Kentucky Medical Marijuana Bill Faces Uphill Climb In State Senate

A medical marijuana bill that was passed last month by the Kentucky House of Representatives faces an uphill climb to approval in the state Senate. The measure, House Bill 136, was passed by representatives in February by a vote of 65 to 30.

But the bill now faces consideration in the state Senate, where its future is far less than certain. HB 136 has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Republican chairman Sen. Whitney Westerfield, who has expressed reservations with the legislation. Westerfield said this week that the bill will not be considered by the committee in public until his concerns have been addressed.


“I know it won’t get a hearing until I’m OK with it, and for sure I’ve still got questions right now,”  Westerfield said after HB 136 was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

Proponents of the medical marijuana bill say that if it is passed, Kentucky would have the strictest medicinal cannabis program in the nation. Smokable cannabis would not be available and medical marijuana dispensaries would be capped at no more than two per county. But that might not be strict enough for Westerfield.

“I’ve got notes

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