MedMen Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

MedMen Marijuana Dispensary in Oak Park, IL

1132 Lake Street
Oak Park, IL 60301

Hours of Operation:

8am – 7pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – MedMen is a marijuana dispensary location open at 1132 Lake Street in Oak Park, IL 60301 .

MedMen dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

MedMen Dispensary Products

MedMen medical and recreational menu products have not been uploaded. Please contact us to add your menu and update your page.

What People Are Saying

April B
April B
20:08 16 Oct 20
I am a medical patient and have been a customer of the Oak/Park Chicago, IL location for approximately three years. Living with a chronic condition and having to navigate the human service, healthcare, and private sector, can be challenging. Sadly, the public at times does not fully understand how chronic conditions impact our day to day activities and interactions with others. It is essential for improved quality of life, that those who provide service or support to individuals with chronic conditions, understand these challenges and provide person-centered care and service.I wanted to take a few moments of your time to recognize one of your outstanding employees. I have had the sincere pleasure of receiving caring and compassionate service from Melanie at the Oak Park store on many occasions. Melanie is ALWAYS friendly, patient, compassionate, and kind. Melanie listens to my concerns and my needs and goes above and beyond to try and find the best product for me. Every time I visit your store I look to see if she is working and I request her services.As a person who has worked in human services for over 20 years and is now disabled and a patient, I have learned that this kind of exceptional service is rare and must be acknowledged. Please officially recognize Melanie's outstanding service and consider using her work ethic as an example to others. It is invaluable.Thank you again for your great customer service! I recommend this location!read more
17:41 14 Oct 20
Man, are we getting fleeced in Illinois. Take a look at the LA menu and see for yourself. All different strains. The wedding cake in LA looks pretty good and completely different from what they are calling “wedding cake” here.I knew there was going to be a catch with Illinois legalizing. Also, if you tell them it’s not good weed, they respond with “we just started, give us a year and it will get better”. Huh? Your kidding me, right? What difference will a year make? If you can’t grow good weed now and at a reasonable price, as advertised, why would I wait a year for you to get it together?read more
Sabrina White
Sabrina W.
23:34 10 Oct 20
I got gorilla cheese it was some kind of smoking smell good I might go back and try another strain
Casey Murphy
Casey M.
12:11 10 Oct 20
I wasn't impressed. I find the prices expensive for a multi state company, seems like price gouging in the newly legal Illinois. I pre ordered, and about half an hour before pickup, asked if they sell papers and tips, they said yes. I went to pick up and they asked my order number 5 times before I made it to the counter, it wasn't prepared, and they were out of papers and tips.Pretty lame, probably won't go back unless I'm more
Stephanie Pachl
Stephanie P.
18:51 02 Oct 20
Despite having an entire FAQ section on their website about curbside pickup at THEIR location, they are NOT actually doing curbside pickup and refuse to honor their own website/press releases. Super more
Kristen Nicole
Kristen N.
14:12 20 Sep 20
I've been a few times now and every time has been easy, quick, and pleasant. The staff is very friendly, my order has always been correct, and the products that I've used were awesome! The edibles we got last time we pretty strong for us. The effects lasted about 6-7 hours. My guy prefers them and I prefer the vape pens. I love that I don't have to worry about leaking with these. I haven't been to another dispensary but after multiple great experiences here, I'm hesitant to try a new more
Sarah Clanton
Sarah C.
01:26 19 Sep 20
Best prices out of any dispensary. Always a wide selection and friendly staff!!
Brandi Celebre
Brandi C.
07:21 16 Sep 20
Charles Mitchell
Charles M.
20:21 12 Sep 20
This is my go to spot usually no lines in and out always friendly 👍🏽
23:22 07 Sep 20
Great customer service, wide variety of product. Smooth transactions. I've always felt comfortable during my visits at this location. Probably the only dispensary I'll ever buy from. Thank you to the MedMen crewread more
