Maribis of Springfield Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Maribis of Chicago Marijuana Dispensary in Chicago, IL

4570 S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60632

Hours of Operation:

Mon–Fri: 11am – 7pm
Sat: 10am – 3pm
Closed Sunday

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Maribis of Chicago is a marijuana dispensary location open at 4570 S Archer Ave in Chicago, IL 60632 .

Maribis of Chicago dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Maribis of Chicago Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Angela Cater
Angela C.
18:29 15 Jun 21
First time here. Evan was very Informative. Very Knowledgeable, and Great At his job. Thank you. Will definitely return when In Chicago. 😁read more
Jodi DiNardo
Jodi D.
22:00 22 May 21
As usual the Maribis staff was at the top of their game. this is, by far, THE BEST dispensary in the Chicago land area. Louie, Adrian, Chris, Violet, and Nick were fabulous and amazing!!! The managers were even BETTER!!!! Edgar and Jason make u feel like family. 10 stars to Louie and 50 for the entire staff!!!read more
Lauren Hailer
Lauren H.
00:17 14 May 21
First time in this specific dispensary but great music playing and great service. Was very friendly, informative, and ready for any questions I hadread more
Alison Walker
Alison W.
13:34 09 May 21
The people that work here are always so friendly and helpful. Great product selection. I will continue to return. I highly recommend Maribis. 😉read more
Jason Clark
Jason C.
17:23 22 Apr 21
My third time going into Maribis as a medical cannabis user. Robert helped me out tonight and was in a great mood which definitely adds to a satisfying experience. Quick service. Great staff! Thank you Maribis!Edit; Adrian helped me today! It won't let me add another review, and if the associates at Maribis teuly recieve bonuses for being mentioned, then this is the second time Adrian has helped me. The staff at Maribis have to deal with my incessant babbling after work. They all deserve bonuses!read more
Kalamity Deschain
Kalamity D.
23:54 18 Apr 21
Visited for the first time and all staff members are helpful. Everyone was all smiles and the menu choices were pretty good for a smaller space. The bud tender was a big help and she was very great with the recommendations about what to try. Was able to snag some old time favorites and new more
Prof D's Art103
Prof D's A.
23:13 13 Apr 21
Love Maribis! The staff is kind, helpful & incredibly knowledgeable about their products! I’ve been helped by most of their people and can’t speak highly enough about their professionalism & advice. Definitely chat with Elizabeth, Alison or Edgar!Went back today (4/13/21) and met a new budtender, Donnie, who made excellent suggestions for some sativa dominant hybrid strains. He also recommended sauce cartridges over CO2 & I’m a convert. So much smoother inhale. I also have to give a shout out to Edgar who always greets you with a smile and forthwith with his knowledge. Thanks again, Maribis, for another most excellent visit 😁read more
Aimee Hall
Aimee H.
19:15 10 Apr 21
First time shopping at Maribis, great experience! Chris was friendly and helpful. Nice product selection.
Jason Clark
Jason C.
00:55 01 Apr 21
My third time going into Maribis as a medical cannabis user. Robert helped me out tonight and was in a great mood which definitely adds to a satisfying experience. Quick service. Great staff! Thank you Maribis!read more
Edgar M.
Edgar M.
15:49 03 Mar 21
Best prices in state with the best daily deals and a knowledgeable staff! The menu is huge. Very friendly place , very helpful.As a Patient this is my more
J Double U
J Double U
00:28 19 Feb 21
Great place for Good Concentrates!They always accommodate my HEAVY CONCENTRATE needs. If they don't have it ,they went and got it for me! 🙏LOVE THESE Guys!......... Even more! 😜read more
adrenaline MONKEY
adrenaline M.
19:33 18 Feb 21
Very convenient dispensary on the Southside of Chicago. Always very welcoming and helpful with whatever I need. Edgar was amazing during my most recent visit. Best dispensary experience I've had more
Silenced Rage
Silenced R.
20:56 29 Jan 21
This is the first and probably last dispensary I will visit. I have found my second home. Everyone in here was very professional and polite as can be. The prices were very reasonable and I was in and out in 15 minutes couldn't have been easier. I have no complaints . Thank you more
Phil Maza
Phil M.
17:00 25 Jan 21
I've had an insightful and delightful time with Maribis. Friendly service. Informed staff. Andrea is especially helpful and like-mindedread more
Gerald Tongo
Gerald T.
