Maribis of Springfield Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Maribis of Springfield Marijuana Dispensary in Springfield, IL

3025 Lindbergh Blvd
Springfield, IL 62704

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 8pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Maribis of Springfield is a marijuana dispensary location open at 3025 Lindbergh Blvd in Springfield, IL 62704 .

Maribis of Springfield dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Maribis of Springfield Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Nia Imani Watts
Nia Imani W.
22:14 08 Jan 22
Love Maribis and their friendly staff! Daily deals are awesome. The security is even friendly. Kudos to my fav workers: DYLAN, *CASPER* (MICHAEL), QUINN, WILLIAM, NATALIE and JOHN aka Sanwich Man 😁 You guys always bring me smiles and have the best recommendations. Excited to go in when I know I'll see one of them. They deserve a raise, bonus, etc!! Superb customer more
Patty Beck
Patty B.
03:39 21 Dec 21
Do not PAY for anything until they bring out the product and you check for the proper MG's strength to what is listed on the paper. They always take your money before bringing out the product to show you. By then you've already PAID for it and there's no kind of exchange, so your stuck with it. He was helpful And tried to make it right, But I won't be going more
Jessica Wilson
Jessica W.
23:42 08 Dec 21
Maribis always has a great selection and friendly staff. Dylan was awesome! He helped me learn more about the products available and he was also able to help me choose the right strain based on my needs. He was able to answer all of my questions without more
June Cooper
June C.
01:45 17 Oct 21
I always enjoy going to Maribis! They have the best Budtenders! They always have the time, interest and knowledge to help you. Today Brittany took fantastic care of me and Diamond brought me to tears of happiness. I always leave there feeling special and with the best quality products. Thank you All. I would never shop anywhere more
Benjamin Neumann
Benjamin N.
00:44 14 Oct 21
Better prices and service than Ascend. If you want the superior experience go Maribis and you won't go back. Always a great experience most recently with more
Art Bowden
Art B.
20:16 06 Oct 21
This was my first visit to a dispensary so I didn’t know what to expect. I was impressed with the security although it may just have been security theatre. Molly was quite congenial and seemed quite knowledgeable. It remains to be seen whether the products I purchased are effective in addressing my more
Kaitlyn Spence
Kaitlyn S.
21:35 09 Sep 21
I have had phenomenal service with Maribis. The staff are friendly and helpful, it’s always a good time chatting with Michael and other staff. He in particular is always cheerful and seems happy to be there and is thoughtful in conversation. all staff do a great job whether it’s a sale or a product issue (which has only happened with me once and it was taken care of excellently). Wait times are minimal these days as more
Goddess Kali
Goddess K.
21:00 09 Sep 21
Your prices are going up and down then back up?? Parking lot has big holes. It's better to find a dealer because they sometimes have better stuff. Staff is nice but they want you to hurry so you have to hurry and pick something. The deals of the day are a joke just grow your more
Chris Sartain
Chris S.
22:23 22 Aug 21
Strong 5. Sam (a.k.a.) Samantha was an extremely knowledgeable and engaging budtender. Takes some real customer service skills to transform a simple business transaction into a fun mini-picnic instead. Well played indeed...Chrisread more
Mark Harrison
Mark H.
19:42 15 Aug 21
Jessica was amazing! We didnt know exactly what we wanted to get, but she was super patient and knowledgeable, asking questions to help us figure out what product would work best for us! We will definitely be back again!read more
heather lassard
heather L.
22:49 07 Aug 21
Love this place! Always have excellent customer service. Place is very clean. Huge shout out to Dylan today because he went above and beyond to make my experience today ideal 😊read more
Benjamin Neumann
Benjamin N.
22:17 14 Jul 21
Better prices and service than Ascend. If you want the superior experience go Maribis and you won't go back. Always a great experience most recently with more
Chris Sartain
Chris S.
17:51 10 Jun 21
Strong 5. Sam (a.k.a.) Samantha was an extremely knowledgeable and engaging budtender. Takes some real customer service skills to transform a simple business transaction into a fun mini-picnic instead. Well played indeed...Chrisread more
Sillymomma Blonde
Sillymomma B.
19:39 03 Jun 21
Samantha was amazing. Super dope vibe. Most times you don’t get someone you can connect with and have a good experience at a lot of places. Definitely going back to her!read more
Jayne Wilson
Jayne W.
15:30 03 Jun 21
Molly was an awesome bud tender! Informative and eager to help me with individual needs. Don't forget to tip your Bud tenders. Always happy to tip minimum of $ more
Lori Chapman
Lori C.