Joe Rangel
Joe R.
22:41 06 Sep 20
Nice staff very helpful
John T
John T
00:00 02 Sep 20
Very happy with the entire experience. Fair website, great selection, and excellent prices. The website would be much more user friendly if they would also add total price after taxes. Store is very efficient but not very more
Toni Monique Davila
Toni Monique D.
17:50 30 Aug 20
First time and I was sadly disappointed. The point in buying a pre-roll is that you don’t have to roll it yourself. Seconds after being lit it started side-tracking. The quality of the bud was there, but I could’ve rolled this better. more
Natassia Schulz
Natassia S.
19:40 17 Aug 20
This is my go-to dispensary. Everyone is super friendly and the product is always amazing. I'm convinced the pricing is better here too even though I know most places have similar price ranges. I really love the entire process of ordering online through Leafly and then getting a text and showing up when your order is ready. An introvert's DREAM!read more
Jennifer Schmuhl
Jennifer S.
15:26 12 Aug 20
Easy in easy out. Just order online & your good to go. Staff is very nice as well. 😊
Cheryl Eggert
Cheryl E.
23:50 10 Aug 20
My 1st time EVER buying anything from a dispensary and it was awesome! Nate was very helpful! I was in and out in less than 10 minutes! Ill definitely be back!!read more
nicolas diaz
nicolas D.
17:32 05 Aug 20
Went in for my first purchase today and everybody was so nice from being checked in with Alicia, getting my order read back by Manny and lastly at the register with Melanie who made sure i was leaving with all the right products. Will definitely be back!read more
Michael McEldowney
Michael M.
15:31 04 Aug 20
Picked-up a couple Airopro cartridges over the weekend only to get home and find out one of the of the cartridges was defective. As instructed, I emailed Seven Points to let them know about the issue and was happy to receive an email back within an hour confirming that I could come in anytime to pick-up a working replacement cartridge. Thank you Matthew for making my day!read more
Taylor Calloway
Taylor C.
22:28 29 Jul 20
Staff is very nice and their system for getting orders in and out is super efficient I spent about 15 minutes for the whole process. Will be a returning customer (:read more
James Beaudry
James B.
01:53 29 Jul 20
The staff at Medmen Oak Park lack professionalism and customer service skills. I have been there three times since it opened in January. Each visit was exactly the same. The greeter is not welcoming and has a negative disposition when people enter. They get annoyed when you provide the wrong order number (there are 2 order numbers). The staff is pushy and rude about where to stand and what door to use. The actual bud tenders are nice but they don’t provide insight or advice. If you’re a novice and looking for an easy experience, you would be better off going somewhere more
Candy Pittner
Candy P.
22:06 12 Jul 20
I've been going to the MEDMEN Dispensary over a year now and I've had loving and professional experiences. Thank you Mark especially for being an awesome person and fantastic employee. I GAVE MARK 20.00 MORE, AND I WAS UNAWARE OF MY MISTAKE , MARK LET ME KNOW WHAT HAD HAPPENED AND HE RETURNED THE OVERPAYMENT TO ME. THANK YOU more
I bought a Cresco cartridge yesterday at the Oak Park location. Turns out it was damaged. I called the next day and spoke to Mark at the store, he was able to assist me. Med Men Oak Park is the only place I shop. Best budtenders around more
shaun Showalter
shaun S.
23:40 03 Jul 20
Went in for some weed. Spent $200, and the jar was empty. The person said it happens all the time. Never happened to me before. I don't think I'll return to this company again. Something didn't add up. I should of figured this, since this was the first time they didn't shake the jar or hold it to the light to ensure there was product in more
Rebecca Campos
Rebecca C.
19:41 22 Jun 20
I purchased my order online and when I went to pickup my taco seasoning and tonic drinks like any other dispensary. However, I never felt so welcome when I walked inside. Everyone was so friendly, specifically this worker named Zack. He told me about some of the other stuff they have that I didn't know about. He's customer service was beyond great and he made sure I got my items and left within the few minutes I was there. Keep up the great work!read more
Lisa Davis
Lisa D.
01:35 15 Jun 20
