Illinois Supply & Provisions Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Illinois Supply & Provisions Marijuana Dispensary in Springfield, IL

628 East Adams Street
Springfield, IL 62701

Hours of Operation:

7AM – 8AM Senior and High risk customers

8AM – 8PM Monday thru Sunday

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Illinois Supply & Provisions, formally HCI Alternatives, is a marijuana dispensary location open at 628 East Adams Street in Springfield, IL 62701.

Illinois Supply & Provisions dispensary menu products are available for adult medical and recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Illinois Supply & Provisions Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Don Schaefer
Don S.
13:30 11 Aug 20
I have been traveling to Illinois a lot more lately and I find myself in Springfield often. I love this place. The staff is friendly and fast. The menu is awesome. Can’t wait to come back to Springfield to visit this dispensary again!!read more
Dylan Mcgough
Dylan M.
00:09 11 Aug 20
I know this isn't the establishments fault soo I'm not sure who to complain about here but i purchased this CrescendO Shake 7g here and this is unacceptable for the price... was suppose to be 7.08g of shake.. my scale is good and calibrated and it was only 5.46.. Really!?! For the price it is being sold (wich is highway robbery btw) I expect proficient service this is horrible, missing a whole 2 gs damnnn near Cmonn! This is just more
Jordan Davis
Jordan D.
16:54 19 Jul 20
This establishment has amazing customer service there was so many issues with a pre-paid credit card i was having and through all 6 transaction tries that they knew the money was on there for not one employee rushed or got aggravated as me by the situations just calm and amazingly helpful and tried figuring out the whole problem with me thank you guys your wonderful and will always have my business i do wish i could have got the tiger piss flower because we left and the card went through just fine at the gas station. THANK YOU FOR FOR BEING AWESOME AND YOUR EXTREME AMOUNT OF PATIENCE.. I have never experienced customer that amazing before. Sincerely, Jordanread more
Nicohl Rawlings
Nicohl R.
07:20 12 Jul 20
The wait time for recreational users is a wee bit long. Honestly don't think it would be as bad if we didn't have a pandemic going on right now. All in all extremely satisfied with my more
Eric Ford
Eric F.
19:15 28 Jun 20
Always a great freindly and open staff at the Adams St. Location in Springfield. It's great to walk into a business where nobody is uptight and you feel the most welcome! Product is great! Strains are correctly categorized so you can always find something to suit your needs/wants. Product itself is fresh and top quality. The price($$$$$),well we are not on the west coast level not even close 😒 still hopefully though 😁. Glad I waited to leave a review to save the $5 on my next order 👍.. All in all great staff and location. The quality great,the price needs to be lowered...(less taxes maybe🤔)read more
Jessica Zahn
Jessica Z.
23:01 19 Jun 20
I have had nothing but pleasant experiences shopping here. The staff are all very friendly and great at helping customers understand the products and proper use. Melina is absolutely amazing, always smiling (you can still tell even with a mask) upbeat and super helpful! They all make me feel at home when I walk through the door!read more
Hood Tv
Hood T.
06:06 16 Jun 20
Wonderful place!! I’ve always have the beat time coming here. The staff is incredible kyvone Serviced me very well. He got me in & outread more
Kieran Windsor
Kieran W.
23:44 12 Jun 20
I shared this on the Collinsville page on accident. Oops. I did this because I had just gotten home from the dispensary in Springfield, and smoked some incredible weed. Phenomenal service. Everyone there is so friendly, kind, and helpful. Weston was especially wonderful and had a lovely energy. It was nice to chat with someone who was so happy because I had an especially rough day at work. I look forward to my trip here every payday because I know I’ll be greeted with big smiles (behind the masks of course), good deals on shake, and quality product. Y’all are the more
K. John Raven
K. John R.
00:14 12 Jun 20
For Starters professional, efficient, clean, knowledgeable and exceptional product choice's. Melina helped this last time and I had question's about new product to try for chronic pain and was able to explain everything so I could understand it . I just want to thank everyone there for being so nice and Most of All Friendly more
One Love
One L.
16:35 18 May 20