18:13 26 Apr 21
The education I received today from Danielle was amazing! She worked with me on wants and needs and suggested things. A great first experienceread more
Kirsten Willner
Kirsten W.
14:00 27 Mar 21
First time visiting you get your 5$ off bag! Every visit you bring the bag gets you 5$ off your purchase! First timers also get 1g for $1!! Then the first$100 gets you a pre-rolled for $1!!! Everyone that was working when I was there were super helpful and wanted to help me find the type of product that best suited my illnesses. Don't be afraid to ask them, they are there to answer your questions and give you advice on all the products! I highly recommend Maribis to my fellow medical cannabis patients. The selection isn't bad either.😁👍👍💪read more
Vince P
Vince P
14:16 24 Mar 21
This place knows what sells and what people want. Fast service and the people behind the counter are very helpful. Monique was quick to correct an order that was goofed up and I was out and on my way in no time. In the meantime the employees were very professional. They were happy to help with questions while I waited for my order. Greatly appreciated the services! Thanks!read more
Trippy Imp
Trippy I.
22:50 19 Mar 21
Best dispensary in town. Best prices best staff. All the budtenders are knowledgeable and friendly. Also very friendly security as well. Jordan and Jacob were particularly helpful todayread more
Dave Dufner
Dave D.
17:57 17 Mar 21
Good luck trying to order online. Inventory is never accounted for or accurate. They apparently no longer issue text messages to let medical patients know their online order has been processed and is ready for you to pick up. In addition it appears you know longer get the online discount either as the past two completd orders were done online and the discount was never applied.Seems medical patients are now shunned and pushed to the side so they can accommodate the recreational people paying more money per unit.It's all about the money and only about money with this place. Well you were getting over $800 a month from me. Notice the word were.Don't waste your time trying to get medicine here. I can't be more sincere in trying to save others the hassles that come with trying to get your medicine hereread more
Sue McManus
Sue M.
20:21 13 Mar 21
These guys are great! They know their products well and are always happy to define the different qualities of those products. The waiting room is also a pleasant experience. Great staff all around!! Tammy was the absolute best!read more
Tina Stockman
Tina S.
16:32 04 Mar 21
Miranda was awesome! She was exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. She was able to answer all my questions regarding product and definitely made my shopping experience a non stressful one. I felt like I’ve known her for years!!!! 😉 highly recommend the facility and Miranda!!read more
Martinez Patterson
Martinez P.
17:50 02 Mar 21
At this place the Attendants are always Informative and courteous. Mirandais like a neighbor are just a friend. All are that way. Even Security is The TRUTH.The medical can offer more concentrates and Sativa products. And the prices on accessories are bit much.I travel from the SW about twenty or more miles.We should be able to shop where we want when we want you know like catch sales and Specials at the different more
Megan Heyen
Megan H.
18:51 26 Feb 21
Another awesome experience! So many choices and great specials today. Celeste was so patient and informative! Thank you for always taking care of me Maribis. Best service ever!read more
Been great every time there, my wife is going through chemo now. It’s her fifth treatment, anyone know what would be good for severe bone pain. Thank more
Legion Commander
Legion C.
18:49 12 Feb 21
Had a great experience with Lily at Maribis! She was very knowledgeable about all the products I asked about and had good suggestions for others. She was very kind (as always) and helpful. Knowing her from high school, I know she will be an excellent addition to the Maribis team as she has always been a very positive person in the past. Really looking forward to my next visit and hopefully I will get her as my cashier again.She's so nice she gives me butterflies 😊read more
Cheri Hubbard
Cheri H.
02:37 10 Feb 21
All the employees are exceptional !!! Jennifer helped me today and explained new ways to smoke. I love going here and can't wait the new one on the West side to open. Love this place 🥰read more
Martinez Patterson
Martinez P.
01:30 31 Jan 21
At this place the Attendants are always Informative and courteous. Celeste is like a neighbor are just a friend. All are that way. Even Security is The TRUTH.The medical can offer more concentrates and Sativa products. And the prices on accessories are bit much.I travel from the SW about twenty or more miles.We should be able to shop where we want when we want you know like catch sales and Specials at the different more
matthew christopher
matthew C.
21:03 22 Jan 21
Every time, i meet a lovely person/female behind the sales counter and they are the sweetest & usually very easy on the eyes. They are always very nice and some of the males are helpful while some hinder others growth especially patients giving them bad advise to ruin their medicine. This would be the Dream job for me & many others. I will specifically mention a woman named Lisa! She was the seweetes in the world & very more
Kayla Zimmerman
Kayla Z.
