Natures Care Marijuana Dispensary

Nature's Care Marijuana Dispensary in Rolling Meadows, IL

975 Rohlwing Road
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Hours of Operation:

Mon 11 – 7
Tues 11 – 5
Wed – Fri 11 – 7
Sat 11 – 4

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Nature’s Care is a marijuana dispensary location open at 975 Rohlwing Road in Rolling Meadows, IL 60008.

Nature’s Care dispensary menu products are available for for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Nature's Care Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

Josh Hill
Josh H.
16:14 20 Oct 20
Amazing selection most days, very friendly staff. I would go to nature's care more often if they let you park in the parking lot. highly recommend trying this shop more
06:29 04 Oct 20
Having been going here for quite some time as rec and now med I must say NC is the best! I drive 45 min just for the staff and prices! They are always helpful and polite. People get upset when they don't get their ways and leave negative reviews I can more
nick cykalewicz
nick C.
00:08 04 Oct 20
Yo. I have had issues ordering from this place every time. I am a medical patient that lives down the street. If I recommend you go elsewhere you should take my word on it. I almost never write reviews but I had to let people know. Also, this craziness is due to the Corona guidelines, which is completely ridiculous considering that the security guard was not wearing a mask more
Josh Hill
Josh H.
22:15 02 Oct 20
Amazing selection most days, very friendly staff. I would go to nature's car more often if they let you park in the parking lot. highly recommend trying this shop more
Katie Watson
Katie W.
16:45 28 Sep 20
I'm an out of towner and I came here about a month ago. The professionalism here and decorations and customer service make this a very relaxing place to have your needs taken care of! I was a recreational buyer, and I had to preorder on a website, which I really liked, honestly. When I got there, I realized I had forgotten to add something and the older gentleman at the counter helped me add it and discussed their menu with me. Parking is strange, yes, but I got dropped off and picked up so I ha no issues. All in all, I will be back when I'm in town. This was my first in store exchange and I was very impressed!!!read more
Steven Michael
Steven M.
14:35 19 Sep 20
Very nice and friendly. Place order on internet then pick up
Van Brautigam
Van B.
17:28 13 Sep 20
Friendly people, funny story though. On second thought, it's a private joke between me and a security guard.
Cody W
Cody W
22:16 12 Sep 20
Best customer service. Love this place, not the best selection but once you have your products ordered it is a breeze to pick up from the nicest guys in the more
Marissa Yoder
Marissa Y.
20:14 11 Sep 20
Preorder process is clear and the selection is pretty decent. This is my favorite dispensary in the area. I wish there was more parking but that's not something they can really more
Alex Serrano
Alex S.
18:36 11 Sep 20
I love this place and usually never have an issue but today seems to be a bad one. I asked for two prerolls and paid for them to get home to only find one in my bag. I’m now short my money and they don’t answer their phones when you call, it goes straight to voice mail and then you can’t even leave a voice mail because it’s full... I then had to act as if I am applying to leave a detailed message in what happened. And I probably won’t get my money back or the preroll I ordered because I left the store already... I recommend checking with the person at the desk so you don’t get ripped more
Devin McGovern
Devin M.
15:38 11 Sep 20
Great quality products and neat interior. Only have to dock 1 star because you can't park in the lot unless you are medical. They offer adult use rec items as well that work great!read more
Steven Grandinetti
Steven G.
18:10 01 Sep 20
Excellent quality and up-to-date product listings. Friendly and inviting staff. Highly recommended.
Eric Tornabene
Eric T.
15:26 25 Aug 20
Really nice online ordering system. On a normal day, waiting in line and picking up an order takes maybe 15 minutes. Very kind and helpful more
Mary M
Mary M
19:08 20 Aug 20
This place has terrible service and selection and in a bad location with no parking. Not only me but most people I know have issues coming here. So, I went to Rise- Niles and Mundelein have them and you can still walk in despite everything going on and they are really nice/helpful!read more
Mark Vail
Mark V.