Upon arrival to the location I was met at the door specifically by two security Guards. In my opinion, I feel that they were rude to me. They immediately asked me if I ordered online(not in a very nice way) Before I was able to say anything, One of the security guards Said "He didn't order online" With force in his voice Giving me the opinion that he was being overly aggressive with me for no reason...I couldn't help wondering why... Luckily, The host that came was a nice guy... He treated me with respect. All the other staff as well we're pretty nice Except for the Security guards....They just need to change back to the other guards..They were more Professional.... Moving on To my next concern.... The Flower doesn't seem to be really the weigh whats labeled. I can't wait until they come down on prices or give you The product that you would normally get for the same price in other Legalized states. Also, it does not seem to be an accurate/ adequate percentage inside of the more
Morgan McKee
Morgan M.
20:16 15 May 20
I am completely blown away with the service and professionalism that this establishment shows it’s customers and patients. Everyone was in great mood and extremely helpful. I will certainly be returning!read more
John Smithers
John S.
18:31 15 May 20
I got some white widow shake when i seen it on the menu it said 24 percent. I ordered an eighth and when i arrived the cashier asked if they let me no about the substitution. No i wasn't. Well they gave me a quarter instead. When i got home i realized thw percentage was 16percent. Not what was on the menu. As i look at the menu again today the white widow shake is there once again. This time 21percent. Very upset with the product more
Brock Doyle
Brock D.
16:33 12 May 20
Staff is friendly. The experience is not, I reserved a specific kind of bud that they replaced with a strain I was avoiding because it’s full of seeds and doesn’t sell well. I know this because it’s the only bud consistently on the menu not being sold. Animal cookies OG from here is not better than mid off the street for triple the cost. Buyer bewareread more
devan schafer
devan S.
15:26 26 Apr 20
First I bought a disposable pen and it does on me halfway through the product great thing is the replaced it I was happy then that pen died in me about the same time I wasn’t to upset because at that point I had about a full pens worth through the two, then I went ahead and bought an 1/8 of BB headband super seedy first small nug I broke into had 4 seeds I’ve yet to see the rest but I’m expecting the same because others have told me about all the seeds they find in their Batches that they have had. But the thing that really sent me to the edge is my favorite strain showed up on the menus I was excited so I decided to wake up at 630am to be the first one to order because I’ve watched this one run out in a hour. So I get my order reserved and my time reserved for a little in the afternoon then I get a texts about 3 hours later saying they ran out of my product select a new one! I guess when you reserve something they sell it under you no matter what they say if it’s not paid for then they can’t hold it yet they don’t give an option to pay online so that should be an invalid argument! But I digress and all in all this has caused me to give a 1 star review because I feel like that was a terrible business plan and a great way to lose customers I’m very very upset and will probably never go back because I’m tired of dealing with bad businesses so please heed my warning and avoid this place unless you want tons of seeds and to be ripped off more than some sketchy dealer on the street!!!read more
Katharina Ferry
Katharina F.
23:15 22 Apr 20
Amazing service. Everyone is friendly, respectful and puts 100% into their job. Every-time I’ve been there I feel like they’re family and welcome. It’s very hard to find a business where everyone is positive all the more
Dick Dickerson
Dick D.
23:16 11 Apr 20
Pick a time avoid the line is complete bs! Even if you have reservations there you still have to wait in a line out the door! You need to allow online payment options so pick up is faster. Pick up shouldn’t take this long. It should be like going through the McDonald’s drive more
kyle d
kyle d
21:58 14 Mar 20
Very professional staff very orderly and clean you can expect to wait in line. You NEED TO KNOW WHAT YO YOU WANT before you get there. Cool more
David Sullivan
David S.
12:32 12 Mar 20
They are a lot better since day one. Friendly staff, quick lines. The prices are high but that won’t be fixed for more
tegracer95 .
tegracer95 .
18:16 07 Mar 20
The line moves so slow there’s no reason for it. The bud tenders need to keep the line moving and stop trying to describe weed to old ladies like they’re making a life changing decision it’s just weed stop spending 20 min on one customer especially when those customers will never be back. The medical Monday’s is also a terrible idea med patients can get their weed from multiple places and cut the rec line there’s no reason to give them an entire day as more
Penny Marie
Penny M.
01:51 15 Feb 20
Great selection. Nice crowd. Super chill, empathetic, & knowledgeable staff. 4 stars because the line was snail crawling more
Andy Ramm
Andy R.
07:37 05 Feb 20
