Mapleglen Care Center Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Mapleglen Care Center Marijuana Dispensary in Rockford, IL

4777 Stenstrom Road
Rockford, IL 61109

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri:- 11am – 6pm
Sat: 11am – 4pm
Sun: Closed

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Mapleglen Care Center is a marijuana dispensary location open at 4777 Stenstrom Road in Rockford, IL 61109 .

Mapleglen Care Center dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

What People Are Saying

19:52 06 Jun 21
Started shopping here for multiple reasons. The best is there's rarely a line and never a long wait. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the products they're selling. Just need a bigger selection! 😁 Keep it up!read more
Erik Kullerstrand
Erik K.
17:53 28 May 21
I like just about everything about my experience when I come here EXCEPT the pricing. There's no possible way to ever afford what you would like or need unless you have several hundred dollars to spend per visit. Quite honestly, these are the worst prices I've paid in my entire life either legal or otherwise. Hard to give them more than three stars when that's the case... Even if I had a medical card and could bypass many of the taxes it would still be the most overpriced product I've ever purchased with the quality being almost the more
Melissa keip
Melissa K.
18:13 24 May 21
Great staff. Good products. But the inventory is unpredictable and a bit disorganized. Still the best place in town.
David Russell
David R.
14:46 24 May 21
This is the only northern dispo I've seen consistently bring good product to its customers on the rec & medical side. They are good more
Kari Martenson
Kari M.
03:48 06 May 21
Getting my medical in June and plan on this being my go-to place! The workers were very friendly and extremely helpful! Make sure you place your order before you go in and bring cash or there is a small surcharge. 🤩read more
Sister Giblits
Sister G.
05:09 27 Mar 21
This is the only dispensary in the state I've never had a bad experience at. The selection is small. But if they have something you want, itll smoke great and be priced no higher than anywhere else in the area. Mom and pop shop too, the way this is supposed to more
Chip-Larry Benner-Kowalski
Chip-Larry B.
23:25 10 Mar 21
Update added to the end.This is a very unprofessional business, especially the management, here is the complaint my wife emailed and they mocked me. I am very disappointed in the crude behavior of their management. Don't go here if you can avoid it. Sunnyside is much more professional. Sunnyside may want a tiny bit more price wise, but that's what you expect from having better superiors. The staff are kinda okay, but some follow in their manager's example.My husband has TBI. He has a medical marijuana card. He has on two occasions come in with some questions and has been treated disrespectfully. I’m not sure if it’s because of his voice because he had strokes or his tone because of the loudness of his voice because of that. It could be because of his TBI that he is emotionally unstable at times. Either way, you guys are a facility that helps medical marijuana patients. In my opinion you should be considered a pharmacy with peoples medicine and should treat people respectfully no matter who they are.Today, he came in and asked if you guys had seen his medical marijuana card because he had apparently misplaced it and the last time he had used it he had come in earlier this week. This happens frequently with TBI patients. They lose and misplace things frequently.The woman who spoke to him was disrespectful and said “We aren’t going through this again...” and told him he can’t come in without his card. He wasn’t asking to come in. He just wanted to know if anyone had seen it.I think your employees need to study up on TBI and mental illness. In my opinion you need to be overly nice to people when you work in customer service in general. Even if it is not your intention to be rude and you are just having a bad day, you need to put on a face and say yes sir and yes ma’am.P.S. she was speaking about management not have good customer service/people skills, the bud tenders are fine. However, immature, but they at least put thier Wal Mart face on and act like they want you to come back. The only reason I come back is because I need this medicine to help me be a better person and function at an appropriate level. But DO NOT go here if you can avoid it! (I only gave them a 2 because I believe they shouldn't be aloud to be a medical facility, your privacy is not taken into consideration, at least thats how the managers make me feel. Unwelcome and worried. I do not trust this place because they claim to be private, so I guess they can treat medical patients however they want.Update: 03/10/2021I can portray enough how fantastic a response as well as treatment as of late. I am very satisfied and so thankful this dispensary exists, even through all my difficulties I stuck with them because of good product and great bud tenders who make me feel safe, especially now that things were corrected. By the books fantastic loving environment. Thank you maple glen, you really showed me you believe in my worth and my more
G Edison Jr
G Edison J.
19:18 25 Feb 21
Better of the two dispensary in town, never a long line, and always welcoming. Not as large as a selection but a little better in price and a lot better in serviceread more
Penny Potter
Penny P.