04:24 19 Aug 20
Today was my first time here and when I arrived, I mentioned to the Security Officer that I had trouble registering on-line..He subsequently explained to a fellow employee (tall man with silver pony tail and beard-great guy) I then spoke with that gentleman and he reassured me that he could correct the issue... He came back out and affirmed that👍👍I then got in line and subsequently entered and was waited on by Paul...ANOTHER GREAT EMPLOYEE!! He took the time to explain everything to me answering all my questions!! Another young lady employee, Krysten, also helped out and very helpful to me...Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with your business and I commend you for carefully selecting the BEST EMPLOYEES..Hopefully sometime soon, I’ll be returning and will try and re-register...I got treated like GOLD today!! Thanks!!read more
J. Curtis
J. C.
20:30 16 Aug 20
Least expensive of all dispensaries I've been so far. Can get Cresco products cheaper than they sell them at their own stores. Prices are the most competitive on all products, too. The service and friendliness of the staff is top-notch, place is always very clean as well. Highly recommend Grassroots flower.. the best! Close 2nd is Botanist, which is the most expensive but worth it. Seriously do not recommend Cresco flower, it's ALWAYS very dry, disappointing taste, and never do they have pictures, which is extra annoying. I've tried 5 strains now and the only one I kinda liked was Bio Jesus. Now their live resin carts are the bomb, but again, way overpriced. Can get .5 of that or a whole gram of shatter or crumble for the same or less. PARKING SUCKS THOUGH!read more
Nathan Lopez
Nathan L.
17:21 01 Aug 20
Amazing service!!!! Get selection!! Winn made everything extremely simply and easy, definitely the best most outstanding service I’ve received at a dispensary. Winn is awesome he deserves a raise and promotion!!!read more
Dennis Matchinski
Dennis M.
22:49 31 Jul 20
Great selection, knowledge staff
J. Curtis
J. C.
05:04 28 Jul 20
Least expensive of all dispensaries I've been so far. Can get Cresco products cheaper than they sell them at their own stores. Highly recommend Grassroots flower. The best! PARKING SUCKS THOUGH!read more
Ben Alvarez
Ben A.
15:43 25 Jul 20
First time buyer didn’t really know what I was getting myself into but everyone there is a delight definitely will be backread more
Jim B
Jim B
19:09 22 Jul 20
The people here really love what they do and they are incredibly helpful. Their line management makes everything go very smoothly and more
Kevin Rose
Kevin R.
19:00 19 Jul 20
Very nice selection. Knowledgeable staff. Fair prices.
Rilee Witt
Rilee W.
20:04 15 Jul 20
Really awesome dispensary. I'm a medical patient and the customer service is top notch! They provided me with the name of a doctor and all the paper work to get started on my medical card. Once, they even called me to confirm my order was correct which it wasn't! Totally an A+ setup they have going more
J. Alfeas
J. A.
05:51 15 Jul 20
Parking blows but nice people. Enjoy coming here, good selection for rec.
Michelle Green
Michelle G.
00:12 10 Jul 20
My first ever legal cannabis exchange was here! The experience was very pleasant and chill, from start to finish. I was the last slot of the day and it felt like I was the first customer of their day. Totally recommend the Liliac Diesel as a sweet summer treat, by the way. Thx ya'll!read more
David Oliver
David O.
03:43 03 Jul 20
Very Good dispensary with better than most on pricing. Selection is hit or miss but when they have good inventory they usually also have it cheaper then other dispensarys. Friendly staff, the rewards plan is not the best compared to other more
Timmy P
Timmy P
23:56 27 Jun 20
Was a first timer just. Told them that in the "extra" info section for the reserve form. They called me back to let me know to call for any questions. My GPS got me to Berdnick, and not knowing exactly where the place was and my tendency to get ridiculously lost, like "out of state" lost... from that. I parked, and called.They got me there; its about a third mile away if you park on Berdnick, and now I know that...See you next week, this is easily worth my money compared to what I was getting. A+ service A+ product! Worth the 25 min drive for sure!read more
Kenny Mendoza
Kenny M.
19:19 23 Jun 20
Got my order messed up, but the staff at Nature's Care were incredibly helpful in assisting me, which really left a good impression. There is a closer dispensery near me, but I choose Nature's Care for the great product and friendly more
17:53 20 Jun 20
I made an order I received a text stating they would let me know when it was ready and I never heard another response I’ve called twice left two voicemails as well as contacted the email that they left for support she emailed me back and told me to contact them directly or sign in to see my reservation status I signed in and there is no reservation even tho so received a text stating I did but I can’t get anywhere when nobody is responding to me so I don’t have any other choice but to move on to another dispensary. I’m not sure if I didn’t complete the sign-up process correctly but there is 0 help and nothing I can do when nobody is responding. I’ve been patient more
Katie Trzeciak
Katie T.
