Jake Johnson on Acting, Cannabis and Their Intersection

Jake Johnson missed acting. During the pandemic, the actor wasn’t sure if he’d work again. Instead of waiting, Johnson co-wrote a script with a collaborator from New Girl, director Trent O’Donnell, and went out into the wilderness to shoot a movie about a mother and a son. The end result is Ride the Eagle, which is an authentic, feel-good movie with plenty of cannabis. 

Cannabis plays a pivotal role in Ride the Eagle, creating a bond between the mother-son duo, Honey (Susan Sarandon) and Leif (Johnson). They’re two hippies at heart that, sadly, only reunite after Honey’s passing. She left him a to-do list and personal videos telling him what she had always wanted to tell him. 

Recently, Johnson also wrapped shooting a show called Lost Ollie with the co-director behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Peter Ramsay, which kicked off our discussion about working with kind people such as Ramsay, not assholes. 

Photo Credit: DECALJake Johnson on Life and Work

Is that a big part of your decision-making, working with people you’ll enjoy being around?

It’s a huge part of it. I have no interest in working with assholes. I really care about the art of it, and I want the audience to really

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