I went to the Oak Park location to purchase for the first time. My visit was very welcoming the two medmen associates that helped me through the process was Sandra she was very thorough, patient and professional. The other associate was Kendall and he was very thorough, patient and more
Natalie Cortes
Natalie C.
00:12 12 Jun 20
Visited for the first time today and it was such a great experience! I decided to try this place out even though there were many negative reviews, and despite everything going on in the world they definitely made it a very light and friendly space. Special shout out to Delano for helping me finalize my purchase and just being a such sweet soul! I would definitely recommend and continue to go here!They also provide a 10% discount when you first order!!read more
Thomas Cusack
Thomas C.
17:07 27 Apr 20
This is by far the best dispensary I have been to since legalization. The staff is super friendly and the products are fairly priced. They also give a 15% discount to more
Jonas Pascua
Jonas P.
20:45 14 Mar 20
A little hard to find and prices are a bit high that what we're used to but our choices were definitely worth it and the service was friendly, knowledgeable, and more
Shanice Hamilton
Shanice H.
03:03 26 Feb 20
Today was my second time here but my first time being on the medical side of things. They were so patient and outstandingly nice. I enjoyed every moment there, the prices are AMAZING I can't wait to come back. definitely felt the love in this place. Brian you are an amazing more
21:14 24 Feb 20
Five star dispensary. I've had the opportunity to visit a few dispensaries since Jan 1, and this one, by far, blows the others out of the water in every way. The experience is very efficient. First the parking. We all know that parking is not always easy in Oak Park. The parking garage directly behind MedMen is free for the first 90 minutes and you can usually find parking on the first level which is just steps from the entrance. Once you enter, you get in line (inside the building, not outside like most other dispensaries). As soon as you get in line you are greeted and handed a printed menu that you can review while you wait. This is a very nice option and allows the line to continue moving quickly throughout the entire process. Once you have chosen your items from the menu, one of the budtenders takes your order and gives you an order code on a small card which you hand over once you reach the cashier. They quickly fill the order and send you on your way. Observations: the security is necessary, and they maintain a presence, but they are polite and helpful unlike some other dispensaries where they choose to secure their locations through intimidation. MedMen has the right idea and they cater to the customer creating a great experience. Would be great to see a larger 'gear' area for retail-style shopping, but I'm not complaining. Just a consideration for the future. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this dispensary and have no reason to even try anyplace else. Keep it up MedMen Oak Park!read more
Kristoffer Mullinix
Kristoffer M.
19:14 22 Feb 20
Great dispensary. Very friendly staff. I'd like to give a shoutout to Melanie in particular. (Not to discredit any of the other knowledgeable and friendly staff, but Mel is my fave.)Great customer service. I am a medical patient and Melanie has been phenomenal with her recommendations. I will wait in line for her to tend to other patrons, to get her scoop on the flavor of the week. See ya next week!read more
Thomas Atkinson
Thomas A.
21:17 21 Feb 20
The staff have been nothing but lovely in my interactions with them! Glad that they are taking care of their medical patients first by making products that simply can't be kept in stock long enough only for medical patients for the time being!read more
Margaret Kho
Margaret K.
13:06 20 Feb 20
Product was good. Experience was disappointing. My experience with dispensary shopping has been in CO. The shops ,for the most part, are boutiques. Knowledgeable staff, gorgeous displays with glass bongs and pipes. The baristas are helpful in choosing the best product for your needs. The menus here are non descriptive. Absolutely NO info on what type of buzz will be had. I will be shopping around for a better more
Chitown Jr
Chitown J.
08:30 30 Jan 20
I bought a double barrel . With 2 different carts. 1 moonshine 1 sunset sherbert. They both stated they had 1.0 gram each. I open then it's only 1 in there. (1 - 0.5 gram cart) There should be 2 to equivalent to the gram it says on receipt and info sticker on product. That's very disappointing and very unwelcoming. Please fix this major problem. It's not professional ##read more