18:27 20 Feb 21
No waiting. No pre ordering online. Friendly staff, cute man at the "ID" door, in and out in less than 10 minutes. What more could you want, besides the ID doorman's number?!read more
Josephine Fitchtell
Josephine F.
15:43 02 Feb 21
As a first time cannabis user I had a lot of questions. The lady answered all of my questions with a positive attitude and was extremely helpful. I've been back as a regular customer many times now. I love that their recreational menu is posted online and is regularly updated so I know when my favorite products are in stock and how much they will cost. I usually go mid to late afternoon, between 2 and 4pm, and I've only ever had to wait in line outside one time. All of the products recommended to me have worked as expected, and I'm enjoying trying a new edible each more
Danny Strohl
Danny S.
21:56 25 Jan 21
I would pick this dispensary over any other one in Rockford every single time. Awesome people. Honest prices. Great experience everytime I come more
Erik Walsh
Erik W.
17:18 21 Jan 21
Every time a positive experience! Way more knowledgeable staff than the other place in town, and way more personable. I love that I get way less of a “corporate” type experience as well compared. Keep up the great work mapleglenread more
Jessica Ogden
Jessica O.
00:54 16 Jan 21
The ordering process was very easy and simple. I was surprised at how fast my order was completed and ready to go. very friendly, courteous, and informative staff. Will definitely visit next time I'm in more
Tim Strommer
Tim S.
17:07 05 Jan 21
Pretty decent selection most days. Cheapest and fastest dispensary in town. Small place with no crowds. "Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name"read more
Eddie Freeman (LordPresident)
Eddie Freeman (.
20:17 29 Dec 20
I hate long lines and during the CoVid pandemic, this place has an outstanding pace, while making sure to enforce social distancing. The whole process took less than ten minutes. I barely had to wait outside... That today was the first time I've had to wait.Love this more
Andres Justiniano
Andres J.
14:41 18 Nov 20
Friendly staff occasionally decent product. Very Limited supply. The only reason this place stays in business is because there’s no competition yet. If they were in Chicago they would not be able to competeread more
03:40 21 Oct 20
If you manage to withstand the comedy of pricing on the main page, you might get the real story by reading the fine print.Reverse psychology pricing? That's a new one. Advertise high prices to attract customers.I don't know where this person learned about business, but the first thing the customer sees in huge letters at the top of the page before any of these goofy prices should be "taxes included."read more
Tyler Bargman
Tyler B.
21:17 09 Oct 20
Bud is good and they have a decent amount of edibles. Prices are better then other dispensaries in the area. Everyone is very nice and more
David Russell
David R.
22:56 25 Sep 20
Good place sometimes limited menus for rec but takes care of their medical customers 1st so I'm not mad. I would shop here over the other 2 in the area for rec if it was always stocked with the 🔥read more
03:34 25 Sep 20
If you manage to withstand the comedy of pricing on the main page, you might get the real story by reading the fine print.Reverse psychology pricing? That's a new one. Advertise high prices to attract customers.I don't know where this person learned about business, but the first thing the customer sees in huge letters at the top of the page before any of these goofy prices should be "taxes included."read more
Erik Schwegler
Erik S.
17:57 22 Sep 20
Based on what another person keeps posting every other week in the reviews. All the prices that you'll see on the website and in the store already INCLUDE THE TAXES! And it'll say that right underneath the prices if you click on any of the items. It makes it a lot easier for recreational customers to know exactly how much money they need to more
Bryan m
Bryan m
17:45 19 Sep 20
Good product, good prices and very helpful/friendly staff! Definitely will come back!
Rebecca Sarrels
Rebecca S.
15:48 06 Sep 20
Very professional staff, very educated on their products and very helpful.
Karen R
Karen R
13:50 03 Sep 20
Very friendly and informative staff! Prices were lower than other places, I bought the same products and saved almost $20. Quick in and out within 10 minutes. No waiting in a line for over an hour baking in the hot more
penny rutter
penny R.
19:13 01 Sep 20
Good place! Great service, always friendly.
Greg Belter
Greg B.
15:48 01 Sep 20
A very clean and professional atmosphere. A pretty good variety of weed which I am mainly interested in.
15:13 27 Aug 20
The employees have a wealth of information and always pleasant. Product is always fully stocked and variety is there to be had. Prices are more reasonable than that other more
Mia _
Mia _
22:08 23 Aug 20
Staff is friendly and well versed on the products. The medical side is always neat. I appreciate that Mapleglen care about their medical patients over retail. Awesome perks as more
Chip-Larry Benner-Kowalski
Chip-Larry B.
