Nature's Treatment Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Nature's Treatment Marijuana Dispensary in Galesburg, IL

735 W Main St
Galesburg, IL 61401

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 8am – 8pm
Sun: 10am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Adult Use – Nature’s Treatment is a marijuana dispensary location open at 735 W Main St in Galesburg, IL 61401.

Nature’s Treatment dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age. This dispensary is Adult Use only.

For Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor, you will need to go to the Nature’s Treatment – Milan location.

Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly!

Nature's Treatment Dispensary Products

What People Are Saying

andre harris
andre H.
06:29 16 Jan 22
Just to high! Colorado ,Oregon and Washington best and cheapest prices and great product.Great place and staff.I know you guys don't set the taxes on this...Illinois need to do better.almost a 100 for 3.5 is ridiculousread more
Chuck Johnson
Chuck J.
20:38 31 Dec 21
Great people! You get through the line in a hurry and I very rarely have to spend more than 15 minutes there tops. Good selection and like the rewards cards, filled out a few myself! Sure would be nice tho if the prices were better, thought that they would have come down by more
Jakob Neels
Jakob N.
19:27 31 Dec 21
10x better then the malin place. No long lines or waits. If your from the quad cities it's worth the 30 minute drive plus they have better deals. Malin sucks compared to this more
Daniel Castada
Daniel C.
13:48 19 Dec 21
It was a great shop until I got home and realized that the tax was 30% of my purchase. Next time we’ll be driving over to more
Jen Murphy
Jen M.
21:32 07 Dec 21
The kids who work here are so sweet!! Kind, courteous, knowledgeable, and patient. It makes me smile to come here!!😃👍read more
M. L. Van Rheeden
M. L. Van R.
15:38 06 Dec 21
Very professional staff and the fastest service I have experienced anywhere. At the budtenders advise I purchased a product new to me. His knowledge and great communication skills guided my choice and he was more
Chris Norton
Chris N.
12:47 01 Dec 21
VERY VERY VERY GOOD STAFF! Helped me get most “bang for your buck!” Will DEFINITELY stop here again. Thanks Nti!!!
Mark 'Marco' Melbourne
Mark 'Marco' M.
00:53 14 Nov 21
What a wonderful dispensary. A great selection and great service. And while you're visiting Galesburg don't forget to stop and do a little shopping or grab a bite to more
Kathie Wogomon Lorscheider
Kathie Wogomon L.
03:06 25 Aug 21
Ok, listen to me! I've never dealt w/any of this in my 50 yrs. Never been opposed either.That said, everyone keeps telling me to try it for many reason, so I stop in today.HOLY CROW! Most enjoyable shopping experience EVER! The young lady who helped me, was so very educated and educated me. She helped me pick the perfect items for what my symptoms are.Thanks guys! You're amazing!read more
shavell york
shavell Y.
19:12 18 Aug 21
Absolutely love them! Honest and awesome! I'll drive the distance for better customer service for sure!! I live in Rock more
Christa Groves
Christa G.
20:26 24 Jul 21
The bud tender was a great guy. Asked what we liked and suggested different flavors. Very nice place.
Obvious Front
Obvious F.
19:15 16 Jul 21
Prices about the same as Milan but with better selection, shorter lines and a larger waiting room. Yes, it's more expensive than street weed, but it's legal and inspected and more
Joe Hickman
Joe H.
17:44 25 Jun 21
Awesome place little pricey but guess that's Illinois taxes. Wasn't nothing like i was expecting, thought it be more like a showroom type deal. The employess were nice and helpful. Just felt more
The Eargasm W LP
The Eargasm W L.
03:08 07 Jun 21
Easy check in process, some of the staff could work on their greetings upon customers entering the dispensary. I'm assuming the exit is designed not to have the 2 back doors opening at the same time to avoid people possibly running inside(one door has to close before the other door to exit will open, only by the handicap button). I would suggest having the company who fixes the door s adjust the door opening speed bc it's type molasses.Its kind of a bummer you are not able to view any product before they bring it to you.Coming from an AZ dispensary which has a deli style counter where everything is laid out. Otherwise the product purchased did the job and was yummyread more
