MOCA - Modern Recreational & Medical Cannabis Dispensary

MOCA Modern Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary in Chicago, IL

2847 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Tues – Thurs – Fri 1 – 7
Wed 10 – 2
Sat 12 – 5
Sun 12 – 4

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – MOCA Modern Cannabis is a marijuana dispensary location open at 2847 W Fullerton Ave in Chicago, IL 60647 .

MOCA Modern Cannabis dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

MOCA Modern Cannabis Dispensary Products

MOCA Modern Cannabis medical and recreational menu products have not been uploaded. Please contact us to add your menu and update your page.

What People Are Saying

Chelsea Marx
Chelsea M.
18:06 03 Jul 20
Order online and pick up as soon as the next day. Very quick and social distanced during pickup. Make sure to bring cash or an ATM more
Ashley Matheson
Ashley M.
15:43 02 Jul 20
I recently chose MOCA to be my medical dispensary and to say that I have not been disappointed is an understatement. Long story short - when you become sick, everything changes, everything. It seems likes nothing can be easy anymore. Having MOCA as my dispensary takes a great deal of stress out of my life and I am FOREVER grateful. It's such a simple task for me to log in and place my order online. The selection is incredible, the menu is easily navigated, and I can choose my pick up time. From the security officers to the sales associates, I know that I'll always be greeted by friendly faces. Everyone has always been incredibly welcoming, knowledgable, and easy to talk to. I am so appreciative for MOCA and all the staff and I would highly recommend this dispensary to anyone!read more
Chris Gladden
Chris G.
20:41 28 Jun 20
I almost visited this dispensary a couple of days ago. Looked online and saw they had one flower choice for recreational users.. I went to Numed & looking at the other reviews, that was the best more
Manar Albaroudi
Manar A.
07:11 28 Jun 20
Went there once, probably will never go back. Out of the 5 employees I came in contact with, only 1 wasn't rude and acted in a professional manner. Thankfully I found a medical dispensary a few miles away that actually deserves my more
Ashlyn Means
Ashlyn M.
15:20 22 Jun 20
I unfortunately go to MOCA because it’s my registered dispensary and it’s the closest location to where i stay. My boyfriend literally has to give me a pep talk every time I go in to buy something because every time there seems to be a new story when I get back to the car about a rude employee or violent security guard. I love the post that says “it feels like you’re being punished by giving them your money” because it’s SO TRUE! Every time I get out hundreds of dollars I can’t believe I have to turn around and give it to someone who’s going to be so unprofessional. Yeah the prices are?? Ok?? I mean? Have you been to another dispensary in Chicago? Pretty comparable, especially if you’re a patient. Waiting until the day more dispensaries open so I can switch my location to one that doesn’t give me a panic attack before I go inside!read more
Raymond Diaz
Raymond D.
12:12 13 Jun 20
Thank you to the honest clients who took time to post here. Moca is horrible, do not go here. No customer service, rude,violent,its like spending your money....and treated wrong for doing so. Do not waste your time or money here. Go were you are valued as a customer and your business more
Noob Trader
Noob T.
17:57 28 May 20
The only thing I liked about this place is the fact that their prices already include state taxes etc. Apart from that, l waited for over 4 hours even though I had a schedule time to collect. I wouldn’t go back to be honest. They have a lot of work to do to improve this place. On the bright side, the walls inside have some nice art more
Jessica Flores
Jessica F.
15:32 27 May 20
During my allotted time to come in to pick up as a medical patient, I felt completely uneasy as the 6ft rule was not being implemented anywhere. I came s employees that can’t seem to navigate the page efficiently and saw no management present to fix these problems. Please practice safety precautions during the more
Michael Knapp
Michael K.
07:17 15 May 20
Love MOCA not just because we are neighbors but they are genuinely nice people, all of them. Keep up the great work moca, see you more
Danie River
Danie R.
20:35 03 May 20
Made the switch to get my meds here. The process to place an order is like jumping through hoops but for recreational it's a simple 1-2-3! For medical to place an order you have to email them first, then wait for another email back for a link. Got the link and it isnt working keeps telling me error. Emailed for help not one email back it's been hours! Called to speak to someone for help and got nothing!read more
Alex Windrew
Alex W.
18:54 01 May 20
I can no longer support a business who does not take care of its employees. There’s a world pandemic going on and the workers at MOCA are completely unsafe. I urge everyone reading this to stop shopping at MOCA until their workers are met with safety and gratitude. I personally will contact local news outlets to make this issue more
Hussain Akram
Hussain A.
04:45 24 Mar 20
They have got out of my way to make me feel comfortable and i TAKE that for granted. They have always been patient with me and I do apologized for high matinee and rant. You are guys are very loyal to medical patients and we all see that. thank you for all the of more
Willie Riley
Willie R.
05:44 20 Mar 20
Obviously, MOCA sells pot. Took a friend to get their medical pot. I was very surprised to find out a person can only purchase one pot cigarette at a time for $20.00 each. My friend later told me the pot was ground so finely a lot of it came into his mouth with each puff. The street salesman will be around for a long time. $20.00 bucks a pop? Wow!read more
B Sullihan
B S.
21:46 13 Mar 20
I have only purchased medical from MOCA, and always had nothing but the best experience. The folks are friendly and helpful and my orders are always filled and ready to be picked up in under an hour. I rarely wait more than 5 minutes to get the more
Olivia De Rosa
Olivia De R.
10:11 26 Jan 20
Very rude man at the front door checking IDs making degrading comments and being a genuinely mean person. I get you are super busy and you’re trying to get people through efficiently but there is no need to be so hurtful. I left the place feeling extremely underwhelmed and sad. Luckily the budtender was very helpful, kind, and informative so it didn’t leave a complete bad taste in my mouth. I will most likely not return to this place!read more