20:59 23 Jan 21
The selection choices gave a variety of options. Full menu and the health conscious edible options improved my health already. Great prompt very confident with my experience. Updates appeal to the improvements in my status this complements my previous purchase with follow up more
Jennifer Harris
Jennifer H.
03:09 22 Jan 21
I absolutely love shopping at Maribis. Everyone there is so helpful, knowledgeable, and sweet. Today I met Jennifer, a new bud tender and she was very pleasant to work with. From the moment I walked in she greeted me with a smile. She wasn't in a rush to get me out of her face, if anything she took her time with my transaction. She made me feel welcomed. I hope she sticks more
Tessa Marie Hoffman
Tessa Marie H.
23:16 21 Jan 21
Lisa is super intelligent, compassionate, and well versed in the cannabis world. Great recommendations and vibes. 💯read more
Prof D's Art103
Prof D's A.
22:37 20 Jan 21
Love Maribis! The staff is kind, helpful & incredibly knowledgeable about their products! I’ve been helped by most of their people and can’t speak highly enough about their professionalism & advice. Definitely chat with Elizabeth, Alison or Edgar!read more
Ariane Davis
Ariane D.
20:05 20 Jan 21
I really like everyone that works at maribus I truly just wish they had better/ up-to-date menus online 🙂
Sonny Omega
Sonny O.
11:06 06 Jan 21
This is my new spot got me some chocolate mint OG and it’s delicious the people welcomed me like family cracking jokes and the music they were playing I could of stayed all night and danced inside but with that said I’ll be back and love the specials the only thing was missing was a first time discount which I’ve been to other dispensaries and they give it but you make it up in your very awesome prices that include the taxes and quality flower products anyways I’m bout to roll up the G and fly up up and away weeeee lmaoread more
Matt Salvino
Matt S.
00:14 03 Jan 21
If I could give this place 0 I would. My girlfriend and I called them at 5 O'clock to make sure they were open and they said as long as we get here before 6pm we were good. We arrived at 5:50 just to be told "sorry we have to close 10 minutes early to clean for Covid". "We only say that we are open to 6 because that's what the website says". The kickerer is that the guy I talked to on the phonebwas the same one who we met at the door. He went on to say, "the registers stop taking money at 6pm and there nothing he can do, so come back tomorrow"..Not only did you loose consistent business from me, but failed to take care of the customer! That was the worst B.S excuse I have ever heard.Don't waist your money on them!read more
frank plechsmid
frank P.
02:33 21 Dec 20
I love allison she is the best bud tender I've ever had this is definitely my new dispensary I'm sticking with
23:44 07 Dec 20
Amazing staff. I love the way that explain everything. Courtesy and respect all time. I also like the good quality of their products and prices. It was an absolute pleasure of a visit and I will definitely be back!read more
Amber Schroer
Amber S.
18:03 01 Dec 20
Adorable dispensary easily accessible via street parking during our visit (Tuesday morning). Great storefront and appearance ...A few things could really improve the experience- I didn’t like that you couldn’t pre-order and Prices online differ than those inside. A very nice bud tender let me know for future reference that the products labeled “AU” on their site are “out the door prices”- so heads up for those looking at online menu.Also, since their menu isn’t live, you really don’t know what they have in stock- They list every product their growers sell, but they only had a handful of strains.They also didn’t carry growers I had purchased from - so it was my first time trying Bedford Grow. I tend to buy Cresco or Rhythm if available.Their BG eighths came in glass jars rather than the plastic I’d seen them in at other dispensaries. I got 2 different strains for their “Buy 2, save $10 daily deal”; the 2 hardest hitting per the bud tender and they look pretty good.One 1/8 looks far superior then the other and both strains look like they’re grown really well and both were more of the brownish green than bright green that I’m use to.Overall, a great disorder with really nice people ! I look forward to coming back !read more
Anthony rodriguez
Anthony R.
20:57 29 Nov 20
This place is so cool and it's right down the street from my house all I have to do is walk there
K Mos
K M.