Deatra Payton
Deatra P.
20:32 20 May 21
Good products great staff. If they don't have what you want they suggest similar items to elevate your mind! I think you should go there now 💯read more
Lori Krell-Boettcher
Lori K.
20:07 14 May 21
Clean store, well organized and extremely helpful staff. Veronica was absolutely wonderful, fun, super helpful and knowledgeable! Answered all of my questions very patiently and more
Gary Neil Holmquist
Gary Neil H.
21:36 12 May 21
Good! Wish they had told me one can only make one purchase per day. I drove an hour n half to store. Got one thing then left. Got more money and tidied to reenter. Oh Well!read more
Justin Mobley
Justin M.
14:54 24 Apr 21
Always helpful staff, sometimes the wait can get a little long. Recommend ordering ahead online if you know what you want. That way you get to skip the more
Elizabeth LaPorte
Elizabeth L.
01:29 07 Apr 21
I'm so very glad we have our own dispensary! Employees are extremely helpful. They will give you recommendations if you need help in deciding what is best for your needs. And they have rewards cards!! Just ask about them. So rewarding!! 😉read more
Sheri Austin
Sheri A.
05:15 01 Apr 21
My visit here was efficient. The prices are a little bit high, but they had what I was needing and looking for. The stuff was friendly. They didn't have exactly what I was looking for but they were efficient in filling my order and finding something to substitute for the product that was missing. I highly recommend this dispensary to everybody don't try living your achy body and trying to get through the day without stopping at this more
Jim Duggan
Jim D.
15:16 23 Mar 21
Poor customer service. Treat your loyal customers better or you won’t be around much longer once the state starts handing out more licenses. The “only game in town” thing is only going to carry you so more
Randy D
Randy D
20:41 20 Mar 21
Always love the service i get from the budtenders. Wish they would get moon rocks in...all the staff is great. Wish they would allow you to check out the flower before purchasing i have been given some flower that was so dry i would have been better off buying the shake and saved money and got more...but it is very fast service in there not hours wait like the one in more
Mark Glasnovich
Mark G.
20:41 16 Mar 21
They have being doing a great job recently. All the bud tenders have been knowledgeable, friendly and quick with the service.Shout out to the bud tenders that make the experience more
Stacey Muhs
Stacey M.
07:06 01 Mar 21
Love it! everybody that works there is great fast and easy service most of the time you're in and out! This was my second time going nature's treatment of Galesburg. Found out it's a lot quicker if you can put in an order before you more
Mindi Clark
Mindi C.
00:03 24 Feb 21
Always a pleasant experience. Busy or not, their process is smooth and efficient. Never in there long. Always have excellent supply. Prices are the fairest I've found in the area. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. Very clean and coronavirus safe.Great specials!!!!This is my absolute favorite dispensary!!!read more
Cheyenne Kinnan
Cheyenne K.
15:42 20 Feb 21
Best dispensary I have been to in Illinois. The staff were super chill. The customers were also a really relaxed talkative crowd. There was a man in waiting area talking about how he ended chemo last year and was asking for advice, another customer went into a full detail 5 min convo with him about what might work good for him. Little things like that make a big difference in the community. Plus selection is HUGE compared to anywhere else I’ve been and prices were on point. Will travel the extra time to come here from now more
Candace Scott
Candace S.
03:24 11 Jan 21
I like the online menu. You can check out another location if you're searching for a specific relief. The wait is usually less than 5 minutes, but most times I get right in. It's an easy process as long as you have I.D. and your cash ready. The Wedding Cake is to die for🤤🤯😍read more
Lori Moore
Lori M.
05:02 24 Dec 20
They seem to take advantage of the fact that it's a pretty good drive to anywhere else nearby. Their prices are 5 to 10 dollars more than anywhere nearby. Just enough to not make it worth driving somewhere else.Their check-in system is horrible. I was even told by one of the employees that sometimes it randomly drops in the name. I went from being 1 minute away from being called in to 13 minutes then 20 minutes and 45 more
