Maribis of Springfield Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Maribis of Springfield Marijuana Dispensary in Grandview, IL

2272 North Grand Ave East
Grandview, IL 62702

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri 10 – 7
Sat 10 – 4
Sun 10 – 2

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Maribis of Springfield is a marijuana dispensary location open at 2272 North Grand Ave East in Grandview, IL 62702 .

Maribis of Springfield dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Maribis of Springfield Dispensary Products

Maribis of Springfield medical and recreational menu products have not been uploaded. Please contact us to add your menu and update your page.

What People Are Saying

Jeramey Pratt
Jeramey P.
22:38 08 Jul 20
I have been coming as med patient for a while. They jack up prices all with no flower in stock. However opening to recreational. Come on man. I loved the workers and atmosphere when had flower options and cheaper more
Ericka Sullivan
Ericka S.
21:20 03 Jul 20
Great staff. Parking lot a little difficult to navigate with exiting traffic, but I liked it. Liked the variety
Kyle Boehme
Kyle B.
00:01 23 Jun 20
Great selection of products! The menu is HUGE. Very professional and friendly environment.
Smite Oreru
Smite O.
12:55 13 Jun 20
It's not CO where u can see, smell and touch- but it's quick, friendly and much more professional then the other option. Employees are much more friendly and willing to admit mistakes but want to fix it ASAP. There's no fight or hassle when you question something. Everyone is friendly to the point it feels kinda like a friends house you're picking up from. The prices are still a lil high but decent. Walking in, getting your order and walking out takes 10-15 minutes if you already know what you want from off the site. I've only had to call once about a question, the manager was out but even still I got a call back in 10mins instead of days or no answer at all. They don't carry Cresco but Rev, SSCB, and one other local brand totally make it worth it. The OZ Kush blows Crescos Pineapple Express right out of the water. The quality is there making the price worth more
Ryan Carr
Ryan C.
08:13 12 Jun 20
Very friendly family type environment, some dispensary’s are like Fortune 500 company’s all professional high tech this place isn’t and thats what I like, and they always have daily specials, which is better then any other dispensary I’ve been to in Illinois (I’ve been to 4 in Illinois) Shelby county is my favorite for the price 46$ a 3.5g flower, which is a good deal more
Wes Bradshaw
Wes B.
00:57 10 Jun 20
I was referred to Maribis by a friend. As a new medical patient, I was looking for a place that has a balanced stock of items and was close to where I live. Everyone made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I was especially happy with the budtender. She explained the whole process and recommended products and strains that would help my personal ailments. She knew exactly what I needed and was very educated in cannabis. I never felt rushed at any point in filling out paperwork or making my choices. I feel like the staff truly care about helping their patients. I've been to a couple dispensaries as a rec customer and while they were pleasant-ishhh experiences, Maribis blew them all away, no doubt. I fully intend on staying with Maribis for as long as possible and I have to give them 10 out of 5 more
Shawn Eckert
Shawn E.
20:44 17 May 20
Just FYI if you have a expired ID during Covid19. My license had expired in April.and can't renew on line and they will not accept more
Wicked Dove
Wicked D.
16:32 06 May 20
Wonderful, warm and friendly people!! Enjoy going here.
John Fish
John F.
21:03 04 May 20
Very friendly employees, knowledgeable in the products. Over all a good experience on my first visit. Had just changed dispencery's. They made me feel welcome , Glad I had joined them .read more
Kevin Smith
Kevin S.
16:26 04 May 20
I have been going to maribis for couple years now. It was all perfect untill marijuana became legal. They said medical card holders were priority. This is a lie. I used to be able to go to dispensary and get satisfaction with all my purchases. Now they have only one choice of substandard product last four times I have been there. I am looking to switch my dispensary. I believe that since maribis is a medical facility. That attempting to find another dispensary probably will not solve this issue. A medical card is not worth the time or money as it once was.😡read more
Bailey Bova
Bailey B.
13:41 11 Apr 20
Nobody ever answers the phone! I have been calling the number listed on the website for 2 weeks. I want to know if they are still selling to the adult users or if it is medical patients more
Jason England
Jason E.
17:51 14 Mar 20
Great staff. They're very professional, courteous and helpful also.
Janelle Clemens
Janelle C.
00:17 11 Mar 20
Budtenders are very helpful and friendly. Good deals.
Coby Andrews
Coby A.
19:47 14 Jan 20
Best dispensary in a 80 mile radius. I live in Decatur and drive 45 minutes to get here. They have an amazing selection. Knowledgeable staff. Convenient location in Springfield. Comfortable environment. All around an excellent dispensary. Plus they have Bedford Grow which means Northern Lights 👌read more
Logan Smith
Logan S.
00:00 10 Jan 20
Website says medical + recreational sales, however they currently only sell to medical patients. Online info should reflect as more
Bubsy Malone
Bubsy M.
02:32 04 Jan 20
Great selection of products including edibles, flower, and rolling papers. The employees are very nice and super more
Daniel Donaldson
Daniel D.
11:51 03 Jan 20
Great place great people very informational selection might be limited at times. But that's on the state and more
Joshua Houser
Joshua H.
16:08 20 Nov 19
After seeing a 1 star review left by another a couple days ago I wanted to say I agree with them completely. Used to be awesome until the last few months. Patient care has gone downhill. They have never had restrooms for patients to use when sometimes having long wait times to get access to their medication. Some of us are on diuretics and lack of bathrooms can be an uncomfortable environment. Not as many employees are knowledgeable when it comes to pairing strains with specific medical conditions anymore either. When asking about new products I was told "its chill". I'm not sure how I'm supposed to decide if it's right for my conditions with that type of answer. Lack of access to flower, and concentrates that work for my conditions haven't been there in quite some time and that is also a problem. I think some policy changes are needed in the near future to protect medical marijuana patients as we move into recreational more
vlxlgxlhxlh xlydgdlxlg
vlxlgxlhxlh X.
03:39 20 Nov 19
Everyone is always very nice. I didnt get there till later in day. I wish you could call if you live so far away and they would hold until you got there. By time I got there several things were sold out .read more
Landon Bell
Landon B.
13:24 17 Oct 19
I had some problems switching over but the wait was worth it. Maribis has a huge selection and their staff is great. What really caught my eye was the selection of glass more
Ray Pickford
Ray P.
19:42 07 Sep 19
Caring friendly no pressure no problem service love them. Healing me more every day a better way of life Thanks Maribis
Carolyn Harper
Carolyn H.
14:09 06 Aug 19
I love this place for the people and for the treatment I always receive when I go to MARIBIS as well!!... The people who work there know their products and how to help you if you need some!!... Dan Linn the manager when there is always good to you with letting you try different things... He's the best with teaching you about the different types of things available new to purchase and try out for the different types of conditions you might have!!read more
karl Mack
karl M.
21:16 28 Jun 19
They have a lot of different varieties a lot of flowers and edible to choose from and they aren't that expensive. staff is excellent very nice and very helpful you can ask them anything and they will find out the answer for more
Deanna zeisler
Deanna Z.
21:37 06 Jun 18
I love this place! The budtenders are so helpful!
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