01:31 15 Jan 21
I love this place! The staff is so great and communicate so well with the customers! They will make you feel like you've "known" them forever (just super comfortable) and answers any questions you have 😁. Even with these masks you can always tell they're happy to see more
Manda Panda
Manda P.
00:40 13 Jan 21
Everyone is so helpful. I can tell me them what I'm wanting and they can recommend something that fits my needs. They are all super nice too. Never had a bad more
Charisse Agnew
Charisse A.
03:36 15 Dec 20
Able to get in with no problems. Always bring cash. The staff was excellent. Very knowledgeable and even let you know what they like too! Worth the more
Nathalia H
Nathalia H
23:42 08 Dec 20
You all should take your medical dispensary sign down. You let rec patients ahead of medical patients even though it states on the Illinois website that we should be served first. Last time I was waiting outside in the cold with a man in a wheelchair (med patient). He was told to wait by your security because you’re were “taking turns” between med and rec to speed up the more
Holly Heyen
Holly H.
21:38 27 Nov 20
Hands down the best dispensery around Springfield. Dan and his crew know how to treat their customers. I have been a patient now for 3 years and have always been welcomed as family. Keep up the great work Guys. 💙☺read more
Bradley Robinett
Bradley R.
00:37 10 Oct 20
The pricing was horrible, way over priced, the product was great but not for the price I'll probably be waiting for price to drop before I ever go back, here's a half gram for 84$read more
Dennis McCorkendale
Dennis M.
01:18 04 Oct 20
Diamond is who I worked with. She was a great help for me. I asked her questions about what I should get to help me out. Was my first time there and it was a great experience. They close at 7 pm for Adult Use products and 8 PM for Medical. Now If you are on a very tight budget they aren't for you. Maribis is a Quality not Quantity type of location. It's what I'm looking for. I got a 1/4 of Shake Crescendo and a 5 pack of prerolls. Plus I got myself a new glass bowl. The customer service I got from the staff and from Security was too notch. I plan on visiting again in the futureread more
Mark Hinman
Mark H.
18:55 03 Oct 20
Nice place with some different products than the usual same brands/strains. Wish they had drive thru/curbside service.
Emily Thomas
Emily T.
18:48 01 Oct 20
Being medical. Staff knows their products and can give good suggestion on what might work for whatever. Never would have thought about my wonderful sleep stuffread more
Vance Arrowsmith
Vance A.
18:38 29 Sep 20
Love coming to Maribis. The staff there is the most friendly by far, I look forward to going in and saying hi to some of the staff there.This is a medical marijuana dispensary, dedicated to medical patients. So a majority of these bad reviews are from recreational patients not understanding the difference between the more
Marilyn Fizel
Marilyn F.
17:17 20 Sep 20
Catch them when they're not swamped--sundays my lucky day
Lee Williams
Lee W.
04:16 19 Sep 20
I like
Stephan Belz
Stephan B.
14:39 18 Sep 20
Substance quality is medically good but product quality and service is awful. Lacks the store friendly environment, no products displayed and the sales feel sketchy since you aren't allowed to view the products itself when purchased. Not until the sale is final, since there are no refunds or exchanges. My first time there i purchased a .3 disposable pen which was less than half full. I walked out that place and spent $130 for two 1g pre rolls, a defective .3 disposable pen and a 10 pk of chocolates. :/ Capitalizing on cannabis in ways such as this really ruins the more
Ali Eilers
Ali E.
21:25 16 Sep 20
22:24 13 Sep 20
Great place.come on down &load up
Steven Castleberry
Steven C.
20:29 02 Sep 20
Very great service!! You definitely have me as a customer and I will send my buddies
curt wilkey
curt W.
19:10 02 Sep 20
All the staff are very friendly they explain everything in detail for my wife and myself. Canton is closer but we prefer Maribisread more
Mario Rodriquez
Mario R.
18:50 31 Aug 20
From up northern Illinois way and went to this place on my way back home and Miranda took care of business!! Super cool budtender with a good attitude-and the merch is straight 🔥🔥🔥read more
austin mckinnis
austin M.
20:11 30 Aug 20
Good people good product slow and expensive
Cibele Carvalho
Cibele C.
13:35 21 Aug 20
Always super helpful staff, and good variety for recreational better selection for medical. Very clean, and COVID more
Gail Mooney
Gail M.
05:44 15 Aug 20
Friendly staff. However for medical is always scarce or doesn't have what's shown in the online menu. The price's are extremely high. Probably due to there only being two dispensaries in Springfield. I believe though that there may be more dispensaries coming . If so maybe price's will be affordable for those needing more
Rhonda Carlton
Rhonda C.
