Infused Beverage Company House of Saka Hires Former SVP of Constellation Brands

House of Saka, Inc., a Napa Valley, California company that makes alcohol-free, cannabis-infused beverages, is welcoming Sue Bachorski to its Senior Executive team in the role of Chief Operating and Financial Officer. Bachorski is joining House of Saka after spending 30 years as a Senior Operations and Finance Executive at Constellation Brands, Inc., one of the largest beer, wine, and spirits companies in the world. 

House of Saka is the first and only luxury brand with a portfolio of cannabis infused, non-alcoholic wine beverages made from select vineyards within the Napa Valley. The company says its acquisition of Barchorski signals that the cannabis-infused beverage sector is poised for rapid growth. According to a recent report, the cannabis-based beverages market, which includes non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beers, wines, and spirits, is expected to grow by 19 percent, or $155 million, between 2020 and 2024. 

House of Saka Says Cannabis-Infused Beverage Market is Poised for Rapid Growth

House of Saka’s brand name alludes to the mythological Amazons, a tribe of women warriors and rulers also known as Scythian or Saka. According to legend, Amazonian women believed cannabis was a spiritual plant, and they incorporated its use into their spiritual and religious rituals and rites. 

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