10:36 17 Nov 20
I've tried this place three times bc it's only a mile away from my house and I don't drive. First time I went in there i bought three disposable vapes. Two of the batteries died while there was still liquid in the cart.They never have what their website says they have. So I go in there trying to order certain things, they don't have them.THE THIRD TIME I tried this place, I called first, made sure they actually had in stock what I saw I wanted online, spent money to take an Uber there from work, showed up 15 minutes later, AND THEY WERE CLOSED TO RECREATIONAL. I HAD JUST CALLED THEM 15 minutes beforehand specifically talking about recreational weed saying I was on my way in, YOU THINK THEY COULD HAVE TOLD ME THEY WERE CLOSING TO RECREATIONAL an hour earlier than their regular business hours. So, NO. LAST TIME GUYS. YOURE NOT THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN. GET IT TOGETHER. There are two other dispensaries a few miles away that always has the stock that their website says they have and so I'll just travel a little further so I can actually get what I want.Staff is super friendly and helpful though. Maybe management should inform their employees a little better of they're gonna close early on a certain more
K Mos
K M.
14:39 05 Oct 20
I've tried this place twice bc it's only a mile away from my house and I don't drive. First time I went in there i bought three disposable vapes. two of the batteries died while there was still liquid in the cart.They never have what their website says they have. So I go in there trying to order certain things, they don't have them and then I end up spending more money than I want getting other things to improvise and end up not really getting what I wanted or spending more than I wanted. Theres a dispensary a few miles away that always has the stock that their website says they have and so I'll just travel a little further so I can actually get what I want.Staff is super friendly and helpful more
nicole Rodriguez
nicole R.
19:56 29 Sep 20
Speedy and whatever price u see online for adult use that's how much it is not like other places where they show one price then when u get the total it's another $15 for taxread more
nicole Rodriguez
nicole R.
12:36 22 Sep 20
Speedy and whatever price u see online for adult use that's how much it is not like other places where they show once price then when u get the total it's another $15 for taxread more
Ednamarie Ramire
Ednamarie R.
01:30 06 Sep 20
Since this pandemic started as a 3 year cancer survivor I have to take xtra care of my self, haven't been able to work so finances are really tight, my anxiety got worst to the point that I was only sleeping 4 - 5 hrs max. Couldn't eat cause the nausea, finally I was able to go to the dispensary and Tessy is the absolute best! I was able to sleep the whole night, got up happy, hungry...I love this dispensary and employees. I don't care about fancy places. I rather get my moneys worth and feel better mentally and physically. Thank you Tessy ❤❤❤read more
rolando mota
rolando M.
17:19 05 Sep 20
WARNING DO NOT BUY FROM HERE I bought a verano cart and it was fake no seal and package was way different seems like dispensaries are worse than street dealers and sneaky since we cannot inspect the item there(make sure w.e product you are buying has a seal on it )read more
josh 1982
josh 1.
19:43 27 Aug 20
been applying here since they started and i still haven't received anything back, as a person who really needed a job at the time your hiring process is bad like really bad, you need to inform people if they are eligible or not you dont have them wait for a answer their bills are certainly not going to wait, and if a person calls in for a update on eligibility, at least give them one and dont get mad when you answer the phone either let people know or answer the call or get a better hiring staff if one person can not handle more
Chef By Blood
Chef By B.
22:31 26 Aug 20
I like it here a lot.. Of course it's more expensive than I would like it to be but there is never a real wait to enter the actual dispensary which is a plus. I would like to see some better deals on flower they are pretty basic. I also don't understand why some strands are limited for medical buyers with the price that's attached I should be able to purchase what I want. A lot of bad reviews but I like the staff my 3rd time visiting was today and it was great. Got me some Kimbo Kush and China Berry I'm too excited to try them. The last one I got was megatron which was bomb!! Good Place!!read more
14:49 23 Aug 20
was a great place. the staff is really cool the problem is the prices. went to get a 1/8 web said 55 no problem. but what they don't explain is that they post medical prices and recreation price has a au for adult usage that is actually 16 dollars more. a posted gram for 20 actually was 26 dollars. had to get it to justify the 40 min drive. sorry but I'll stay with the people I normally go to. they at lease tell ya the actual more
Walter Dominiquez
Walter D.
06:12 05 Aug 20
Avoid this place: (Sketchy Vibes)As it is a very poor & disappointing example of a dispensary, lack of consistent information on products. The security & the retail staff really don't seem to carry themselves with respect to cannabis industry.Also do not let these people tell you they are bud tenders or concentrate extractors as they did not manufacturer or grew the very product which you are purchasing because that is not the case here at all; they simply work at the store and sell pre packaged item's that are shipped there.They also don't Honor any prices on Weedmaps which is a national cannabis advertising app, Huge red flag.- Definitely not a stoner friendly place, if you're coming in from Midway airport just take some time to go into downtown for some decent products & service, as there should be no frustration when it comes to buying weed of all more
Jushay Signature
Jushay S.