15:02 31 May 20
First time medical patient and chose Nature’s Care as my dispo. Was impressed with selection and staff was amazing and so friendly. My only knock on them and reason for 3 stars is that there was no marking anywhere for curbside pickup and the sign out front just said medical patients come on in. I being new was totally confused. Thankfully one of the recreational people at the front of the line said that since I’m medical I can go in front of them. Thanks random stranger for the kindness. It would be nice if there was a separate line up so medical can go in and be identified as such. It’s a small area so not sure how that would work but any additional help would be appreciated. My only concern going back is what if there isn’t a friendly person at the front of the line again? Do I just tell them I’m medical sorry and hope they don’t start getting angry? Since you have to be buzzed in a medical person can’t just “come right in”. Thanks for listening to my concern. Keep up the great more
b krst275
b K.
07:45 19 May 20
I frequently go out of my way to give Nature's Care my business! I really appreciate how their website includes tax in their prices, and their recreational prices and selection are better than other local dispensaries. I recently had an issue with my order, but they were quick to resolve it! I'll definitely be coming back soon!read more
Benny Sadiku
Benny S.
16:04 07 May 20
Ordered on line and they gave me a pick up time. Went to pick up and there was a line out the door. A big line. I told them that i have a set time, and they told me i still have to wait. Not to mention I had to park far and walk while my wife waited in the car. I just left. You don't think I can get my dope elsewhere for even cheaper? When I went to a dispensary in Vegas and I got VIP treatment. I was expecting the same treatment here but that was not the more
Richard Dale
Richard D.
00:01 06 May 20
Don't waste your time with this place. Every time I placed an order (because you can't go in and shop), my reservation got declined because they had nothing in stock. Drive an hour for a pickup, out of stock... Forget this more
Sam Rondeau
Sam R.
15:38 02 May 20
Don't order from here unless you want your time wasted. They will likely tell you your product is out of stock shortly before you are set to arrive, it seems they do not keep good track of their inventory. Same product they cancelled my order over was almost immediately put back on the menu and was also sold the next day. I thought I just had bad luck, but I was shockingly able to find more reports of similar issues with one quick search. Stay away until these issues are more
So Annoyin
So A.
17:56 29 Apr 20
I got towed last week. Than today I place my order within 30 seconds of them opening. Didn’t receive a response for 2 and a half hours with Most of my order unavailable... tried calling and no one answers the phone. This is unbelievableread more
Ryan M
Ryan M
12:00 24 Apr 20
Like: Clean place with friendly bud tenders. Not any more or less costly than most IL dispensaries. Dislike: Too many unpleasant/aggressive experiences with security & front desk. It feels as if you’re entering airport security. Not clear on info ahead of time or at the time you get there so there is always some sort of surprise like ATM not working, credit card machine down, hours were incorrectly posted forever and MOST OF ALL, terrible inventory for Medical patients! I finally had to switch to a much further dispensary just because of this important last straw. I would have not written this review except for how well my experience have been with each dispensary I’ve visited since leaving natures more
Angelo Mikos
Angelo M.
15:19 17 Apr 20
Tried ordering today at 10 on the dot order won't process for 11:15 pick up. Refresh page try again earliest pick up 12:15 not great but doable. Order won't process. Try one more time it's 10:03 at this point, and their earliest pickup is 4:15 with half my order out of more
Maher Ayoub
Maher A.
22:38 23 Mar 20
Best Illinois dispensary experience I’ve ever had. Very experienced with legal marijuana dispensaries around the country and Illinois has had a hard time catching up to the rest of the country. But this was my first visit to this one and not my last. Everyone from the staff, security, bud tenders, all the way down were nice, helpful, and courteous. When the online ordering system went down, the team went out of their way to help me even after being slammed. I will make this my go to bud dispensary moving more
Di G
Di G
23:55 18 Mar 20
I will never come back here again. Slowest customer service ever compared to other recreational facilities but that’s ok I did not mind that until I Arrived at 6:30 and got denied to enter due to closure in 30 minutes. Please make sure you list this information on your website because it took me only an hour to get more
Amanda A
Amanda A
19:20 16 Mar 20
Never seen a dispensary have so many options! I love the fact that you can reserve your products online up to an hour. Security and staff are extremely nice. Defiantly will be backread more
Meg Ryan
Meg R.
18:03 26 Feb 20
Very friendly, knowledgeable, & helpful staff. The facility is really nice & kept pristine. Nice selection of product & only will get better in time. The online preordering is so convenient & less of a wait time when you arrive to pickup your order. Will be back later today!read more
Mike B
Mike B
15:29 23 Feb 20
Excellent customer service, even when you just call-in. Pricing is very competitive, and the product has always been of the highest quality. My only complaint is that the tax-exempt, lie-peddling corporation across the street won’t let you park in their lot when it’s not in use by a single person. They should take heed of their teachings and welcome those who seek healing with open more
Job Clover
Job C.
