Illinois Supply & Provisions Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Illinois Supply & Provisions Marijuana Dispensary in Springfield, IL

628 East Adams Street
Springfield, IL 62701

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri 10 – 7
Sat 9 – 5
Sun 12 – 4

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Illinois Supply & Provisions, formally HCI Alternatives, is a marijuana dispensary location open at 628 East Adams Street in Springfield, IL 62701.

Illinois Supply & Provisions dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Illinois Supply & Provisions Dispensary Products

Illinois Supply & Provisions medical and recreational menu products have not been uploaded. Please contact us to add your menu and update your page.

What People Are Saying

Penny Marie
Penny M.
01:51 15 Feb 20
Great selection. Nice crowd. Super chill, empathetic, & knowledgeable staff. 4 stars because the line was snail crawling more
Andy Ramm
Andy R.
07:37 05 Feb 20
Longest I've had to wait was 45 minutes from front door to getting my order. Everything I've purchased has been to my liking. Just watch out for the hustlers downtown- they know what's in that cute white paper bag you are toting. Cash and weed- a crooks dream!read more
Bobby Hancock
Bobby H.
19:14 10 Jan 20
Of all the shops in Illinois I've been too this is by far the slowest and most expensive one. Last time I was here I made a complaint that my express order took longer to fill that people hitting the sales floor. It took about 30 minutes for me to get out of the store with an order I had made hours earlier. The staff made it abundantly clear to me that my opinion as a medical customer doesn't matter to them. Medical patients beware of no parking, long waits and staff that only cares about getting your more
Bucket Head
Bucket H.
19:55 07 Jan 20
As it was my first time going to the shop the website said it opened at 9AM so i tried to call at 9:30am to ask about in-stock flowers available for purchase before i drove an hr. I called 16 times no answer. So i just browsed through the website and it showed 5 strains of flower so i made the drive. When i arrived they only had 3 strains of flower and none were on the website! That was disappointing but none the less i ended up buying an 1/8 of the Rock Candy OG! I paid $70 and was very satisfied with the herb i will go back for more! Staff was very nice and organized! Nice service tasty buds!!!!!!read more
olivia harrison
olivia H.
05:11 07 Jan 20
Clean, friendly and organized! The staff members were very helpful and fun to be around, they did a great job of making sure everyone was comfortable, they had iPads with menus, pricing and pictures on them. The security was also very friendly and non threatening, I felt safe and relaxed at all times. Product selection was somewhat limited but what can you expect from a blossoming company? I was in and out within 20 mins and they had menus, water bottles, chill music, smoking provisions, restrooms and TVs that previewed what was to come. Products were only about $7-$10 more than what you might be used to paying. Tax was also about 20% come with your state ID on you and have it ready at all times. All and all very happy I had my first recreational buying experience here!read more
Jody Gentry
Jody G.
21:00 05 Jan 20
They're doing a great job taking care of med patients first!! My wait time was excellent!!! Thank you guys!! Definitely gonna stay with you!!read more
Ogeezer Keran
Ogeezer K.
18:50 05 Jan 20
Not ready for consumers, offering extremely limited menu in a dreary retail atmosphere. They had enough time to be better prepared. Grow your own should be the more
Terese Fox
Terese F.
15:40 04 Jan 20
Amazing staff!!!! The line was short and their system runs smooth. Weston the budtender is the man!!! Great products and more
Kat Ward
Kat W.
19:45 03 Jan 20
Great facility. They had bathrooms! Knowledgeable and cheerful. Line was fun. Happy customers. Very pleased with this placeread more
Gabe Boston
Gabe B.
19:43 01 Jan 20
The staff is super nice. It is a very clean establishment. I will be a long time customer of this place.
Kate McAlpine
Kate M.
03:49 01 Jan 20
Everyone there is knowledgeable and extremely patient and helpful. I had never used cannabis before so I had/ have a lot of questions. The dispensary is clean , organized, and inviting. I'm happy I chose them when I got my medical more
Michael Viles
Michael V.
16:09 22 Dec 19
My first overall impression was “what a nice place”. Staff was cheerful and helpful getting me registered as new patient. Discovered early on though that product knowledge was in short supply. (Do they even try this stuff?) They were as helpful as an iPad can be but I didn’t get much useful info. (But I’ve been in retail, they’re only as good as their training) Nice selection. Pricey more
MzMeka Baby
MzMeka B.
05:48 15 Dec 19
All around nice place so glad for medical marijuana....staff is very nice
Sally Shelton
Sally S.
11:27 10 Dec 19
Overall, very disappointed. Weak flower and false advertising...spend $200 and all you get is a spin on the wheel of scrap?Byeread more
John Cook
John C.
17:08 29 Nov 19
Staff is very helpful and they usually have a solid inventory for concentrates
Ronald Ebbert
Ronald E.
11:00 16 Oct 19
The staff is great, helpful and friendly. My only complaint is the Express Order Program. Every since they changed their app a few months back, I have not been able to do ANYTHING but look, can't register, can't plug-in, can't order. If I could get the darn thing to work, I'd give 5 stars. A few people at HCI have tried to load the app, no more
Gotdankits 420
Gotdankits 4.
13:38 02 Oct 19
♥♥♥🔥🔥🔥🌴🌴🌴⛽⛽⛽Grace was very helpful... I'd more
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