04:48 28 Jul 20
I am very disappointed. This Sunday, July 26th 2020. I purchased two products, 2 Mojito hybrid/ Disposable Vape Cartridge 0.3g from Maribis LLC in Chicago 4570 S. Archer at 2:21 p.m. With the state’s policy, the employers, Mr. King, African American, security guard and EdGar Carabez, (agent in charge), Latino man with gold glasses approximately 29-35 years old with black hair, stated I will not be able to show them the empty disposable vape carts I just purchased from their establishment, Maribis LLC. They did not provide us with the name of the company that cultivated the product, I had to search for it on my own which was Pharacann LLC. However, what was most upsetting was that they were giggling at my discomfort and the security guard flipped his ID around to avoid being recognized by his government name. Due to it being a recreational purchase, they claim they could not give me any exchange or return. This is disappointing, because as a customer I feel robbed, taken advantage of, and most of all cheated. I went home without my money nor my cannabis. What a long more
King Crown P71
King Crown P.
23:31 27 Jul 20
Your spending money on a product you can’t physically see or inspect until you buy and after you buy it’s no returns or switches.. I asked the lady why I can’t see the product I was told some bs excuse that doesn’t make any sense at all. The customer service by security was great but once I began to shop things changed the lady was very matter of fact and didn’t let me explore any options just wat she favored.. if u want a good experience just go elsewhere.. trust me.. very sketchy bad vibes PRICES TOO DAMN HIGH YOU CAN GET TRIPLE THE AMOUNTread more
01:11 17 Jul 20
Let's be clear this is strictly a recreational dispensary selling medical secondary! How do you add more Recreational purchasing days then Medical during a pandemic!?!? They offer no Online ordering, no pre-order and the website is like being at armature hour along with the staff. This is owned by Bedford Grow cultivators (Google it) hence why Maribis has nothing but Bedford Grow and nothing else. Why would you pay $60 a 1/8th or $60 for crumble from Bedford Grow??? Variety is key and Maribis fails at supplying variety like every other dispensary in the city. The Store is dirty! When your sitting in the lobby look at the lobby floors gureenteed you will see the same filth marks again on your next visit again(I challenge you) The management is young and inexperienced hence why the staff is not very good. It starts with leadership and again Maribis fails more
Joel Gutierrez
Joel G.
20:14 30 Jun 20
Staff is super nice, but how can you not have flower in stock for medical patients? Ridiculous.
Cristian Perez
Cristian P.
21:10 26 Jun 20
Smooth, calm, and no rush flow. The security guy outside is super helpful and communicated the line extremely efficiently. The staff was very more
Yalla Yollo
Yalla Y.
18:27 18 Jun 20
Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. When I got inside with no mask security were disrespectful and started yelling me “step outside”. I didn’t even know why they’re yelling at me, then they yelled “you don’t have a mask get outta here”. Well okay, I purchased a mask and I got in. Management makes decent money so they can’t buy a box of masks to provide them to customers even for a $1 or $5 for each, doesn’t matter. Stuff is very pricy. Better visit northern dispensers than going to this hole. Price - 6/10Quality of products - 4/10Customer service - 0/10Wait time with 4 people inside took 1 hour and 37 minutes. They’re rude turtles, very aggressive and more
Nancy S
Nancy S
23:01 11 Jun 20
I would be more than willing to spend money here if they can get their schedule straight. Website gives different days and hours and phone rep always says something more
Jef Smith
Jef S.
03:56 06 Jun 20
Great service no pressure. Quick in and out
Allen Dennis
Allen D.
17:57 25 May 20
In and out quickly friendly staff check out the daily DEALS
William john LUCKEY
William john L.
21:36 30 Apr 20
Kara was Extreemly helpful and even masked a Beauty inside and out .Been decades (70s)since I used cannabis and despite being out of flower going on her knowledge she recommended Avexia 1:1 tabs for my needs and she was spot on .Thank you so look much Kara and the Great People at Maribis on Archerread more
Miguel Vargas
Miguel V.
19:43 10 Apr 20
First time going to a dispensary,and l really like the quality.
James White
James W.