Suni Hoffman
Suni H.
18:56 25 Jan 20
Bit of a wait time but a nice cozy place.
chi chong
chi C.
17:50 25 Jan 20
Feels like sunnyside/ med mar now. Used to be my favorite dispensary. Prices are also now pretty high as they raised the prices on a lot of things. Go to Columbia CareOr mission they actually want to provide affordable cannabis to the consumersread more
Brett H
Brett H
18:02 17 Jan 20
These guys were my first dispensary trip in Chicago and I don’t know how I feel about it. My previous experiences with shops comes from CO where everything is just soooo much more chill and you actually get to look around and ask questions. This place had a sterile and almost militaristic vibe with an employee repeatedly shouting at the people waiting about how if you didn’t have your cash in your hand you’d go to the back of the line. Additionally, there’s nothing to see, no option for perusing - just a paper menu passed backwards through the line. Once at the counter the guy that helped me was quite nice though. I’m gonna check out a few more places before I call one home. I just know this place won’t be it unless I’m in a pinch. They just took all the fun out of more
Ora Metcalf
Ora M.
16:20 17 Jan 20
I love this place, it's senior friendly. They offer you help and knowledge on all items when request , you get a written menu where I can read and understand what is in each products. other place done offer that,it makes it easy to see and read over the products and place my order so easy., The staff are all very helpful if you allow them to help you,you won t go wrong on your orders. I tell all my friends how helpful this place is and they also help with renewal of membership when needed.things are not the same since January, prices are still to high, they done have 1gm in vape many flower more
Ashley Wiesner
Ashley W.
22:47 04 Jan 20
I came in because I was curious and wanted to ask questions and to look around. After being herded like cattle to get in to this place, the woman waiting at check out told me if I came in for that purpose, then there is the exit, as she pointed at the door. We didn’t even get a menu for what they had until 1 min before being forced to go into the check out line. “Have your cash and ID in hand!” Super fun experience. Can tell they are truly passionate about educating people on their products. 🙄read more
Jason Lopez
Jason L.
18:55 04 Jan 20
Everybody is unbelievably rude. You get sent to the back of the line for asking questions about any of the products with no answer. Nothing about this place is particularly informative or helpful. I understand the federal status makes things difficult but MoCa makes no attempt to educate or be helpful towards their customers. Horrible first experience with a dispensary, I highly recommend going elsewhere for your cannabis more
20 15
20 1.
01:40 02 Jan 20
Great day for Illinois, & this location is great. Their security staff are amazing and helpful. Points to Las Vegas my more
Timothy McDonnell
Timothy M.
00:35 02 Jan 20
Not the closest dispensary to me but it is the best in the city.Staff goes above and beyond, on several occasions. Specific shoutout to the Tim that works at MOCA.They are handling the new medical/recreational process very well, even on day 1. Kudos. Great place - 5 stars!read more
Jeff Lundquist
Jeff L.
23:04 01 Jan 20
How do you have 7 months and the statistics from other states but run out of product. Not only that but you “door” guy was disrespectful and attempted to be threatening .. 0/10 customer service... lady on the phone told me yes, you can still purchase... that again not true. Truly terribly managed. I was at Windy City I’m worth and at least they gave a discount card and were nice about it . Terrible customer service and overall bad more
Teresa Maganzini
Teresa M.
18:58 21 Dec 19
I love going to this dispensary. The staff is very helpful and personable. Everyone greets me by name and with a big smile every single time I go. The staff really does go above and beyond for us patients. When they arr out anything they try their hardest to get it back in stock. ❤💯read more
willie zimberoff
willie Z.
03:23 13 Dec 19
This dudes are knowledgeable. They always have a huge variety. Online order for easy grab and go
Brandon Relaz
Brandon R.
04:38 25 Nov 19
Great location, good stock. The staff here are very friendly and helpful. Don’t be shy, ask them any questions you might have and they’ll help you out. With population of patients / customers getting larger stock is feeling strain due to Illinois more
Ora Metcalf
Ora M.
13:50 09 Oct 19
I love this place, it's senior friendly. They offer you help and knowledge on all items when request , you get a written menu where I can read and understand what is in each products. other place done offer that,it makes it easy to see and read over the products and place my order so easy., The staff are all very helpful if you allow them to help you,you won t go wrong on your orders. I tell all my friends how helpful this place is and they also help with renewal of membership when more
Mandy Huber
Mandy H.
04:19 16 Sep 19
I wish I could give this place a million stars. They are truly amazing. Their budtenders are knowledgeable, caring, friendly, kind, and all around great people. Their products are quality, they have a good supply and their menu is diverse. Their order system works pretty smooth, and I especially love their online order system. Everyone there truly wants to help you feel better, and gets to know you. And if you have any problems with products, they work to help you with them! And they work hard to help guide you to the right strains to help your issues, whatever they be. They truly make you feel like family!read more
Tess Thomas
Tess T.
14:03 04 Sep 19
This place is the best! Recently switched after having some bad experiences at the Herbal Care Center and am so glad I did. The staff at MOCA is awesome. Super welcoming and helpful. They’re adept at walking you through their products and made the whole process of getting acclimated easy and comfortable. They were totally transparent about how fresh the strains were and take their own photos for the website so you know exactly what you’re getting. I loved that they asked for preferred name/pronouns too. Their prices are also great compared to my last dispensary. It used to feel like a chore, getting ahold of the right med mar, but I’m actually stoked to go back to more
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