17:08 10 Aug 20
This is an amazing dispensary, they care like Medmar used to. They are in it to help the patient, not make the most profit, like some new dispensaries in the area.Edit: Did I mention skateland is right next door? The nostalgia of the late 80s/early 90s is great!read more
Steven Blumberg
Steven B.
19:12 08 Aug 20
Jabria Galvin
Jabria G.
21:46 01 Aug 20
Products are good but i bought a battery to go with my pen and the next day the battery went out ,i went back and explained that i had just bought it and it wouldnt heat up my wax...they said it was nothing they could do because i had took it out the store... i understand that but they are selling very cheap style batteries to go with there products with no good customer service to solve the problem when they have a defect ... spent $300 bucks between today and yesterday and couldnt get a $15 battery replacement. blew my mindread more
Donna Flowers
Donna F.
21:35 25 Jul 20
Medical and recreational available. Friendly service. Online ordering. Great prices
Brett Benner
Brett B.
20:19 23 Jul 20
Friendly, knowledgeable staff, fast service. Cheaper than Sunnyside and easier to order from. What's not to like?
Gary Bank
Gary B.
16:13 23 Jul 20
Absolutely outstanding experience. Soooooooo much better than Sunnyside on the other side of town!! The staff answered my questions without any attitude or impatience (unlike Sunnyside). Plus the prices are about 5-6 bucks cheaper than the competition.I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. I would've given his place 5 stars but I overshot the street when driving there and nobody answered the phone when I called to see how to get there from where I was. TIP- Plan your route before heading out to this dispensary. IL-20 was under construction when I went there and it was a complete pain to go around everything. My advice is to find an alternate route than main highways. They can be congested and somewhat confusing! They may have just made me a regular repeat customer!!read more
Aaron  Buss
Aaron B.
02:29 18 Jul 20
Great people working together to make a great place to visit. Staff was very friendly and helpful.
Erin Melvin
Erin M.
08:33 15 Jul 20
I am so impressed. The staff are polite and knowledgeable about the products. Rockford is lucky to have this place!
Stacey Cook
Stacey C.
22:04 11 Jul 20
Very caring, knowledgeable staff. I felt comfortable as a newbie
Tyler Weaver
Tyler W.
18:46 28 Jun 20
Like all are dispensaries....quite expensive. Certainly not as expensive as Sunnyside. No wait, friendly staff.
Taylor Elswick
Taylor E.
23:18 20 Jun 20
I went to maple glen for the first time today and they messed my order up. I noticed when I got out to my car. I went back and let the guy know and he took care of me no questions asked. I will definitely be back. Great customer service and definitely made up for their mistake, how it should more
Patti Tanke
Patti T.
16:39 29 May 20
I got there at 10:15 am and was in my car by 10:55...the line was around the building and we were 6 ft apart..very efficient system and terrific service...medical is a separate door from new go toread more
Kandi Knowles
Kandi K.
18:28 26 May 20
This is a great dispensary. All of the staff inside and out, are awesome. I highly recommend this place.
Krissy Smedley
Krissy S.
02:46 25 May 20
Wonderful online ordering makes for a quick visit, super friendly and knowledgeable staff. The consideration shown to Medical patients is appreciated!read more
Renee Link
Renee L.
20:01 22 May 20
The Outside line looked long but moved quickly I started behind the building 2 doors over and was in the lobby 30 minutes later. It's easy inside, I was in and out 10 minutes.But a couple hints to avoid problems I seen others have are...Make sure you have a valid ID , I seen people from Wisconsin & Arkansas ask and as long as they are valid they got in. It is cash only, yes an atm there inside but hit the atm before you get to the counter to place your order so you don't lose your place in more
Andrew Lapage
Andrew L.
00:27 09 May 20
Great friendly staff, good selection and great quality. They definitely earned my business.
The Polar Bear
The Polar B.
20:28 08 May 20
No online ordering for rec users so there was a HUGE line. You are only open 2 days a week for rec and your menu still has inventory issues within HOURS. This is not a charity. Your products are overpriced and the whole rec user experiance needs to get better, until then I would pass on this more
Taylor Lockie
Taylor L.
13:20 02 May 20
Tried the other place then decided to try this one and there is big difference. The other dispensary guards yell and talk to ppl like children and the desk staff are also rude. The staff at mapleglen are respectful, the prices are cheaper, and they work much more
Randon L Spires
Randon L S.