Ryan Farrell
Ryan F.
17:55 16 Jan 20
Staff was informative and very friendly. When i first arrived i was handed a menu to look over while i waited. They said wait time would be 20-25 minutes but i wasn't even there longer than 10. Before i even reached the front of the line my order was placed and all i had to do was walk in and pay. The cashier was friendly and easy to talk to and the decor was sleek. The overall experience was easy and laid back. The only downfall was i had no idea where the entrance was. Other than that, i'll definately be more
Bobby Hancock
Bobby H.
19:27 10 Jan 20
Probably the best experience I've had at an Illinois Dispensary. I am a medical patient so I got to skip the giant line, sorry guys! Was guided to a nice soft couch to chill on and an employee set down next to me and took my order while I filled out new patient forms. In and out in about 15 minutes despite me being a new patient and them having 100's of req customers in line. Staff was beyond friendly and knowledgeable. I wish I lived in the area as I probably wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks for setting the gold standard MedMen glad you decided to come to more
Puppet Vines
Puppet V.
18:54 07 Jan 20
I may increase the star rating as time goes on, but as of now, they rush you to order and there wasn’t enough time to get information on each product- that aside, they are distributing *expired* product. I got a few cartridges and each of them had a production date and “best by” date of 12/05/2019, and it was purchased on January 5. That seems very off. I get it that they want to have limited hours to preserve product for medical patients. I can deal with that transition. But no one should be distributed product expired by one more
Damien Olivares
Damien O.
02:24 07 Jan 20
This place really hooked my friend and I up. The store ran of the aero pro pens before we could buy one. They compensated us with a free cartridge and free pen each. Definitely made up for it. And they work perfectread more
Cassie Creasy
Cassie C.
15:17 05 Jan 20
Excellent experience! I've gone to out of state dispensaries so this wasn't my first rodeo. Arrived at 6:50 am. Less than ten people in line. They stated passing out menus with very detailed info, opened the doors ten to eight, started taking orders right away. I was given a number and then proceeded to check out to pick up. It was very organized, staff was friendly, process was seamless. As of this morning they still have flower. Actually I was impressed by the wide selection given the shortage I'm Chicago right more
15:34 04 Jan 20
Would like to see an actual breakdown of how much THC and CBD are in the flowers separately. I was rushed to order and then worst of all you have to order right then and there in the hallway. Maybe 3 minutes after I was handed the menu. You also can’t change your mind or smell and look at the flowers. Not personable at all. The people were fine. I just expect more from such an uppity corporation regarding the process. Do more
Nancy Mccray
Nancy M.
20:14 02 Jan 20
We arrived very early for the recreational sale, and were 6th in line. The staff was very professional and friendly. My only reason for the 4 star rating is because once we were able to make a purchase, there were only two options to choose from for marijuana. They did, however, have a huge selection of more
Martin Castro Junior
Martin Castro J.
14:52 02 Jan 20
Staff is telling people it’s cash only. So people use atm. Upon check out card is available for use. Menus passed out and product do not match. $20 minimum tax on productsread more
Erich L
Erich L
23:56 01 Jan 20
Extremely rude management. I needed a business card from the dispensary for my own job unrelated to the sale of Marijuana, but they refused to give me any information and rudely dismissed me. I've never seen this kind of disrespect from ANY Oak Park more
Cherish It
Cherish I.
17:36 01 Jan 20
Just got my boyfriend some treats hes happy great products and service. His boy told him about this spot and its proper you will be happyread more
William Cullen
William C.
16:00 01 Jan 20
Just a warning ...December 31st: they had no flower and near no concentrateJanuary 1st: they had a menue aggain4+ months of nothing but declineing Listed stock and shipments on an allmost daily basseswonderfull medical dispencerythe decline started when they were bought by medmen (a calii company)also ... i would set this at no stars ... but google will not alow thatread more