14:43 02 Mar 20
Probably one of the poorest run dispensaries in Illinois. The management team is young and inexperienced and it shows, just send a manger an email or call and you get no response. They sell 90% Bedford Grow and it's at a high mark up. The prices over the last year has climbed significantly on all their products. But the quality of their customer service has dropped. The menu selection is absolutely aweful. Compare Maribis menus to the places down the road menus and then ask yourself why do these dispensaries have a larger selection of cultivators then Maribis.The building is large and clean with a great security team.They have street parking only no parking more
James White
James W.
20:00 18 Feb 20
Was a patient here for over two years and it WAS one of the best because of the location and the small number of registered patients at this dispensary. Then the shortage and then Maribis forgot who kept them alive all these years quickly when they had barely any patients First they are not selling recreational because they care about the medical patients.The owner couldn't achieve the proper permits to finish a state mandated Build out, hence why it looks and feels still under construction. The deals WERE great! Then Maribis starting getting all the medical patients in Chicago due to the drought. Maribis is the only Dispensary not selling recreational cannibas in Chicago it's not by choice folks! Young management and it shows through their inexperience to understand simple economics and management 101. In fivemonths there will be no shortage and Maribis will be back to the beginning struggling to obtain customers and struggling to get product due to the amount of registered medical more
Ednamarie Ramire
Ednamarie R.
21:30 10 Feb 20
So knowledgeable and love the fact that only tend to patients
Dominic Sabbia
Dominic S.
23:20 05 Feb 20
they wont sell recreational? cool i’ll take my business somewhere else
Alex Trebek
Alex T.
14:41 05 Feb 20
Hands down the best dispensary in Chicago. It starts with the employees and let's be honest thats what builds a great company. Maddy, Jason and Robert have the most Cannabis knowledge out of all the dispensaries I have been to in Illinois, and I have been to a few consedering I was one of the first patients in Illinois. And even though Maribis has a recreational license they choose to stay only Medical currently sonthe can look out for the medical patients during this process of legalization in Illinois that has created a shortage. Maribis recognizes who lead and built the recreational market, again much respect and love from a medical more
G Gladfly
G G.
14:32 02 Feb 20
Professional, knowledgeable staff. They take the time to answer question and I never feel rushed. If a produce is out of stock, the staff are willing to show you comparable produce and explain if there are differences. I have used this dispensary for 1 year and I appreciate the kind and compassionate more
TheCannabis Reviewer
TheCannabis R.
13:58 01 Feb 20
First I think it's sad that this dispensary is getting bad reviews based on peoples inability to use common sense and pick up a phone to make a call instead of assuming and believing because its online. Maribis is a recreational store and does have a recreational license so they have to list it by law. Maribis is a clean open space facility with some amazing budtenders. I believe they have some of the most knowledgeable Budtenders in Chicago, and I have been around. They have street parking and i have never had an issue finding parking yet.It says a lot about the integrity and ethics of Maribis for choosing not to sell recreational Cannabis and choosing to focus on the medical community first. After all the Medical patients laid the groundwork for recreational so stop more
They sold out of some flower before I could get there but Jason hooked it up. the $40 grams of Keef ($35 on the first if you bring your bag) hasn't been matched by another more
Madeleine Daniels
Madeleine D.
19:33 09 Jan 20
Stopped by the dispensary today and was disappointed to see a sign on the door that said they do not sell recreationally yet. However, Google & Weedmaps both state that they more
Danny Rohde
Danny R.
19:54 05 Dec 19
Called to inquire about swiching but they dont have a working number just a 1888 number that does nothing
Manuel Mendoza
Manuel M.
19:50 03 Oct 19
Professional people, who know what may or may not be the remedy for my particular ailments. For optimum results, I TRUST Maribus!!.read more
Val Velichkov
Val V.
22:21 19 Jul 19
We started using Maribis back in June because if my mother cancer diagnosis. Since the first time we've visit it's been nothing but great experience. All the people that work there are very friendly, knowledgeable and passionate for what they do. The selection of products is outstanding and pricing is slightly lower than other dispensaries. Most importantly is that my mother feels way better and the quality RSO and cartridges we get from Maribis sre huge part of her more
Mitchell Moore
Mitchell M.
03:39 16 Jul 19
Stopped in here my first time today. Very welcoming staff, and very knowledgeable. Menu seems to be very up to date. I had selected some things at home, and they had everything when I arrived. I purchased a few goodies, and everything exceeded my more
Tara A
Tara A
13:36 08 Jul 19
Super friendly and knowledgable staff...great selection and reasonable prices! You will have more fun than anyone after shopping here. 💕read more
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