21:50 09 Aug 20
Good service. Very helpful. Very careful and aware with elimination of spread of Covid. Prices a little high. But you can work within your more
Julie Lawson
Julie L.
16:52 09 Aug 20
Very pleasant and helpful staff. Little waiting time and always available for questions you may have. Very laid back and smells more
Sea Davis
Sea D.
15:31 07 Aug 20
I live 13 hours away from this dispensary, one way. After getting a rather scary diagnosis, and subsequent procedures and follow up care coming down the line, I started to research cannabis to help me through the recovery process. After over a week of careful planning, I chose Maribis and one other dispensary and got on the road. I am extremely grateful I planned more than one option, because the other choice was a fail of epic proportions.What happened to me during my visit to Maribis is a bit of a long story and mostly irrelevant and a lot of extra boring words for you. But what I will say is this, and please hear me: the people that work here are genuinely kind and good. All of them. I am not able to be a medical patient here because I am not a resident, so I am considered recreational. But after hearing just a fraction of my story they treated me with compassion and I truly felt heard and call me crazy... cared for. I don’t know what other dispensaries are up to (except one, who treated me like absolute garbage and lost my business, not that they gave a hoot), but this one really and truly is here for patient care, and they do an amazing job at it. The prices are very fair, and the product quality is impressive. Last night I slept soundly and pain-free for the first time in a long time. And after a horrible road trip to boot.Please consider them above all the rest. Who cares if they are out of the way? They are worth 26 hours in a car to me. I think that says a lot. Side note - quick and easy free parking as well in their private lot.Also, extra shoutout to the security guard who told me not to leave Springfield without having a horseshoe sandwich. It was freaking delicious. (I snagged one at Boone’s, and their stuffed fried pickles are to die for too.) ALSO they are taking COVID precautions SUPER seriously. Masks required, 6 foot distance mandatory, they have protective barriers for their employees, constant cleaning and sanitizing. This means everything to someone with a compromised immune system. Loyal customer for more
15:49 06 Aug 20
Very clean. Al the staff was very nice and helpful. Great products!😁 reccomend everyone try it out! Overall great experience!read more
gabriel shaw
gabriel S.
02:40 02 Aug 20
Good time good people fair prices slow service
Punk nub
Punk N.
16:38 25 Jul 20
Long line and high prices but great service and selection would recommend. Dont go on friday right before they close. Call ahead about recreational days!!!read more
Danni Stallworth
Danni S.
18:26 13 Jul 20
The staff was so knowledgeable, friendly AND helpful... I felt like they really enjoyed their work and knew how to help me find what would help. I would recommend anyone new to talk to them and get what works for you!read more
Jeramey Pratt
Jeramey P.
22:38 08 Jul 20
I have been coming as med patient for a while. They jack up prices all with no flower in stock. However opening to recreational. Come on man. I loved the workers and atmosphere when had flower options and cheaper more
Ericka Sullivan
Ericka S.
21:20 03 Jul 20
Great staff. Parking lot a little difficult to navigate with exiting traffic, but I liked it. Liked the variety
Kyle Boehme
Kyle B.
00:01 23 Jun 20
Great selection of products! The menu is HUGE. Very professional and friendly environment.
Smite Oreru
Smite O.
12:55 13 Jun 20
It's not CO where u can see, smell and touch- but it's quick, friendly and much more professional then the other option. Employees are much more friendly and willing to admit mistakes but want to fix it ASAP. There's no fight or hassle when you question something. Everyone is friendly to the point it feels kinda like a friends house you're picking up from. The prices are still a lil high but decent. Walking in, getting your order and walking out takes 10-15 minutes if you already know what you want from off the site. I've only had to call once about a question, the manager was out but even still I got a call back in 10mins instead of days or no answer at all. They don't carry Cresco but Rev, SSCB, and one other local brand totally make it worth it. The OZ Kush blows Crescos Pineapple Express right out of the water. The quality is there making the price worth more
Ryan Carr
Ryan C.
08:13 12 Jun 20
Very friendly family type environment, some dispensary’s are like Fortune 500 company’s all professional high tech this place isn’t and thats what I like, and they always have daily specials, which is better then any other dispensary I’ve been to in Illinois (I’ve been to 4 in Illinois) Shelby county is my favorite for the price 46$ a 3.5g flower, which is a good deal more
Wes Bradshaw
Wes B.
