One comment on “Illinois Opioid Alternative Program [2019 Update]

  1. I served in the United States Marine Corps, willing to die for the entire country, every acre, and for every person, took an oath, the medical profession also take an oath, I call it the Hipacrit oath, VA shoved opiate meds down our throats, I wanted off morphine, and they said the only way you can come off morphine is if I would take fentanyl, I ask her to go ahead give me a pistol, let me blow my brains out now, cause she definitely wanted me to OD.

    I wanted off one opiate, and they wanted me to take another opiate, 50X stronger than I was taking, lucky I found out about Ketamine Rapid Detox, After years of taking them, a 4 day treatment and marijuana saved my life, but the country that we were willing to die for, will only let you legally have it in certain States. What would they say if right before you took the oath, that you are only willing to die for certain States, not all of them, only a few of them, you are not going to die for. That would screw them up, so some vets can legally partake in the festivities, while others can’t, because they reside on the other side. What do they call it, that imaginary line.

    How many lines did we cross in the wars, of this great nation. What if our Congress told the states that they would not receive federal funds until it was legal. That sound just like discrimination, ones opinion, not to pass it, opinions not based on facts but personal beliefs, so the ones who fought and died, died they die for someones opinions or what.

    We should be ashamed of ourselves, for letting people die, when they could make it legal for everyone, so people will stop dying over people’s opinions, thats not what makes a great nation. We are a great nation cause we said so, WAKE UP PEOPLE OF AMERICA, and save some lives in every state, sign an Executive Order, then let the states fall in order.

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