Anthony McVay
Anthony M.
21:14 12 Dec 20
Great products and friendly staff. Wish the prices were better.
Sheena T
Sheena T
19:47 09 Dec 20
Love this location...and I’m from the’s a shame I have to drive 45 minutes to the Galesburg location just to get what I want. I say that because I’m only 5 minutes away from the Milan location where they have NO GOOD SELECTION OF FLOWER AT ALL!!!High prices could come down a bit, especially when you see the same exact things at other out of state dispensaries for double if not triple the price in Illinois🙄🙄🙄...but I’m picky and I like to select a variety of strains so, I deal with it. Until there is more competition, I guess we’ll pay the same unless we take trips to Colorado. Spending about 700+ every month here is getting pretty old...especially when that can cover a whole year of green out of state😢read more
Charles Cheatham
Charles C.
18:34 01 Dec 20
Very helpful and informative place. Would recommend this place to anyone needing their services.
00:39 01 Dec 20
We were in and out quickly. They know their products and recommended the perfect flowers and edibles. We're very happy. We will be more
Lisa Richardson
Lisa R.
21:58 20 Nov 20
Great people ☺️Great advice as needed!Longest wait I've had was ten minutes 😸✌️
Tammy Smith
Tammy S.
03:18 18 Nov 20
Arrived not long after they opened, on sun, got right in. Process was easy, very clean. Heaven was an exceptional budtender! Definitely going back!read more
marcus gibbs
marcus G.
17:13 08 Nov 20
To be honest I only sat in parking lot waiting to pick someone up dont know anything bout the place
harleyn smith
harleyn S.
19:44 10 Oct 20
Loved it 😊, very cool man, all peace signs from everyone, my chick teller was very cool, I would say shop around and know what to ask for, just because their physical menu it black and white printed paper. Their menu is just name and price. Place is expensive tax also, like 30 bucks on a 120$ order but I pay for convenience also!! Heck ya!!read more
Rachel Willis
Rachel W.
01:40 03 Oct 20
Great staff.. Full of knowledge.. Clean establishment.. Always feel welcomed💜
Eric Sturm
Eric S.
21:58 26 Sep 20
Been 3 times, very easy. I recommend using the online menu and make a list of what u want. It's not perfect, prices are harsh, 14gram limit for non residents. Great bud mostly, had some last time I could have manicured better, but all is well. Cartridges are good, live resin is cool. I'd like to get in the business as I love the product more than u can imagine. Wish I could just get half a pound variety of flavors and for a way better cost.. dreamsread more
jason schroeder
jason S.
16:48 19 Sep 20
Best employees awsome service!!! Will make the drive every time
Stacy Bliesener
Stacy B.
21:34 18 Sep 20
Pretty cool place. My first time in a dispensery. Staff is pretty cool.
Steve Peterdchmidt
Steve P.
16:54 18 Sep 20
Great variety of products. Really puts milan store to shame.
Steph benker
Steph B.
01:39 12 Sep 20
Very efficient service. The product is high quality. The customer service interaction is very welcoming. The lines are fast paced and well organized. Very clean and safe more
Jace Robertson
Jace R.
20:01 09 Sep 20
Very kind and knowledgeable staff, quick with getting customers in and out despise the lines, and the website menu and in-store menu are very more
Danielle Cudd
Danielle C.
15:56 07 Sep 20
Friendly employees always have a smile an willing to help an the flower is great
Jonathan Mason
Jonathan M.
17:41 05 Sep 20
Staff are professional, polite, knowledge. In and out 10 minutes.
Terry Cutliff
Terry C.
23:13 02 Sep 20
Absolutely great service and super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Wide variety of products. Definitely satisfying.
Shane Holden
Shane H.
16:48 31 Aug 20
Great service, full selection and great staff.
Kathy Knox
Kathy K.
22:47 26 Aug 20
Everyone is wearing masks!
Brandon Connell
Brandon C.
18:56 14 Aug 20
Friendly, but I don't like patronizing any place that requires a mask in spite of doctors telling you it won't protect you or others and it will harm your health. The staff are friendly, but you feel like you're in an institution of some sort in here compared to the medical place in more
James Cheek
