Medicinal Marijuana Delivery Service Coming Soon to the St. Louis Area – Riverfront Times

VIA JANE DISPENSARY Jane Dispensary in the Delmar Loop is partnering with California-based delivery service Doobie to shuttle weed to customers throughout the St. Louis area.
For those too stoned and/or lazy to pry themselves off the couch to re-up their cannabis supply — or, more importantly, those for whom health issues or other disabilities make such a prospect a difficult one — comes good news: Medicinal marijuana delivery is coming soon to the St. Louis area.

Doobie is a Palm Springs, California-based cannabis delivery service that is partnering with Jane Dispensary (6662 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-464-4420), which also has a location in California, to bring marijuana to the (medically approved) masses with just a few clicks on computer.

According to co-owner Joseph Rubin, the effort is meant to help expand the customer base of Jane by reaching people who might not live in the shop’s immediate vicinity.

“What we try to do is we find strategic partners located in various different states that have storefront retail operations, and we want to partner with them so we can help expand the dispensary’s network and reach,” Rubin explains. “A lot

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