17:31 22 Feb 20
It is a dangerous state of affairs when you are a caregiver of a medical patient and you cannot get through on the phone to their pharmacy. You leave a message and they never call back. We've been a customer for almost a year. Medical card. Now there is a long line for recreational customers and a separate line for medical customers in which you are checked in right away. It's a zoo and maze walking in. A disgruntled long line of both medical and recreational patients. No one is answering the phone. I don't know if the situation will improve there or not. There is no parking. I had a situation where I had a pre-order. I was convinced at the register that they gave me the right item. I went home to read the smaller details on the package to find out that I was given the wrong item in the brand. This is dangerous because of the undesirable side effects that can occur. Not only did they not give me the correct item, they don't allow you to bring back in an unopened item to return. So its it's an all cash business and no recourse. I guess they expect you to take the loss on their mistakes. In addition the product we used previously that did work, they don't keep in stock and they keep saying next week putting you off every week and then now I have a substandard product pawned off on me. Very sad it's different when you're medical customer and you need to rely upon something for your health and well-being and even that is so hard to do. I had really enjoyed the politeness and kindness of the staff however this company doesn't seem like it can really meet our needs. Truly deeply saddened and very upset. Your company doesn't really care about the medical patients and pretty much sold yourselves to the devil and the almighty dollar. Greed is what makes you look bad. I'm all for seeing a business turning successful, not at the expense of hurting its medical patients. I'm very upset because they are no longer equipped properly to help people. This is what was once a good business that has now gone terribly, terribly more
Job Clover
Job C.
00:41 22 Feb 20
I am willing to update my review from one star if my situation is resolved. We've been a customer for almost a year. Medical card. Now there is a long line for recreational customers and a separate line for medical customers in which you are checked in right away. No one is answering the phone. I don't know if the situation will improve their or not. There is no parking. I had a situation where I had a pre-order. I was convinced at the register that they gave me the right item. I went home to read the smaller details on the package to find out that not only did they not give me the correct item. So pretty much they don't allow you to bring back in items purchased so I really don't know what to do since I did receive the wrong item and it is unopened. In addition the product the did work they don't keep in stock and they keep saying next week putting you off every week and then now I have a substandard product pawned off on me. Very sad it's different when you're medical customer and you need to rely upon something for your health and well-being and even that is so hard to do. I had really enjoyed the politeness and kindness of the staff however this company doesn't seem like it can really meet our needs. Truly deeply saddened and very more
Sean Barrett
Sean B.
18:51 20 Feb 20
Nobody picks up the phone. Always out of stock on flower and when they do have it you get shafted at only being able to purchase small amounts. In order for this place to be your medical dispensary you need to be willing to make several trips a month to a place with less than a dozen parking spots. Called several other dispensaries who’s only limit on flower is what the state allows. Not sure who does the ordering over here but their business must really be suffering due to the negligence. Naturally they will blame it on the suppliers but that falls on deaf ears because everyone else is stocked. Finally gave up on this place and moved on the GREENER more
16:25 07 Feb 20
This dispensary is no longer interested in assisting medical patients due to them ramping up for recreational sales! They never answer the phone! Even with 5 people standing at the counter! Jennifer D'Ambrosio the agent in charge at this location is also the rudest most disrespectful person in customer service I have ever encountered! It's a shame because everyone else I have encountered here was very nice and helpful! Oh well one bad apple ALWAYS SPOILS THE BUNCH! BTW I would not recommend this business for medical users. I will be switching TODAY! They also will not refund defective products!read more
Laura S
Laura S
13:24 29 Jan 20
Fast, friendly service for medical cannabis patients.
Abby Speck
Abby S.
18:00 17 Jan 20
I recently got my card through Natures Care. They made the process so easy and quick. Since I’m new to this, jason really took the time to explain what products would work for me in regards to my medical condition. This dispensary feels like family and they genuinely care and want to help you. I wish they had more of a variety on their menu but compared to other dispensaries, natures care was definitely the right more
Garrett Adochio
Garrett A.
17:30 16 Jan 20
It's a nice dispensary with very competitive pricing, they have a great point system, and the staff is educated on products, only reason for a 4 star is when I buy concentrates they get put in the bag upside down almost every time, it's not like they would mind if I put their 80g of sause upside down and let it run into the cap so beware if you buy concentrate . Other than that their greatread more
Chris Satur
Chris S.
02:52 11 Jan 20
Great prices on product, and great selection. If it were not for the lack of parking, this is a 5 star dispensary.