00:57 10 Jun 20
I was referred to Maribis by a friend. As a new medical patient, I was looking for a place that has a balanced stock of items and was close to where I live. Everyone made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I was especially happy with the budtender. She explained the whole process and recommended products and strains that would help my personal ailments. She knew exactly what I needed and was very educated in cannabis. I never felt rushed at any point in filling out paperwork or making my choices. I feel like the staff truly care about helping their patients. I've been to a couple dispensaries as a rec customer and while they were pleasant-ishhh experiences, Maribis blew them all away, no doubt. I fully intend on staying with Maribis for as long as possible and I have to give them 10 out of 5 more
Shawn Eckert
Shawn E.
20:44 17 May 20
Just FYI if you have a expired ID during Covid19. My license had expired in April.and can't renew on line and they will not accept more
Wicked Dove
Wicked D.
16:32 06 May 20
Wonderful, warm and friendly people!! Enjoy going here.
John Fish
John F.
21:03 04 May 20
Very friendly employees, knowledgeable in the products. Over all a good experience on my first visit. Had just changed dispencery's. They made me feel welcome , Glad I had joined them .read more
Kevin Smith
Kevin S.
16:26 04 May 20
I have been going to maribis for couple years now. It was all perfect untill marijuana became legal. They said medical card holders were priority. This is a lie. I used to be able to go to dispensary and get satisfaction with all my purchases. Now they have only one choice of substandard product last four times I have been there. I am looking to switch my dispensary. I believe that since maribis is a medical facility. That attempting to find another dispensary probably will not solve this issue. A medical card is not worth the time or money as it once was.😡read more
Bailey Bova
Bailey B.
13:41 11 Apr 20
Nobody ever answers the phone! I have been calling the number listed on the website for 2 weeks. I want to know if they are still selling to the adult users or if it is medical patients more
Jason England
Jason E.
17:51 14 Mar 20
Great staff. They're very professional, courteous and helpful also.
Janelle Clemens
Janelle C.
00:17 11 Mar 20
Budtenders are very helpful and friendly. Good deals.
Coby Andrews
Coby A.
19:47 14 Jan 20
Best dispensary in a 80 mile radius. I live in Decatur and drive 45 minutes to get here. They have an amazing selection. Knowledgeable staff. Convenient location in Springfield. Comfortable environment. All around an excellent dispensary. Plus they have Bedford Grow which means Northern Lights 👌read more
Logan Smith
Logan S.
00:00 10 Jan 20
Website says medical + recreational sales, however they currently only sell to medical patients. Online info should reflect as more
Bubsy Malone
Bubsy M.
02:32 04 Jan 20
Great selection of products including edibles, flower, and rolling papers. The employees are very nice and super more
Daniel Donaldson
Daniel D.
11:51 03 Jan 20
Great place great people very informational selection might be limited at times. But that's on the state and more
Joshua Houser
Joshua H.
16:08 20 Nov 19
After seeing a 1 star review left by another a couple days ago I wanted to say I agree with them completely. Used to be awesome until the last few months. Patient care has gone downhill. They have never had restrooms for patients to use when sometimes having long wait times to get access to their medication. Some of us are on diuretics and lack of bathrooms can be an uncomfortable environment. Not as many employees are knowledgeable when it comes to pairing strains with specific medical conditions anymore either. When asking about new products I was told "its chill". I'm not sure how I'm supposed to decide if it's right for my conditions with that type of answer. Lack of access to flower, and concentrates that work for my conditions haven't been there in quite some time and that is also a problem. I think some policy changes are needed in the near future to protect medical marijuana patients as we move into recreational more
vlxlgxlhxlh xlydgdlxlg
vlxlgxlhxlh X.
03:39 20 Nov 19
Everyone is always very nice. I didnt get there till later in day. I wish you could call if you live so far away and they would hold until you got there. By time I got there several things were sold out .read more
Landon Bell
Landon B.
13:24 17 Oct 19
I had some problems switching over but the wait was worth it. Maribis has a huge selection and their staff is great. What really caught my eye was the selection of glass more
Ray Pickford
Ray P.
19:42 07 Sep 19
Caring friendly no pressure no problem service love them. Healing me more every day a better way of life Thanks Maribis
Carolyn Harper
Carolyn H.
14:09 06 Aug 19
I love this place for the people and for the treatment I always receive when I go to MARIBIS as well!!... The people who work there know their products and how to help you if you need some!!... Dan Linn the manager when there is always good to you with letting you try different things... He's the best with teaching you about the different types of things available new to purchase and try out for the different types of conditions you might have!!read more
karl Mack
karl M.
21:16 28 Jun 19
They have a lot of different varieties a lot of flowers and edible to choose from and they aren't that expensive. staff is excellent very nice and very helpful you can ask them anything and they will find out the answer for more
Deanna zeisler
Deanna Z.
21:37 06 Jun 18
I love this place! The budtenders are so helpful!
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