12:27 29 Apr 20
I once believed this was a high quality dispensary with employees that’s cared about your medical needs over anything. Now they over charge for low quality products that are full of seeds, They now are lacking in customer service and product quality,read more
Kenzie Thomas
Kenzie T.
18:08 09 Mar 20
Speedy line and very helpful tenders! The selection flower wise leaves a lot to be desired, but overall a very pleasant dispencery experience. Can't wait for a wider selection!read more
Mike Ro
Mike R.
19:11 02 Mar 20
Way better than sunny side. Easy parking on the street. Nice people that are well informed inside. Nice full carts. What else can I say? It's a great more
Andy Matthews
Andy M.
18:33 28 Feb 20
Best place in Rockford as of now to purchase your recreational and medical cannabis products. Amazing product lines available. Prices are very reasonable.The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The whole process of getting in and out is super smooth.Very impressive compared to my experience at Sunnyside. Keep up the good work guys!read more
Marsha Mulligan
Marsha M.
20:32 25 Feb 20
Wow! First time there. No wait. Great people! Very helpful. Good selection of options. I'll definitely go back!
Hunter S
Hunter S
19:28 17 Feb 20
I experienced Mapleglen for the first time today and had a fantastic experience. They were organized and we were inside in a timely manner. The menu was right on display while you wait in line so you can be ready by the time you get to the kiosk. Josh helped us out and was extremely informative and helpful with getting us our desired products!read more
Maurisa Langholf
Maurisa L.
19:25 07 Feb 20
I was in today, they also opened for recreational today. The staff there are great, even with the recreational clients it was smooth like always. I was worried about parking but even that went smoothly. I'm excited for recreational users but I am so glad Mapleglen is focused on the medical patients. Thanks a million times over Mapleglen crewread more
Felicia Lagers
Felicia L.
22:02 14 Jan 20
I switched to this dispensary because the other lacked compassion. This one is more friendly. Product inventory is very low. Prices are cheaper than the other dispensary. I enjoy the hometown feel this dispensary gives me. You have a chair to sit at a lower level counter space. Nice size waiting area. Friendly security and staff. Knowledgeable, I always have questions and they typically have an answer for me. Easy to get in and out of. Plenty of parking. I like this one is more handicap accessible than the more
00:32 31 Dec 19
DO NOT COME HERE, They limit what you can buy and they NEVER have any flower that's worth it anymore, was going here for 2 and a half years and today was the last time going in, I'm a combat veteran and I can tell you these people do not care about you and me. Any other veterans going here please change dispensaries, You deserve BETTER! They basically laugh at you when they run out of flower. The owner was ARMY from what I heard but also heard she was really rude. This place doesn't deserve your or my money. Wait to grow your own or just go somewhere else. We all have a lot of power in the money we spend. So, spend your money where people actually care and won't put limits of 2 on everything being sold. What do you call a dispensary that doesn't dispense? Mapleglen Care more
Brin Londo
Brin L.
13:43 24 Dec 19
They used to be really good and had a nice selection of flower but now they never have much of anything. How do you call yourself a dispensary when you only have 3 different kinds of weed, all of which are all low THC??? I will be so glad when January gets here and I never have to look at this place again!read more
Kile Hamilton
Kile H.
15:41 18 Dec 19
Started off great! Now prices just keep going up and there's never any flower available. Took away the rewards program and everything that made the place good!read more
Michael Johnson-Kueny
Michael J.
05:51 05 Dec 19
This was the third dispensary I have tried in my three years in the program. I had actually spent most of my three years here. The prices are reasonable for Illinois and the staff are out of this world. I've docked a star only because of the situation with stock. Before adult use was announced, the supply here and in the state was abundant. I've had to change dispensaries find meds. Hopefully the situation with shortages changes soon, so I can come more
joshua liberty
joshua L.
21:08 11 Nov 19
Place is awesome. Thank you for supporting Veterans and for the shirt!! My wife has been a customer for over a year and is much happier here instead of the more
Sara Page
Sara P.
20:41 06 Nov 19
Taco truck out back on Wednesdays & they give out coupons!! Yes!! Great idea!!
Braden Quick
Braden Q.
02:48 26 Oct 19
Cant keep anything in stock. Website shows products NOT actually in stock so by the time I drive there I have to pick something else. Staff is friendly. Ive made over 20 online reserved orders and not one single time have they had my order correct. They seem to have a hard time keeping up with the demand. They are trying. Ill stick around hoping for more
Mary Rosales
Mary R.
12:25 04 Sep 19
Good people. Very good service. When they got busy they opened another area of the store so they could check people out faster.These people care!read more
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