Tobar TheFerryman
Tobar T.
00:29 06 Jan 20
Absolutely lovely looking on the inside, amazing people behind the desk that will not only help with anything you need help with and answer any question you may have but are so personable that, if there are no people in line, will have lovely conversations with you. I cannot recommend this place more
20:36 04 Jan 20
This is. Medical only, nice if you like being met by police, telling sorry. A wasted. Trip.
John Bu
John B.
20:01 03 Jan 20
Very disappointed by how inefficient this store operates. Even when I pre purchase via their website, the online ordering line is long. Why can't they ensure the online order line is for payment only to keep things moving. Today I had to leave after waiting 20 minutes as the line did not move and there was 10 people in front of me. Its only going to get worse after Jan 1st. I upped my rating to three stars as Nature's Care is working to improve the experience for medical more
Rachael Banovez
Rachael B.
08:53 01 Jan 20
I contacted this business "on December 30th" to find out if they were going to participate in recreational sales I was told by one of their employees that they would be. I went online to find out sale prices. Only to find that they are not participating. I feel like this was false advertisement of their more
Hannah Patterson
Hannah P.
03:52 26 Dec 19
This place is going to change our lives for the better and I couldn't be more grateful. 💚
Dennis Peters
Dennis P.
14:52 20 Dec 19
The best people work here. Very nice, very caring.But, the reason for my 3 star is the growing trend of not having a good selection of flower over the last couple of months. I check other dispensary menus and they have plenty of flower. Because I'm on a fixed income, being able to buy quater and half ounces makes economic sense for me, but they rarely carry them. If they do, it's sold out quickly even though the online menu indicated that they had it. How is it that other dispensaries have large selections of flower? So for those patients that rely on flower, be warned. I'm going to give them a little more time to improve, but my patience is running more
Robert Rush
Robert R.
20:30 30 Nov 19
Since I received my card and became a patient/customer this May I have yet to have any issues during any of my visits.Everyone on staff go way above and beyond to assist me on my visits and advise me on questions I bring to them.Thank you for being so professional and courteous.Kudos to the owner, management, and staff for making my visits enjoyable instead of a chore!read more
Amanda Vandervort
Amanda V.
15:04 11 Nov 19
The loyalty program rocks. I love that if I place my order when leaving my house, it's ready when I walk in. Extremely knowledgeable staffread more
Teresa M
Teresa M
23:45 30 Jul 19
And another update: switched dispensaries. There’s just too many issues with this place.Update: Manager reached out with a solution. I appreciate that the manager didn’t try and make an excuse as to why the store closed early and agreed that should never happen. Updating my 1 star to 3 stars for now.Absolutely done with this place!!!!! I changed dispensaries a few months ago and there is ZERO excuse for what happened today. I commute from the city because they consistently have the product I need. However, since switching I’ve had 2 issues with products (they did make it right and understand it’s out of their control which is why I didn’t switch dispensaries) and today just seals the deal. It took me nearly an hour and 20 minutes to get here today and was celebrating when I pulled in at 6:57pm that I made it before their closing time of 7pm. However they were already closed! Every minute counts and if you close at 7pm, your doors should lock at 7:00pm now I’m out of gas money and medicine. Thanks Nature’s Care!!! You aren’t going to get another penny from me and will be changing more
Zach Tish
Zach T.
13:12 07 Jun 19
I’ll be honest, I loved this place. The staff has been great to me over the last two years. However, the last few months have been awful. They do a poor job of stocking flower, in particular larger amounts. Oh, you like to make your own edibles? Too bad. They insist that they match prices, but even at 45 for an eighth (their best price) you’re still paying 180 for a half. If you want the good stuff, it’s 60, so 240 a half. They completely stopped stocking cresco half ounces of shake and popcorn, and only get in 4 from revolution so you are forbidden from buying more than one per day. (Hint: they are out in less than an hour). Every other dispensary’s menu has plenty of these larger quantity items in stock at all times, so I’m unsure why one of the busiest dispensaries in the area is unable to obtain these. For all these reasons, I will most likely be switching dispensaries and driving much further so I can actually get the products I want. Very more
Ken Aaland
Ken A.
08:38 17 Apr 19
My issue is still about the Terpene profile, the more information as MATTER shares provides the information patients require..Update, I have waited for Blue Dream concentrate for so long, microdosing as a Patient and still Waiting for my Terpene profile to be Available. 2 dispensaries just want to sell DOPE without the Responsibility for my MEDS.I haven't been therapeutic since thenEnjoy your 420 partyread more
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