James C.
03:59 04 Aug 20
I love this place! I have been to a few other dispensaries, including it's sister store in Milan, and this has been the best one yet! Everyone is knowledgeable about the products and I have been here several times and never had to wait any longer than a few minutes to get in. One of the biggest problems in this area is that dispensaries cannot seem to get flower. This place always seems to have flower! Never disappoints! 5 stars!read more
# MovingLives
# M.
00:46 25 Jul 20
Ok selection. Not alot of flower options price is a little high. 21 with valid to enter. My first experience here at this location was awesome. Great customer service. I was asked what I liked and wanted and got it. My 2nd experience not so great... I should of known when lady up front kept hyping up the katsu kush. When I go back i got Heaven and all she did was recommend what she thought was good. And what she smokes.😂🤣 That Huff katsu kush. The worst recommendation Ever. Tasted and smoked like trash. Very dry flower had a spicy taste I'm tired of hearing it's not about the more
Jennifer Cutliff
Jennifer C.
00:17 23 Jul 20
The line moved quickly and great service. But they need to update their website a little more often.I live a couple blocks away from the dispensary. But by the time I got there what they said they had online they didn't have in more
Jena lea
Jena L.
14:36 18 Jul 20
Slection was limited, prices were high, but the medicine work like wonders. Staff was very attentive, everyone was super energetic an all around caring thanks for a great first time experience. They derserve a 5 out of 5 just for making me a happy more
23:55 13 Jul 20
Friendly and professional. Huge selection of edibles, and the budder is amazing the sauce is really good. Have not been impressed with the shatter or the pre rolls. Air pro is the best carts there in my opinion. You get your money's worth from the 1 g dabs for sure. 4 stars. As the quality of the recreational product could be better, there is always medicinal that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest more
Paul Marra
Paul M.
15:50 08 Jul 20
Great place, no lines. Good selection. Best option in area.
Bob Costin
Bob C.
00:04 04 Jul 20
Heaven was really awesome!! Best person I have worked with to find what is best for me so far! Very nice and clean place!!read more
Jeff Mannen
Jeff M.
19:58 02 Jul 20
Nice clean place, friendly folks, still way too expensive, especially the taxes, could be a bit cheaper on product.and just in passing a bit more selection of more
Wesley Breyer
Wesley B.
23:51 19 Jun 20
I really want to say good stuff but I accidently left my debit card at home when they have cash only (nothing on the website about it). After only being gone for 10 minutes I was told that "the boss says I can't let you back in," and I was told to leave without any further reasoning besides "I took too long going home" (when it was already only 10 minutes). I only seasonily live in Galesburg, and missing my one opportunity was a huge bummer. I hope they can improve customer relations beyond calling customers "dudes," "man," and "buddy." That type of attitude is exactly what is killing the culture this type of story is trying to cultivate. As much as it hurts to say would not more
Ken Blucker
Ken B.
14:21 09 Jun 20
Kindness galore...... Great product. Someday when the supply becomes steady the price SHOULD drop. Hit and miss for flower get there early and check website oftenread more
Cass Hill
Cass H.
17:27 06 Jun 20
Man, it was AWESOME!! First and foremost, I wanna offer a specific "Thank You" to Joey, the guy that helped us. He was SUPER informative and really nice!! Little pricey, but you DEFINITELY get what you pay for!! Highly more
Jeffrey Armitage
Jeffrey A.
01:09 04 Jun 20
Very professional and salesperson are very well educated and explain personal experiences with a variety of products. No flower to be had but edibles and cartridges galore. Taxes on items are ridiculous but what do you expect during the 1st year of legalization. Illinois cash more
Lisa Nemeth
Lisa N.
15:15 17 May 20
Short wait time, social distancing markings. Escorted to window. Staff extremely helpful and pleasant. Lots of free stuff too. He also send home booklets with information on company and their products. Very satisfied with flower I more
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