Brian Baller
Brian B.
08:01 31 Dec 19
The staff is usually really helpful and nice. The issue is that they have gone from 150+ plus flower proprods to 15. They blame the cultivators and influx of new patents but losing that much product is related to financial problems of the parent company. You are not able to get your medicine now, so imagine how awful it Is going to be once it goes legal. Plus they haven't provided any info on seeds or growing classes. The staff is great but the company is not so great.And their stock responses show it's fake concern. Put on a good public face but acts shady when no one is paying attention. That is more
Brian Baller
Brian B.
16:07 30 Dec 19
The staff is usually really helpful and nice. The issue is that they have gone from 150+ plus flower proprodu to 15. They blame the cultivatorc and influx of new patents but losing that much is related to financial problems of the parent company. You are not able to get your medicine now, so imagine how awful it Is going to be. Plus they haven't provided any info on seeds or growing classes .read more
Jody Bies
Jody B.
01:41 28 Dec 19
They are very friendly towards everyone I have been a customer since 4/19. They fix accident and make you feel like it's your 2nd home it's end of 2019 and they don't have many of strands I'm wondering if it's going to get better. Thank you Governor I'm disabled and injured from a car accident on 12/11/2016. And you passed the new law which people can smoke with and without medical problems. Mean while I sufferread more
21:47 15 Nov 19
I hate to say anything bad about this place because I love the people who work here so much. But some things have really changed here in the past year that leave me really disappointed. Since the change in ownership I have to go in practically daily to check what's on special because their emails are sporadic at best. The menu of reasonably priced items went from 3 pages, to 1! Pre-rolls in 7 packs have reduced from a variety of reasonably priced items to 2 ITEMS (1sativa, 1 indica) both twice the prices of previous items. I'm trying not to mention product names, but anyone who's a regular can relate! The selection of edibles and concentrates cost way more than flower, and the vape paranoia makes me avoid them. When this place was 7 points, they had events that drew us together as a community with educational gatherings and freebies. I feel like I've been bated and switched.☹☹😥read more
Rocket Danc
Rocket D.
19:34 03 Nov 19
here for 3 years and as a medical cannabis card holder it is so beautiful to be able to relate to real people. Yajaira is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me with my day to day. I’ve been living my best life! Thank you MedMen and thank you to Yajaira. The staff here knows the stuff and extremely helpful. #yestocannabisread more
Debbie Martinez
Debbie M.
15:15 31 Oct 19
Seven point is the best dispensary! I’ve been coming there since it’s opened. The staff is wonderful! Yajaria has helped us tremendously. She’s well knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about educating caregivers and patients! I drive all they way from Northbrook and will continue to do so!!!read more
Sonduren Fanar
Sonduren F.
00:39 08 Oct 19
Nice to see MedMen in Chicago. seriously they are the number one cannabis retailer I love the customer service I thought their products and I can be rest assured they are the best products in the market. Also the people working here phenomenal customer serviceread more
Luc Longly
Luc L.
18:47 08 Aug 19
This is my registered dispensary and I'm in love with the place. Very clean, upscale modern facility (great presentation) knowledgeable pleasant staff. As soon as you open the door a burst of pleasure tickles your olfactorys and you know your in the right place. They even have a menu that they will walk you through. They offer classes to teach you about happenings in the industry. Two layer security (you feel safe). Most of all the prices are reasonable and the product is potent!read more
shirley floyd
shirley F.
13:22 08 Jul 19
Unassuming place that has awesome people working there, who are dedicated and passionate about the amazing work, service they provide. By educating and advocating and assisting people for their rights to obtain medicinal marijuana. This place is fantastic and i enjoy coming here I will be back!!!read more
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