The staff was informative and answered any questions i had. Took the time to be of assistance. The whole visit they kept a very professional behavior.read more
Smile Outloud
Smile O.
07:27 16 Jul 20
Quick, efficient, profesional and friendly staff. The product was explained to me, exactly as I later experienced. I will shop there again.read more
17:50 14 Jul 20
I highly recommend Herbal Remedies. I love coming to this place! It's like a new-age Cheers 😄 Whether you're a beginner, looking for highly trained professionals to assist you with your experience, or a veteran smoker looking for some quality products, this is your place! Try their online ordering, super easy and convenient!!read more
Jake C
Jake C
05:05 09 Jul 20
Went there for the first time last week absolutely loved the staff and product! Prices were bit high but honestly everything else was easy in and out 🙂 definitely going back!read more
Robin Walker
Robin W.
21:15 06 Jul 20
Employees are nice but not that knowledgeable like Nevada or Colorado budologists are and there is never a variety. Illinois needs to allow consumers to see and smell product prior to purchase just as other states do. Very priceyread more
Clinton Schorn
Clinton S.
01:39 02 Jul 20
Order online for a quick in and out. All the product I have tried has been enjoyable. I have only purchased the cannabis edibles and they all gave me a very enjoyable high.read more
James Sullivan
James S.
22:48 11 Apr 20
I totally dig this place and I highly recommend this place. You won’t be disappointed unless they are out of goodies if you know what I mean😎read more
Terry Hodges
Terry H.
03:29 03 Apr 20
Good place. but ... Rise has more flower and concentrate for recreational users. Herbal remedies dont keep much stock if your recreational user.read more
Morbid Janitor
Morbid J.
21:02 23 Feb 20
Been there twice. The first time was only a couple weeks after recreational legalization, so there wasn't much there. I kept an eye on the online menu, and returned about a week ago. I LOVED it. The guy helping me was very smart and helpful, I got to buy some things I've never tried. Heaven.read more
Tessa TooHappy
Tessa T.
23:02 11 Feb 20
This dispensary is very clean & smells AMAZING! YOU NEED ID UPON ENTRY! Prices are relatively high, but you know it is Illinois 😉 The employee's are extremely kind & knowledgeable! I'd rate 5 stars but they were currently out of flower except for two strains. Would love to visit again!read more
Josh Pash
Josh P.
21:31 01 Feb 20
I can't wait to go back! The staff here are laid back and had smart, experienced answers to all my questions and personal preferences. The Rec side is very neat and modern, kind of felt like a Nature Roots out of Colorado.read more
Sarah Medford
Sarah M.
21:14 23 Jan 20
Amazing customer service and wonderful products to choose from. They are low on flower, but I buy the cartridges which are absolutely worth the money. It seems expensive, but you won't find anything better anywhere else.read more
Meggin Whittaker
Meggin W.
00:54 23 Jan 20
Staff were very friendly and helpful with questions I had. Prices aren't horrid and product availability is limited, but with all new businesses it's a given. Will be back for sure. I would suggest the times be changed online. Online only has times for the medical side not recreational.read more
Lynn Graves
Lynn G.
23:40 09 Jan 20
The edibles seemed to be good quality, but a lot more pricy than some I've been to in Colorado. A suggestion for the store clerks. . I was told there were 5 pieces in a container, which actually there are 10. The chocolates come in a square with 2 pieces you have to break apart, kind of like the Hershey's plain chocolate bars. So half of one of those is a dose. That's not exactly how it was explained to me. I was under the impression that I was getting half of the amount that normally comes in am edible package for that price. They usually come in 10 pieces. They just simply said there were 5 pieces. So keep in mind not to overdo yourself with the whole piece, break it in half. I took one and a half, and it was almost too much. And I have done edibles before. They are great, but surprisingly very potent for such a small pieceread more
Kurtis Kone
Kurtis K.
20:28 08 Jan 20
Very happy and friendly staff. Funny how things can change in a lifetime. This should have never been an issue in the first place.read more
15:19 07 Jan 20
On recreational day I stood in line for 4 hours before I got in the door awesome and helpful staff, awesome atmosphere it was well worth the wait. I will definitely come back and visit herbal remediesread more
Tom Gold
Tom G.
01:48 04 Jan 20
Top Shelf Flower and great concentrates at moderate prices. Helpful staff and clean modern atmosphere.
Jacque Miller
Jacque M.
00:58 03 Jan 20
We liked it. Staff was very informative, will do business with them again.
Mason Zoellner
Mason Z.
04:01 02 Jan 20
The line to get in took forever but it was worth it once I finally got in the staff was great and everything was decently priced. I just wish I was able to actually see the weed before purchasing.read more
chelsie myers
chelsie M.
03:01 08 Dec 19
They're also helpful wonderful kind I love Going there
Rebecca Welchert
Rebecca W.
03:46 04 Dec 19
An unbelievably kind, knowledgeable and helpful staff. They make an experience that could be overwhelming and confusing to so many who need it, feel warm and comfortable and even fun!read more
Lisa Campbell
Lisa C.
00:58 04 Dec 19
Always good atmosphere. Absolutely a positive experience,very hands-on,n friendly atmosphere
Cori Turner
Cori T.
23:13 22 Nov 19
They are so kind and sweet here. April is a lovely woman and all of your cannabis needs are met here with understanding and compassion. 10/10 recommendread more
Teresa Martin
Teresa M.
05:52 14 Nov 19
This dispensary houses some of the most compassionate, intelligent, dedicated professionals in the business. They are always willing to answer questions or explain something. The decor is warm, inviting and comforting making you feel right at ease with the whole process.read more
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