Longest I've had to wait was 45 minutes from front door to getting my order. Everything I've purchased has been to my liking. Just watch out for the hustlers downtown- they know what's in that cute white paper bag you are toting. Cash and weed- a crooks dream!read more
Bobby Hancock
Bobby H.
19:14 10 Jan 20
Of all the shops in Illinois I've been too this is by far the slowest and most expensive one. Last time I was here I made a complaint that my express order took longer to fill that people hitting the sales floor. It took about 30 minutes for me to get out of the store with an order I had made hours earlier. The staff made it abundantly clear to me that my opinion as a medical customer doesn't matter to them. Medical patients beware of no parking, long waits and staff that only cares about getting your more
Bucket Head
Bucket H.
19:55 07 Jan 20
As it was my first time going to the shop the website said it opened at 9AM so i tried to call at 9:30am to ask about in-stock flowers available for purchase before i drove an hr. I called 16 times no answer. So i just browsed through the website and it showed 5 strains of flower so i made the drive. When i arrived they only had 3 strains of flower and none were on the website! That was disappointing but none the less i ended up buying an 1/8 of the Rock Candy OG! I paid $70 and was very satisfied with the herb i will go back for more! Staff was very nice and organized! Nice service tasty buds!!!!!!read more
olivia harrison
olivia H.
05:11 07 Jan 20
Clean, friendly and organized! The staff members were very helpful and fun to be around, they did a great job of making sure everyone was comfortable, they had iPads with menus, pricing and pictures on them. The security was also very friendly and non threatening, I felt safe and relaxed at all times. Product selection was somewhat limited but what can you expect from a blossoming company? I was in and out within 20 mins and they had menus, water bottles, chill music, smoking provisions, restrooms and TVs that previewed what was to come. Products were only about $7-$10 more than what you might be used to paying. Tax was also about 20% come with your state ID on you and have it ready at all times. All and all very happy I had my first recreational buying experience here!read more
Jody Gentry
Jody G.
21:00 05 Jan 20
They're doing a great job taking care of med patients first!! My wait time was excellent!!! Thank you guys!! Definitely gonna stay with you!!read more
Ogeezer Keran
Ogeezer K.
18:50 05 Jan 20
Not ready for consumers, offering extremely limited menu in a dreary retail atmosphere. They had enough time to be better prepared. Grow your own should be the more
Mike Galvin
Mike G.
19:17 04 Jan 20
Prices are a little step but friendly
Terese Fox
Terese F.
15:40 04 Jan 20
Amazing staff!!!! The line was short and their system runs smooth. Weston the budtender is the man!!! Great products and more
Kat Ward
Kat W.
19:45 03 Jan 20
Great facility. They had bathrooms! Knowledgeable and cheerful. Line was fun. Happy customers. Very pleased with this placeread more
Gabe Boston
Gabe B.
19:43 01 Jan 20
The staff is super nice. It is a very clean establishment. I will be a long time customer of this place.
Kate McAlpine
Kate M.
03:49 01 Jan 20
Everyone there is knowledgeable and extremely patient and helpful. I had never used cannabis before so I had/ have a lot of questions. The dispensary is clean , organized, and inviting. I'm happy I chose them when I got my medical more
Michael Viles
Michael V.
16:09 22 Dec 19
My first overall impression was “what a nice place”. Staff was cheerful and helpful getting me registered as new patient. Discovered early on though that product knowledge was in short supply. (Do they even try this stuff?) They were as helpful as an iPad can be but I didn’t get much useful info. (But I’ve been in retail, they’re only as good as their training) Nice selection. Pricey more
MzMeka Baby
MzMeka B.
05:48 15 Dec 19
All around nice place so glad for medical marijuana....staff is very nice
Sally Shelton
Sally S.
11:27 10 Dec 19
Overall, very disappointed. Weak flower and false advertising...spend $200 and all you get is a spin on the wheel of scrap?Byeread more
John Cook
John C.
17:08 29 Nov 19
Staff is very helpful and they usually have a solid inventory for concentrates
Ronald Ebbert
Ronald E.
11:00 16 Oct 19
The staff is great, helpful and friendly. My only complaint is the Express Order Program. Every since they changed their app a few months back, I have not been able to do ANYTHING but look, can't register, can't plug-in, can't order. If I could get the darn thing to work, I'd give 5 stars. A few people at HCI have tried to load the app, no more
Gotdankits 420
Gotdankits 4.
13:38 02 Oct 19
♥♥♥🔥🔥🔥🌴🌴🌴⛽⛽⛽Grace was very helpful... I'd more
John Mckissen
John M.
22:18 23 Jan 19
Pretty nice place, very friendly staff. Prices are very high!
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